Avarelle Pimple Patches (40 Count) Hydrocolloid Acne Cover Patches | Zit Patches for Blemishes, Zits and Breakouts with Tea Tree, Calendula and Cica Oil for Face | Vegan, Cruelty Free Certified, Carbonfree Certified (40 PATCHES)

Avarelle Pimple Patches (40 Count) Hydrocolloid Acne Cover Patches | Zit Patches for Blemishes, Zits and Breakouts with Tea Tree, Calendula and Cica Oil for Face | Vegan, Cruelty Free Certified, Carbonfree Certified (40 PATCHES)

Yakibest.com: Avarelle Pimple Patches (40 Count) Hydrocolloid Acne Cover Patches | Zit Patches for Blemishes, Zits and Breakouts with Tea Tree, Calendula and Cica Oil for Face | Vegan, Cruelty Free Certified, Carbonfree Certified (40 PATCHES) : Beauty & Personal Care

What are avarelle pimple patches 40 count hydrocolloid acne cover patches | zit patches for blemishes features?

  • vanish pimples with avarelle! Avarelle pimple patches will shrink your zit overnight or even suck out all the gunk! Speed up the process of vanishing those pimples with our patches.
  • allure approved allure experts reviewed, tested, approved, and recommended avarelle’s hydrocolloid patches for everyone to try! Our zit stickers, made with high-grade hydrocolloid have been proudly featured in allure’s beauty box!
  • prevents pimple picking as our acne-positive community sticks our vegan & cruelty-free, non-yellowing acne patches, they love how it helps them get rid of their pimple faster, by protecting their pimple with its ultra-thin and transparent finish.
  • made for all on every skin-tone, our non-yellowing & discreet hydrocolloid patch can be used, so everyone can go incognito! You can wear it day and night to make your acne less noticeable.
  • on-the-go design our pouch is made with an easy seal and resealable design so you can take it on-the-go. You’ll always be ready for any surprise blemishes.
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Avarelle Pimple Patches (40 Count) Hydrocolloid Acne Cover Patches | Zit Patches for Blemishes, Zits and Breakouts with Tea Tree, Calendula and Cica Oil for Face | Vegan, Cruelty Free Certified, Carbonfree Certified (40 PATCHES) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Avarelle Pimple Patches (40 Count) Hydrocolloid Acne Cover Patches | Zit Patches for Blemishes, Zits and Breakouts with Tea Tree, Calendula and Cica Oil for Face | Vegan, Cruelty Free Certified, Carbonfree Certified (40 PATCHES) : Beauty & Personal Care

Looking for specific info?

Will these help take away whiteheads or just pimples?

It helps to take away the redness from all kinds of pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. It acts as a barrier from the elements to keep it clean and to allow them to heal. Also, the ‘active ingredients’ (cannot remember what they are) help to take away the inflammation and redness. I really like them but it is a multi day thing and the longer you use them the faster you will heal. And i can never get them to work with my makeup. So good luck with that. 🙂

I have a clogged pore. Been that way for a year on my face. Discoloration only in that spot. Will these work?

I think you’d be much better off using a product like vivo per lei facial peel and following with a salicylic acid toner (i use one from dhc that i buy here on amazon. Works great!). The peel is more of a gel that you apply in small amounts and lightly rub around your face. You will start getting little lint like balls as they skin is exfoliated. It’s made a huge difference for me with the sebaceous filaments on my nose, that i always thought were clogged pores. Using biore strips, clay masks and all kinds of metal squeezing and poking tools actually just makes it worse. You can use the peel on your whole face to get rid of dry skin, some discoloration, even blackheads. A word of caution, though. Many women seem to get very fine, almost unnoticeable white peachfuzz type hairs near their jaw and neck. If you use the gel without dermablading first, it can be messy. But if you’re just trying to clear out clogged pores and patchy or dry spots of skin.
These pimple patches are amazing at drawing out the nasty pus inside pimples, without drying out all the skin around it, or leaving you with an angry red scab because you couldn’t stop from poking and squeezing. If you get pimples, you want these for sure.

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By any chance could these help with acne scars???

Acne scars and acne hyperpigmentation have to be treated differently.

Are these good for pimples catn pop but hurt

My answer is yes. My son wanted pop the pimples on his forehead but he put this patch on it.
After 2days pimple popped naturally and he took out the patch now healed by itself without scar.
This could be my personal opinion on this but it seems to be working.

Can i use apple cider vinegar before applying the patches

We recommend not applying any lotions/toners (apple cider vinegar) before applying our patches for the best results. Hope this answers your question and if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Are they latex free!

Yes, these products are latex free.

Can i use this on stitches on my face? Stitches are still bleeding

I think most doctors have something they recommend to put on the stitches so i would ask the doctor.

Is this product really as good as advertised?

Every person is very different, so maybe something that worked for someone else, might not work for you. These did not work at all for me (i do have to say i have very sensitive skin so these made my skin really red and itchy and did absolutely nothing on my pimples). Trial and error i guess.

Are these just for the face, or can you use them anywhere there is a pimple?

I feel they are safe to use anywhere you have a pimple on your body if it’s on your back, chest or neck, but a dermatologist would know best.

Is this really vegan if it’s made from gelatin? Can anyone comment on this.

I went on their site and they claim they are vegan. The back of the package does state its. Not tested on animals.

Will these work on a heavily covered acne teenage face?

Yes, our xl acne patches will work on any trouble area that you may have. You may also use our xl patches on parts of your body as well.
I hope this answered your question and if you have any other questions, please reach out! 🙂


These don’t conceal all the way, so could i put concealer over the sticker or would that be bad for the pimple?

You can use a concealer over the sticker. Since the sticker is covering the pimple, it will not effect it.

Is the product effective for sensitive skin?

Worked for my sensitive skin, both on the allergy side of it and the skin tearing that often happens with tapes and bandages.

But if i remember correctly, there were some who had issues (based on their reviews). I recommend reading those reviews and then decide if it is for you. And test it near your ear or somewhere less visible before placing it elsewhere.

To be clear, just because it worked for my sensitive skin, it doesn’t mean it would for you. All skins are different.

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Can you use these on acne scars?

It’s only gonna work for acne and especially white heads. Micro needle patches are more for scars/dark spots

Can they be cut smaller?

Yes! I do this frequently as i get breakouts on my temples (yay, stress!) and it works just fine. I’ve cut them into three strips, i think it you wanted anything smaller, going with with dots by avarelle might be more effective.

Do these work better than a spot treatment cream?

They don’t work on whiteheads, at all, so i can’t say they even work, much less any better than a spot cream; sorry.

When will the multi pack be available again?

I don’t think they are doing a multi pack again, or soon. You’ve got to buy both or one or the other, i know, it’s a bummer. Follow them on instagram and suggest, i did and hopefully they’ll hear it enough to change it back.

Does this product work on all types of skin? I am with dark/black skin. I wonder if it cant lighten/bleach me. Thank you

I don’t think it will bleach your skin. It will just suck the pus/funk out of the pimple which you place a patch on.

Are these good for blackheads on the nose?

Probably not, they absorb clear fluid/pus from inflamed pimples (red with white heads) and protect from further infection, while speeding up the healing process. Best for flattening raised blemishes. The mixture of oil and dirt in blackheads is too thick to absorb. Try biore pore strips or a chemical peel for blackheads.

How long do you leave them on

I usually leave them on overnight. In rare cases when i use them during the day i try to keep the patch on until it turns white, which signifies that it is absorbing the oil and nastiness from the pimple.

Avarelle Pimple Patches (40 Count) Hydrocolloid Acne Cover Patches | Zit Patches for Blemishes, Zits and Breakouts with Tea Tree, Calendula and Cica Oil for Face | Vegan, Cruelty Free Certified, Carbonfree Certified (40 PATCHES) AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Avarelle Pimple Patches (40 Count) Hydrocolloid Acne Cover Patches | Zit Patches for Blemishes, Zits and Breakouts with Tea Tree, Calendula and Cica Oil for Face | Vegan, Cruelty Free Certified, Carbonfree Certified (40 PATCHES) : Beauty & Personal Care

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Well, it works. (see photo: that is pus.)

Those were pimples too deep to get rid of with my anjou acne & blackhead remover kit (which works best for blackheads, not pimples).

Even though the pimples were large (half an inch wide on the big one), i put the small size patch on, and it still worked excellently. They did not fall off as i slept.

I sprayed skinsmart antimicrobial therapy on the area immediately after i took off the patch to disinfect the area (works for killing all skin bacteria, including acne and boils.


i use queene helene triple whipped cleansing cream as a face wash at night. This causes my face to exfoliate half a day later so i wash again with regular kirk’s soap and when my skin is wet, scrap off the excess skin with a rough wash cloth. My skin sheds a lot, though. An abnormal amount, i think. Sometimes i use a soft children’s tooth brush to exfoliate it.

If my skin is dry, i use tea tree therapy brand antiseptic cream. This helps a relative with itchy dry eczema, it also kills bacteria well. If you apply it with a soft tooth brush, it exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time.
Other times i use hollywood beauty tea tree oil, it is a blend of tea tree oil and carrier oils that helps my acne, too.
Tea tree oil kills bacteria.

Sometimes after using the eczema spray i.mentioned earlier, after it has dried and i wipe off any remaining saline solution (which is what the eczema spray breaks down into after 1p minutes), i spray probiotic action emerald spray. This sprays good bacteria that is naturally found on a healthy face, bacillus subtilis, onto your face. This good bacteria eats the food of what bad acne causing bacteria uses to thrive on your skin, restoring bacterial balance to your skin and causing the bad bacteria to die.

Obviously, if you are spraying good bacteria onto your face, you cannot use any other products, except these stickers (but the spray won’t get on the sticker part, just other acne spots). Most products for the face (lotions, acne medicines, also makeup if you wear it) have preservatives in them to kill bacteria. This is really good or your product would go bad in its jar. But that means you can’t use the good bacteria and the other products at the same time or you are just wasting the good bacteria because it’s going to be killed by the preservatives in your other product.

You cannot put the good bacteria from the emerald spray into a clear spray bottle, either. The light will eventually kill the bacteria. The good bacteria will live long enough on your face to eat the bad acne-causing bacteria’s food though, so you don’t have to hide in the dark after you spray good bacteria on.

(you see online a lot people with yogurt masks. Yogurt contains good bacteria, yes, but it’s only anerobic bacteria, meaning it needs an oxygenless environment — your stomach — to work. You will never get the benefit of good bacteria by using yogurt on your face because your face is not an oxygenless environment. Whomever says you can benefit from a yogurt mask is not being honest, usually out of ignorance.

I’ve also learned that some east asian companies put, or claim to put, bacillus subtilis in creams and face washes along with other products. Obviously, as said before, the other ingredients in the creams and face washes, as well as the preservatives in these products, will kill the good bacteria. Don’t fall for any product that claims to use this bacteria in it along with other products, the company isn’t honest, or they are poor researchers, and you definitely are not getting the benefit of the good bacteria.)

also, the following supplements have really helped:

i take × 2 vita breeze 95% curcuminoids with black pepper extract to reduce inflammation; 95% means your body uses 95% of the curcumin, unlike regular curcumin that your body uses very little of the actual curcuminoids, which are what reduces inflammation. Start slow with the curcuminoids, one every other day for a while, then one a day, then after a while one a day. Research 95% curcuminoids: they kill cancer — and thus prevent cancer — they are as effective as prozac for treating depression and if you take prozac they enhance the benefits of prozac, they help with arthritis, and they help your cognition. A lot of medical research which originated from baylor university is about 95% curcumins.

A lot of people try to sell you curcumin and it isn’t the 95% curcuminoids. All research and medical benefits are only on the 95% curcuminoids, so don’t be duped into wasting money on a curcumin product that isn’t 95% curcuminoids.

I also take any brand saw palmetto and milk thistle, two types of adaptogens safe for men and women that are for balancing hormones, which was recommended by a dermatologist for hormonal-related acne, and a daily vitamin with some zinc for managing acne that could be caused by vitamin deficiency, also recommended by a dermatologist.

For daily vitamins, i use heb — regular grocery store — brand adults 50+, even though i’m not that old. It is less expensive and has more vitamins than ones targetted towards younger people or ‘men’s’ or ‘women’s’ vitamins, and the vitamins that the one for older people contains help heart and eye health and help prevent problems when you are old and are almost worthless when you’ve already developed problems with your heart or eyes, so they’re really good for people at any age, especially people under 50. Advertisers use warfare’s ‘divide and conquer’ technique to try to get our money — divide us into groups, conquer our money — so they may say it’s for older people, or some other group of people, when in fact it is good for everyone. That way they can charge more money for products aimed at younger people or their targetted group. For vanity’s sake, people go along with the labeling because they think it makes them special, but look at the label of your daily vitamin, because it’s the contents, not packing or label or even cost, that matters for your health.

A daily vitamin will also have a little vitamin e and a. These are important for many functions in your body and not having enough can cause skin problems. It’s your body’s way of showing you it isn’t healthy. I tried taking zinc, e, and a separately in larger doses, but zinc made me sick and vitamin a is easy to overdose on because it is stored in the liver. I guess because i wasn’t very deficient of either. Also i read men who took high doses of e for a long period of time were more likely to develop prostate cancer. I decided the normal doses in a daily vitamin were enough. If you are deficient in any of these vitamins, and you take a daily vitamin long enough, you will no longer be deficient without having to expose yourself to the risks associated with taking higher doses. You will also consistently be getting these vitamins.

All this has helped me more than the thousands i blew on other types of over the counter products (salicylic acid has never helped me nor anyone in my famiky, benzoyl peroxide felt terrible like my skin was paper thin) or sometimes extremely expensive products from certain dermatologists, including antibiotics that i could only take for a limited time before i had to stop or before they made me sick.

I hope this review helps you avoid wasting time and money and avoid getting ripped off and helps improve your overall health.

I also hope it helps open your eyes that acne is not about ‘beauty’ so much as it is a reflection of health (hormonal, inflammation, vitamins, bacterial: it’s all related). I used to get huge pain cysts, which were considered medically category 5 of acne, and it was a real medical problem that i had to go to doctors for, i always hated that acne treatments fell into the ‘beauty’ category online and in stores. I think categorizing it this way prevented me from getting treatment sooner. It is a health issue, and a reflection of health. Thatsthat’s probabprobably the reason high quality skin is considered beautiful, because it reflects good health and sound mind. I think wevewe’ve forgotten that as a culture and turned it into a vain thing, or at least advertisers have, i don’t know which came first.

Your skin is your largest organ, take care of it not for looks but to be healthy, like you should all your organs. And don’t be embarrassed by people’s stupid categorization of acne treatments or how they try to make it a ‘vanity’ issue: ignore people’s dumb labels and take proper care of your health.

It’s the right thing to do, it is very good to do.

God bless.

5Expert Score
Clears up pimples in days if not overnight

I’ve had these things reduce the pain of a pimple almost immediately. For me it depends on what’s causing the acne. My acne is most severe when i use anything with coconut derivatives. Which now that i know obvs i don’t unless i forget and use an old face powder like i did recently. It was one i had from before i started skincare and my journey to find out what was causing my issues. I’d had my face so beautifully clear for long enough that i pulled out a powder (charlotte tilbury) and very lightly brushed on my tzone for the shininess. Broke out massively horribly unlike anything i’d had for quite some time. Started putting these on to hopefully minimize any scarring or lasting redness.

Honestly at this point let me just say, keep these on hand if you’ve ever had a pimple in your life. Slap one on immediately and don’t be cheap. Even if it’s a small pimple that usually resolves itself quickly slap one of these on. It’s not worth the lingering redness or scarring to not use one.

That said if you have acne and are ready to cry i’d start with listing every product you’ve ever used on your face then note how your skin responded then list ingredients. That’s how i found out a common ingredient for me is coconut derivatives and that i’m also sensitive to witch hazel.

I used cosrx and a few other brands. Honestly i think these resolved my pimples more quickly and they stick snuggly enough i can cleanse around them and they usually don’t move. I use the small ones around my mouth bc some lippies will irritate a spot above my top lip that, depending on what ingredient is irritating me and how bad the irritation is, will turn into a pimple that used to last for at least a week. With these they’re usually resolved in a few days. Recently i used a new lippie and saw that spot start turning red. I used a small patch and it started fading and was completely resolved two days later.

I also forget i have these on. They’re comfortable enough i never know i lm wearing them until i look in the mirror or the ones on my lip line obvs i can feel the edge of it. I’ve actually gone to the store wearing these bc i forget but then like who even cares. If you’re not wearing pjs and pimple patches to walmart are you really doing it right?

5Expert Score
Miracle workers!!

I have literally never written a review for anything in my entire life, but i feel compelled to share my experience with this product. I do not understand exactly what voodoo is behind these little patches, but i am not exaggerating when i say they are straight up miracle workers!! I’ve never been blessed with amazing skin, but until recently i took for granted the fact that the only real issue i had was a minor jawline breakout every few months around my cycle. As a 34 year old woman, i thought a pimple every few months was annoying, but was always able to cover it up with a little bit of concealer and move on with my day. I never had a real need for any medicated creams or special products. Until a few months ago when i weaned my nine month old baby, and hell in the form of hormones entered my life. Along with my other less visible symptoms came the most horrid and painful case of cystic acne that there ever was. I woke up one morning with one lesion (not just a pimple), and by bedtime that same night i had two more. By the next morning it had spread over my entire face. I was actually terrified that i had some sort of staph infection. I visited my doctor, and was put on antibiotics to no avail. I was taking ibuprofen all day long for the pain. I went into panic mode and spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on new makeup and every skin care product and every prescription cream known to mankind. Nothing even touched this acne. I was beside myself. I am not being dramatic when i say that i could hardly look in the mirror. I canceled plans. I was embarrassed showing up to work, even contemplating calling in sick some days because it was so bad. I could never have understood the emotional drain that this kind of acne could be until it happened to me. At some point, because the chemical products weren’t working, i decided to try a more natural route. I cut dairy out of my diet. I tried essential oils. I practiced oil pulling every morning. I drank apple cider vinegar. I’m telling you, i was devoted. And, the acme barely budged. I considered going on accutane, but it didn’t feel like a good fit for the fact that i’d like to have another baby at some point in the relatively near future. So i’m telling you, i was feeling totally hopeless. Then about a week ago, browsing amazon in bed wondering if there was anything left in the world that i hadn’t tried, i came across these little patches. I wasn’t that excited about them, but they didn’t cost much and they were indeed something different, i figured it was worth a shot. They arrived tuesday and i put them on overnight. Woke up wednesday morning and was both impressed and disgusted by what i peeled off. My skin wasn’t irritated and the redness was reduced, but the acne was still very much present. I wore them to bed again on wednesday night, and woke up the next morning to find that for the first time in months, my skin appeared to be healing. I was so excited that i actually almost cried. When i got home from work that afternoon i washed my face and was so encouraged that i put more patches on and wore them around the house for the rest of the day and evening. I am not kidding when i tell you that i took them off before bed to find that my acne, which had completely withstood the test of every dermatologist recommendation for months, was all but gone. Gone! I could not believe my eyes. I cannot tell you what an insane feeling of gratitude and relief i have for having found this product. If you are suffering with acne, do not hesitate for even one moment to buy these little suckers!

5Expert Score
Very helpful for more than just acne.

This product works wonderful. It works with acne, cystic acne, swollen follicles and even bug bites! You heard that right, bug bites. We have fire ants and they leave those little pustules that fill with fluid. Then they itch!! I recommend, with all uses, to clean the area around the spot and then pierce the spot you wish to disappear, then apply the dot. Do it at night for the best time to use it. With the ant stings, i put a band aid over top so that i can continue wearing my shoe. They will come off, so remember that. I’m happy with how sticky it is. If it’s hot and you are sweaty, it won’t stay though – this absorbs moisture from your bump, so it will absorb your sweat! I also love that this has multiple sizes. This is one of the most affordable of the acne patches. I highly recommend trying it. Especially if you are prone to bumps!

5Expert Score
Love these

Though nothing i have tried over my many years of struggling with acne has truly taken a pimple away overnight, these come close when the circumstances are right (when it’s “poppable,” gross, i know). It draws the nasty goo to the surface so you can get it out without squeezing too hard and causing scarring and helps decrease size. Doesn’t stick if you have something on your skin but that’s to be expected. Definitely recommend.

5Expert Score
After sampling two brands of patches,this one won hands down.will never be without a full size pack

I would probably not even know this type of product even exists if i hadn’t received 2 student brands in my various beauty sub boxes because luckily, acne m/pimples have never been a big worry for me even at 16yrs of age, even less so now that i’m 41yrs old. But i do still get a surprise pimple or a surprise patch of pimples sometimes during my time of the month, and of course having to wear a mask everywhere is not helping any. The first time i tried a pimple patch, i had received a 8pc sample pack of the corsx brand and i was over the moon. Then, i received a sample of the avarelle, all 3 sizes and the second i agreed one to my face i already viewed it as a superior product in my opinion. Thankfully, ecru when i do have to contend with a blemish, they are small and minor enough that it only takes 1 6-8hr application of one of these patches and *poof* i remove the patch to find it all but disappeared, if anything there’s nasty be a small spot barely visible that liners for one more day. The reason this brand exceeds any other in my opinion is 1)most times i first become aware of a pimple in the morning and these patches are true to their claims… The actual patches are so thin and clear when applied to clean skin that it is virtually invisible(sometimes if it catches light at a certain angle it will be slightly noticeable for a moment), but i’ve learned to fix this by covering it with a very light layer of makeup if i’m wearing any that day. This feature in itself is a selling point because now not only is my blemish invisible, it’s also being treated as soon as it’s noticed. With the other brand, the patch was not clear, nor was it thin enough to be unnoticeable, so i would only apply them overnight and sometimes that world be irritating if for example, my pimple accidentally popped over the daytime or morphed into a whole new deal. And just because these ones are in fact very thin, does not mean they are any less effective or adhesive. I make sure after i peel the patch off it’s base, it’s normally stuck right on my fingertip… I just make sure it’s centered exactly whet i want it, then lay it down on its center and just press down around the edges to make sure it’s sealed.. And it always is. And i mean airtight sealed… Even if i don’t apply makeup, i still have a strict skin care routine to perform and nothing gets undernearh or affects the adhesiveness, and i use toner, essence, ampoule, serums, moisturizer, spf, etc. Also, these patches come in 3 different sizes which for me is a huge benefit… Most specifically, the extra large sized ones. On those occasions when i get a little cluster of a breakout, the blemishes are always very close together and usually 1 of the xtra large patches is big enough to eradicate the whole cluster instead of having to use separate patches on each individual pimple. And last but not least, the averalle patches have not let me down yet…. Whether i end up applying for a day or for a night, when i remove them, my problem is all but gone and that’s a very big deal to me considering i’m a fanatic about my skin care and put a lot of time into it over the years so that even though i’m 41yrs old… No one ever believes me when i first tell them my age. I only buy full size products of smokes received if they seriously impress me which these obviously do. (in the attached picture, the open packet is what’s led of the sample i received, the full sized one i purchased isn’t open yet)

5Expert Score
My daughter loves these so much that i had to try them!

For years, my daughter has been a consistent user of your product. And she swears by them. So i decided to finally give them a try. And wow! I literally saw results overnight. You can even leave them on by day and apply make-up right on top of them. I now have all of the girls at my workplace addicted. Thanks for your product!

5Expert Score
These actually work!

I bought these on a whim and i’ve kept buying them because they work. I’m lucky and i have overall ok skin but i can always count on a breakout anytime i travel or have a big event coming up (think weddings or conferences). These things pull the gunk out and cut the breakout time in half. Love them!

5Expert Score
Bye bye big ol' acne cysts!

I have tried every single acne dots ever and while i love cosrx’s products, i was sometimes using the entire package because my pimples are that huge. And i’m a grown woman. I’ve got combination skin. It’s acne for life. We’re gonna have to deal with it. These? These are the best because i can cut what i need and slap it on.

Sometimes i need an entire strip to go across my chin! This is perfect. Sometimes i need a square to cover two pimples that are too close together but a single large dot isn’t working and keeps shifting around! This handles what i need. Sometimes i take the entire rectangle and slap it on my cheek because i have a little line of acne. It’s like a yellow brick road, only it’s angry and a line of zits because i just didn’t scrub off the dirt and oil hard enough.

And if you catch your acne fast enough? I find these patches and the others from avarelle’s line work as quickly as some of the popular brands that are a little more expensive. So if you’re finding your wallet stretched? These are perfect. Go for these. I know there are cute products out right now but the heart shaped ones never really work.

Avarelle products are amazing and even for people with acne prone skin like myself, they’re cost effective and they last the entire month. The only thing i don’t really agree with is that you could put make-up over acne products like these or others. I’m not sure how people do it. I’m sure you could, but maybe my skin just isn’t up to the task. You do you!

5Expert Score
Saving grace

I’ve tried so many acne patches… I went out on a whim and bought these ( 2 years ago) and have been buying this exact pack every month or two since then. They work so so so well. I use them on my husband too!! We love them…and you can’t really see them when going out in public, pictures ect.

4Expert Score
Pretty good

This product is certainly for surface breakouts that have built up for a bit, as when i used them on newer breakouts they were not able to pull all of the sebum out. However it did bring it closer to the surface. For this i removed a star, just because i heard lots of great things about this product and expected it to be able to pull from deep into my pores.

Because i tend to have more blackheads than i do whiteheads, i can’t see myself using this product very often, however it will certainly come in handy here and there.

I have rather sensitive skin and did not have any problems using this product, however i have only used it once, so i can’t speak on the effects of long-term use on sensitive skin. But there was no irritation, and it worked well to pull oils and surface sebum out as needed.

It sticks to your skin well so you don’t have to worry about losing them somewhere in your bed overnight. They also have various sizes depending on how big the breakout is, so that is very helpful! They need to sit on the breakout for about 6 hours, so putting them on at night before bed is highly recommended. This is indeed written on the package’s instructions as well.

In the end i would certainly recommend this product, but especially for those who get lots of whiteheads.

4Expert Score
Perhaps helpful for healing, but not so much for extraction

These are not bad patches, however i think they are more useful for later stage healing than actual extraction of a zit’s contents.

When peeled off, you can see they’ve gotten a little bit out. However, it really isn’t that much. It’s less than cosrx and far less than zitsticka patches. It makes sense, however, because they are so thin. While that does make them less visible (so for those wearing makeup, that may be a big benefit) it seems to inhibit extraction ability.

Used over something that is in the later stages of healing, it seemed to help calm the skin down some and keep it from getting too dried out. They aren’t really strong enough to pull off any scab-type layers, which cosrx can do.

I did really like that they have a rather large size. Like, the large is the size of maybe a nickel (if not a little bigger).

There would be good if you use patches to avoid picking at your skin. They are also good for covering a rough area that is healing. They stay on if you have a spot bleeding you need to cover. They won’t go far toward healing a breakout, though.

I almost gave three stars, but gave four because: there were no adverse effects, the price point is lower than others, they didn’t fall off my skin, and they did seem to help calm the skin they were applied to.

If i need a ‘bonus purchase’ to meet a minimum for free shipping, i would get these again. Otherwise, i would rather divert my money into more effective patches.

4Expert Score
*updated review*

i added a star because i got a huge pimple on the side of my eye and it scarred really bad (you can’t really tell from the pic). The main pimple area scarred dark and then all around it scarred a little lighter than that. I saw another huge pimple forming and i went to go put some toothpaste on, but remembered i had some of these patches left. I put one on before bed and the next morning it had the smallest bit of white on it, but the pimple was still big and painful. I put a new one on and left it on at work. When i got home it seemed smaller, but was still a little painful. I put one more on before bed, went to the gym when i woke up and when i got home and it was still hanging on my sweaty face, i looked under and the pimple was almost gone and it doesn’t hurt. I also feel like if it does scar, it will not be as big as the scar my pimple left where i didn’t wear a patch. I’d also like to add that this pimple was not ready to pop, it was still under the skin and maybe that’s why it took so long to work? I don’t know, but i think it’s better than doing nothing if you have skin that scars easy like mine. Also, even if you don’t have a pimple and put this on a random greasy spot of your face, it will still pull white stuff out of your face. I don’t know if this is bad or not? Like is it taking away the good natural oils? Well i have more than enough, so if they ever make a mask of this i’m buying it.

Fyi i am asian and black, so my complexion is brown, sensitive, and scars easy. I put this patch on a pimple that was forming and it did nothing. So i put it on it again the next day… It made my skin scar where the pimple would have been, so i basically might as well have waited for it to form and pop it to get the same results. I put one on my nose and it got a little bit of the white heads out, but nothing to write home about. **the important part** you have to put it on a pimple that is ready to pop for it to work. I put it on a pimple when it was forming… Did nothing. I was scared it would scar, so i left it alone, but then the next day it was in pop-able form, so i put one on and in like three hours i could see the little patch working. So yeah. If your skin scars easy, like mine… You’re still going to get a pimple scar using this. If the pimple is not in a pop ready state, it’s not going to work. So basically… Not worth it to me. Other people had success, but not so much for me -_-.

4Expert Score
They seem to work overnight

I had a small pimple that was basically almost gone, no head on it. But this definitely took it away. I went to bed for 7 hours and woke up, peeled it off and you could tell the swelling of the pimple went down a lot. I haven’t had an crazy acne yet so i can’t give a full review, but i would buy these again.

4Expert Score
Seems to work better for sub dermal zits than surface

Bought these for my teenager, his impression is that they are better for deep zits that have not surfaced. We think it’s a good product, but he seems to think it’s not very effective for visible pimples. Either way- it has a use and we will probably buy again.

4Expert Score
Not they best sticking ache patches but they do the job.

Wish they were stickier and wish they would be easier on my skin lol

4Expert Score
Great nighttime routine

Great for when you go to bed. Stays on all night helps with the zits. Really works. Plus cutting them and putting them where you really want them!

4Expert Score
Zit be gone

I just used my first patch the other day. I used it on my shoulder area so can’t really comment on sensitivity. However i had a lg deep zit that was quite painful. I used a large patch on it. Showered and let the area dry then put the patch on before bed. Stayed on the spot all night and wasn’t painful to remove. The next morning it came to a head and was painful anymore. I know these helped because for a few days nothing was happening with it, just inflamed and uncomfortable. One patch overnight and issue taken care of. I’ll definitely keep these in mind for any other zits that pop up. The patches are clear so you could put it on during the day but i’d rather just do it overnight. Says you should leave on at least 6 hours.

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They work but are thin

They work, but are thin and sometimes fold over and stick to itself when trying to apply.

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Repeat buyer

Avarelle pimple patches
here’s what i like:
● there is clear evidence of effectiveness. A patch placed on an open pimple will collect pus.
● it shortens the healing time. Using a patch to collect the pus prevents having to pop the pimple again when a whitehead reforms.
● provides a plan of action. Once a pimple is ready to be popped, the patch is the next
step in healing the blemish.

● i have had a red mark left on my skin when i’ve used the patches for 2-3 consecutive days. I’m pretty sure that type of extended use isn’t recommended, but i tend to keep reapplying new patches until i’m sure the pimple is gone.
● the patches do nothing until the pimple is popped. I’ve used patches on pimples while the pimple was still under the skin and painful and i’m fairly certain it just prolonged that stage.

I am a repeat buyer of these patches and have given them to my teenage daughter as well. I choose not to wear them out in public because they are noticeable but will wear them every second i am at home in an effort to heal that pimple because really, that’s what i want them to do and that’s what they do.

Important information


Hydrocolloid, Tea Tree, Calendula, Cica


1) Cleanse & Dry Area 2) Before applying toner/lotion/etc, peel and apply the patch overnight or for at least 6 – 8 hours

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