b.tan darkest self tanner | i want the darkest tan possible – 100% natural, fast, 1 hour sunless tanner mousse, no gimmicks, no fake tan smell, no added nasties, vegan, cruelty free, 6.7 fl oz

b.tan darkest self tanner | i want the darkest tan possible – 100% natural, fast, 1 hour sunless tanner mousse, no gimmicks, no fake tan smell, no added nasties, vegan, cruelty free, 6.7 fl oz

Yakibest.com: b.tan darkest self tanner | i want the darkest tan possible – 100% natural, fast, 1 hour sunless tanner mousse, no gimmicks, no fake tan smell, no added nasties, vegan, cruelty free, 6.7 fl oz : Beauty & Personal Care

What are b.tan darkest self tanner | i want the darkest tan possible – 100% natural features?

  • B. The darkest tan possible | i want the darkest tan possible is perfect for when dark isn’t dark enough while still leaving the skin glowing & beautiful – level 5 out of 5 tan
  • B. Tan in 1 hour | i want the darkest tan possible can have you tanned in 1 hour with our express formula-leave on for 4+ hours for the darkest tan possible.
  • B.prepped | with a tan this dark, prepping the skin is essential. Exfoliate the skin properly, apply moisturizer to your elbows/wrists/hands/knees and feet, apply with mitt in circular motions, and then let tan develop
  • B.green | we love your bod & we love the planet, so you’ll find no nasties here. We use naturally derived ingredients that are vegan friendly, 100% cruelty free & bottled up in sustainably sourced recycled & recyclable materials. We love animals so no, we do not test on them – paraben free – palm oil free – 100% vegan.
  • B.tan, b.you | it’s not just how you b.tan. It’s what you do in your b.tan that matters. We’re all about making your beauty choices fun, not boring. Simple, not rocket science. Clean, not full of nasties. Effective, not pointless. We want you to b.tan your own way, without getting in the way – put us on your bod and just get on with being you. From tanning without the sun, with the sun or protecting yourself from the sun, we’ve got you covered. So the only question is… How do you b.tan ?
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B.tan darkest self tanner | i want the darkest tan possible – 100% natural details:

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7.76 x 1.73 x 1.65 inches; 9.14 ounces

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Marq labs

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b.tan darkest self tanner | i want the darkest tan possible – 100% natural, fast, 1 hour sunless tanner mousse, no gimmicks, no fake tan smell, no added nasties, vegan, cruelty free, 6.7 fl oz AMAZON

Yakibest.com: b.tan darkest self tanner | i want the darkest tan possible – 100% natural, fast, 1 hour sunless tanner mousse, no gimmicks, no fake tan smell, no added nasties, vegan, cruelty free, 6.7 fl oz : Beauty & Personal Care

Looking for specific info?

I’m very fair skinned. How long should i leave it on and how many coats should i do?

I am extremely fair skinned as well. I mean i am very pale! Lol! I use this product and it’s truly amazing. I was worried about being too fair skinned and looking crazy. Turns out it gave me a gorgeous tan and the color was so real. I was tan for the first time ever! I usually will apply 2 coats/sometimes 3-4 depending on how dark i want to go. I don’t shower after and i leave it on for the rest of the day and night and just go to bed in it (i shower and exfoliate/prep skin before so i don’t really feel like i need to take a shower right after applying this and i’ve never had a problem with how my tan turned out). So anyways to answer your questions: you can apply as many coats as you like, but coming from someone like me that’s so fair, i started off with 2 coats and now use up to 4/and i could still probably add more coats if i wanted but that’s plenty of color for me. You can leave it on overnight if you want or you can wait like 4 hrs and shower quickly with only water. I would just leave it on for the rest of the day and shower in the morning or whenever you can. Best of luck and this product was a game changer for me. Best reccomendation: buy a tanning glove/mitt!!! It is the only way to get a flawless and even tan. If you are going to invest in a tanning product then invest in a tanning mitt. Have fun!!!

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How often do you apply to keep the tan?

So every time you need to add more you have to erase and start over

Be honest…how sticky is this after applying? Level 1-10. I can’t do sticky, it irritates my skin

Before rinsing 8/10 sticky. I wear soft, stretchy clothes after applying and before rinsing to mask the sticky feeling .

After rinsing 0/10 sticky… And the tan is awesome and longer lasting than any of the other 50 products i have tried.

Should i put body lotion on to moisturize after i shower and exfoliate and before i apply the foam? Or will that mess it up?

Yes! Defiantly moisturize a lot!!!
I always use my exfoliating gloves profile to application. It defiantly extends the life of your tan.

How long does an application last?

I only put it on for 9 minutes. I couldn’t notice any color on my legs and light color on the rest of my body. That color lasted 2 days. It does say that you can leave it on longer so that could make a difference on how dark and how long it might last. I’m fair skinned and i didn’t think it had an orange color.

Does this come off when you sweat? Like if i wear a white shirt the day after using? I get sweaty lol

Whether i’m sweating in the garden or swimming in the pool, this tanner has always stayed on exceptionally well for me. I will get a tiny bit of transfer on the inside leg area of my white/khaki shorts. But that’s not a big deal and it’s really to be expected with any self tanner. This brand is amazzzzing!!
Hint: prep work (exfoliating) is everything!!
1. Shave
2. Exfoliate using a mitt or gloves. (with soap if you have existing self tanner on).
3. Apply a little bit of lotion to feet, ankles, knees, elbows, wrists….
4. Wait a few hours for skin to dry and pores to close back up. (this will prevent tanner dots all over your legs).
5. Apply tanner making sure to blend in really well. (i use a make up brush for my hands/feet and a tanning mitt for the rest. They’re both game changers. Especially the mitt! This is the one i use and i’ll never go back to using my hands or latex gloves again.
Hope this helps!!
Self tanning mitt applicator – fake tan exfoliator/remover glove & body blender sponge by dream beauty box – the ultimate kit for a streak-free, sunle https://www.amazon.com/dp/b0719pcjd5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_1kb8uenbmjzrr

How long does the tan last once applied?

‘each application will last approximately 7+ days as long as you follow all prep, application & rinse tips. We then recommend moisturising daily afterwards to keep your skin hydrated for a longer lasting, even fading tan xx

or you can try our b.tan forever + ever self tan mousse of a tan that lasts up to 11 days ‘

I just opened my bottle to try it for the first time. Is it supposed to have a greenish color to it? Or is my bottle expired?

It is the color guard. It’s meant to show you where you’re putting the tan so you can get an even application, and will rinse off in the shower when you’re done. This is the same for most self tanners. You can’t tell what it will look like at all based on the appearance of the foam.

Do i apply lotion before or after?

Only apply lotion after rinsing the tanning mousse off, not before and not during!

I got all the tips below from the faqs on the b.tan website, which are kinda hard to find (the link is all the way at the bottom right of their site);

you apply the mousse on clean, exfoliated skin; let it develop for 1-8 hours; then rinse with lukewarm water for 45 seconds, wiping the bronzer/color guide off with your hands – no soap, hot water, or loofahs, as those will also remove the tanning actives, which you want to leave in your skin because they continue to darken the tan for the next 12-24 hours.

“…we don’t recommend using a moisturizer before rinsing as it may strip the tan before it has developed or react with the product causing discoloration.
You can use a moisturizer over drier areas of skin though, as this creates a slight barrier so that less tan builds up in dry skin (think elbows, knees, hands and feet).”
however, “once you’ve rinsed off the bronzers, you can & we recommend using one daily after tanning for longer lasting results that will fade evenly.”

hope that helps!

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Can you use it on your face?

Yes. It is for both your body and face, just make sure you always exfoliate before using. I exfoliate and moisturize and i’ve never had any issues.

How is the fragrance?

‘our products have no fake tan smell!

Our best smelling product is coconut water – smells just like real coconuts! Xx’
‘our products have no gross fake tan smell!

Our best smelling product is disco candy tan – smells just like real cotton candy! Xx’

Is this made in the usa? Or made in us with globally source ingredients?

Says made in alexandria tennessee

I am a pale ginger. Which one should i use? The dots on the bottle of how dark the shade is contradicts the description under skintone.

I’m an auburn with pale(casper) white skin. I got the disco candy because my lupus makes me sweat alot sometimes. It worked better than anything i have tried. I put one coat on & let it dry then after an hour saw it was just a little bit darker so i added 2nd coat & left it on for 8 hrs before rinsing. I have a very real looking light tan now, no orange & no gross elbows or knees.i love it. Looks great & i can make it darker if i want.

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Que tono elegir para piel morena clara

La ultra tan

Sleep in it or wash off after 4 hour’s?

Hi madison, it’s best to wash it off after 4 hours.

Does this streak if you use lotion the day after application?

It doesn’t streak at all. I put lotion on before i put the tanner on and i leave my tanner on for about 24 hours and wash it off and put more lotion on again

Does anyone know just how long this tan will last? Or do i just have to keep applying it?

‘each application will last approximately 7+ days as long as you follow all prep, application & rinse tips. We then recommend moisturising daily afterwards to keep your skin hydrated for a longer lasting, even fading tan.

So – you should reapply around every 7 days with a self tan foam but daily with a gradual tan foam if that’s how you keep the color up!

An alternative product is our b.tan forever + ever which is supposed to be reapplied every couple of days to keep your tan dark for up to 11 days! Xx’

Can you reuse the mitt after washing it?

Yes. I believe you need to let it air dry first.

How do i prevent darker color on feet and ankles

The same with other parts such as elbows or wrists, make sure you exfoliate before you apply, and use gloves or a mitt. A little goes a long way, so simply don’t apply as much. Be sure to wash off in shower- scrub the darker areas.

Does this product tan feet?

Yes, but becareful around your ankles and elbows

b.tan darkest self tanner | i want the darkest tan possible – 100% natural, fast, 1 hour sunless tanner mousse, no gimmicks, no fake tan smell, no added nasties, vegan, cruelty free, 6.7 fl oz AMAZON

Yakibest.com: b.tan darkest self tanner | i want the darkest tan possible – 100% natural, fast, 1 hour sunless tanner mousse, no gimmicks, no fake tan smell, no added nasties, vegan, cruelty free, 6.7 fl oz : Beauty & Personal Care

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
A dude's perspective: love it!

Shade: ain’t nobody got time…
Me: 5’9, 200lb, 37yo white male with light eyes, very pale/red toned skin with thick coverage of blond hair preventing a tan.
See the photos! I made sure the cool/warmness of the photos is accurate to what my eye sees. The two photos with only concrete behind are taken in direct afternoon sun. The 1 pic with a fist and rugs is on a shaded porch.

I was really scared that i’d look like i stayed in mar-a-lago too long. Not with this! Sure, the application could’ve been better, but for a first time i’ve learned where to apply more/less. I highly suggest buying the b.tan mitt.

Pre-game: shower with a plastic netted loufa, i wouldn’t use body wash with lotions, you need to exfoliate and have nothing on your skin so your application isn’t splotchy.

Game time:
i chose legs only because they’re easy cheetos to cover if i fail.
I used 1 pump of tanner at a time onto the center of a b.tan mitt, applying in circles to the calves and thighs while avoiding joints until the mitt was only moist and no longer wet. So, main parts of a single body part first, do the joints/feet/hands/face only after the mitt is getting dry. This makes sure you don’t miss areas and my research says gives a more even tan on joints.

Half-time: i applied at 3pm, avoided sweating for the afternoon, daringly slept in it overnight comfortably, showered off with soap normally at 11am next morning. Some product came off on my white towel, i was happy about it because i was able to rub and slightly blend some areas that had abrupt lines where the product wasn’t applied as heavy.

Post-game: i haven’t tried washing the towel yet, and i’ll work on tanner application next time. I made sure to go higher and higher on my thighs as the mitt dried more, so the tan faded more gradual, i used circular movements but still made sure the line stopped pretty evenly like i might’ve been wearing a shorter swimsuit. That technique worked well.

Mitt: i had to buy a separate kit, none came with this shade, i got ‘tan af’ in the kit and i’ll try it another time. I did a test comparison on my arm and it’s more ash toned than the golden sun kissed look, i like this ‘aint nobody got time…’ shade better.

5Expert Score
It works great and it's easy to use

This was my first time using self tanner. I included a before and after pic to show the difference. I’ve seen my share of orange people after trying self tanners so i stayed far far away! However this year i had a farmers tan but my legs stayed lily white because i’ve worn rubber boots all summer for chores outside. Anyways i just wanted my arms and legs to match and then seen b. Tan on tik tok. I done some ‘research’ and decided on the love at first tan because it was violet based and i hoped to avoid orange. It arrived super quick so i done all the recommended prep and applied it. It showes some color as soon as you apply it so you can see if it needs evened out or more applied to an area. I let it set overnight when i slept and then rinsed in lukewarm water as their website recommends. The color is exactly what i wanted, a nice complimentry tan without looking like burnt toast, the pic shows just a small shade lighter than it is. It had a little settle on my knee and outside ankle bone causing it to darken where i hadn’t exfoliated well enough. I took a dark towel and lightly scrubbed, it came off and looks pretty even to me now. The only con is i smelled kinda like a cheezit while it was on but i can handle that. I have no idea if there was transfer because i wore my husband’s black pj’s and my sheets were navy. I don’t know how long it will last but applying it us a pretty fast process and sleeping with it applied is no trouble so it shouldn’t be too bad to keep up with the maintenance. If something changes and i hate it (which i doubt) i’ll update my review.

5Expert Score
Best self tanner yet!

This is by far my favorite from b.tan. I’ve tried the love at first tan, the disco candy, and the tanned af but this one trumps them all. This one comes out darker on me than the tanned af even though this is supposed to be a shade lighter. I had issues with patchiness and uneven application specifically with tanned af. This lives up to the extended wear claims, the color does stick around longer than others i’ve tried. I usually pull orange tones with self tanner and this is the most natural color i’ve found. Just make sure you exfoliate well and do not put lotion on except for knees elbows and ankles. I always give my pores time to close up after a shower before applying to avoid the little black dots. Leave on overnight and rinse off without soap in the morning and then keep skin hydrated to help maintain color. The tan will last longer if you don’t take super hot showers and avoid scrubbing soap on the skin. This does have the fake tan smell. I’m not sure who’s trying to fool who with the claims that it doesn’t smell because it 100% does however it’s not as strong as others i’ve used and i honestly don’t mind the smell so for me it’s not an issue.

5Expert Score
Wow just wow

I’ve used a lot of self tanner, from the cheapest stuff to much more expensive and luxury, but this one looks so good and natural for the price. It comes out a horrific brown/green color, but it spreads and absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave streaks, unless of course you’re wet from the shower or get yourself wet right after application, learned the hard way after washing my hands. As it develops, it doesn’t have a pungent smell like some brands have, it’s definitely there but it’s faint. I left mine on a whole day, and then applied again the next day. I already had a real base tan on my arms but not my legs, i have a neutral fair skin tone and this didn’t develop orange on either my already tanned areas or my non tanned areas, very natural and subtle color where i wasn’t tanner, and a ‘bronze goddess’ look on my arms! Wow. I had people asking me when i had the time to tan over the weekend! So a very nice natural look. It didn’t leave buildup around my knees and elbows but my feet did get a little spotty after the first application, i was pretty easily able to scrub it off with a vitamin c based wash and try again. All in all one of the easiest to use and best looking self tan for the price. I expect this level of formulation from much more expensive brands. Totally worth the price for a quick and easy bronze.

5Expert Score
Perfect self tanner!

I’ve tried many self tanners, low to high price and multiple formulas, and this is the bomb. I have light-medium skin that gets pink then tans fairly quickly in the real sun. I use this spray all over my body except my back where i can’t reach. It’s messy, i do it in the shower then have to spray down the shower. I use a mitt. I do it twice a week. I do it fast. It is almost completely goof proof. Any streaks wash out when you shower. I shower 4-8 hours later, not 1 hour. When i’m done i have a golden tan. Instead of the spray, i use the darkest mousse formula on my face. Completely goof proof there. For whatever reason it works better on my face. Something in the chemical make up of these products produces weird colors when you wash out the mitt, like green and blue and yellow. It’s genius. I won’t waste any more money on other brands.

5Expert Score
One of the best self tanners ive used

This is really good self tanner-ive used many other products but the prices are ridiculous in my opinion so after reading the reviews i got this one & im very happy i did..the tan i get is just right without any streaks or fake orange color that lasts longer than i expected..its a great deal for a great product! I always use a tanning mitt to apply tanner..i also use a back applicator which is a must if you dont have anyone to help you..the product comes out a very dark green almost brown color to help you see where the tanner has been applied which prevents missing any areas & winding up with streaks!
As with all self tanners you have to shave and exfoliate your skin very well & apply it to dry skin before using any kind of lotion..i personally use bath gloves every night..i get a pack of 12 pairs for like 10$ or so right here(just search for bath gloves at the top)

5Expert Score
Shocked at how much i love this tan!

I’m an avid self tanner and have tried basically every self tanner under the sun, so i know a thing or two when it comes to self tanners. I found this and decided to give it a try based on its price (i go through self tanner like water) so i wanted something inexpensive but good quality.
This. Is. It.

The color is a beautiful dark, cool toned brown. Not orange in the slightest. No shimmer. And truly..no scent! I’ve never had a tanner with absolutly 0 scent. This is it.

It doesn’t come off on my white bedding, and it feels super light on the skin. I leave it on over night and wash it off in the morning and it looks great.

I’ve gone through 3 showers and you can still see the color, so it doesn’t wash off in one use. Another bonus!

I think it looks super beautiful and natural. No scent, doesn’t rub off, feels lightweight, and inexpensive?! Hell yes! I’m gonna be nice and brown this winter. 😉

5Expert Score
Amazing quality for the low price tag…i’m impressed!

I haven’t self tanned in years because i couldn’t ever find one that didn’t rub off at the gym while sweating leaving me with literal “tan lines” where my clothes would sit. I used to use minetanbody workout one that claimed to be sweat proof and didn’t hold up on my skin at all and honestly was super patchy. I prep my skin by shaving the day before and then on the night i apply this i exfoliate really well and don’t apply anything on my skin after my shower (besides a little lotion on hands, elbows, knees, ankles) and wait an hour or more to let my pores close before applying. It doesn’t go on very dark but i only use one coat (using the mit and back applicator) and use a makeup brush for my hands and feet and let air dry for a bit and then go to bed and rinse off in the morning. I noticed minimal transfer to my clothes i went to bed in. The disco candy one (the one i have on in the picture) has a sweet cotton candy smell to it which helps cover up the usual fake tan smell (don’t let their ads fool you all of their self tanners i’ve used have the fake tan smell). Overall i highly recommend this brand as it looks very natural, minimal streaking as long as you really rub it in good, and so far the disco candy and the violet mousse have held up to my sweaty gym sessions. I’ve been able to go about a week between applications. This can’t be beat for the price tag and quality. I have the extended wear one i will try next!

Update 8/29/2022: after trying the extended wear one it is by far my favorite and i’ve almost used up the whole bottle now which lasted quite a long time! I ordered the “too tan to give a damn” to try because i wanted that next level darkness and upon first application i’m definitely not a fan. For one it didn’t get much darker that the level 3 extended wear one and it seems to be patchy. I never had issues with this on the other ones i tried and i applied it the same exact way yet i ended up with these weird patchy areas on my butt and legs. I may give it one more chance but i will not be repurchasing that one solely based on the fact it isn’t much darker (if at all) than the extended wear one even though it’s suppose to be the next level darker and then add to it the uneven patches i ended up with.

5Expert Score
Nice tanner

This tanner is very good, i don’t think it has much of a smell. I shaved and exfoliated before applying. I don’t use the mitt i just use disposable gloves to put it on. It dries very quickly and didn’t stain the seats or clothes. I found that the longer you leave it on the darker the tan is i usually put it on before bed and then shower the next morning. I would go darker next time i find that i have to apply two coats to get a nice tan look, but my skin is very fair. I would definitely recommend this

5Expert Score
Great self tanner & no scent!

Ok, here’s a real review from an expert tanner. I have tried drug store tanners to sephora tanners to high-end tanners like loving tan. This stuff is gold! I think some of the bad reviews might be from people that don’t know what they are doing.

First of all, never wait just an hour for any self tanner. I don’t care what the bottle says. I don’t care if it’s a $7 bottle or $100. You need to wait 8 hours for results. Beauty is pain people!

Second, as a person who likes to be 10 shades darker i am very hard to please. I like to be very dark so most tanners do not cut it for me. I chronically do 2-3 applications for one tanning session. I wait for one application to dry for 5 minutes and then apply 1-2 more. Even then some self tanners do not cut it for me. Tan af tanner is definitely a beautiful darker color. I was shocked that a $10-$14 bottle could achieve a fairly dark color. My one complaint is that it was 3 applications to achieve the results in the photo but i love the color.

Third, people have complained about this coming off of sheets or the grey color (second photo). Omg. That’s just silly to me. The grey color gave me beautiful dark color without a hint of orange. Tan af nailed it in the color department. I’m not a golden tan. I’m a deep dark brownish tan. Incredible. I wore it all night. Very little depositing of color on sheets or clothes, which is awesome. They use very little bronzer in their solution. Two thumbs up from me.

Fourth, it dries so quickly. I’ve had sooooo many self tanners be sticky as hell and annoying to have on for 8 hours. This stuff dries fast with no sticky residue feeling!!! Amen to that! And for the first time ever….there is virtually no scent. No other tanner has achieved that! Impressive.

Fifth, the price is awesome. You can grab this at walmart for $10. That’s amazing even if i apply 3 times. The bottle is a great size. Not too small but not on the large side either. I freaking love this stuff. Give it a try!! And, make sure that the week before application you are heavily moisturized, shower and exfoliate right before application, and wait the full 8 hours!!

4Expert Score
Best i've found so far for someone with very textured, dry, pale skin!

Ok so i’m scottish and irish and have ghostly pale skin. My normal skin color in the summer is paler than most regular white people in the winter. You can see all the pink undertones and the veins and everything. I also have very very textured skin and my legs and arms are always dry and bumpy so very self tanner, application method, and application tool combo i’ve tried has always resulted in various degrees of streaks and splotches, no matter how much i exfoliate, moisturize, blend, etc. I also am not fond of coconut oil or its smell. I tried a tanning water before this and as long as i blended with a dense self tanning blending brush) until my arm muscles gave out and then some, after a ton of exfoliating and moisturizing, it worked kind of well. I’d still have to scrub my wrists, elbows, toes, around my feet, ankles, armpit creases, and cleavage to get the darker areas lighter and then add more tanner in certain spots on my arms and legs. Still had to wait like 8 hours to shower and still ended up a little orange-y.
With this b.tan act natural, i exfoliated, moisturized rough spots, and then applied with my tanning brush everywhere except my belly and mid and low back. It didn’t feel as sticky as other tanners and dried a little more quickly. The coconut smell dissipated after awhile and turned into a less pleasant smell but not horrid. After 1-2 hours i jumped in the shower and gently cleansed my skin with just my hand and some cetaphil cleanser. I was a little darker by then, which is when the picture here is from. After washing it off and then going to bed, i woke up the next day a little darker too. The tops of my feet and my ankles and wrists were way too dark even though i went very light on product and even wiped lightly with a tissue after blending those areas. On the rest of me though, the color was golden and not orange-y in the slightest, and my skin was very soft and moisturized, and it stayed moisturized after showers with no lotion. This tanner does come off my face very quickly though, in like 2 days. I don’t wear makeup except once or twice on weekends but i work out almost every day and shower and wash my face with a gentle cleanser, and then i use some micellar water in the mornings. This has worked the best so far overall. I think next, i’ll try a different variety from this same brand.

4Expert Score
Looks great but doesn’t last in water well

I’m a red head and have fair skin . I’ve been through my fair share of self tanners and learned quickly which ones i like . My favorite thing about this one is that it is not sticky at all. I put it on right after showering with a mitt and while i’m brushing my teeth and moisturizing i let this dry and within ten minutes i’m able to put my clothes on . It does provide almost an instant tan but develops much darker over time. I recommend doing this for two days before the event you want to be tan for . It looked amazing however once i got into the water , quite a bit rinsed off . (i was only in for about an hour). If you’re wanting a tanner that lasts in water this wouldn’t be the best but if it’s for anything else , it works amazing and the price is great . I got lots of compliments and everyone thought it was natural ! For a red head, that’s pretty good !

4Expert Score
Both bottles have their differences

I ordered the bundle with tanned af and forever + ever with the tanning glove.

Tanned af:
doesn’t have much of a guide color
takes a little bit to dry
might need 2 coats if you like to be pretty dark
i apply with rubber gloves and could spend hours rubbing it in, so definitely have a mitt to smooth it over!

the color you are by the time you wash it off is pretty much the color you’ll be! I was so happy to get in the shower and come out looking just as tan.
Doesn’t have a self tanner smell
doesn’t transfer
the color is the least orange i have ever been with a tan!
Lasts a long time (but also can be hard to scrub off)
over all, ive tried many tanners over the years and i think this is going to be my go to tan!!

Forever + ever
takes a bit to dry
does have a self tanner smell
the shade was pretty orange on me
felt like it was sliiightly splotchy
if applying with rubber gloves, it starts to dry up quickly which could potentially create streaks or splotchiness – definitely use a mitt to smooth it out before it sticks to the skin.

it does have a guide color
one coat gave me a lot of color

tanning mitt:
the mitt is pretty stiff so it’s kind of hard to use.. I don’t like using mitts much anyway because i think they absorb up so much product. I apply with rubber gloves and then smooth it over with the mitt and it works great for that!

In my photo included with this review is my legs right before my shower. I have on tanned af – 2 coats on the left leg and 1 coat on the right. I am pale so this is a big difference, and when i got out of the shower i looked pretty much the same which i loved.

4Expert Score
It’s good overall but could be better

The pros:

i’ll start by saying this self tanner is better than most, including the expensive kinds. The tan i got wasn’t as dark as i was hoping for but still looked way better than what most self tanners end result is.
It definitely looked like a natural tan. No orange tint or anything, but when you do apply it don’t be discouraged by the grey color it gives off. It’ll wash off and look like a real tan.
It was fairly easy to apply, just make sure you use a good exfoliant on your body beforehand and make sure you blend it really well.

The cons:

the major downside i had with my experience with it was it went away before the week ended. I applied it to my whole body in two coats. I’m a full time mom of a four month old baby boy and it’s hard to find the time or even the energy sometimes to keep up with something like that when it doesn’t even last a week.
A lot of people say it has no scent as a good thing about it, but it actually does have a somewhat of a smell to it, it just wasn’t a good one. For me personally, i would’ve rather it have some sort of a good perfume scent to it like a light lavender lotion scent instead of slight chemical like smell.
Even though it was fairly easy to apply, i found it was a little bit of a challenge blending it in on the neck, armpit and face even when i exfoliated my whole body and face really good beforehand.

All in all, it’s not a super bad self tanner by any means. I’m definitely not saying not to buy it. If you don’t mind the scent or that it may not last as long as the bottle says then by all means it’s a good purchase. I don’t necessarily regret buying this product and i will definitely give it a second try when i have the chance. I just found that maybe it wasn’t what i was hoping for. For a self tanner that’s cheaper than most and works better than most overall, i’d say give it a try and see how it works for you. I always keep an open mind with things like this and i definitely encourage anyone who buys this to do so as well. As with all self tanners, it’s not always perfect.

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Absolutely no streaks and no transferring!

– easy to apply
– absolutely no orange tint
– does not come off when scrubbed (blessing and a curse)
– great beginner’s color and darkness.
– there is no color change from before you wash off to after, the color you are after setting is the color you will be
– takes while to dry and set
– the green tint when applying stresses me out and makes me feel pale
– not dark enough for me personally

the pro’s completely weigh out the con’s. I applied two coats last night and slept in the tan. I woke up with no transfer to the while towel i slept with on top of my white blankets, or the white throw blanket i put on top of me. I took a shower and it almost seemed like everything had been absorbed by my skin! I do like a dark tan, but i haven’t self tanned in a while so i think this is a good thing to start with. Definitely great for beginners, i made sure to really rub everything in, and i do not see a single streak besides on my wrists where i messed up the application.

This would be 5 stars if i liked the color, but i do wish it was more of a drastic change.

Also psa, if it says 1-2hr express, it still needs the full 8 hours if you want to look super tan!!!!

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Made me tan but smells a lil funky

I got the b tanned af, and i liked that i was tinted so you can see where you applied and buff out/avoid streaks. I exfoliated and shaved first and it seemed to go on nicely, i did one layer, let dry for 5 min, then put on another layer and left on for ~2 hours. I would leave it on for longer next time if i had time. Rinsed off after and am happy with the results. I do not naturally tan so i’m not sure how good it looks on me, but i like it and so does my husband. The first pic is a day before, my usual coloring, the bathroom pic is after the tan. My husband and i joke that i smell like beef after putting on self tan, regardless of the brand, this as well. It may just react badly with my body chemistry.

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Not your mom's self-tanner

I’m white and needed color on my limbs and face for a photo shoot. I followed the directions, used a mitt, and was very happy with the results. I did apply a second coat and waited for 4 hours before showering but did not notice much of a change from the first application.
The application was super easy. The product comes out in a bubbly mouse. I used short pumps and paid attention to what i was doing, making sure to blend. There was no offensive smell during the application but i did notice my body had an slight ‘earthy-musty’ scent the following couple of days. It was very faint and i knew it would fade. Not messy at all.
None of my clothes, towels, or bedsheets were stained during or after the process. I was very careful applying the mousse to my face and the color blended well with my foundation. I experienced no skin or eye irritation.
The one bottle i bought will last me, i’m guessing, at least 5 more similar applications. I did touch up a few days after the first try.
As a former fake-tan freak from the ’80s, you can believe me when i say that self-tanning products have come a long, long way.

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This was my first time using a self tanner outside the jergens tanning lotion. I absolutely loved the coloring once it set and i had showered. Would highly recommend following the instructions of bathing after applying. I applyed the self tanner before bed and the next day had an outline of my body on our white bed sheets. Granted it did wash out with shout spray. It doesn’t leave you looking orange at all. The only complaint my grandma had was it darkened her sun spots which should be a given.

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It’s “eh”

I find this very similar to fake bake, but was hoping for higher quality based on the reviews.

It’s just… Okay. The spray does not go on evenly; blending with a mitt is a must, but it didnt even coming with one. Luckily, i still had the one from when i got fake bake. It dries super fast though so the minute you spray it on you have to rub it in right away or it will be streaky. (honestly i like the fake bake spray application better because it’s not aersoled and uneven and messy)

okay color, but that just might be because it doesn’t go with my skin tone well (pale with yellow undertones).

As for the smell, exactly the same as fake bake. I know they are aiming for a coconut-y smell, but if you’re sensitive to fragrances then it’ll probably bother you, especially since you have to wear it for a few hours. Even after showering, the smell would linger a lot. It’s not as pleasant as coconut, you can tell there are some off, chemical-y smells to it.

Overall, it’s not really all it’s hyped up to be and i was hoping for more. Guess i’m still on the hunt to find the perfect one.

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So far, it's amazing!

I’ve only completed a skin test patch on my upper thigh, and so far i’m impressed! I am already mildly tan as it’s my naturally skin color, but i want to be tan tan. I was going to buy the darkest color i could, but i didn’t want to wait for the shipping as i needed it asap, so i bought the disco candy after doing some research. The initial application i did prior to bedtime left me doubting, but i held onto hope. I woke up and my test patch was beautiful! I have yet to wash it off, so we will see if the color holds up or not. I haven’t noticed any staining on my clothes or bedding, the scent is better than most self tanners i’ve used in the past, and i haven’t had any irritation or anything of the sort. It’s definitely drying, but that is to be expected from self tanners, i haven’t had a fake tan that isn’t drying. I will update to 5 stars once i’m able to fully use this and can test the length of wear, if it fades in the shower, and if it dries my skin a lot. But, so far it’s great!

Important information


Aqua (Water), Propylene Glycol, Dihydroxyacetone, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Caramel, Dihydroxypropyl PEG-5 Linoleammonium Chloride, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Hexylene Glycol, Melanin, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil, Macadamia Integrifolia (Macadamia) Seed Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Fruit Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Green 5 (CI 61570), Red 40 (CI 16035), Red 33 (CI 17200), Blue 1 (CI 42090), Yellow 6 (CI 15985)

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