Baby Wipes, Huggies Natural Care Refreshing Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic, Scented, 10 Flip-Top Packs (560 Wipes Total)

Baby Wipes, Huggies Natural Care Refreshing Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic, Scented, 10 Flip-Top Packs (560 Wipes Total)

Buy Baby Wipes, Huggies Natural Care Refreshing Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic, Scented, 10 Flip-Top Packs (560 Wipes Total) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders
Baby Wipes: Give your baby a light, refreshing and gentle clean with huggies natural care refreshing baby wipes. Using plant-based ingredients for over 20 years, these scented baby wipes are made with 99% purified water and infused with cucumber and green tea. They’re free of lotions, alcohol, dyes and parabens with no harsh ingredients. Huggies natural care refreshing baby wipes are also hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and ph-balanced to help maintain healthy skin for your baby. The flip-top design and the ez pull 1-handed dispensing makes it easy for you to grab wipes without wasting sheets, while the tigger-themed packaging adds an adorable touch. With these plush baby wipes, you can confidently give your baby a soft, fresh clean every time. Don’t get caught without huggies wipes! Sign up for subscribe & save to ensure you always have huggies natural care refreshing wipes on hand. Join the huggies rewards powered by fetch to get rewarded. Earn points on huggies diapers and wipes, in addition to thousands of other products to redeem for hundreds of gift cards. Check out the fetch rewards app to get started today! (*70%+ by weight).

What are baby wipes features?

  • 10 flip-top packs of 56 huggies natural care refreshing baby wipes, scented (560 wipes total), the same baby wipes you love, now with brand new tigger from winnie-the-pooh designs
  • Ez pull 1-handed dispensing: one-handed dispensing makes it easy to grab wipes without wasting sheets; packaging may vary from images shown
  • Plant-based wipes since 1990: natural care refreshing wipes are plant-based and contain 99% purified water for a gentle clean
  • Refreshing clean: lightly scented diaper wipes infused with cucumber and green tea for a refreshing clean
  • No harsh ingredients: natural care refreshing wipes are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and ph balanced to help maintain healthy skin; free of lotions, parabens, alcohol, dyes and elemental chlorine; does not contain phenoxyethanol or mit
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Baby wipes details:

Product dimensions ‏ : ‎

15.38 x 9 x 9.5 inches; 0.17 ounces

Manufacturer recommended age ‏ : ‎

0 – 4 years

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Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Kimberly-clark corp.

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Baby Wipes, Huggies Natural Care Refreshing Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic, Scented, 10 Flip-Top Packs (560 Wipes Total) AMAZON

Buy Baby Wipes, Huggies Natural Care Refreshing Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic, Scented, 10 Flip-Top Packs (560 Wipes Total) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

That’s good value!


Tell me more about this product !

These wipes feature a cucumber and green tea scent and as all of our wipes, are created with gentle ingredients to help wipe away messes. We hope this info helps!

What are the dimensions of one pack of wipes?

Thanks for your question. The dimensions of 1 refill pack from this listing are 6.7” x 3.9” x 2”. We hope this helps!

Where did the two of you first meet?

Well, it all starts when a man and women do the lil nasty nasty and the girl ends up popping a baby out because of it. So the result is that baby needs whipes to wipe their lil booty butt nastyness. That’s where huggies comes in! To save their day! That’s how they met. Hope this helps your question.

Green tea?? So these have caffeine in them then.

Thanks for reaching out. Our wipes do not contain caffeine. We invite you to check out information on our ingredients here: Have a great day!

Tell me more about this product !

Product used to clean babies bodies. Can also be used for adults for quick wipe downs.

Is this product pet friendly? Can i use to clean my dogs paws, etc?

Hello there. While we wouldn’t expect any issues, we haven’t tested these wipes for use on dogs, so we can’t recommend them for pets. We encourage you to consult pet experts like pet store associates or your vet for recommendations on a good alternative! Thank you.

How long can this product be used?

Until you use them all up. Unless there is some kind of expiration date on it. But you will run out of them before then. A box usually only lasts a couple of weeks before you have to buy more.

Are they biodegradable?

They don’t appear to be and the package doesn’t seem to indicate they are.

Is it worth ?

Depends on if you just need a small pack for emergencies. I buy a large case at sam’s club and keep the smaller one to use for when baby is visiting a relative etc. Or as a backup when i cannot fit sam’s club into my schedule. But wipes are good,clean well, smell nice, and don’t irritate the babys skin.

Tell me more about this product !

Good for quick clean ups in the bathroom. Take a bird bath any time of the day.

I didn’t want auto delivery. How do i cancel this type of order?

Please reach out to the seller directly for best help with this, thank you!

Do you deliver?

Order thru amazon and other companies for delivery. I am just rating the product only because of prior purchase.

Does it come with a guarantee?

Guarantee for what?
Yes, it wipes the butt clean.

Why did they change the top? Its so difficult.

Hi there, it sounds like you are referring to the new circular lids on our wipes products. The new ez 1-handed dispensing has the intention of being able to grab wipes easily while changing baby. We appreciate the input of our huggies® families, and will be sure to let our greater team know your feedback on the difficulties you’ve been experiencing. Thank you for sharing with us!

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Is it worth ?

Yes, it’s worth it. These are great!

Have you got anything cheaper?

I research all my purchases. Sometimes you have to search other merchants before purchasing. Sometimes other merchants may have it airless cheaper.

How does it work ?

Easy as pie..just pull the wipe out of the container and use for whatever needs cleaning on a baby or adult. You can use it as a hand wipe, freshen up on a hot day, clean spills in your cards etc. Multi uses. No age requirements

Have you got anything cheaper?


Is this product good to use?

I have purchased these twice and can say they are fantastic and safe. The scent is refreshing and causes zero irritation.

Baby Wipes, Huggies Natural Care Refreshing Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic, Scented, 10 Flip-Top Packs (560 Wipes Total) AMAZON

Buy Baby Wipes, Huggies Natural Care Refreshing Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic, Scented, 10 Flip-Top Packs (560 Wipes Total) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Oh…my … God! They really do come out one at a time!!

I use this to remove make up and freshen up my face, and for the obvious purpose. I am thrilled with this product, nice and refreshing and they really really really do come out of the dispenser one at a time, no more wads of wipes coming out, having to jam them all back in and reseal the package! The lid snaps securely after each single wipe is removed. I will buy these for the rest of my life.

5Expert Score
One of my favorite wipes.

Smells great, pulls great and wipes great! What else could you want? Out of 4 or 5 different brands, this easily takes the cake. Hello bello was a close second but it would pull 2-3 wipes at a time. This is always one unless you’re at the way bottom, then you may pull 2. Texture works great for gripping and wiping.

5Expert Score
The very best baby wipes

I’ve been ordering this brand of wipes for some time now and they are exceptionally good. They are thick and not like a thin wipe. They have a cloth-like feel and are so nice and soft to use. The smell is not over-whelming but a nice light fresh scent. Not a bad price here on amazon either. These wipes are excellent for adults to use for personal hygiene. I will continue to purchase these huggies natural care wipes as long as they remain the same wonderful product every time i order.

5Expert Score
My new favorite

These are my new favorite wipes. The come out like there suppose to when you take one out. I hate it when they’re not packed right. If that bugs you too then buy these ones, there lined up to come out one after another.

5Expert Score
I buy these all the time

My go to brand, more like cloth unlike some brands that are terrible and more like a wet wipe. I highly recommend this brand. I like the package, you can hear when it clicks shut so they do not dry out. As with every pack of wipes, there are times you can’t get just one out, it’s annoying when 3 come out instead of one but i don’t see a way they could fix that.

5Expert Score
Clean and refreshing

Try baby wipes on yourself before you try them on your baby. Not all baby wipes are the same. These are clean and refreshing and don’t sting like generic ones do.

5Expert Score

Bought these on a promotion and had never used them before. I really like them and the scent is lovely and not overpowering.

5Expert Score
Love these wipes!

These are my go to wipes for my kids and great for their sensitive bottoms.

5Expert Score
Good wipes, but rips sometimes

I use these for everyday skin care. Wiping off makeup, taking a quick field shower, cleaning desk, etc.
They are great for the price, but they are thin and weak for heavy duty tasks.

5Expert Score
Great feel and scent

These baby wipes are good for so many other things than just a baby bottom. They’re good for hands, face, and so much more. Strong, durable, and great scent.

4Expert Score
Very useful

This was a gift for someone and said it was very useful and handy to have.she was pleased with them

4Expert Score
Great deal

Great value with discount!

4Expert Score

Good scent

4Expert Score
Nice smell

Nice fresh smelling for kiddos butt & face/hands

4Expert Score
Great for its intended purpose

I like these wipes, but they are not as thick as i like. Overall great.

4Expert Score
Soft and gentle on skin

Love how soft these wipes are. Gentle on skin with a light scent

4Expert Score


4Expert Score

I use these myself as a grown woman since i have to stay clean when freaking with hemorrhoids

4Expert Score
Good product…

Nice scent but leaves a little residue on surfaces.

4Expert Score
Pretty good price

I checked the price on these baby wipes compared to our local big box store that my husband likes to call ‘wally world’, and it was almost the same price per package (give or take some change). I usually buy the cheaper kind when i shop just because we don’t use them on babies. We use them when we go to the restroom to feel ‘cleaner’. So this brand is an upgrade to what i always purchase. The only thing i don’t like is if you wipe these on a surface like a countertop that’s dark, you can see that they leave behind quite a bit of tiny white fibers. That means when you use it on your skin it does the same thing. The off-brand or store brand i normally purchase does not do that. The smell to me is also kind of like chemicals. I have been opting to buy more cosmetic or beauty items that contain less chemicals and essential oils instead, and i’m getting used to more natural products. The only reason i did purchase these was b/c of the coronavirus and i have tried not going to the supermarket or grocery stores at all if i can help it. I probably won’t be buying these again.

Important information

Safety Information

Caution: To avoid risk of choking and suffocation, keep wipes, plastic bags and plastic containers away from babies and children. Plastic containers may break resulting in small pieces and sharp edges. Plastic containers and plastic bags are not intended for use by children. Do not flush


Natural and Synthetic Ingredients: Water/Eau/Aqua, Butoxy PEG-4PG-Amodimethicone, Polysorbate 20, Caprylyl Glycol, Sodium Benzoate, Coco-Betaine, Malic Acid, Fragrance/Parfum, Glycerin, Sodium Citrate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate.


Packaging may vary from image shown.

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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