Baby Wipes, Pampers Sensitive Water Based Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic and Unscented, 8 Refill Packs (Tub Not Included), 72 each, Pack of 8 (Packaging May Vary)

Baby Wipes, Pampers Sensitive Water Based Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic and Unscented, 8 Refill Packs (Tub Not Included), 72 each, Pack of 8 (Packaging May Vary) Baby Wipes, Pampers Sensitive Water Based Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic and Unscented, 8 Refill Packs (Tub Not Included), 72 each, Pack of 8 (Packaging May Vary) : Health & Household
Baby Wipes: Clinically proven for sensitive skin, pampers sensitive baby wipes are thick and gentle for a soothing clean. For less waste, our unique pop-top helps keep these wet wipes fresh, and only dispenses one at a time. Hypoallergenic, pampers sensitive wipes are alcohol-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and latex-free. From pampers, the #1 pediatrician recommended brand. For healthy skin, use pampers sensitive wipes together with pampers swaddlers diapers. Natural rubber

What are baby wipes features?

  • Pampers sensitive wipes are clinically proven for sensitive skin
  • From pampers, the #1 pediatrician recommended brand
  • Thick and gentle for a soothing clean
  • Gentle and hypoallergenic – 0 percent alcohol, fragrance, parabens and latex ( natural rubber)
  • For healthy skin, use together with pampers swaddlers diapers
  • New look! Packaging may vary
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Baby wipes details:

Is discontinued by manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product dimensions ‏ : ‎

7.94 x 9.31 x 11.88 inches; 5.81 pounds

Manufacturer recommended age ‏ : ‎

0 – 8 years

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Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Procter & gamble

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Baby Wipes, Pampers Sensitive Water Based Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic and Unscented, 8 Refill Packs (Tub Not Included), 72 each, Pack of 8 (Packaging May Vary) AMAZON Baby Wipes, Pampers Sensitive Water Based Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic and Unscented, 8 Refill Packs (Tub Not Included), 72 each, Pack of 8 (Packaging May Vary) : Health & Household

Looking for specific info?

Are they flushable?

No wipes. Even ones that say flushable. Should ever be flushed. They do not degrade fast enough and clog city sewer pipes. It costs tax payers millions per year to in clog them.

Do you need to have a tub to use these or is each pack a soft and resealable package?

It used to be a soft resealable pack–critical for caregivers who are required to send wipes to daycare, but also for use in diaper bags. But this month i received wipes packages that do not reseal. Same box, same product, different packaging. This is a subscribe and save item that i’ve been using for 4 years. They switched out the packaging without alerting the buyer.

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Do these wipes have a ‘continuous feed’?

If you put a rubber band around one side of your wipes pack you will only pull out one at a time.

Does this product contain methylisothiazolinone?

No, they do not contain this ingredient. Thanks for asking.


A lot of these ingredients are awful:
peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil: it can instigate immune system response that can include itching, burning, scaling, hives, and blistering of skin.
Benzyl alcohol: synthetically derived from petroleum or coal tar. It is a preservative and solvent. It can cause headaches, skin and mucus membrane irritations, neuro – and liver toxicity and it is on the national institute of health’s hazard list.
Phenoxyethanol: it is a preservative, it may cause mild allergic rashes in sensitive people.
Sodium benzoate: it is often classed as a low hazard ingredient, there are still some concerns regarding developmental and reproductive toxicity, organ system toxicity, irritation and biochemical cellular changes.
Ethylhexylglycerin: it is a skin irritant and can cause allergic contact dermatitis.
Pentadecalactone: according to the environmental working group pentadecalactone is a suspected environmental toxin.
Dipropylene glycol: it takes about 48 hours for this solvent to break down in the body. Repeated eye, skin, nasal, or oral exposures to this substance can cause some skin irritations as well as respiratory toxicity.

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Does it come with a tub?

No. These are refill wipes.i would suggest that you order a tub and then this pack.64 count tub should be less than 3$.also if you unwrap and keep it open the wipes will become dry, the pack us not reseable (already not the ones i got)

These are advertised as having no alcohol. However, the ingredients clearly state benzoyl alcohol. They also sting my hands when dry and cracked.

Organic alcohol that occurs naturally in some fruits (apricots, cranberries) and teas. Its chief function in cosmetics is as a preservative, and it’s among the least sensitizing preservatives in use.

Benzoyl alcohol occurs naturally in some fruits (apricots, cranberries) and teas. It is a preservative, and it’s among the least sensitizing preservatives in use. It can pose a risk of sensitivity when used in high amounts

What’s the difference between these wipes and the pampers pure aqua wipes?

The pure aqua wipes have a few less ingredients

Can you use these on babies hands or face?

Clinically proven mild, pampers sensitive wipes help restore babies’ natural skin balance while gently cleaning at the same time. They’re also perfume and alcohol free, they are dermatologist tested, and they work great on the hands and face.

Is delivery fast?


It said that sensitive wipes, is this dry wipes? I already had few wet wipes. I am looking for soft dry baby wipes. Will this suits my requirement?

They are not dry wipes, they are wet wipes. But, compared to other brands they are not very saturated and contain much less liquid – so they are quite light.

How long did the 448 count last with one child? I am trying to decide how often i need them automatically delivered for my newborn.

Each diaper change you need 3 wipes if poop and 1 if urine. Lets average that together and assume 10 changes per day each requiring 2 wipes. That would last 22 days (math assumptions: 448 wipes/(2 wipes *10 changes) = 22.4 days) if you assume 2 wipes per changing and 8 changes per day it would be 28 days.however the pampers are not very well designed such that you waste a few on each change, because they stick together so you usually pull out more than you need. Also if you forget to close it, the top one will dry out.

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Whats the shelf life on these pampers

They have a shelf life of approx. 3 years if left unopened… We get really stocked up because this box is such a good deal and we receive it on the subcribe and save program monthly and we have opened wipes that were almost a year old before and they seemed perfectly fine.

Are these chlorine free and alcohol free?

The packaging lists alcohol, ethanol and perfume free…there is no mention of chlorine.

Are these wipes attached?

No. They are folded together. The wipes just stick together tightly when you pull them out of the package.

Is the container flip top ?

Yes, our 504 count sensitive baby wipes has 9 pop-top travel packs with the hard plastic closure.

The pampers team

This says it was delivered and it was not.

You need to contact the seller, sometimes items get lost on the way.

Do these wipes have an expiration date on them? Please let me know and confirm which is the expiration date.

Yes, these wipes have an expiration date. I received a box yesterday 11/2/14 and saw that the exp. Date is at the bottom of each package and it expires on 12/31/15.

Does refill wipes come with tub?

No. These are the wipes in the soft pouches. The refill wipes we have gotten in the past are in larger non-reclosable bags with no opening. They do not come with a new container either.

Are the wipes themselves pop up/connected? I don’t care if the closure is sticky plastic or hard pop open lid, i want to know if the next wipe pops up

Our wipes are not connected to each other, but they are folded together and designed to pull the next wipe up through the opening one at a time.

The pampers team

Baby Wipes, Pampers Sensitive Water Based Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic and Unscented, 8 Refill Packs (Tub Not Included), 72 each, Pack of 8 (Packaging May Vary) AMAZON Baby Wipes, Pampers Sensitive Water Based Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic and Unscented, 8 Refill Packs (Tub Not Included), 72 each, Pack of 8 (Packaging May Vary) : Health & Household

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Do your research

I was looking at the reviews & was nervous about ordering. Everyone was saying the plastic piece was missing to close the wipes. I purchased the 504 count & all 7 packages had the blue pop top. You need to be careful with reading the picture to know what you’re actually getting.

5Expert Score
Love pampers

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. I really believe pampers has the best wipes and diapers. Even though my son is potty trained and i don’t really need wipes i still keep them on hand for wiping hands in the car or if he goes to the bathroom and toilet paper won’t do the trick.

5Expert Score
Essential product

These are the only wipes that i buy. I love that they come prepackaged so that i can put that package into a reusable solid container that i keep in my bathroom. Love these wipes.

5Expert Score
These are the best wipes i've ever come across!

These wipes are the best, bar none! They are perfectly thick, perfectly soft, and perfectly non irritating… We have a baby with extra sensitive skin and these wipes have not let us down once! His skin remains unirritated, clean and fresh when we use these! They are also very effective at cleaning up big messes with less product! The best wipes we’ve ever used, hands down!!! Highly recommend!!!

5Expert Score
Best quality wipes

This brand was recomended by a friend. They are really good for babies. I have been using them since my ma baby was little. He was even a sensitive skin baby and this wipes have help him out.

5Expert Score
Difficult to remove

Very difficult to remove one piece. I usually get two or even three pieces out of the container. Otherwise, very pleasant to use.

5Expert Score
Bien suaves y sin aromas

Recomendado. Bien suave con la piel del bebé y sin aromas que le puedan dar alérgias, además dispuestas de forma que perfectamente salen de una en una del calentador de toallitas y no a montones o se quedan atascadas como otras marcas.

5Expert Score
#1 sensitive skin wipes for ages 0-99

Sometimes too many botanical extracts can hide in “sensitive” wipes. If one is sensitive to fragrance these “natural” ingredients can act like a perfume for many. Possibly becoming such an irritant that cause infection for the uber sensitive.

5Expert Score

Great price lasted a while

5Expert Score
Great price

Amazing price and there’s a lot there. I bought the box about a month ago and still have a third of it left!

4Expert Score
Gets the job done & great to use for babies with or without sensitive skin!

The onlyy reason i gave these a 4/5☆ and not a 5/5☆ is because the wipes tend to get a little bit dried out much quicker then some other wipes i’ve tried. Also, they are not baby blanket soft, but i have also personally never used or seen a wipey that is! Other then that, i mean..they are just wipes soo they’re great. They get the job done well, they are great for multiple different uses (i.e. Like wiping babys hands down, etc.), they are not loaded with a bunch of harmful ingredients or parfums and i highly recommend them to everyy parent out there! My babygirl doesn’t even have sensitive skin but i’ve used these wipes since she was born and she has never once had diaper rash or anything like it. So even if your baby doesn’t have sensitive skin, you can still use these as the perfect preventative wipes =) hope this helps!
Also the only problem i had is that i always order 2 cases off them and for whatever reason, this past time i bought them and only got 1 case and they wouldn’t do nothing at alll to send me the 2nd case that i’ve already been charged im out off that money and feeel like i got scammrdby these people so please just be easy of this very large site with all their changes rules and policies they have nowadays. -with peace and love-

4Expert Score
Good but not great

I’ve been using pampers since my first child and now i’m a mother of three and i’m still using it, i loved pampers but it becomes more pricey especially the wipes, hoping pampers can often some discounts for its loyal customers

4Expert Score
Good for sensitive skin

This product does not cause any irritation. I will continue to buy as it is the only one that can be used.

4Expert Score
Good product, packaging doesn’t hold up

This product actually works better than any other baby wipes i have used, the problem is that the packaging tears too easily. The wipes pop up just fine, but so far, with every package there is very quickly a split at the opening and the resealable tab sometimes will not cover it. The sent can be somewhat overwhelming.

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Favorite wipes

These are the only wipes we’ve ever used with our son. He’s never had a rash and his skin has remained clear. My only complaint is you can get a bigger box for way cheaper at sam’s club, but good price overall

4Expert Score
These are the best wipes!

The texture & lack of scent of these are absolutely perfect for sensitive skin. The only downside are that not all of the wipes have the “hardtop”.

4Expert Score
Love these but falsely advertised

I love these i just didn’t realize that the top is the plastic clear sticker type closures instead of the hard plastic pop top ones. The picture states they are the pop tops but they aren’t and it’s super inconvenient so buyers be weary.

4Expert Score
Open carefully!

I use these are makeup remover wipes because they’re gentle on my sensitive skin. If it’s gentle enough for a baby it’s gentle enough for acne prone skin. My only complaint is the packaging. The pop top lids are great, but these rip easily at the opening where the reusable adhesive is.

4Expert Score
Still the best wipes

These are still my preferred wipes, but knocking one star off as they have discreetly gotten more expensive. There are only 72 wipes per package now (though they’re used to be 80 – and used to be 88 before that). Still the best wipes though, so what can you do.

Important information

Safety Information

To avoid danger of suffocation, keep outer wrapper and plastic bags away from babies and children. Do not place in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens. Dispose of outer wrapper immediately. This is not a toy. Do not allow children to push fingers or hand through opening.




Paraben Free, Latex Free, Chlorine Free


Not Available

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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