Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone – Turn Your iPhone into a Gaming Console – Play Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Fortnite, Apex, Diablo Immortal & More [FREE 1 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Included]

Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone – Turn Your iPhone into a Gaming Console – Play Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Fortnite, Apex, Diablo Immortal & More [FREE 1 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Included] Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone – Turn Your iPhone into a Gaming Console – Play Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Fortnite, Apex, Diablo Immortal & More [FREE 1 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Included] : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are backbone one mobile gaming controller for iphone – turn your iphone into a gaming console – play xbox features?

  • Play any controller supported games: responsive analog triggers, tactile buttons, and clickable thumbsticks for the ultimate mobile gaming experience.
  • Lowest latency, pass-through charging & 3.5mm headset jack: connects to your iphone’s lightning port for ultra-responsive gameplay. Charge and use your favorite headset while you play.
  • Works with any iphone: compatible with the latest iphones. Adapter included for better experience on iphone 14, 14 plus, 14 pro, 14 pro max, 13 pro and 13 pro max.
  • Backbone+ free trial included: get access to exclusive perks and the backbone app, which serves as a hub for all your games, recommends new games, connect with friends, screen record, play on any screen, and more. The backbone can still be used as a gaming controller without backbone+.
  • Xbox game pass ultimate: get 1 month of xbox game pass ultimate with purchase of backbone (code issued digitally during product set up). New xbox game pass members only. Then $14.99/month after offer ends. Subscription continues automatically.
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Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone – Turn Your iPhone into a Gaming Console – Play Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Fortnite, Apex, Diablo Immortal & More [FREE 1 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Included] AMAZON Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone – Turn Your iPhone into a Gaming Console – Play Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Fortnite, Apex, Diablo Immortal & More [FREE 1 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Included] : Cell Phones & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

Will it fit with my otter box case on my iphone 12 max pro? Or do you have to take your case off to use the controller?

No, you cannot have any case on while using the backbone. For this reason, i returned it, and i purchased the kishi razer. The kishi still won’t be compatible with a thick case like otterbox, but it is 100% compatible with apple’s own branded cases, which is awesome.

Will this affect my screen protector when trying to put it on ?

No, it won’t affect your screen protector as the screen protector adds negligible thickness to your phone. With that being said, it won’t work if there’s a case on your phone, however.

Does it work with microsoft flight simulator 2020?

Yes! If microsoft flight simulator 2020 is on game pass, you will be able to stream it to your iphone.

Will it work with camera lens protector on the back bone controller thank you

It won’t work with any case bigger than 0.4mm
i have my clear magsafe from apple and barely fits, you need a thin case in order to use it with the backbone

¿es compatible para jugar pokemon unite?

No se puede

Is there a warranty on this device?

Yes there is a warranty

Can i use google on this?


I’ve got a very thin case that goes with a slide-in belt clip – is there a chance it might work with this controller?

No you’ll need to remove the case

Can you use the controller for games on the phone

Yes if the game has controller support the backbone can be used since it’s officially a mifi controller.

Can you use google?


Will it work through xbox pass for pubg?


Can you play games with one hand? Thanks milton

I guess that depends how good you are playing with one hand, but technically whether slow or fast you can play with one hand.

Can educational games be used with this?

If they support a controller, this will work, but it is up to the app/game manufacturer to provide support.

How to make work with ipad mini 6

Turn on your bluetooth and pair it with the backbone but make sure your home wifi is on.

Will this work on a samsung galaxy phone ?

No it’s only for iphones. There are other similar devices that will work with androids

Does this come with the 1 year free for the backbone+ app?

I can’t remember, i know it came with 1 or 3 months xbox cloud and the app is like $50 a year.
Also, you have to be over 13 (i think this is the age) to install on apple devices. **but you can still play your own games or link to ps5 remote without restrictions, they just can’t use the app.

Does it work for the iphone 13 pro max, or do i need an adapter? Does the adapter come included?

For the iphone 13 pro max you will need the adapter which you can get for ‘free’ from backbone but will cost you $6 in shipping as of 1/11/21.

The backbone that ships from amazon does not come with the adapter. (i just got it and it is no where in the box). The listing states it does but it is incorrect.

Can i play (adopt me) it’s a roblox game ?

Yes you can roblox has controller support

Can you play xbox games even if you don’t have an xbox?

Yes! You can play via xbox cloud gaming with xbox game pass ultimate. You will have access to hundreds of xbox games to play on your iphone with backbone.

Can you launch five m ?

Would be tricky, perhaps if you setup fivem as a non steam game maybe you can launch it remotely?

Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone – Turn Your iPhone into a Gaming Console – Play Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Fortnite, Apex, Diablo Immortal & More [FREE 1 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Included] AMAZON Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone – Turn Your iPhone into a Gaming Console – Play Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Fortnite, Apex, Diablo Immortal & More [FREE 1 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Included] : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

My kids have coined the term ‘phone switch’ for this beautiful device. I prefer this over my switch because the catalog of supported games is arguably higher and they’re less expensive, and i was planning on taking my phone with me anyway, whereas the switch i need to think about and plan to bring along.
The backbone app helps get you going by showing you which gaming services are going to work with this, which is all of them. But it shows you controller supported games that will just work out of the box. I’ll admit that i don’t have an xbox or playstation newer than a 3, otherwise i’d be able to use those services to play even more games. I do use the steam link feature quite a bit, and then you’re running around in fall guys or vampire survivors or cult of the lamb right on your phone.
It also includes one month of gamepass ultimate, which means sea of thieves on a phone.
I will say that i bought the playstation version of this first and returned it to swap with this standard black version because not all games support the ps buttons and they’ll show abxy and then x is where square should be, and my brain can’t do that kind of mental gymnastics.
I’d also like to be overly verbose expressing the extensive list of content you can play on here. My favorites right now are: forager, dadish 3, minecraft, fez, jetpack joyride 2, and stardew valley.
I cannot recommend this enough. If you or the person you’re thinking of getting this for enjoys games at all, this is an excellent purchase.

5Expert Score
My first game controller for iphone

I used to be a hardcore medal of honor gamer on the pc having worn out many keyboards. Having call of duty on my iphone brought back the joy but the frustration was high as i would not be able to adequately control my weapons with the touchscreen. I yearned for something better. I researched many controllers for half the price but what i wanted was something that wasn’t bluetooth for the potential of lag. Then i realized backbone was the one everyone was copying. After many days of comparing which way to go, i spent the money for the backbone and my gaming as been so much more fun! I connect an external battery so i can continue playing for hours and plug in a wired headset. I’m hard on the controller but it’s survived my abuse and i’m consistently an mvp and that’s due to the reliable control i have. Just get it. You won’t regret it.

5Expert Score
Perfect for us (without a gaming system)

I read the reviews so i was prepared, but without that i’m not sure i would have known that this required a connection to a gaming system for most things. Fortunately, my seven year old is obsessed with madden and we don’t need fortnite or anything else. I downloaded the madden mobile app and use this to control that. There was zero chance i was buying a gaming system for my first grader (we own a wii and that’s it) and this gives us everything we need. 10/10 would recommend.

I imagine those that connect remotely would enjoy even more, although make sure you read reviews. (as we’re not gamers we’re not concerned with buttons perfectly matching up to a particular system.)

5Expert Score
Good but 2 issues

So it makes you accept the backbone+ free trial, i canceled immediately, i don’t use the backbone app at all, i just use the xbox cloud gaming app, i haven’t tested the ps remote play yet but i also just have that app. Plugging in a headset i can hear both my game and people on discord. There is lag but that’s expected as cloud gaming is still beta, buttons themselves are responsive. Not good for people with big hands. My hands are pretty small(i wear xs gloves and those are a little big) so it’s slightly more comfortable than holding the nintendo switch(regular not lite), but it’s smaller than the switch. Charging my phone and gaming on it are nice. I keep accidentally trying to record gameplay when i just want a screenshot so that’s annoying, but the app does walk you through how to use its features the first time you plug it in. It’s very lightweight.

5Expert Score
Super cool iphone attachment!

Controller fits perfectly onto the iphone, if you have a 13 pro/pro max they offer a rubber fitting (mine included this fitting already but the packaging says you may need to request it) that allows it to hold the phone properly. It connects via the lightning port which reduces latency tremendously (virtually no lag between the controller and the phone) and also allows you to charge your phone while attached thru the lightning port on the right handle of controller, on the left handle is a headphone port. When attached it has a similar appearance to the nintendo switch. The hardware quality is really good. I have not had any issues with it. The backbone can also be used on macs and ipads although it is required to be plugged in via usb or lightning to lightning and the latter will require an additional purchase.

Included with the purchase was a free month of xbox game pass which is what ultimately sold me on it, and functionally it works really well. Your mileage may vary depending on your data connection. Beyond your free trial of game pass, if you choose to not renew, the backbone works with a variety of other apps. There is a backbone app which acts as a hub on your phone, it requires a subscription but you also get a free trial upon purchase. This app acts as a game hub showing you some recommendations for apps and games which support controller input. I haven’t found much use from this hub, but your experience may differ from mine.

Without any subscriptions this controller works incredibly well for:
iphone games that support controller input
xbox app console streaming & ps4/ps5 remote play app. Although these require a decent internet connection to stream, and the ps app requires you to also be connected to wifi to play and does not work on cellular data. The xbox app may also require wifi to play on your phone but i have not tested that.

All in all i am very impressed with the backbone controller. I’ve gotten a lot more use out of it than i thought i would. Switch had been my primary console due to the convenience of portability but this controller has offered me a similar play style with my home consoles.

5Expert Score
Hands down best mobile controller!!

Not really one to write reviews but figured i shared my experience. I have personally tried all the big name mobile controllers out there for iphone, and backbone is by far the best. I tried razer kishi v1 and v2(which they copied backbone in my opinion), gamesirx2, the gamepad popular one in amazon(cheap), they all had issues with joysticks either drifting or sticking or just felt cheap. Backbone smokes them all, very well made and super responsive, strongly recommend.

5Expert Score
Remarkable product

**quality product**
this is an amazing product. Lets talk about taking phone gaming to the final level and crushing the big boss guy piece of cake!

When i finally receive my controller little did i know but the iphone 13 pro max needed a special adapter piece for the size, after looking further in the box to my surprise the adapter piece was included! I was a very happy fella.

The capability of this controller feels unlimited, i have had this since july (2022) and feel like i have barely scratched the surface of its capabilities.

5Expert Score
Must have controller for mobile gaming!

Not only is it connected via the lightning port there is a pass though to charge and connect to bigger screens! It also comes with a trial for the backbone app that gives you an awesome way to have all your games in one space and other friends with backbone!

5Expert Score
The perfect iphone accessory for gamers! Iphone 14 max pro

I purchased the backbone one mobile gaming controller for my iphone 14 max pro, after double comparing the dimensions for both iphone 13 max pro and 14 m.p.

My iphone 14 m.p. Fits amazingly within the controller, when using the included max pro extension. Though not entirely flush, as my phones cameras get in the way. However, the difference isn’t even noticeable while playing.

If you cannot decide which color to buy; perhaps knowing that these controllers work for both playstation or xbox gaming software, regardless of which controller you purchase, will help you decide. Or at least the black xbox controller works for both xbox gamepass and ps4 remote play. I presume the white playstation controller does as well.

5Expert Score
Slow down

The controller slow down the game character, in call of duty, the character runs slow, respond slow to open fire and move to sides, even if you have high the sensitivity in settings.

4Expert Score
Okay for iphone 13 and 14

This controller works good, but then after a while my character would spam attacks after respawning until i either pulled the controller out of the socket and reseated the connection using an iphone 12 pro max.

Got the iphone 14 last month so had to use the small rubber adapter that came with the controller which worked good, but now i keep seeing “controller disconnected” then i see controller connected happening multiple times while playing.

The solution was to ditch the little rubber adapter, and then the backbone stops glitching on the connection…but i have to hold the controller very gently as the spring tension will not stop it from sliding under the iphone…

The better solution is to redesign the backbone to work with the the iphone 13/14 without using the semi-soft adapter…or redesign this adapter so it is a harder plastic like the controller as i’m guessing the adapter softness is affecting the stability of the backbone to the iphone.

Going to try another similar controller to see if has similar problems.

I play di on the iphone so the backbone takes a lot of use…it would be perfect if the adapter didn’t have the disconnect problems.

Owned for 6 months now.

4Expert Score
Good controller for iphone.

Well i’ll say, this definitely beats using a bluetooth controller and having your phone on a mount or using a kickstand. I think the direct competitor to this is the razer kishi, but i’ve never tried it. The backbone app is interesting and i’m no way required to use the controller as firmware updates are free and controller rebinds are handle by ios*. I will say although i don’t use the app much, the interface is nice too look at.

But you want to know more about the controller. I’ll be honest it kinda looks like a cheap plastic, but it’s not. It’s pretty durable. Though when you seat the iphone in the controller it wiggles a little bit and it’s not a completely snug fit. The buttons are also a little a bit too clicky for my taste. You also can’t use a case with this controller which is a real bummer as every time i use it i have to take my case off. It would be nice if on the next iteration they made it slightly larger to accommodate cases, at the very least slim cases or design a case that also fits the controller.

I put a star besides the a struck when talking about keybindings because it doesn’t appear that your can change the key binds for the backbone button or the share button. For some streaming services like psnow, xbox gamepass, and steamlink there is not “home/guide” button to press and you have to use the onscreen controller to access those buttons. It would be nice if either the backbone or screenshare button could be rebinded to add that functionality if possible. Other than that it’s a good mobile controller.

4Expert Score
Not perfect but very good.

I purchased this mainly because i canceled the steam deck. To be honest this is not a steam deck. It works very well with ios arcade and other ios games that support a controller. It ok on my home network playing game pass games, not that great with steam link. Outside the home has been spotty for me, works great at times, but at other times not so much. Overall though i like this little device, but i think at 99 bucks its overpriced and add to that the yearly cost if you want to use the backbone app… Then its way overpriced. Speaking of the backbone app its very polished and does make using this device so much smoother and ‘consol’ like, but it’s worth noting you can use this without the app, but you lose some of the ease of use. I have decided to keep it despite it being overpriced by i would say 50 bucks. (in my opinion)

4Expert Score
Sacrifices will have to be made.

The community doesn’t seem to be huge and mobile gaming is still in its infancy but for the games it works on and the capabilities it has the backbone is absolutely amazing… However with that it does come at a very painful price both in the wallet and it’s very uncomfortable. However i do suffer from heavy usage. I just think the paddles could be so much bigger and more comfortable. Perhaps call it the “vertebrae” and give it actual paddles that twist and open from each other. Maybe make it adjustable to open up to tablet side to support 10’ ipads. Sounds goofy but that to me is more worth the 100$ price tag.

Suggestions aside the product is absolutely the best without any questions. The input lag is better than what people here can say for it. It’s not almost non existent. It does not exist. This controller has brought me through hours of gameplay when i’m away from home and still find myself using it at home as well. Plus the app they use to support it as well as like a social hub for the games it supports. Wish they had a lot more supported games but the ones they got are good.

4Expert Score
Feels a bit wide, bumpers not big enough, and maybe a bit cheaper made than i’d like, but…

I’m gonna start with the negatives first but bare with me bc the story ends well, hence the 4* overall. So it doesn’t hold the best at first. I did get used to that. The bumpers and triggers also feel a bit awkward if you’re used to console type controllers which this is supposed to mimic ideally. That’s also something you can adjust to. The quality of materials isn’t as nice as i’d like for a $100 product either, which is one thing i deducted a star for, but the software it comes with and gaming experience make up for it. I primarily bought this for cod mobile to play with my kids but have also gotten into diablo immortal which is a great game i can play with my son who has cp, so he has limited mobility. It’s a very accessibly touch game for him without the backbone while i enjoy it with a combination of the backbone and a bit of touch. I haven’t tried halo infinite yet but i look forward to it. Good luck!

4Expert Score
It works, but it could be better

I like the concept, and it works for the most part. I would adjust the product slightly though. I think the joysticks are fairly loose, just that might just be from using an elite 2 xbox controller. I would also change the pads on the joysticks to a concave pad that your thumb can rest in, similar to the xbox controller. The tact switches for the buttons work, but don’t feel great when trying something like halo or destiny. The triggers could be a bit longer or some more space between the bumpers and triggers. I would widen the notch for the phone to rest in to allow for use of a phone in a small form case. Perhaps making the joysticks a bit larger, the controls seem to slip slightly when playing fps games and the aim skews up.

It works, but it could be better.

4Expert Score
Caution: it does not work with all games.

Check compatibility with the games you play first. If playing call of duty mobile your maximum rotation speed is much slower than just using your phone. And other adjustments. But it could be really nice because it fits you hand well and seems well built. But i am sending mine back due to some compatibility problem. Do you research!

4Expert Score
It's great until you drop it 1 time…

Bought this so that i could play console games on my phone since my wife tends to control the tv and the gaming consoles. When she doesn’t our toddler is always watching cartoons, so it seemed like a good purchase. Once i got it, started playing some mobile fps games like cod mobile and even played a few ps5 games and xbox games on it. It worked pretty well, was not disappointed… Until i dropped it from 1-2 feet off the ground. While the results might have been different on wood floors, tile, or carpet… I dropped it on concrete. The l2 trigger more or less broke on me, it’s still useable, but it gets stuck and won’t push in all the time because a piece of the plastic on the inside must have broke. While it’s totally my fault that i dropped it, you would think for $100 that it could at least take some kind of a fall and still stay intact.

I honestly would recommend this product for anyone that wants to be able to game on the go or just might not have access to their games readily all the time since they might share consoles or pcs with other people in their home. Just don’t drop it or you will more than likely be out $100.

4Expert Score
Not bad for mobile gaming but….

I hope the vendor starts using something other than usps for shipping bc it was an absolute nightmare. The product itself is pretty good. The handhold is a little awkward, but overall a good product

4Expert Score
Does not fit iphone 14 pro max

I was so psyched to get backbone for my new iphone 14 pro max. Unfortunately the camera lenses stick out too far for the backbone to fit.

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