Balaclava Ski Mask – Winter Face Mask for Men & Women – Cold Weather Gear for Skiing, Snowboarding & Motorcycle Riding Black

Balaclava Ski Mask – Winter Face Mask for Men & Women – Cold Weather Gear for Skiing, Snowboarding & Motorcycle Riding Black

Buy Balaclava Ski Mask – Winter Face Mask for Men & Women – Cold Weather Gear for Skiing, Snowboarding & Motorcycle Riding Black: Balaclavas – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are balaclava ski mask – winter face mask for men & women – cold weather gear for skiing features?

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  • Winter ready: winter has nothing on our strike balaclava. Ready to brave all the elements from snow and sleet to wind, dust, cold, and uv, our ski mask for men isn’t letting in any unwanted intruders. So whether you blaze down the slopes like shaun white, shovel snow or atv in the desert like mad max, our winter balaclava got you covered.
  • Lightweight comfort: you’ll be surprised by how warm this lightweight, breathable, and extra-stretchy balaclava head mask is. Designed from an 89% polyester and 11% spandex, our balaclava wicks away moisture while retaining heat. You’ll stay comfortable and dry all day!
  • Convertible face mask: wear the strike balaclava as a full face mask for ultimate protection from the elements. Wear it as a helmet liner, ninja hood, half ski mask, snowboard mask, neck warmer, or pull it up to wear it as a face mask while you take public transportation and go grocery shopping.
  • No fogging way: to prevent stuffiness, the strike balaclava face mask features ski ready mesh breathing panels that increase airflow while minimizing condensation on your goggles or glasses. So if you’re looking for a snow mask or ski face mask that is going to keep you warm and provide great goggle visibility then look no further!
  • Superstretch osfm comfort: fit and comfort is key, especially when you’re in harsh environments. Our one size fits most balaclava is made with 4 way stretch fabric to give a snug and comfortable ‘wear all day’ fit. Warning – you might not want to take it off!
  • Perfect for motorcycling: the strike balaclava is great for motorcycling in winter and fall. The low profile design with flatlock stitching provides great under helmet comfort. The shell outer fabric blocks wind chill, rain and sleet whilst the breathable mesh paneling prevents helmet fog. And when you stop for a coffee, the hinge design means you can easily pull the mask down whilst retaining the warmth!
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Balaclava Ski Mask – Winter Face Mask for Men & Women – Cold Weather Gear for Skiing, Snowboarding & Motorcycle Riding Black AMAZON

Buy Balaclava Ski Mask – Winter Face Mask for Men & Women – Cold Weather Gear for Skiing, Snowboarding & Motorcycle Riding Black: Balaclavas – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

How breathable is it?

In my experience with this type of equipment , this balaclava is very good. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being no restriction to airways at all, this would rate an 8. That being said, any physical device covering nostrils and mouth will be somewhat of a hindrance to breathing and air exchange. My wife and i each use one and are very happy with them. We use them almost daily. The trade off is that we would rather dodge frost bite on our noses and chins than have perfect breathability.

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Will this fit a youth? (specifically boy age 12)

I would say yes depending on his size and even if it was a little big putting a scarf on under it would do the trick! It’s an excellent product!

I am a big lad – xl or xxl – will this fit comfortably?

I have a 7-5/8 head (hat size) which is between xl and xxl. It fits comfortably and i am happy with the comfort. However, one of the features that is described is that it can also function as a ‘neck gator” (pulled down around the neck when not needed on the face). Don’t expect this function to work with an xl to xxl head, as the face hole barely stretches enough to allow it to fit over that size head.

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Is it loose on a 21′ head?

It is loose on a 15yr old w/ a hat size of 7 1/4

Can i use this for paintball to protect my neck?

Yes it will suffice well for neck protection. I’m not a big person though, but it did keep my neck warm when skiing in – temps.

Does it fog up your ski goggles? And does it get wet around your mouth area from breathing?

Another reviewer suggested pulling it under your nose to prevent fogging. I can’t speak to ski goggles but it works for ppl who wear rx glasses! (-25 with -53 wind-chill)

Does it keep head warm?

Yes. It got down to -5°f air temperature, and my face and head were warm.

Is this an amazon brand? As i can’t find from any other retailers?

Order qualified for amazon prime benefits. I doubt if amazon was involved in the production, design or qc.

Do this fog suprication goggless glasses?

When wearing the balaclava pulled up over my nose, there is tendency to fog regular sunglasses. Not certain what are supplication goggless glasses , but tendency to fog is considerably reduced wearing yellow tinted ski goggles.

Does this start right on your face around nose area?

It fits right and good on my face

Is it suitable for working inside a freezing room ?.

It’s too thin to provide real warmth in extreme temperatures below 0° as i’ve used it, but it is very effective in protecting your face, ears and head against freezing winds and windburn. As i’ve mentioned before, it does stretch out and gets a bit looser from long term use. Tighter is better.

Is this mask good for summer time or is too hot ?

I live on the oregon coast so it doesn’t get too hot. It breathes good. I wouldn’t wear in florida or arizona summers 😉 or over 75 degrees it could get uncomfortable

Why is the black with reflective stitching cheaper? Is it a different mask? Or same mask with only the stitching being different?

I also was curious why black was cheaper than colors. Remember what henry ford said about the model t: ‘you can have any color so long as it is black.’ perhaps black is made in greater quantities to satisfy demand and is thus cheaper to manufacture and inventory.

Alright my head is 22 inch around. No size indicator. Should i buy it. What ya think?

It’s stretchable my husband is 23 but he has short short haircut. He thinks it will just pending how much hair sorry weather you buy it or not it’s works for him

Can you put this in the dryer so top isn’t so loose?

There is a tag in the hood with care instructions. You’ll notice an ‘x’ through the dryer icon. My husband found he could reduce some of the slack in the top by working the top back and down at the rear to the collar portion. Then smoothed the collar evenly around his neck. I hope this helps.

What is it made out of?

It feels like the dry-fit material. The tag says 11%spadex / 89%polyester

Will this keep dirt/dust out of ears nose mouth?

Most of it yes. I have used it when we mulched leaves with all the dust frim that and didn’t get any

Can you breathe easily through this for outdoor running?

There is a thin mesh around the mouth. It os easier to breathe. I don’t run it, but i can easily breathe while chopping firewood etc.

What’s the coldest temperature it can worn at

Don’t know the coldest temperature, but i wore it at 15 below 0. I’ll know more next week supposed to be wind chill 21 below 0. I’m sure it will handle it.

My biggest concern with facemasks is sucking in ‘fibers’ while i’m running. Does this material have this problem?

I get where you’re coming from as that is always a concern of mine living in cold climates where i frequently cover my mouth with the mask. That said, this is the best mask i have found and at a very reasonable price. It has also maintained its shape extraordinarily well through daily use and multiple washings per week. Can’t guarantee that it won’t suck some, but i have been exceptionally pleased.

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Balaclava Ski Mask – Winter Face Mask for Men & Women – Cold Weather Gear for Skiing, Snowboarding & Motorcycle Riding Black AMAZON

Buy Balaclava Ski Mask – Winter Face Mask for Men & Women – Cold Weather Gear for Skiing, Snowboarding & Motorcycle Riding Black: Balaclavas – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Fast shipping speed!

Have not used it yet so i can’t attest to how warm it is or isn’t. But shopping was fast and it is as described.

5Expert Score
It’s a great fit .

I like the material the fit is perfect and i am able to breath and my glasses don’t get fogged.

5Expert Score
Works for winter dirt bike riding

I didn’t like how it fogged up my goggles a little bit but idc cause it went away while riding.

5Expert Score
Slightly tight on my nose but my nose is big

I got a big nose and apart from slight soreness the following day, this thing is soft and effective.

5Expert Score
Keeps face warm while on motorcycle

Used this while riding the motorcycle in the fall. Keeps my face warm. Great.

5Expert Score
Works like it should


5Expert Score

Next travel

5Expert Score

Esta muy bien

5Expert Score
Nice hat

Fits well and stays warm, definitly worth the value

5Expert Score
Cómodo y versátil.

Lo uso para días no en extremo fríos pero ventosos y funciona muy bien.

4Expert Score
Good but a little thin around the mouth

The breathing gap is very thin makes my face feel really cold but otherwise great product

4Expert Score
Does the job

Got it for work, does the job, but if you have a big head like me, the top fits way to tight.

4Expert Score

Se estiro mucho

4Expert Score
Keeps the face warm

Keeps your face warm on cold blustery new england winters

4Expert Score
Fog you right up, warm though!

Will fog your glasses or goggles in a heartbeat but the quality is good and its warm.

4Expert Score
Warm and comfy

My son uses this to walk to school in below zero temperatures in the winter. He said it doesn’t allow the cold air to hit his face and he can still breathe through it easily. Nice comfort fit that stays in place.

4Expert Score
Great product but glasses will fog up

I was really excited about this product and for the most part it works really great. It fits well and is made with a comfortable material. I’ve worn it outside three or four times already and it’s great at blocking the wind.

The reason why i’m only giving this 4/5 is because it’s supposed to have something in the nose and mouth area to prevent fogging but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Within seconds of putting on my sunglasses they completely fog up which is kind of irritating as it was advertised to not have this problem. It’s very inconvenient when you’re wearing layers of clothes as well as gloves to have to take off and wipe glasses every five seconds.

Overall i am happy with this product and it is nice i just won’t be wearing any glasses from now on because they fog up within seconds.

4Expert Score
Lightweight but looks to be warm


4Expert Score
Breathable and warm

I wear a medium helmet and medium kf94 mask for reference. Breathable mesh mouth hole, and warm fabric everywhere else. Used it riding in the city with a wind chill of 20 fahrenheit, and it kept my head, nose, ears, and neck toasty. It’s not too tight so there’s probably room to size up. Only criticism is it might be too breathable for very high winds. The mouth mesh hole let’s in a fair amount of draft when riding at high speeds, an option to close would be nice. Overall, great product.

4Expert Score
Careful when using on a motorcycle

I was using this ski mask while on my motorcycle when the mask started to shift down over my eyes, i could not adjust it due to being on the freeway in the rain. This could have ended badly but i still love this item because it keeps me warm and is comfortable. I recommend wearing the mask with the roof of the mask pulled back to prevent it from sliding down.

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