Bang Blue Razz Energy Drink, 0 Calories, Sugar Free with Super Creatine, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 12) (Packaging May Vary)

Bang Blue Razz Energy Drink, 0 Calories, Sugar Free with Super Creatine, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 12) (Packaging May Vary) Bang Blue Razz Energy Drink, 0 Calories, Sugar Free with Super Creatine, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 12) (Packaging May Vary)
Bang Blue Razz Energy Drink: • 300 mg of caffeine per 16-oz. Can • super creatine • eaa aminos • coq10 • no sugar • zero calories • no carbs • vegan-friendly* • gluten-free* *only the reformulated bang energy drinks have been tested and verified to be gluten-free and vegan-friendly. If you receive cans that have “bcaa aminos” instead of “eaa aminos” printed on them, we cannot guarantee that they fall within the gluten-free and vegan-friendly guidelines. Bang is not your typical sugar-filled soda masquerading as an energy drink. Every 16-ounce can of bang contains 300 milligrams of caffeine, which studies have shown may increase endurance, as well as strength in some cases, along with essential amino acids (eaa aminos), coq10 and super creatine. Super creatine (u.s. Patent 8,445,466), which is the brainchild of bang ceo, jack owoc, is a dipeptide of creatine and l-leucine (creatyl-l-leucine), which, unlike other forms of creatine, is stable in liquid for an extended period. What’s more, bang is sugar-free and has zero calories — yet it tastes great, with 21 different flavors to choose from and counting!

What are bang blue razz energy drink features?

  • Bang energy drinks deliver a safe, sugar-free, carb-free, crash-free, great-tasting, sustained energy beverage experience.
  • Studies suggest that the caffeine in bang energy drinks increases mental focus, alertness, endurance and possibly even strength.beverage container material: aluminum
  • Bang energy drinks have zero carbohydrates (‘carbs’) — this helps avert the blood-sugar spikes so prevalent with other energy products, and avoids empty calories as well.
  • Bang not only gives you energy, it also contains great ingredients like coq10, essential amino acids (eaa aminos) and the patented super creatine — the only form of creatine that is sustainable in liquid for an extended period.
  • Bang energy drinks are gluten-free and vegan-friendly, so they are perfect for any lifestyle or diet.
  • Blue razz flavor
  • Includes twelve 16 oz cans
  • Potent brain and body fuel^bcaas^xtreme energy source
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Bang blue razz energy drink details:

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Bang energy

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Bang Blue Razz Energy Drink, 0 Calories, Sugar Free with Super Creatine, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 12) (Packaging May Vary) AMAZON Bang Blue Razz Energy Drink, 0 Calories, Sugar Free with Super Creatine, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 12) (Packaging May Vary)

Looking for specific info?

What does blue razz taste like?

Tastes just like a charms blue razz blowpop

How much caffeine in the whole can?

The can says 300 mg

Is it super carbonated

Its a carbonated and clear…like a sprite.and it tastes like skittles.not even kidding

What does it taste like?

It tastes like a mix of candy flavors… The best to describe it, imho, is a combination of watermelon and apple jolly ranchers.

How much caffeine in a serving?

300-325 mg of caffeine per can. Abt 3 cups of coffee basically. No jitters or horrible crash. Just a gradual wearing off. Best drink ever in my opinion. Once you find the flavors you like. They also have caffeine free ones as well , but not exactly sure what the point would be in that.

Does key lime have an aftertaste?

The only reason i drink bang energy drinks is because of this flavor alone.
There is no unpleasant aftertaste whatsoever. I buy these all the time now from 711.
The flavor in my opinion is a ‘sweet lime cream soda’.

Is this price for a 12 pack?

Yes, this listing offers a pack of 12 cans, tdpep

Can you please make a version without sucralose? I would pay much more if you could sweeten with stevia or xylitol instead.

Will forward your request to bang operation team.

Is this caffeinated?

Yes, but there are options for bang! Drinks without caffeine. Just search for it here on amazon. I know they have birthday cake bash, and radical skedattle. Not sure of the others. I just wanted you to know there are caffeine-free versions now. Enjoy!

How much caffeine does this have?

300 mg. Like 2 cups of coffee. Just drinking one now.

Why do these make me fart so much?

Probably because it has aspartame in it .

Does it taste anything like celsius cola?

I gave up drinking pop about 15 years ago. I think miami cola tastes like a coke or a pepsi from what my taste buds remember. I love it plus it’s all natural.

Does this. Contain sugar?

Jr, it does not contain sugar. Reads 0grams on the back. I am not a big fan of sports drinks as i have had a lot of bad experiences with the crash and burn effect of other brands and find this to be the best for me and for my clients too. Hope this helps…

What does star blast taste like?

Star blast taste like starburst candy.

How does this compare to the watermelon flavor in rainbow unicorn?

In my opinion, it is way more watermelony, or should i say extreme watermelon and doesnt seem as sweet as the others. Watermelon is my favorite flavor so thats why i buy these.

Is bang basically the same as celsuis?

No bang contains benzoic acid and vitamin c, which react to create the carcinogen benzene. Celsius does not.

Do you like this item?

Ugh. I think it’s cloyingly sweet. Others seem to like it though.

Does this product contain alcohol?

No. There is no alcohol in the products

Is it as intense as redlines?

Not really. But if you are sensitive to caffeine it will get you jittery. Other than that very good source of energy and great flavors.

Can i pay with food stamps ?

No; use your food stamps for food!

Bang Blue Razz Energy Drink, 0 Calories, Sugar Free with Super Creatine, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 12) (Packaging May Vary) AMAZON Bang Blue Razz Energy Drink, 0 Calories, Sugar Free with Super Creatine, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 12) (Packaging May Vary)

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
A real energy drink plus it helped my injuries

In years past when i was working early morning jobs and etc, i had tried several so called ‘energy drinks’ like monster, rockstar, etc. None of which helped me at all, and the flavors of all but one weren’t any good either.

Fast forward to feb 2019, i had a severe head injury. Long story short, forklift driver had a steel beam caught on a steel rack and it was under pressure. The beam shot out and struck me in the right side of my head. Ended up with multiple long term issues from this, of which i still deal with. Among some other major issues, i also have memory lapses, concentration, focus, and a couple other cognitive things.
Six months later, due to some of these issues, i wasn’t thinking clearly one day and ended up breaking my leg. Had to have two surgeries, steel plates, etc to try to fix it.

Fast forward to about 5 months ago, almost a year and half from when i broke my leg. I still was having a lot pain from my leg, and limped all any time i was up, even had pain when i was sitting or laying down most of the time. Sometimes the pain was so bad, i couldn’t hardly put any weight on that leg. And i was also still dealing with the same issues from my head injury.

One day i went with someone to the store, and i was really fatigued, as i had been for some months. Doctor told me that was likely due to the head injury itself, and also the medications i have to take now. In any case, i happened to walk by a end cap in the store with this energy drink i had never heard of before called ‘bang’. I glanced at it, and mostly because i needed a break from trying to walk with the cart, i picked up one can and looked at the ingredients. I didn’t find what i expected, seemed to be a much more natural drink that all the one’s i had tried before. They had a fruit pump type flavor, and i figured if nothing else might be better than soda. I picked up two cans.
The next day i drink one can over the course of several hours. That evening i realized that i was having a ‘really good’ day with my leg. The pain was significantly less than i had been dealing with most days. Didn’t think much more of it at the time. Next day i drink the 2nd can over several hours, i had to admit my energy was noticeably improved. Then that evening i also realized i hadn’t been limping for several hours. But the next day the pain began to return, and by that evening it had went back to what had become the ‘new normal’.
I started thinking about what had changed, was there anything i did different for those two days? The drink… But how could that help my leg…? Week or two passed, and then i went to town again, i found out the store was getting rid of bang…figures…. But i was able to buy about a case on ‘clearance’.
That week i drank one can each day over the course of 3 to 4 hours, and my the pain in my leg was much improved. And the brain fog was a lot better, i could think more clearly. I also wasn’t fatigued like i had been. It was the best i had felt in 2 years. Couldn’t believe that a drink could make that much difference.

I eventually figured out the coq10 was what was helping my leg, and i now take a daily supplement. Still have pain at times, but also have times where the pain is gone or nearly gone. Still have a bad day when i’m on my feet alot. So after i couldn’t buy it locally, i searched amazon and found bang here. So i now have a subscribed shipment for several flavors each month. And i drink one can almost everyday. Its helped me feel much closer to my ‘normal’ before my injuries. And by regaining my movement and increased energy, i lost the weight i had put on in the previous year and half.

If you’re going to buy an energy drink, this is the only one that i could recommend. It does really work on many levels.
And for people saying their case came beat up or etc. Yeah i’ve had a few cans come that way too. But none that were broke or leaking. And in the end… It is called bang 🙂

update: jan 10th 2022 – still drink bang, often one a day. Still helps my injury related problems. One thing has changed… I have now had multiple cases that had been beaten up so bad they were leaking. Amazon really does need to pack these better, and no more than two cases in a box at most.

I’ve also had a number of cases that ‘went missing’ during shipping, and for some ‘odd’ reason it is always this fruit punch flavor. Apparently someone working in shipping likes fruit punch.

Anyway, a few days ago i had a new problem i hadn’t see yet, had 3 cases that came in at the same time which were packed into one box :-/ …. Which apparently had *frozen* during shipping and exploded… And then thawed back out. At least that the best theory i have. The box literally fell apart as the ups guy was handing it to me. In any case, i submitted a return with amazon and got a refund. So even with the issues and such, i can say that amazon has stood behind their return policy. So long as this continues, i’ll keep them on subscription.

5Expert Score
It's like jolt cola but better

I haven’t seen this flavor in any stores, so i bought a case from amazon and hoped for the best. I haven’t seen many reviews for it, what i have seen was negative, but it’s always someone who hates cola already, so why buy it if you don’t like it?

It really tastes like a good cola with artificial sweeteners. More on the pepsi side of cola flavors. The additional flavors of orange and cherry are more in the aftertaste, it’s an instant splash of traditional cola flavor. I do miss stuff like jolt cola in the 90’s, i think it has been revived as an energy drink, but bang is sugar free, and made so you can’t taste the difference. It’s an ideal flavor if you want an energy drink and want to something that tastes better than a diet pepsi.

5Expert Score
Received exactly what was expected

As someone on a keto diet who hates coffee, bang energy drinks have been a lifesaver! I drink one in the morning to help me wake up & the ‘delish strawberry kiss’ flavor in particular is my go-to option. The delivery came way earlier than when originally placed (big plus from me for the urgency to get this out to me). Additionally this is a big cost saver for those who drink regularly over purchasing from the gas station or grocery store.

Items were well packaged and no damage was done to the cans.

5Expert Score
Delicious bless + energy – jitters = happy customer

I love the taste and the value was not bad. This helps to get me through the day and enhances my cognitive ability without making me crash or feel jittery. This is my go to energy drink. There’s a few flavors that i like to enjoy. The only negative is often times when i purchase a case there’s one or more cans that are destroyed or punctured. They have to find a better way of securing the package so that all cans can come in tact.

5Expert Score
Tastes like a liquid rainbow

I would recommend this liqud rainbow nectar to anyone who likes skittles. Bang does not disappoint in flavor. I have not found a bang flavor yet that did not leave me feeling like an energized kid in a candy factory

5Expert Score
Very good flavor, worth buying the case!

So i took a leap of faith based off of previous reviews, i wasn’t sure i would care for anything that was sugar free and i don’t care for the aftertaste most energy drinks leave behind. But i had some extra funds on my ebt card and decided to give this a try. First off, the taste was very yummy! Not overly, sickly sweet, it had the perfect balance for a flavor that is cotton candy flavored. Usually i can’t stand sweetened drinks that are zero sugar, they usually have a strong artificial aftertaste that makes me nauseous but not this one! It also doesn’t have that strong energy drink taste to it that leaves a gross aftertaste, which was nice. It gives a nice boost to my energy without feeling jittery or that my heart is going to explode out of my chest. If you are on the fence, i would say just go for it!

5Expert Score
Excellent product

I fell in love with this product the first time i tried it, bought at
a local store. When it was not available and i wanted to have a few on hand, i luckily found them here. Very happy!

5Expert Score
Best bang flavor… Hands down

I consider myself a bang expert as i have pretty much been drinking them 5 times a week for 3 years. Still to this day, frose rose is the best flavor. It tastes like watermelon nerds candy imo

5Expert Score

We had this on subscription but every case has had at least one can broken open. This case was very damaged and two cans open so i will order from somewhere else

5Expert Score
Three flavor review: radical skadattle, rainbow unicorn , and sour heads

Rainbow unicorn: i thought this would be great from the name. I mean, it’s an awesome name! I expected great things, but i was disappointed. Not enough pizzazz to justify the name. It was a sweet, indistinctly fruity flavor that i didn’t especially care for.

Radical skadattle: ok this is more what i was looking for! This one could have taken the rainbow unicorn name, imho. As the name implies, it’s sort of a rainbow skittles type flavor, with a nice tang to it. Love this flavor.

Sour heads: this is another winner, i love sour candy, and this is a good one. It’s not insanely mouthwateringly sour (i kind of wish it was), but it packs a decent pucker.

Bonus review (reign flavors): i know this is for bang, but to me they are more or less interchangeable depending what flavor i want. I have tried and liked reign’s: jalapeño strawberry (it’s not really spicy, but it’s different and fun), orange dreamsicle (just like the creamsicle pops, or an orange creme soda, it’s good). Lastly, white gummy bear (pineapple) is good, but not 10/10, more like 8/10, i definitely like it, but i get bored drinking just this one over and over.

4Expert Score
Toxic waste tasting, although decent price for the energy

I don’t really care about the flavor as long as i’m getting the energy when needed. It’s much cheaper buying them in bulk on amazon than buying individually in store anywhere. I don’t have to stop at a gas station to buy one for $3 before my serving job because now i can just bring them from home. This was the cheapest option at the time, so i chose this flavor. It’s kinda tastes like toxic waste. So if you’re picky go for a different flavor. However if you just need some cheap bangs around the house, this one satisfies.
Only one actual complaint is that every time i get a box it looks like someone repeatedly hit it with a bat. Some cans are dented and the box corners are all smashed in. However, none of the cans have ever been busted open, so that’s good.

4Expert Score
Great product but super unreliable seller

The product is awesome and the price is great but this seller struggles to even get the product to my house. Out of the last 6 orders i have made only 2 have actually arrived. I saw some other guy saying shipping it not a review. Well why does almost every other seller on amazon get their product to my house? Whether it be a little late or not that doesn’t matter to me. This seller cannot even get the package out of their warehouse. It’s ridiculous. They have the best price on amazon but just know that cheap price comes with cheap service

4Expert Score
Complex yet smooth light tasting rainbow of flavor

It’s hard to describe this flavor, other than being a complex but smoothly executed mix of a rainbow of flavors.

My guess and attempt at describing the flavors would be: hints of tropical fruits (notably pineaple, maybe a bit of banana?), mixed in with subtle berry flavors (i’m thinking a little strawberry, maybe raspberry and/or blueberry).

Energy additives don’t seem overly strong or overpowering – you can’t even taste it, as compared to most other ‘mainatream’ big brand drinks, which have a strong (bordering on harsh and unpleasant) sour taste that seems to come inherently from their choice of energy additives.

Whatever the mix is, this flavor and the fact that it’s sugar-free, makes this the favorite go-to that my wife and i buy and drink constantly.

4Expert Score
Love this flavor of bang – my go-to morning wakeup

Absolutely love this product – this is my go-to morning wakeup jolt…

When the product is delivered by the amazon vans – 100% arrives in perfect condition

when the product delivered via ups – almost everytime at least one or two cans are punctured and the box is soaked…

– suggestion amazon: if you have to ship ups – please figure out better packaging protection so we don’t loose product.

4Expert Score
The best flavor

Best flavor of bang!!!

4Expert Score
I am missing one from my order

I like bang because it gives me energy

4Expert Score
Sour apple

As avertised

4Expert Score
Great drink, terrible quality control.

This is my first time trying out this flavor. It’s delicious! My big problem is the cans conditions. These must have been dropped off a pallet at the warehouse or something. I’ll include a pic. One is majorly messed up while the others bottoms are pretty decent but dented enough to tilt when on their own. Not going to return as they are just drinks and i can pour it into a cup, but the principle is quality control. Amazon, you can do better.

4Expert Score
Love the stuff

Yummy for my taste buds

4Expert Score
A little pricey but taste great!

Taste amazing but wish they didn’t get tossed around so much. Three of the cans were smashed on the top. Good summer drink (with caffeine).

Important information

Safety Information

Too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and, occasionally, rapid heartbeat. Not recommended for use by children under 18 years of age. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not consume this product if you are taking any prescription drug and/or have any medical condition. The user of this product assumes all liability if this product is used in a manner not consistent with label guidelines. This product contains caffeine and should not be used with any other caffeine containing products. This product is intended for use by healthy individuals only. Too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and, occasionally, rapid heartbeat. Not recommended for use by children under 18 years of age. One serving of BANG provides 357 mg of caffeine which is more than three cups of coffee.



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Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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