Basics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper, 8.5 x 11 Inch 20Lb Paper

Basics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper, 8.5 x 11 Inch 20Lb Paper

Basics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper, 8.5 x 11 Inch 20Lb Paper – 8 Ream Case (4,000 Sheets), 92 GE Bright White: Office Products

Basics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper, 8.5 x 11 Inch 20Lb Paper – 8 Ream Case (4,000 Sheets), 92 GE Bright White.

You will not experience more than one jam in 10,000 sheets using Amazon Basics copy paper on your high-speed digital printer or we will replace your Amazon Basics paper purchase. We test more than 13.5 million sheets of paper every year to make sure that each sheet is consistent. Then we test our papers on all kinds of printer and copier equipment to ensure that our paper will work well for you, every time, on every machine. Make sure it’s original Amazon Basics quality: look for “Ships from and sold by” at the top of the page, under the product title. “It’s More Than Just Paper” to us and millions of sustainable forestry workers across America, including American family tree farmers. Amazon Basics papers are made with renewable resources from certified sustainably managed forests. We want our business to last for generations and that means taking good care of our environment. This Amazon Basics copy paper is an economical paper for multipurpose print and copy use. It is available in 8.5 x 11 letter size paper and 8.5 x 14 legal size paper. Amazon Basics Copy Paper is available in a single ream (500 sheets of paper) and in cases of paper-wrapped 3 reams (1,500 sheets), 5 reams (2,500 sheets), 6 packs of 400 sheets (2,400 sheets), 8 reams (4,000 sheets), 10 reams (5,000 sheets), in a bulk pack of 750 sheets, and a single pack of 400 sheets. Also available in full pallets and truckloads. Choose from items listed at top of page in Size and style name.

What are multipurpose copy printer paper features?

  • 8 ream case (4,000 sheets) of 8.5 x 11 white copier and printer paper for home or office use
  • Multipurpose letter size copy paper works with laser/inkjet printers, copiers and fax machines
  • Smooth 20lb weight paper for consistent ink and toner distribution; dries quickly and resists paper jams
  • Bright white paper (92 ge; 104 euro) offers great contrast for crisp printing and vivid color
  • Virgin copy paper providing professional quality results; acid-free to prevent yellowing
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inch letter sized sheets; case dimensions: 11.8 x 18 x 9 inches; weight: ‎41.2 pounds

Multipurpose Printer Paper

Ideal for reliable, everyday office use, the 8.5-by-11-inch paper is compatible with laser and inkjet printers, copiers and standard fax machines.

Consistent, Reliable Results

The 20-pound basis weight offers economical printing and resists paper jams. Its smooth surface helps ensure consistent toner and ink receptivity.

Bright White (92 GE)

The bright-white paper offers better contrast, and its high brightness promotes a more vivid and crisp appearance of text, images, and colors.


The acid-free paper offers reliable strength and durability, unlike standard paper that can turn yellow or crumble over time.

Multipurpose copy printer paper details:

Manufacturer‎Amazon Basics
Brand‎Amazon Basics
Item Weight‎40.9 pounds
Product Dimensions‎18 x 11.8 x 9 inches
Item model number‎AMZN8RM
Material Type‎Paper
Number of Items‎8
Size‎8 Reams | 4000 Sheets
Sheet Size‎8.5-x-11-inch
Brightness Rating‎92
Paper Weight‎20
Paper Finish‎Smooth
Manufacturer Part Number‎AMZN8RM

Basics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper, 8.5 x 11 Inch 20Lb Paper AMAZON

Basics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper, 8.5 x 11 Inch 20Lb Paper – 8 Ream Case (4,000 Sheets), 92 GE Bright White: Office Products

Looking for specific info?

Is this paper as good as what dunder mifflin supplies? How does it stand up to sharpie markers?

I use it for printing… Hey, buy a ream for 6 bucks and check out the sharpie. I don’t know and i have never heard of dunder mufflin.

How does this paper fair in roshambo?

Roshambo turned into denny’s restaurant and the 3 lions turned into the scissors a rock and this copy paper,
i thought everyone had read the new story. Rochambeau may still be open in france they have those little folded toilet paper dispensers that took 400 of them to finish your business most would fall to the floor or just be empty, that’s why i always wear an extra tube sock.

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Why does the product description say ‘100% recycled’ while the product packaging says ‘30% recycled’? Which is correct?

It’s 100% recycled, but only 30% post consumer waste. So it’s 70% waste from the paper factory and 30% waste collected from consumers. This sort of split is common with recycled paper.

I am using this paper on dell laser printer. First time i purchased this paper. Why does the paper clog up and cause a paper jam? Not happy!

Ok, so all the answers that say ‘your printer is bad’ or whatever no.
This paper just jams on some printers. It is 100% repeatable; nothing is wrong with the printers.
(clean printer – use other paper – works fine. Put in this paper, yes after ‘fluffing and fanning’ – or only 10 sheets at a time – it still fails).

Also, it is not a typical jam – the combo of paper texture and thin cheap paper – the feed intake roller just does not grab it well – yes, even on an expensive printer.

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Is this paper made in france or in the usa?

Was made in france for 2 shipments, then made in usa. Not sure if it alternates based on supply or if it has changed for good. The us made paper was lower quality. I’m not rolling the dice on it again.

Why does the picture show 30% recycled?

Wrong image for the 100% recycled. The correct image is in the ‘from the manufacture’ section.

Product description says 20 pound. Product information says 15 pound. Which is it?

The weight of the paper is not the weight of the paper in the box. Paperweight is based on the manufacturing process. You could have 15 pounds of 20pound paper in a box.

How do oi cancel a recurring item

I suggest you try the chat part of customer service. It worked very well for me in the past.

Is this product popular with consumers?

It is economical paper and relatively bright white

Is this product good to use?

It is very good to use.

I am using this in brother inkjet that works great for all other brands. This paper repeatedly jams pulling 2 to 10 sheets of paper per copy. Why??

This paper is probably too thin for your printer. Try using a different brand of 20lb paper. Look for something about 80 gsm for brother printers

Can i recycle this?

Recycle as put out in recycling bin or use other than for a printer?
I believe the answer too both are yes.
As far as i know – all paper, besides waxed (magazines) and paper with food on it (food wrapper) is recyclable.
Hope this helps and if i’m wrong someone let me know

A4 paper is 8 1/2 by 11 right so it’s a4

It’s normal 8 1/2 x 11′ copy/printer paper.

Does it have soy?

There’s nothing on the packaging that indicates soy as an ingredient.

Wut is amazon basics? Ive never used that brand

I use selected, more expensive papers for specific tasks which require such specialty papers. For a basic, company-branded paper for my ongoing daily printing, amazon basics fits the bill for me. True to the amazon description, this paper is a bright white with a smooth finish. At its 20 lb weight and acid free, i’m assuming those copies that i retain for any length of time will remain crisp and clear whether in black/white or in colors. I’ve had no problems with paper jams while using this paper.

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Are these recyclable?


When will it be in stock, please? Im looking forward to it.

It’s now in stock!

How do you return

Usually amazon has a list in the box telling you how to return the item.

Can you tell me when my order will arrive? It was supposed to be here may 25th and it just says delayed not yet shipped.

My orders for this item usually arrive within a few days. I’d contact customer service, especially since it’s been almost a month.

Can i order this object just once?

I ordered it just once.

Basics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper, 8.5 x 11 Inch 20Lb Paper AMAZON

Basics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper, 8.5 x 11 Inch 20Lb Paper – 8 Ream Case (4,000 Sheets), 92 GE Bright White: Office Products

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great value for office paper

I buy a lot of paper for my office. I’ve been using this for about a month now, and haven’t had an issues with jamming, paper quality, etc. It’s the first time i purchased amazon basics paper.

The price was better than what i found anywhere else, which was the primary reason i purchased the amazon brand.

The boxes arrived in perfect condition, and the driver kindly carried the heavy boxes down a short hallway to my office rather than just leaving it at the door.

One suggestion i have for amazon, if their staff reads any of these reviews, is the drivers should be supplied a wheeled dolly, so that their drivers don’t have to strain their backs carrying the boxes, which are very heavy.

5Expert Score
It’s a whole lot of paper.

If you’re looking for printer paper, then look no further because that’s exactly what this is. If i had to write a 500 word review to list all of the pros and cons of this paper and how it holds up to my expectations i would write “it’s printer and copy paper” 100 times. It’s the paperiest paper you could ever print on with a printer and it’s just as white as the name suggests.

5Expert Score
Cutest box of 3 reams you'll ever buy!!

I look forward to these boxes coming! We don’t go through a lot of printer paper as a homeschooling family but this brand has a great print quality and i find the value (cuz the box is so cute too) to be worth it. Always packaged with care and never beaten up which then wrecks the paper reams. Good job amazon and the effort on sustainable industry initiative. Also super speedy shipping.

5Expert Score
Good quality

This copy paper is good quality works well in my printer takes ink very well very happy with the order will order again as soon as i get low. They ask about the brightness of the paper don’t know how to answer that one but one star because the paper is white i guess you can call it bright. Thank you

5Expert Score
Ups driver wasn't happy but i was!

The paper works as expected and is great for standard printer paper. It looks and feels much better than the cheap stuff found at most office supply stores so i’ll be ordering it here from now on. The package is heavy but i didn’t want to carry it home so with free delivery why not order it on amazon?

5Expert Score
The overall package and the individual ones broken.

The product was of good quality, but the package delivered at home was broken. It was a surprise for me that i have been buying from amazon for many years without any problems, that this time for the first time i was disappointed on the package of the product, since not only the box containing the 10 cases was broken in the corners and one side almost completely flapping out, but the individual cases for the 500 sheets were broken. 10 out of 10 cases broken or not completely sealed.

5Expert Score
Excellent quality

Have an old laser printer that was frequently jamming. I almost got rid of it, but i bought the amazon paper and problem solved. The printer is no longer jamming – very pleased.

5Expert Score
Reasonable price…great quality…5 stars

I have used this paper for at least two years and it is a great buy, bright white and great quality. Thank you, amazon.

5Expert Score

It’s paper. It’s white. It fits in my printer. Sometimes it is ejected from my printer with print on it. No surprises. It works as intended. I can’t get too excited about that. 🙂

5Expert Score
Envelope order was returned- not the copier paper

I did not return this item. Rather, i returned the accompanying order of envelopes which i mistakenly ordered- i didn’t realize they were ordered together.

Sorry for the confusion,
iris fryzel

4Expert Score
Looks like sheets are missing.

After opening the very secure outside package, the end of the pack of paper was open : ( i hope all the sheets are really there. Noticed some damage like the paper was previously sold and returned. The end was definitely broken open.

4Expert Score

This paper works for my needs. It’s not as bright as the other brand i use but i’m not sending out many letters these days lol. I don’t have any problems with it and i’m likely to order it when this box runs low.

4Expert Score
Please check delivery instructions.

We love amazon basics multipurpose paper but it keeps being delivered to the wrong location and it is heavy! This is a huge multi-purpose campus and i have designated to go to building 1k. Please amazon deliveries we need you to help us with this! Mon-thurs 8:30-4:30p

4Expert Score
Fully functional paper – used in hp laserjet pro color printer with no issues to date

Fully functional paper – used in hp laserjet pro color printer with no issues to date

4Expert Score
Good for basic paper

It’s a little thin for high quality documents but for printing out recipes, directions and other general documents where quality isn’t really needed, this paper will work fine.

4Expert Score
Great buy


4Expert Score
Good buy

Paper is heavy to carry and with prime it comes to my door. The paper is totally acceptable and well priced. Iike the 3 pack. Do not need a 5 pack ream.

4Expert Score
It's simply a ream of printer paper.

Decent quality for general printing.

4Expert Score
Great paper great quality good sheet count per package.

Mostly document everyday printing.

4Expert Score
Very poor quality paper! Consistently jams!

This paper consistently jams in my laser printer!

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