BCW 2×2 Coin Snap Holder Large Dollar (38.1mm) Bundle of 25

BCW 2×2 Coin Snap Holder Large Dollar (38.1mm) Bundle of 25

Yakibest.com: BCW 2×2 Coin Snap Holder Large Dollar (38.1mm) Bundle of 25 : Toys & Games
BCW 2×2 Coin Snap Holder Large Dollar 38.1mm Bundle of 25: These holders are intended for premium long- term archival storage or display of your coins. Made of inert high impact, crystal clear polystyrene a 100% archival plastic the holder will not harm coins.

What are bcw 2×2 coin snap holder large dollar 38.1mm bundle of 25 features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Bundle of 25 holders
  • 2×2 coin snap holder for premium display or long-term storage of coins
  • Made of inert polystyrene will not harm coins
  • 100% archival plastic. No pvc!
  • Overall: 2 x 2 x .25
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Bcw 2×2 coin snap holder large dollar 38.1mm bundle of 25 details:

Product dimensions

7.6 x 2.6 x 2.3 inches

Item weight

10.2 ounces

Item model number


Manufacturer recommended age

12 months and up

Is discontinued by manufacturer




BCW 2×2 Coin Snap Holder Large Dollar (38.1mm) Bundle of 25 AMAZON

Yakibest.com: BCW 2×2 Coin Snap Holder Large Dollar (38.1mm) Bundle of 25 : Toys & Games

Looking for specific info?

Is this 2 inches on the interior or the exterior?

It is the exterior 2”x 2” square

Are these holders airtight?

These are airtight to a degree. Very close but not 100%. The foam ring does not make a seal, but helps keeps the coin in place.

Will this hold a trade dollar? Does the pressure from the insert harm the coin?

Trade dollar, morgan, pease dollar, eisenhower dollar are all the same size the weights are all about the same except the eisenhower clad is a different weight

When did american eagle coins start?

The american silver eagle is the official silver bullion coin of the united states. It was first released by the united states mint on november 24, 1986. It is struck only in the one-troy ounce size, which has a nominal face value of one dollar and is guaranteed to contain one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver.i hope that this information is helpful in your purchase making decision.
We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again soon. Thank you for choosing flizzards and have an excellent day.


Do these fit in a ngc or pcgs box? I have a few dollars that are not graded and would like to put them together with the graded dollars

Yes what you have just ask .. Yes everything you have said does fit in the box.i myself after i do place my coin in $1 .. 50 cent .. 25 cent .. Dime coin .. Nickel .. Oh yes penny also no matter what size in your design square holders i put them back in the box the same box thx bob

Will any coin be protected in this as long as it’s smaller than the dollar coin?

The issue is that the inner pad that holds the coin is specific to the circumference of the coin. If you have a smaller than a dollar coin in this instance, the coin will be loose and freely move about in the protector. There are protectors for other coins and sizes, that would be my recommendation. These snap holders are the way to go for the correct coins. If cost is a factor, check out coin flips but also for correct sizes.

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I’m trying to get a case for a 1922 peace dollar. Will this fit?

Yes this should fit, a peace dollar is a large dollar size.

Has anybody tried a 1oz silver maple leaf in these holders?

The us large dollar coin that this coin snap is designed for has a diameter of 38.1mm. The canadian 1oz silver maple leaf coin has a diameter 37.97mm. So, it should fit in this holder.

Will this size fit $5 us gold coin ?

No, you will need to get a different size. Measure your coin and find the right sized holder or get the holders with the adjustable foam inserts.

Sirven para monedas de dólar

Si sirven para las monedas de dolar.

Will this fit morgan silver dollars also is it pvc free?

It fits morgan peace and ike dollar coins and it is pvc free

Will this fit a presidential commemorative dollar?


I cant figure out how to open the cases??

Two of the four sides, opposite each other, have small cutouts. You could use a fingernail to ‘snap’ the holder open, but i use a watch-case opener. Be very careful if you use a knife. This brand and others i have and use all open about the same way.

Can you see both sides of the coin once the coin is in this container?

Yes you can see both sides of coin.

Do you offer 39 mm

Bcw only makes the common u.s. Coin sizes. So no 39mm

Are the inserts in the bcw snap coin holders, that keeps the coin centered, foam or hard plastic? I don’t want the foam inserts.

They are better than foam, they are not hard plastic
you will be satisfied

What cases would i need for coins measuring 1.75′ (44.45mm)? These are military coins with slightly raised surfaces.

Ask that question on ebay a coin dealer may be able to help you.

What size is needed for susan b anthony, sacajewa and geo. Washington $1 coins?

That is a small dollar size of 26.5mm.

Will a 1923 silver fit in these?

These are available to fit just about any coin. Mine were for morgan silver dollars. If yours is a 1923 peace dollar then it should fit fine.

What are the measurements for maximum thickness? I wanted to use something like this to display a tiny shark tooth. Would this work?

Probably if it is not over 1/8 inch thick

BCW 2×2 Coin Snap Holder Large Dollar (38.1mm) Bundle of 25 AMAZON

Yakibest.com: BCW 2×2 Coin Snap Holder Large Dollar (38.1mm) Bundle of 25 : Toys & Games

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great product at a great price

Love how the holders fit my one ounce silver rounds.. Now they’re well protected

5Expert Score
Fits morgan dollars perfectly

Morgan silver dollars fit perfectly

5Expert Score
Quality coin holders

Well crafted, quality coin holder. I will buy other sizes of this brand.

5Expert Score
Great value!

Love these better than the round coin holders. My morgan dollars and peace dollars look great in these.

5Expert Score
Works well for my upgraded morgan dollars.

A cost effective and easy to use for keeping your coins protected.

5Expert Score
The right fit!

I have been looking for holders for a while. So when i saw this, i took a chance, and i am glad i did.

5Expert Score
I had to post my review to counter other negative ones

I must post my review to counter the many negative reviews about this product. The guy who said something about the insert not fitting, i don’t know to what he’s referring. The insert fits eisenhower dollar coins just fine. In regards to the many folks who complained that these didn’t ‘snap together’ are probably taking the product description literally and expecting some snapping sound. The ones i received close and lock just fine. In fact i had trouble getting them open at first because they did seal quite well. As a test i even put a coin in one of these holders and then i let coin and holder ride around in my pocket for a few days, which included front pants pocket, rear pants pocket, and front shirt pocket (just to give it a good test) and at no time did the hold come apart or lose it’s seal/ these worked as advertised and i’m already planning on purchasing another 25 holders.

The only feature or aspect of these holders that i cannot confirm as being true is their ability to be used as a safe long-term holder that will protect the coins from wear and tear and aging.

5Expert Score
Great value

Great addition to my collections

5Expert Score
Dollar snap-case

Protects well and very clear

5Expert Score
Protects & allows viewing of coin

Protects while also allowing viewing of coin. Surface allows you to write on it.. Works for purpose intended.

4Expert Score
Love it

Definitely worth the buy

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Works, but difficult to use

Not the easiest to pull apart for initial use.
Definitely not the easiest to put together once the coin is in it.
But it works.
I was surprised that i ended up liking the foam liner that comes with each holder. But i do.
I could give this 5 stars.. But when comparing it to another i purchased at a local coin dealer the other day, which was easier to use.. I’m going to give these coin holders 4 stars.
Only because they do work once the coin is inside and closed in.
On the other hand, these suckers arent ever going to come apart unexpectedly with your precious coin inside, lol. True.
They are just difficult to work with.

4Expert Score
Great quality but do not fit silver eagle dollar

These seem to be made very well and i am picky. Once closed, they are a little difficult to open. I would prefer it that way for long-term storage. Now, i did not read the description clearly and it is not otherwise obvious to us ‘non coin collectors’ but the inserts do not fit the larger american eagle silver dollar. I tried to use scissors and and an xacto knife to cut a couple of the holes larger but it did not work and trying to stretch it around the dollar only tears the inserts. The white side of the insert is a type of plastic which i also like but that makes it unable to be stretched. I do like the quality of the case but very disappointed they do not work for my intended purpose.

4Expert Score
Does the trick

The plastic cases are sturdy, does not appear to be easy to break at all. Coins fit perfectly. Be aware that you have to stick a dime in each case to open it, it does not open easily, but once you are in, you should not be opening it again, as the clear cover allows you to see all of the coin, front and back. Was not that big a deal to do. I recommend the cases.

4Expert Score

Worked great for the coins i had!

4Expert Score
Good value

There good , wish they were a bit bigger tho , but way better than those paper holders !!

4Expert Score
Nice product


4Expert Score
Works well

On receiving my bcw 2×2 coin snap holders i put a morgan dollar in one and it was impossible to make it stay together. I didn’t realize until later that the morgan dollar had a protected film on it which made it slightly more thick. I replaced it with a morgan without the film and it worked very well locking together.

4Expert Score
They are great for what i need

It suits me perfectly

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