Beard King Beard Bib Apron for Men – the Original Cape As Seen on Shark Tank, Mens Hair Catcher for Shaving, Trimming – Grooming Accessories & Gifts for Dad or Husband – 1 Size Fits All, WHITE

Beard King Beard Bib Apron for Men – the Original Cape As Seen on Shark Tank, Mens Hair Catcher for Shaving, Trimming – Grooming Accessories & Gifts for Dad or Husband – 1 Size Fits All, WHITE Beard King Beard Bib Apron for Men – the Original Cape As Seen on Shark Tank, Mens Hair Catcher for Shaving, Trimming – Grooming Accessories & Gifts for Dad or Husband – 1 Size Fits All, WHITE : Beauty & Personal Care

What are beard king beard bib apron for men – the original cape as seen on shark tank features?

  • Quick & easy: this beard hair catcher rules the realm with a mighty fist! Using mirror suction cups and a neck collar, it’s easy to set up and just as easy to put away after you shave.
  • Clean: keep your bathroom the fairest in the land! Whether you’re defeating renegade sideburns or a once-loyal mustache, this beard catcher conquers any misfit hairs trying to storm your throne room! No more clogged sink drains.
  • Effective: be prepared for any perilous quest! This deluxe set for men includes the static and stick-free beard apron that protects chest, neck and shoulders. Also includes strong suction cups to secure while using.
  • The original: there is only one true king! As featured on shark tank. This beard tarp has been prized by both lowly serfs and high royalty. When it comes time to ready the beard for war, be sure to throw down the gauntlet like the king that you are!
  • Gift it: do you know a shaggy young squire who dreams of becoming a champion? Or a king whose wisdom is as deep and rich as his facial hair? Be their knight in shining armor and get the trim tool any prince charming deserves!
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Beard King Beard Bib Apron for Men – the Original Cape As Seen on Shark Tank, Mens Hair Catcher for Shaving, Trimming – Grooming Accessories & Gifts for Dad or Husband – 1 Size Fits All, WHITE AMAZON Beard King Beard Bib Apron for Men – the Original Cape As Seen on Shark Tank, Mens Hair Catcher for Shaving, Trimming – Grooming Accessories & Gifts for Dad or Husband – 1 Size Fits All, WHITE : Beauty & Personal Care

Looking for specific info?

What’s the deal with this thing?

It would make more sense if you saw the other part. It comes with a giant plastic cone that goes around your waist to keep you from touching your penis. Very effective.

Can this be used for pubes as well?

Update: the beard bib is designed to wrap around your neck for your grooming needs ‘upstairs’, however we recently released a new product called the ‘bush bib’ by beard king sold exclusively on our website.

Can this be strapped backwards around my thighs to catch butt hair trimmings?

Hahaha i can honestly say i have never thought of using it that way but i don’t see why not. Assuming you can find something low to attach the suction cups to.

How does this bib differ from the $10 knockoffs?

Update: we now offer our customers the choice between a ‘lite’ & ‘deluxe’ version. The ‘lite’ version simply has less features therefore lower in price point. Buyer beware – beware of cheap knockoffs! As seen on shark tank, our hand made product is designed in the usa and assembled overseas using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. These counterfeit products cut corners by using cheap materials and poor design functions that simply do not work. If it doesn’t have the beard king logo it’s a fake! As seen on: shark tank, abc, forbes, rachael ray, insider, unilad, the doctors, details, product hunt, and more.

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Is it powered by electricity or batteries?

Neither. It’s a cape that suctions to the mirror in order to catch hair.

Where do i get more suction cups to hold it to the mirror?

In the event you lost or damage the suction cups parts, reach out to us directly so we can accommodate the replacement parts.

What clippers come with this product or do any come with it?

Clippers don’t come with this product. However, it does fold up into a pouch for easy storage and travel. My husband really likes this product. And i enjoy not cleaning up hair that gets everywhere.

Do the suction cups attach to tile?

As long as the tile is bigger than the suction cup.

Our bathroom’s only mirror is a tiny one on a medicine cabinet about maybe 16 inches. How well would it fit, even with the shelf?

It would still work but i promise you, it’s way more work using this thing than it is to just lay a towel over your sink and shake it out after the fact. Not worth your time with this product

My wife has a large beard. Will it work for her?


Does this work for hair cuts as well or just beards?

It doesn’t even work for beards. It’s just garbage.

Do you have other colors of it ? White one ?

Yes! We offer both white & black in two version – ‘deluxe’ and ‘lite’ – click here to find out more –

I lost the suction cups. Where can i order more ?


Why can’t i return the berard king bib?

Probably because it’s considered a personal care item.

Is this just one standard size or is there a separate one for big and tall?

One size. Doesn’t matter about big/tall

It says manufactures recommended age is 20-20 years ?

Any male who is of age to shave (and tall enough to reach a mirror effortlessly and stand can use this product) so i would say it is useful for ages 15-80 maybe)

Would it work for my grandpa who is a heavy drooler? How many cups of liquid can it hold?

Beard king made for clippings, not to hold liqid.
What you need are adult bibs. Hope this helps!

Is this a white elephant type of item? Like is this serious or a joke?

Not it’s a great gift for a guy.

Where overseas is this manufactured? China???

I don’t know but like most everything else it probably is.

I got one of these, and the velcro parts are both the same (male, i think) and so do not stick well. Is that normal?

I got the same but they stick well and do the job my son inlaw loves it

Beard King Beard Bib Apron for Men – the Original Cape As Seen on Shark Tank, Mens Hair Catcher for Shaving, Trimming – Grooming Accessories & Gifts for Dad or Husband – 1 Size Fits All, WHITE AMAZON Beard King Beard Bib Apron for Men – the Original Cape As Seen on Shark Tank, Mens Hair Catcher for Shaving, Trimming – Grooming Accessories & Gifts for Dad or Husband – 1 Size Fits All, WHITE : Beauty & Personal Care

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Works really well

Got this for my husband to use. Previously, his facial hair would get almost literally everywhere in the bathroom. Those things were liberated and enjoying their freedom by immigrating to the soap dish, various toothbrush heads, making their new homes in every accessory, appliance, and hygiene product in the bathroom. I found hairs inside of drawers, embedded in the toilet paper plies, under my finger and toe nails (how?) and stuck inside the bottoms of my feet. Needed tweezers for then, and ouch.
Now that he has this, it keeps the hair contained to just the bib and he can dump them out carefully in the garbage. No more tiny prickly hairs getting into my skin and driving me crazy! It’s very easy to use with straightforward instructions.

5Expert Score
So far so good!

It works, the cups stay on the mirror, and my fiance says the cleanup is way easier. No more tiny hairs all over! Well, sometimes, but that’s his fault, not the product. I got white so it would be easier to see if there is still hair on it after dumping, so he doesn’t put it away and get hair all over the inside of the cabinet!

5Expert Score
Great gift

I ordered this for hubs because he normally uses a towel. He grooms in between his barber appointments and this was the perfect tool for him. Makes a great holiday stocking stuffer or gift for the men in your life.

5Expert Score
Highly recommended, especially if you shave your head!

Excellent for anyone with facial hair and/or shaves their own head. Tilt your head forward, shave your head back to front, and hair falls on bib apron. Had this for a few months now, use it weekly, and still think it’s great. Great time saver. Basically no time spent cleaning up. Saw the negative reviews about the suction cups, but had no issues. Just make sure the surface area is clean and use the tab to remove the cups. Well worth the price.

5Expert Score
It was a gift to my husband. We’re so happy with this product

This product looks stylish and gets the job done. My bathroom sink doesn’t get as dirty as it used to. This item enables my husband to control a mess and eases my mind as i know when he goes to shave i don’t have to worry about a mess after 😉 lol!!

5Expert Score
No more mess

I gave this to my husband for christmas but let’s be honest it was actually a gift for me. I no longer have to clean up beard hair off the bathroom counter every week. 10/10 highly recommend. Just buy it and you won’t regret it!

5Expert Score
Hopefully keep whiskers away from drain

Purchased for gifts so i don’t really k own it our son has one and loves it hence the buying on my part lol

5Expert Score
Meets expectations

Meets expectations

5Expert Score
Worth a shot to avoid the headaches!

I am a 26 year-old college student that appreciates having a clean cut look. My beard may be invisible in pictures, but i need to maintain it from time to time to keep myself from looking like post malone. I’ve been trimming my beard for the past 2 years now and i have struggled to find a direct solution for how to handle the mess! The hair falls everywhere and eventually clogs up the drain. If i leave a couple of stragglers in the sink or on the floor, my girlfriend turns into a drill instructor and lets me hear it. First world problems i guess, am i right? Well while watching shark tank one night, i came across the beard bib. I got a gag gift vibe from the entrepreneurs’ sales pitch but the idea was simple enough and worth a shot so i jumped to amazon to order one. I’ve got to say, this has been an absolute game changer.

The prime delivery got to my house the next day and the beard bib immediately solved my problems. Everything functioned as was shown on the instructional videos. The materials all worked well. The bib itself is made from what looks like a smaller version of the barber shop cape. The velcro straps around the neck are very easy to adjust and even easier to don/take off. After shaving, you can easily wrap the bib up and get to a decent sized trash bin and watch the hair and all its glory make a safe exit to the trash. The suction cups are used to connect the bib to the mirror and keep the bib level with the user. They however are something that could be done a little bit better. If you fail to wet them before sticking them on your mirror, you will cause more of a mess than you previously thought was possible. Basically, all of the hair will fall into the sink…
I do not recommend this product if you have a small mirror to latch on to. Small being one that’s less than your average vanity mirror which is about 24 x 28 inches. You definitely need one that takes up a fair amount of wall space to keep hair from funneling out of the bib. I also do not recommend that you use this product with a razor. It’s only a successful experience if you use clippers. I feel like that is self explanatory. So, if you have a standard vanity mirror, an angry girlfriend, a set of clippers, and a beard that needs a trim, i highly recommend you purchase this product for the decent price of $14.99. There are many products out there with a similar name and price, but i haven’t given those a try yet. If you find one at a cheaper price and it looks similar to this bib, you could purchase that one instead.

5Expert Score
Boyfriend loves it

Velcro was sewed in backwards so my boyfriend uses it inside out. He absolutely loves it otherwise and uses it all the time!

4Expert Score
No more messes

Husband has been less messy shaving now, the suction came off the mirror a couples times though. Usually it stays for the most part

4Expert Score
Great product

Material is much sturdier than another similar product i’ve tried that tore easily. This one feels much better. Only downside is i wish the sheet was a bit wider, as a little bit of hair tends to slip past the cover. Other than that, it’s the best i’ve tried

4Expert Score
I use to use newspapers?

Catches and holds everything! Easy clean up. Bonus! You can detach and hang if disturbed and return without dropping a hair. It hangs on itself!

4Expert Score
Works as advertised, but…

The product does what it claims to do, which is a plus. My wife complains about the hair in the sink, even though i think i clean up well (apparently not well enough). I tried shaving over the trash, which was a hassle, so i decided to try this.

I recommend a color other than black for anyone with black hair. My biggest complaint about the product is that the ‘one size fits all’ velcro to fit your neck isn’t ‘one size fits all’. At best, it barely fits my neck, and when it toes, it’s too tight and chokes me. Because of that, it comes undone too often and i had to use a velcro extender to wear it comfortably. So for anyone with a muscular or fat neck, you may have trouble using it, because without it staying connected and around your neck, it’s useless. Your mileage my vary.

The suction cups are as reliable as any other suction cups. But this isn’t the problem i had with it. Also, folding it back after the first use is tedious and will never look like when you first opened it.

But it does do what it says it does, as long as it fits around your neck. I’ll continue using it, but at its current state, i cannot give it 5 stars.

4Expert Score
Good quality!

It has a good quality but it is not big enough and some beards would come out of the bib.

4Expert Score
Still very useful, but not perfect

It works as advertised, but i have two cons.
1. It could be a bit wider so that catches a few more of the strays
2. Hairs stick the actual bib so when you dump it to the trash there are still quite a few to clean off afterwards.

4Expert Score
More of a shelf than a bucket design

I really like the beard king apron, catches my beard trimmings as advertised. My only gripe is that the center of the apron doesn’t drop down near as much as in the listing pictures. It still does the job, but i have spilled beard trimmings off the side if i wasn’t careful.

4Expert Score
Husbands really likes it

Gifted to husband. He is very picky. Material is soft around neck. However husband said he would like a little more more coverage (width)

4Expert Score
Keeps the bathroom cleaner!

I love it, i just wish that the suction cups were a little different. On my last one, they had a lever that would make the suction to the glass work.

4Expert Score
Works well but not 100%

It could have been little wider as even after wearing bib it still spills hair ove r

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