Beast 30 oz Tumbler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee Ice Cup Double Wall Travel Flask (Matte Black)

Beast 30 oz Tumbler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee Ice Cup Double Wall Travel Flask (Matte Black) Beast 30 oz Tumbler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee Ice Cup Double Wall Travel Flask (Matte Black)

What are beast 30 oz tumbler stainless steel vacuum insulated coffee ice cup double wall travel flask matte black features?

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  • exclusive bonus bundle – offering unrivaled value for money: 2 unbreakable straws: 1 curved; great for water + 1 wider & straight; ideal for shakes & smoothies + a straw brush & our upgraded pop up lid for super easy cleaning! Presented in a beautiful gift box. With so many second-rate tumblers available on the market we wanted to set ourselves apart and be the best!
  • ❄ #1 insulation & temperature retention – over engineered and tested against leading brands. Our tumblers match performance all day long and with our splash proof closable lid you can keep your drinks insulated and protected for longer!
  • ☑ #1 premium quality – while other steel tumblers out there may use a cheaper 201 steel finish; we’ve cut no corners! Made only from the highest quality premium 304 18/8 food grade stainless steel.
  • #1 superior finishing inside & out – your tumbler will always feel smooth to the touch with a sweat-free design, and will keep its stylish colorful finish due to its long-lasting powder coating. No rust or scratches like painted exteriors. An electro-polished interior will ensure your cups remain pure, imparting no unwanted flavors, giving you a clean tasting drink every time!
  • lifetime guarantee & 100% satisfaction – enough of the cheap plastic & second rated tumblers on offer. We know you deserve the best and that’s why our products and service is second to none. All greens steel products come with a lifetime guarantee! 100% satisfaction or your money back. Order now and put us to the test! Don’t settle for any less.
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Beast 30 oz Tumbler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee Ice Cup Double Wall Travel Flask (Matte Black) AMAZON Beast 30 oz Tumbler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee Ice Cup Double Wall Travel Flask (Matte Black)

Looking for specific info?

Can the sliding mechanism on the (30oz) lid be disassembled for washing? My milky tea gets inside and is starting to get crusty/flaky…

I have the older version of the lid too.
It usually comes out clean if you put it through the dishwasher but needs a good shake afterwards.
You can also try holding it sideways under warm running water for a min and then vigorously shake it over the sink. Try the other side and repeat. Do this with the lid closed and opened.

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Just got mine in and i love it. I can tell i’ll need more straws so what size should i get? I like the wide straight one. What size is it?

I have a 40oz beast which i love. I use the metal extra long straws, however, the regular size metal straws can work.

Is there a way to keep the straw from rattling around? I use it in a quiet office and it so noisy.

You can get silicone bumpers that slide onto the straw on either side of the lid, to hold the straw in place and keep it quiet. Some products even come with tips as well as bumpers, in case you don’t care for the metal straw hitting your teeth. Amazon sells them. I have had zero rattling since i started using them, and i enjoy the tips, no burning your lips on a hot straw.

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Where are these made?

I was ready to purchase this item until your rude answer to someone who asked a simple question. Your customer service needs an overhaul. It’s your comment that has caused me to not buy from you, not where it is made although i would pay more if it was made in the states.

Can u use this cup without the straw

Yes. I drink coffee without straw. The straws are for convenience but not necessary.

Is the pink neon pink or mauve like the magnum cup i just ordered??? Please help

It is a hot pink!! I’m so in love with mine. Get the pink handle too!!

Can you use the lid with the straw

Yes – there is a hole in the lid for the straw.

When will the teal one be back in stock.

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. The aquamarine blue tumbler should be back in stock in around 3-4 days.have a great day, the greens steel family 🙂 have a great day,

Bpa free?

Yes ella – the tumbler and straw is 18/8 food grade steel so zero toxins and the lid is bpa free

How tall is this tumbler?

I have the 30oz and i’m not exactly sure how tall but it fits in every cup holder of car i’ve been in. Its the best cup i’ve ever owned. I’ve used tervis for years. And i love how cold this keeps my drinks. I can go to bed and wake up and my drunk is still ice cold and not water downed. Worth every cent.

Anyone drop it? I’m so worried i’ll drop and break it.

I drop mine more than i’d like to admit. I have several 30 & 40 oz versions. I’ve got a dent in the bottom, so when i set it down it rocks a tiny bit. I usually don’t notice it unless i remember to check it out. The product has not been compromised and it functions at 100%. By the way, my cups have survived all ‘hard’ drops – like cement and tile floors. This product has really held up! I think they’re the best. I live in sw florida and, for me, they even beat out tervis.

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How tall is this tumbler inch wise?

Hi there,

thanks for getting in touch with us. The length of the the 20oz tumbler is approximately 6.9 inches.

Please do feel free to get in touch with us directly anytime,

have a great day,
the greens steel family 🙂

How does the lifetime guarantee work?

Not sure …. Contact mfg. I guarantee you will love the product for both hot and cold!

Anyone who has a colored cup…how is the color/paint holding up? I don’t want to buy the pink one and then be disappointed if it starts to chip.

I have the the blue color bottle (30 oz) and i have not had any problems with chipping. I use it everyday to and from the office so it gets a bit of a shake up while driving and holds up to that as well. I would another without any hesitation or concern about chipping.

How do you clean the lid it doesn’t come apart

Hi there,
thanks for reaching out to us. The slider on the lid is actually detachable and can be taken off to make it easier to clean the lid. Using something blunt to take of the slider by pushing it from underneath will pop it off. It can then be pushed back on again.

Please feel free to get back to us directly if you have any further questions.

Have a great day,
the greens steel family 🙂

It say it comes with two straws. Is one straw straight per the picture? Are both straws stainless?

Yes they both are stainless one is straight and the others has a bend like the picture. It also comes with a straw cleaner

Has anyone tested their cup to see if it leaches lead unto their drink? I read a recent report that said yeti as the only one that didn’t leach lead.

As the other commentor pointed out and very well i might add, this is a stainless steel tumbler. So wondering what you may have read to make you worry i googled it and the only concern that came up was for ceramic mugs that may or may not leach lead when drinking hot liquids!

Can it be washed in the dishwasher?

It says in the description it is dishwasher safe.

Does the tumbler actually hold 40oz with the lid on?

Absolutely not! Not a true 40oz cup! Holds maybe 32oz with lid on w/o ice! Was disappointed when i got mine!

I have the 30 oz and love it but lost the lid how do i get a new one ?

Buy it!

Beast 30 oz Tumbler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee Ice Cup Double Wall Travel Flask (Matte Black) AMAZON Beast 30 oz Tumbler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee Ice Cup Double Wall Travel Flask (Matte Black)

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
It's really is a beast

I was skeptical about the sales pitch, but i wanted a large tumbler that would hold ice for a while and a good amount of liquid. Seen the beast was on sale, and i had a gift card since christmas, so i went for it. It is truly more than i expected for it holds ice for hours, has a good amount of liquid to drink and the lid is awesome. The tumbler can sit next to my chair while i watch tv and there is never any sweat and the outside feels room temperature, but i sometimes just must look and sure enough there is still a lot of ice. It’s a heck of a tumbler, i’m on amazon now to find a handle for it. I don’t really need it, i just want a handle, and i’ll grab an extra lid just because i tend to lose lids for one reason or another…. I really like this tumbler, my wife has 2 20 oz. Yeti’s she got from her work as promotional items. I had been using one of hers, but it didn’t hold enough liquid after i filled it with ice, so i was itching to get a larger yeti, but the cost was just too much. I saw the beast while scrolling on amazon so i thought i would try it. The tumbler and lid, 2 straws, and a brush to clean the straws came with. The beast is every bit what i would have expected from a yeti and i’m pretty darn happy i purchased the beast…. No fooling, i reallyu like my beast….

5Expert Score
Wait, what? You sure this isn’t a… ?

Let me just start by saying everyone in the house has a yeti. Can’t say my need for a mug has warranted a yeti, so i’ve always been happy with the promotional cups i’ve won (somebody’s logo is always in my hand). When the last of my ‘collection’ finally gave out, i was kinda stoked to get my own household yeti.

Let’s just say i couldn’t figure out why the box looked so very different. Lol to be honest, i thought “the beast” was one of the yeti collections, like their nordic and rambler lines, and this beast line was on sale. Upon further contemplation, i realized i failed to read the entire description. The beast was mixed in with my yeti product search. That is one thing i’ve always hated about amazon’s product search. But, anyhooooo… I got got. Or, did i?

Impressive cup!!! I’m gonna say, i was surprised to see totally unmelted ice after several hours; i mean it looked like i had just put them in the cup after like 4 hours, still a lot left after 6. It’s not a yeti; you’re the 1st to know i thought it was. There are differences, but not enough to be disappointed. While i still haven’t got my household yeti, the beast is as impressive, as capable and as durable; really.

5Expert Score
Love my cup!

I got this cup to use at work bc we got the fountains that you can refill your bottles/cups. It’s perfect! I usually get ice first thing in the morning and the ice is still there when i’m heading out the door in the evenings! It seems heavy but is very easy to hold. I have no issues with leaking and i use this cup daily! It unfortunately was dropped (on concrete) and still held strong with minimal damage. I will definitely purchase another one in the future.

5Expert Score
Fabulous green beast!

I decided to get serious about diet and exercise after returning from a cruise, and i was having some difficulty with drinking sufficient water. I bought two beast 30 oz cups … One for my fitness buddy … To help keep cold beverages handy and cold. My beast is neon green and came packaged in a drawstring bag along with two metal straws and a cleaning brush. I like the bent straw that makes sipping easy. I filled my beast with ice and water yesterday afternoon and this morning it still retains ice and water. The design makes it easy to stick in my car’s beverage holder. I am a real fan! And did i mention it was on sale when i bought it and that it arrived the next day? It’s one of my happiest amazon buys.

5Expert Score
Holds ice longer than a yeti

When i buy a new brand of insulated tumbler, i always do an ice test against my yeti, and guess what? The ice lasted quite a bit longer than my old yeti. I love this red color, and also purchased a black one for my husband. We just came back from glacier national park and i got some nice stickers for each cup to remind us of our trip and am so happy with this tumbler. Love the lid, doesn’t leak. Keeps ice a very long time. Love this tumbler, would buy again

5Expert Score
Love my beast!

I love everything about this tumbler. The beast has it all, leak proof, easy to drink and hold, and keeps your products hot or cold for 12+ hours depending what you fancy. I wish i would have bought this years ago. Green steel is an awesome company as well. After a year i had an issue with my lid’s rubber sealant and they just sent me another without question. I highly recommend this tumbler and this company.

5Expert Score
Fits my needs, easy to clean, reasonable price

Use this mug every day. I go to a coffee stop every morning and they charge a one time price for refills so i wanted a big mug. Coffee stays warm for about 5-6 hours. The top isn’t completely leak proof so be careful that you don’t fill to the top. Also because of the steam you have to let it vent a little bit. Easy to clean. The metal straws for ice coffee drinks are nice. Pretty nice design for being 40 oz. Fits in most car cup holders. (used it in about 4-5 different cars. For the price i paid and every day usage, would definitely buy again. Aldo love the army green color! My fav!

5Expert Score
Hits all the marks

Love that it is top rack dishwasher safe. Vibrant green color that can fit a standard cup of coffee, plus my ice and a protein shake all in one. Well insulated. I would not recommend for hot drinks. The lid rises off from the steam trying to escape.

5Expert Score
Keeps drinks steaming hot and ice cold

I use this mainly for my hot and ice coffee. Only complaint, i didn’t have a coffee stirrer once and had to turn the cup upside down to mix my coffee and the cup is definitely not made for that, my coffee spilled while shaking. Overall a very good cup although i wanted a yeti, just don’t turn it upside down!

5Expert Score
Stays cold

Got 40oz size to use for work. Fill it with ice and water at 6am. And as i drink the water i then refill it with room temperature water which is what is available at work. I usually refill it 4-5 times a day. The ice lasts all day at work . Nothing like ice cold water

4Expert Score
Very good travel mug. Does not leak at all l, as advertised, very happy overall.

Needed a travel mug that didn’t leak on my motorcycle rides. Was tired of cleaning coffee off my bike. Mug works pissa, easy to clean, could benefit from a detachable handle to make drinking a little easier. One minor complaint is the length of time beverages stay cold/hot. It’s certainly not terrible, might just be an unreasonable expectation. But overall very happy with the purchase, very well made.i would recommend it.

4Expert Score
Keeps your water cold!

Definitely keeps my water cold for hours. Ice was still ice after over 7 hours in the cup. Only bad thing was that there is no handle so kind of tough to carry when you have a lot of different things to carry and also did not fit in my mini coopers cup holder so i had to hold between my legs

4Expert Score
Need a different lid

The cup itself was as good as my yeti but they need to do something about the lid. It’s hard to open and close and when you drink from it your nose plugs the little vent hole so the liquid doesn’t come out fast enough

4Expert Score
No warranty support, but a great tumbler nonetheless

I’ve had my 30 oz. Tumbler for 3 years now. The rubber o ring started to wear out, so i reached out the greenssteel, and after a few emails, we agreed to a new lid, which would have been awesome! But they suddenly just went dark, and won’t respond to any correspondence. It’s been 3 weeks, so i’ve given up.

That being said, it’s a great tumbler, especially for cold beverages, not so much hot. I have ice still in it after all day in a parking lot in the midwestern summer. The optional handle is a must. It fits in my car’s cup holder perfectly.

Even knowing they don’t honor their warranty, i just bought a replacement!

4Expert Score
It's an ideal cup for any office and outdoor occasion.

Just that the body of the cup is not firm to hold onto.

4Expert Score
Nice cup! But right out of the box was dented.

Right out of the box the cup was dented. Still sits ok on flat surfaces so decided to keep it. More than likely this was due to shipping it in a bag instead of a box. Nice cup and fits in cup holders in car. Does keep cold drink cold.

4Expert Score
Large insulated cup

Love this large cup. Keeps ice over night. We have used it daily for two summers.
After a year, the rubber portion of the plastic top broke, so we removed it. It’s the part that seals the drink if you knock the cup over, so it is no longer leak proof.

4Expert Score
Not the best, but very good. Holds a lot.

I wanted something that held a lot of water for my bedside so i didn’t have to keep refilling bottles every night, and this fit the bill. With the handle, it’s reasonable to hold. Unlike some other reviews though, i don’t think it’s the best at keeping ice the longest. Half filling it with ice and chilled water, the ice wasn’t intact 24 hours later, though the water was still a little more chilled than room temp. So i do have to add ice more frequently than a couple of other brands i’ve tried. But again, it does hold a lot and with the handle, it’s handy. Still recommended.

4Expert Score
It's a wonderful cup i should have gotten it in a smaller size it's to big for me to hold.

It’s to big for my hands

4Expert Score
Love it but…..

I love my cup however the straws i received were closed/bent and can’t be used. Other than that nice quality

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