Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch – Grey Thick Fuzzy Warm Soft Blankets and Throws for Sofa, 50×60 Inches

Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch – Grey Thick Fuzzy Warm Soft Blankets and Throws for Sofa, 50×60 Inches

Buy Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch – Grey Thick Fuzzy Warm Soft Blankets and Throws for Sofa, 50×60 Inches: Bed Blankets – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are bedsure sherpa fleece throw blanket for couch – grey thick fuzzy warm soft blankets and throws for sofa features?

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  • Unique design philosophy: bedsure dual sided super soft blanket with fleece face and plush sherpa reverse offers you different senses of softness to improve your sleep with one side of smooth and fluffy to the other – bring you ultimate soft and warmth with 220 gsm fleece top and 260 gsm sherpa reverse blanket – bound together with decorative knit-trim edging for a superior appearance.
  • Fabulous blanket benefits: throw size sherpa blanket for couch measures by 50′ x 60′ is perfect for homeowners with sophisticated tastes in decoration home – the fabulous color enhances this blanket throw with an elegant and superior appearance to complement your room a chic feeling – shield a layer to protect your luxury bed and couch from dirt and stain to keep them fresh and clean.
  • Versatile usage scenarios: snuggling on your couch and bed with bedsure plush and warm sherpa fleece blankets to enjoy your family happy hours while watching favorite tv shows – perfect for indoor and outdoor use to provide consecutive warmth in chilly weather, especially for camping and picnic.
  • Premium microfiber selection:reversible sherpa fleece blanket crafts with greatest quality of 100% microfiber polyester fabric all layers for durable use – this comfy, cozy and ultra-plush warm sherpa blanket provides better fade & stain resistant than cotton blankets – unlike cotton has little elasticity to retain shape, microfiber blanket will not bunch with time.
  • What you can get: available in bedsure reversible sherpa fleece blanket throw size 50′ x 60′
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Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch – Grey Thick Fuzzy Warm Soft Blankets and Throws for Sofa, 50×60 Inches AMAZON

Buy Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch – Grey Thick Fuzzy Warm Soft Blankets and Throws for Sofa, 50×60 Inches: Bed Blankets – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Does it cause static?

I have this blanket since christmas 2020, i do experience static all the time. It has been washed and dried too. It doesn’t bother me or my dog. We love this blanket immensely! I wanna replace all my blankets with these.

Best gift ever! 10000%

Can i wash it in non-frontload washing machines? Meaning top load washing machine with agitator…

I washed mine in top load with agitator on the towel setting and dried it on heavy and it is just like before. Supper soft and warm.

Is the other side white or off white

It is off white

Is this made in china , i have always been disappointed in anything i bought from china ?

Hi, winery, this sherpa blanket is made in china. Thanks!

How do you dry this after washing?

Dry in the clothes dryer on low or even medium if your dryer doesn’t get too hot. We’ve had this blanket for over three years, and for the past year it’s been our dog’s favorite blanket when we watch tv. She seems to ‘dribble’ occasionally in her sleep, so i wash and dry it frequently. It holds up great! It’s probably been dried a couple dozen times by now, and it’s holding up fine.

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Is this red different from the flannel fleece luxury blanket red? The luxury blanket is similar to maroon. I’m looking for a brighter red.

I think it’s more red than maroon. Merry christmas red. I am 1000% in love with this blanket.

Since it is microfiber can you use a fabric softener when you dry it? Most microfiber products tell you not to use one in washer or dryer.

Hello, customer, don’t need to use a fabric softener when you dry it. Any question, contact us by .

Is this hig enough for a full size bed?

Easily. I use it on a full size bed.

Can it to in the dryer

I haven’t tried it yet, but i have had blankets like this, and they did just fine in the dryer. It just made the white side a bit less soft. The other side never lost its softness though.

Is the larger size big enough for a dorm size twin bed?

Dear customer, the larger size is 60*80, you can check your dorm bed first.normally, it can fit for a twin size bed. Any question, please contact us at

When will 90×90 be back in stock?

Dear customer
i’ve check the inventory status and it seem like under shipping, supposed to be available again about 2 weeks later, about 23rd and 24th jan.

What size fit a california king?

The 108 by 90 fits our california king well. It definitely doesn’t feel skimpy. We love it!

Is this 90 x 90 or 60 x 80? Both measurements are in the description for the queen size

Dear customer,
queen is 90’x90′ and twin is 60’x80′, they are different.
If you have any other problems, please don’t be any hesitant to ask us, thanks again!

Is the black one black on both side?

Hi, aadit, yes, this black sherpa blanket is black on both sides. Thanks!

Which is warmer? Shilucheng luxury fleece or lbr sherpa blankets?

Hi, sondra, the sherpa side of the sherpa blanket is warmer. Thanks!

Is this warm enough as a throw when i’m sitting without a space heater in winter?

This is absolutely warm enough! You do not need a space heater while using this throw. I have purchased 3 of these throws and plan to buy 3 or 4 more for more for my remaining family members! I highly recommend this.

Which measurement is the queen size?

I bought the queen size mistakenly. My bed is king size. However, the blanket covers the bed with about a 2-inch overhang. It is not a problem for us.

What is the net weight of the twin size blanket?

Hi, thanks for asking. The net weight of the twin size sherpa blanket is 1.66kg.

Queen size..sage green…when?!?!?!?!?!?

I don’t understand your question.

Is this blanket machine washable?

Yes, it doesn’t pile. Awesome blanket!!!

Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch – Grey Thick Fuzzy Warm Soft Blankets and Throws for Sofa, 50×60 Inches AMAZON

Buy Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch – Grey Thick Fuzzy Warm Soft Blankets and Throws for Sofa, 50×60 Inches: Bed Blankets – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
This blanket should come with a warning label!

*update 2:
three years later and i own two of these fleecy versions and four of the regular. My friend mentioned in this review gifted them to six people in her family for that same christmas. They all loved it. All of them have held their color perfectly and are as soft as always, even after three years of washing. And – as if by a miracle of christmas magic – they added christmas-y/wintry patterns. I have a snowflake printed, red fleece-lined one that i swear, i must’ve stolen from santa’s very own bed (good thing the elves can make him more, huh?).
You really should buy this blanket. Or buy six. Your call. But i vote for six.*

*almost a year later, and i am a blanket evangelist. I stand by everything i’ve said in this original review. It washes well, holds its softness and color and is just… The most amazing blanket ever. Not only that, but they’ve added new colors and i may need another one, since i gave one to our dog.*

this blanket. I don’t have words for the love that is this blanket. I thought about writing a love poem to it, but that seemed a bit much.

But it needs a warning. You will buy one. You will love it. You will discover it is the softest, warmest, coziest blanket that has ever been made. In the history of blankets, there’s never been a better one. No, really. Not if cozy and soft are your goals, anyway.

You will tell people about it. They will want one.

It started with my navy one, in the larger size. Then i knew my best friend who has an obsession with both blankets and the color purple (because duh, purple is awesome) would want one. So i ordered her one as an early christmas gift. She just finished telling me how she now needs at least three more for other places in the house. This was after she im’d me with omg i love my blanket.

I sent my mom a large red one for her birthday. My nephew, who is six, helped her unpack it. When he took it out he gushed about how soft it was and how he loved it. He told her, grandma i need to warm it up for you tonight. So she let him borrow it. I then ordered him a light blue one (as an early christmas gift, to keep him warm while he waits for santa), which is a good thing because the second night he told her, i’m just gonna borrow your blanket for one more night, okay grandma? And how could she say no to that? So he was delighted when the next day his own blanket arrived in his very favorite color. Although he did make a point of telling me he likes green, too. So a green one would be okay.

You will feel like you’re sleeping in santa’s bed with this thing. It belongs in the north pole. It makes me believe in santa and the magic of christmas, because really there is no other possible explanation for anything so cozy and soft and perfect. I want a red one. And a purple one.

Did i mention that all of this has transpired in under a month? And i’ve got two more friends who want one.

See? It should come with a warning label that says: caution… Everyone you know will want this blanket.

Buy this blanket. You know you want to. You know you want to feel enveloped in its cozy embrace. Trust me. Pick a color and buy it. Buy three. You’ll need at least three. Especially if there are other people or pets in your house likely to steal yours.

But whatever you do, stop looking for the perfect blanket. Because here it is. Right here. Waiting for you to love it and snuggle it. How can you refuse it’s fluffy softness? Do you have a cold, black heart? No? Then you have no choice. This blanket needs you. You need this blanket. It’s perfect. It will be one of the best relationships of your life.

Why are you still reading this? Go buy it now.

5Expert Score
No complaints

I had originally purchased a blanket but it was too thin, and with it being fall now, i needed something heavier to contain my warmth. My feet get very cold at night and the moment i draped this over myself, i felt myself get warmer. I sleep on a twin bed but still got the dark brown, king sized one. It’s very versatile. I use it for movie nights in the living room, camping, beach trips, and most importantly, my bed. And if its any help, i can say my cats loved this one too. The instant i placed it on my bed, both cats jumped up to investigate and settled down on it for a nap shortly after. 10/10 and for the price & quality, i’d recommend this to anyone. Also makes a great gift for any women in your life or a newly-wed couple.

5Expert Score
Gorgeous blankets that endure the “linus treatment” from our rough and tumble boys

I just received our third bedsure blanket. This review is for the blanket it is replacing. My older son is 11 and has had one since he was 4 1/2. I had decided that the sherpa was no longer soft enough, so i ordered him a new one, even though he said he didn’t want it, lol. He’s very attached to the old one.

This blanket goes with us everywhere, and has been through every conceivable trial that a blanket should have in the realm of normal wear and tear (and then some!). I can’t tell you how many times it has been washed over the last 6 1/2 years, and it has held up so well! The red is still very vibrant, it’s a beautiful shade. I also have a royal/navy blue one for my younger son, we have had no problems with rips, open seams, strings, snags, or anything.

Definitely worth every penny, and then some!

5Expert Score
No complaints so far!

We bought three of these blankets; one for the master bed and two for kids’ bedrooms. All three are great! They’re extremely soft and heavy enough that you feel cozy as soon as you’re under it. Both kids love them. The colors are very vibrant and match the pictures. We got emerald green, purple and orange and they’re all rich colors. We also purchased three different sizes, and all three were as expected. These were unexpected nice for the price.
I have not washed them yet (it just got cold here). If they don’t wash well, i’ll update the review to reflect that.

5Expert Score
Snuggly and fluffy

Soft and warm. Our cinderblock house is 50 yrs old, sitting on a concrete slab. The first floor is constantly 12 degrees cooler than the second floor. To turn up the heat to be comfortable on the 1st floor makes it 24 degrees warmer upstairs, plus costs a fortune. This blankie is great for freezing feet or full-on burrito wrapping.

5Expert Score
Love this blanket

I have ordered 3 in the last month or so…one for my father in a nursing home and he loved it, however i ordered the smaller size (like a throw) which was great but, he needed bigger so ordered the next size up and perfect! Just ordered a beautiful white one also for a friend! Love!!! Great price and great blanket!

5Expert Score
Buy it! If you are questioning it trust me buy ittt!

I was searching for weeks, tried few blanket off amazon with really good review…but this blanket with the price point was amazing, this was defiantly the best one. It is sooo soft and warm, it makes me want to lay around my bed all day… On top of everything my cats lovesss it .

5Expert Score
Recommending to everyone

Everyone i know has heard about this blanket. I bring it with me when i travel, i keep it in my lap while i work, my daughter even uses it from time to time. The biggest problem is having to share it. Definitely buy two if you have another blanket lover in your home.

5Expert Score
Extremely soft

Is product is very soft and warm on them cold nights in bed love it and not very light weight and not to heavy not for a hot day use but get for then cold days

5Expert Score
So warm

This blanket really is not thick, which i didn’t expect it to be based on close examination of the images before purchasing. But it is so warm! I don’t know how something which looks and even feels a bit thin can be so warm. Awesome buy and now my son wants one too and i’m always rescuing it from the cats ha! Highly recommend.

4Expert Score
Soft and light but not all that warm

This throw is delightfully soft however, it is on the thin side and not that warm.

Having said that, whether it works for you depends on how you plan on using it. My husband gets very warm at night even though we have the window open to a greater or lesser degree most of the year. I use this throw to add an extra layer to my side of the bed which works like a charm. So far anyway (it is only september and the temperature in only in the fifties at night). I think i will enjoy using it when we watch television in the evenings – for the softness and a little additional warmth.

4Expert Score
So warm and soft

My husband wanted a bigger couch blanket since our dog is always wanting to sit with us and this blanket is the perfect size to share.

4Expert Score
Has some drawbacks

Let me start with the pros: it is very soft, has not pilled, kept its colour and not too warm.

But here’s the con: it is dual layered – (in my case) the blue layer and the sherpa layer. The blue layer has shrunk and the sherpa, not.
It does not bother me in as much i can put the extra bit on the end i tuck under, but…
If it continues you to shrink, i will be left with a whole lotta sherpa and a postage stamp of blue; not what i want.

I guess we’ll see…..

4Expert Score
Thinner than expected

Overall, a nice blanket, but as others have said, it is much thinner than it looks like in the picture. Size is nice as is the color.

4Expert Score
Not sure

Returned it.

4Expert Score
Soft and pretty

I love the blanket, it’s soft and cozy and love the color

4Expert Score
Feels nice not overly thick

Color is beautiful. Will be nice as a second layer in the winter

4Expert Score
Light weight but cozy

Light weight and comfy. Chose instead of our normal comforter bc it can fit in washer at home.

4Expert Score
That you can return if not to your liking.


4Expert Score

Worth every penny

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