BEEKEEPER’S NATURALS Propolis Throat Spray – 95% Bee Propolis Extract – Natural Immune Support & Sore Throat Relief – Antioxidants, Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free (1.06 oz)

BEEKEEPER’S NATURALS Propolis Throat Spray – 95% Bee Propolis Extract – Natural Immune Support & Sore Throat Relief – Antioxidants, Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free (1.06 oz)

Buy BEEKEEPER’S NATURALS Propolis Throat Spray – 95% Bee Propolis Extract – Natural Immune Support & Sore Throat Relief – Antioxidants, Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free (1.06 oz) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are beekeeper’s naturals propolis throat spray – 95% bee propolis extract – natural immune support & sore throat relief – antioxidants features?

  • Your bodyguard in a bottle: propolis throat spray is the powerful, natural immune support you’ve been searching for. Bee propolis is nature’s ultimate protector and the hive’s immune system. It has been used for centuries for immune support, sore throats and combating various ailments.
  • Immune support: naturally rich in antioxidants and over 300 beneficial compounds. This is a natural product that is painstakingly tested for quality & potency. No refined sugars, artificial ingredients, or additives.
  • Only 3 ingredients: high-grade bee propolis extract, non-gmo vegetable glycerin, and purified water. Our propolis is paleo friendly, gluten free, and natural. Contains no: artificial preservatives, colors, refined sugar, gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, soy, dairy, egg. People allergic to bees or bee products may experience allergic reactions. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women
  • Benefits: immune support, scratchy throat relief, natural remedy, alcohol-free, no refined sugars, certified keto, sustainably sourced, certified paleo by the paleo foundation in 2019, third party lab tested to ensure our products never contain pesticide residue or nasty chemicals.
  • The source: beekeeper’s naturals inc. Propolis comes from remote apiaries in the mountainous regions of canada and is among the purest and most sustainably-sourced on earth.
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Beekeeper’s naturals propolis throat spray – 95% bee propolis extract – natural immune support & sore throat relief – antioxidants details:

Is discontinued by manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product dimensions ‏ : ‎

1 x 1 x 3.9 inches; 1.06 ounces

Item model number ‏ : ‎

Propolis throat spray

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Beekeeper’s naturals inc.

BEEKEEPER’S NATURALS Propolis Throat Spray – 95% Bee Propolis Extract – Natural Immune Support & Sore Throat Relief – Antioxidants, Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free (1.06 oz) AMAZON

Buy BEEKEEPER’S NATURALS Propolis Throat Spray – 95% Bee Propolis Extract – Natural Immune Support & Sore Throat Relief – Antioxidants, Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free (1.06 oz) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

What’s the difference between the original version and the ‘kids’?

Hi there,
thank you for reaching out and your interest in our propolis sprays. We love both our bee propolis throat spray and our propolis throat spray for kids!

Both our bee propolis spray (original) and our propolis throat spray for kids contain bee propolis, non-gmo vegetable glycerin, and purified water. The key difference between the two is that our kids propolis spray also contains buckwheat honey. Buckwheat honey is great for kids because it is full of antioxidants (one of the highest antioxidant counts of any honey) and it helps to sweeten-up the spray so kids will enjoy the taste just a little bit more! There is also an awesome study confirming the soothing abilities of buckwheat honey making it an ideal natural solution for little ones and earning a prime spot in our kids formula.

The kids propolis spray also contains slightly less bee propolis (77.5mg per 4 sprays vs. 85mg per 4 sprays in the adult propolis) and in canada, we received a certification from health canada (granted after thorough review) for kids 2-12 years.

Please let us know if we can be of further help and thanks for your support.

– carly
founder, beekeeper’s naturals

Why is the spray tasted sweet? I thought propolis resin doesn’t taste sweet, only the honey does. Are there really only 3 ingredients in this spray?

Bees make propolis from their saliva, beeswax (which is made partially from honey) and other natural items like tree sap. Everything they make tastes slightly like honey. Ever burned pure beeswax candles? Smells exactly like warm honey.

Could this be used in a dog

I use this on my dog, no problem! In fact, i bought this for my dog and her coughing from her collapsing trachea. She likes the taste!

What’s the expiration date?

Hi there. Thank you for your interest in our bee propolis spray! The expiry date is 3 years from the date of propolis extraction but once you try it and experience the benefits, we highly doubt it will last that long 🙂

Is it tsa approved?

Tsa??? Do you mean the transportation security administration or something else?

Does this spray help with snoring?

Hi grannyjs,

thank you or reaching out. Our bee propolis throat spray is our hive’s most powerful immune defender and scratchy throat soother!

When it comes to snoring that was not something we were thinking about when we developed this awesome product and are unsure whether it would help. If you decide to try it please let us know 🙂

we do have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and if you aren’t fully satisfied with any purchase we are happy to provide you with a full refund.

If there is anything we can further assist you with, please let us know.

Thanks for choosing beekeeper’s naturals!
– carly

Is the packing of this product changed recently? The one i just bought this month looks different and also tastes differently from the ones before.

Hi joey,

thank you for your question and for being a longtime customer!

Yes – we recently upgraded our label on the packaging. We may make some additional changes to the label over the next year as we work to get it perfect! We hope you like it.

Regarding the taste – we always use the same natural formula in our propolis spray (95% hand harvested bee propolis extract, non gmo vegetable glycerine and purified water). We also harvest our propolis from different locations at different times of year to ensure a consistent supply and work with a network of small scale beekeepers in different locations. There can be slight variations in taste from one batch based on the plants in bloom at the time of harvest. As this is a completely natural product coming from plant sources, the taste will vary slightly based on the location of the apiary and which tree and plant resins it is harvested from by the bees. Typically each batch of propolis will last us a few months so if you prefer one over another, we recommend stocking up before it runs out. We are committed to all natural, high quality products and with our commitment to sustainability, working with different bees and exposing ourselves to different plant life helps us to support our cause and ensure our customers are getting truly natural, wild-crafted products.

Thanks for your support and please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help. Happy holidays to you and your family!

– the beekeeper’s naturals team

How does propolis help a sore throat? What’s the mechanism please

Hi! I am not a scientist but my layperson understanding is that is is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing. All good properties to treat a sore throat. It won’t cure it, but is soothing.

What is the age range for kids?

This one says to keep out of the reach of children and to be aware of anyone who may be allergic to bees or their products. There may be a product that is made specifically for children?

Is the propolis extracted in glycerin or is the glycerin added to the extract? What was used to extract the propolis? (it matters for strength)

Hi there,

thank you for your question. Our propolis is extracted with alcohol to ensure the most potent propolis extract and maximize its beneficial properties. The alcohol is then completely removed through a complex process.

Please let us know if you have any other questions and we’re excited for you to try our high potency propolis spray!

– team beekeeper’s naturals

How often can i spray?

Too much in a day can cause diarrhea. Própolis is an antiseptic and in large volume will affect intestinal flora.

Is the extraction process ethical and safe for the bees?

Thank you for reaching out, and for your interest in our propolis throat spray! Sheets with holes in them are placed inside at the top of the hive on top of the frames. The bees like to fill all holes in the hive so they will fill all of the little slits in this added sheet which is then removed from the hive. In this way, no propolis is taken from the other parts of the hive and is just collected from this additional sheet that has been added. Therefore, it is a sustainable and safe practice. Please let us know if we can answer any other questions for you!

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Does this need to be stored in the fridge?

Our propolis spray does not need to be refrigerated as the antibacterial properties of the bee propolis act as a preservative and protect the product from any spoilage.

The straw/ spray piece isn’t long enough — there is about half left in the bottle but no more can come out. Manufacturing defect? Or like this for all

Thank you for reaching out and we’re sorry to hear about the issue with the sprayer in our propolis throat spray! This certainly sounds like a rare manufacturing defect manufacturing defect as the sprayer straw should be long enough to use all of the contents included in the bottle.

We always guarantee our customer’s satisfaction so if you’d like a new bottle, we are of course happy to send one your way (and then you can use the new sprayer in the old bottle as well!).

Please reach reach out to us with your order number and we’ll be happy to send a replacement bottle your way.

We apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate your support in making our beekeeper’s community better for all of our members! If we can further assist in any way, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for choosing beekeeper’s naturals!
– carly

Do you make a bigger size bottle?

50 gallon size

How many mg of flavonoids per serving?

I have no idea!! Where do you come up with these questions?? And why is this important??

What is the instruction on this product?

Spray in throat don’t swallow for like a minute then you can digest the spray. It gives it a chance to work on the affected area.

Is it ok for kids?

Hi there. Thanks for your question! Our bee propolis spray is recommended for children 2 and up. You should always check with your health professional prior to use of our bee propolis spray to ensure there are no allergy issues.

Es para niño

No el espray lo nesecito para usarlo con las mismas avejas yo tengo avejas al cuidado y me sirve para atraer mas avejas nuevas

How many sprays in one little bottle? How long does it last with typical daily use?

Hi there!

Thank you so much for your question.

There are about 240 sprays in each bottle and will last depending on how often you use it. For example. If you spray 4 sprays twice a day, the bottle should last you about a month!

If you have any further questions, please reach out at any time! Bee well!

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BEEKEEPER’S NATURALS Propolis Throat Spray – 95% Bee Propolis Extract – Natural Immune Support & Sore Throat Relief – Antioxidants, Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free (1.06 oz) AMAZON

Buy BEEKEEPER’S NATURALS Propolis Throat Spray – 95% Bee Propolis Extract – Natural Immune Support & Sore Throat Relief – Antioxidants, Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free (1.06 oz) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Hard to access

The only negative is it takes forever to prime the sprayer. Once…after minutes and minutes of pumping, this throat spray is wonderful, soothing and truly helped ease and cute my laryngitis. The bottle fits nicely in my purse. Will order it again.

5Expert Score
Great throat & immune spray

I use this daily for a nice throat coat and immune helper. The taste is a cinnamon honey flavor and strong but not bad. This helps when you have a sore throat and is good to use right when you feel it scratchy. Also great for dry throat if you do a lot of talking. It’s pricey, in my opinion, but worth it.

5Expert Score
Works and tastes good

I love using this product. I usually spray twice a day or when i feel a sore throat. It helps soothes the throat and it tastes good compared to other products on the market. Would definitely recommend using. Hope this helps!

5Expert Score
Great product for sore throats!

I purchased beekeeper’s naturals propolis throat spray this week to help me with a reoccurring sore throat. I have to say that i usually suffer from sore throats in august and the fall because of changes in the weather; lozenges do not usually work for me. This throat spray really helps take the sting away (no pun intended). So far, after each use, my sore throat stops within minutes. Even more, i don’t mind the taste, and it sounds like this product is good for boosting your immune system, too. I’m so glad i tried this product; i will be purchasing more for my son and me, especially now that school is back in session and cold season is right around the corner.

5Expert Score
It works!!

Solved my allergies. Its works. Might as well give it a try, its only $15. I have only used it a few times because… It works. No more allergies!

5Expert Score
It works!

It make me feel better fast. My sore throat went away and the feelings of an oncoming cold went away and never came back. I was sure i would be sick for about a week. But no. It was gone.

5Expert Score
It works

Travel on a plane a ton and anytime i get a weird feeling or scratching throat, i spray this and it’s gone.

5Expert Score
Worth it

I fully expected this to be some gimmick, but as someone who deals with sinus congestion and “funny throat” almost nightly, i was willing to give it a shot. Wow, definitely makes my throat feel healthier (i still don’t know what that means, lol) and my sinuses seem to chill out as well.

It’s got a definite honey/sweetness but pleasant. Definitely recommend it if you’re tired of using a bunch of other medicines and want something more natural!

5Expert Score
Very soothing

I get allergies and my throat will get sore. This really seems to sooth it

5Expert Score
That it work

I love how quick the cough stop after two puff

4Expert Score
Actually works

I had a chronic sore throat due to eye drops i was taking for glaucoma. This product worked within 3 days. My sore throat was gone. I also keep it handy for the dry cough on the side effects from the eye drops. I was using singer organic throat spray that did not work. I had to switch out the plastic bottle to the glass singer bottle because the pump did not work in the bees spray. If they switched out to a glass bottle with a pump that worked i would be so happy. The delivery system in the bees spray doesn’t really do the trick. It’s a shame because it’s a really good product.

4Expert Score
Provides some relief

I got pretty sick for a few months early this year, and my throat has yet to fully recover. It gets irritated easily, causing pain and coughing. This spray doesn’t provide relief to the extent that i was hoping it would, but it still helps to keep away the pain and coughing more than if i wasn’t using it and is better than taking cough drops several times a day.

4Expert Score
It's effective

Whenever i feel like i’m going to get sick, i will use this, and i don’t know, for some reason i will feel better. I’m using this for my kids as well.

4Expert Score
I think it works

We like to use this regularly when one member of the household is getting sick and i do think it works. However, the pump mechanism constantly gets stuck and this last bottle’s pump completely broke- when the bottle was practically full. Now i have to use a syringe to dose it out which is less than convenient.

4Expert Score
Sprayer needs work

The flavor is very nice and soothing…the sprayer…well, it needs help as it sprays down the side of the bottle instead of into the mouth. This is my second bottle; the first one sprayed wonderfully but this one has issues. I wish there was a return or refund available for defective sprayer bottles.

4Expert Score
Taste is strong – waiting to see throat pain results

Just received the product and am hopeful it helps with sore throat – the taste is strong though and hard to describe (earthy/herby maybe with a touch of sweetness) – seems to numb the throat a bit after first use but have to get over the taste.

4Expert Score
Spray nozzle needs fixing…but please read edit

Flavor is nice, product seems fine but it’s nearly impossible to spray into your mouth 4 times (as directed) because after the first spray the nozzle gets stuck. Very frustrating – would not purchase again because of this.

Edit to add: what a great company- they reached out regarding my review and are sending a replacement product. Now that’s how you do business!!! Great communication and very professional. Tacked on another star (now 4/5).

4Expert Score
Love it but sprayer jams

I absolutely love this product and have it on subscribe and save. However the sprayer always jams! It is so frustrating and i’ve tried many different ways to try to fix it to no avail. I have probably 3 or 4 half used bottles of this laying around my house where i used them until the sprayer stopped working. It’s not a cheap product either which adds to the frustration. Beekeepers please make a solution to this!

4Expert Score
Like the product….hate the delivery system.

I like the product…hate the sprayer.
It sticks after the first few times you use it.
You’re supposed to spray 4x to dose & every time you push down to spray, it sticks, and you have to manually grab it & pull it up, each time you spray….& it becomes harder & harder to push it down each time, too, not just to pull it up. And pulling it up once it’s stuck is not easy either. I’ve had to use my teeth a few times & a couple of those times, it didn’t work, had to get a gripper thing. But i like the product, just not the sprayer/“doser.”
update: beekeepers contacted me thru amazon & refunded me my purchase amount thru amazon. That speaks very highly of them, especially since i made no such request & they made good on their own. But now, beekeepers, can the sprayer problem be fixed? Cuz i really wanna keep using the product but it is a pain pulling it up every time cuz it sticks, & it gets more difficult to push down each time, too, cuz it sticks.
(it’s the nature of the product, i know…
Honey is sticky. Maybe you can add some high quality olive oil?
still will order it, but i’d use it more if the delivery issue can be eradicated

4Expert Score
A bit much but then ok

First tried during a sore throat and it was kind of alarmingly stingy. On a healed throat it is still a little spikey, and seems like it even sprayed too much and felt like post-nasal unpleasantness. Went away after a few minutes. The flavor is not unpleasant at all. Willing to continue using/trying it out.

Important information

Safety Information

Keep out of reach of children. Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 1 month. People allergic to bees, bee products, popular tree products, or balsam of Peru may experience allergic reactions. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. As with all dietary supplements, consult your healthcare professional before use. Do not use product if safety seal is broken. Store in a cool, dry place to preserve freshness.


Bee Propolis Resin, Non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water. Does NOT Contain: Alcohol, Gluten, Dairy, Artificial Preservatives, Colors, Artificial Sweeteners, Yeast, Wheat, Corn, or Soya


As a dietary supplement. Shake well before use. Spray (4 sprays- 0.5ml) in mouth as needed.

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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