Bemis 1500EC 390 Toilet Seat with Easy Clean & Change Hinges, Elongated, Durable Enameled Wood, Cotton White

Bemis 1500EC 390 Toilet Seat with Easy Clean & Change Hinges, Elongated, Durable Enameled Wood, Cotton White

Bemis 1500EC 390 Toilet Seat with Easy Clean & Change Hinges, Elongated, Durable Enameled Wood, Cotton White – –
Bemis 1500EC 390 Toilet Seat with Easy Clean & Change Hinges: Product description this bemis elongated closed front toilet seat with cover is made from molded-wood construction with a superior high gloss finish that resists chipping and scratching to provide enduring use. The seat features two color-matched bumpers, color-matched easy clean & change hinges with noncorrosive bolts and wing nuts. Note: colors on a website or printed from a website can vary drastically from the actual color of the toilet seat due to monitor and printer settings. The colors on this page are for approximate visual use and should not be used to match colors exactly to a toilet bowl. From the manufacturer about bemis – bemis toilet seats bring quality, innovation and style to residential and commercial properties worldwide. Bemis toilet seats provide a wide variety of designs to easily integrate into any bathroom. The needs of residential and commercial customers are at the forefront of design with unmatched features and benefits that make everyday lives easier. Bemis manufacturing company is the world’s largest manufacturer of toilet seats. Founded in 1901, and in the fourth generation of family ownership, bemis has grown from a maker of furniture and wooden wagons to an international enterprise with manufacturing and warehousing facilities worldwide. In addition to manufacturing toilet seats, bemis is one of north america’s top non-automotive producers of contract plastic injection-molded components. With a continued commitment to the worldwide community, bemis manufacturing company strives to set the standard for ecological responsibility, conservation and preservation.

What are bemis 1500ec 390 toilet seat with easy clean & change hinges features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Quickly and easily removes: for cleaning or replacement
  • Hinges: plastic twist to unlock and lock
  • Hardware: non-corrosive bolts and wing nuts
  • Resists chipping and scratching: durable enameled wood seat provides a superior high-gloss finish
  • Use: recommended for residential use
  • Fits all elongated toilets: including kohler, american standard, toto and many more
  • Proudly made in the usa: with earth friendly materials and processes

Bemis 1500EC 390 Toilet Seat with Easy Clean & Change Hinges, Elongated, Durable Enameled Wood, Cotton White AMAZON

Bemis 1500EC 390 Toilet Seat with Easy Clean & Change Hinges, Elongated, Durable Enameled Wood, Cotton White – –

Looking for specific info?

How to i install the seat?

No instructions—written or visual. I have installed many toilet seats in my 68 years, but this is not like any other. Directions for dummies 101: in the plastic bag are two grey bolts and two black wing nuts. The toilet seat cover has the hinges attached. I popped the hinge caps off with a screw driver. Set aside. After removing the old set, put the two grey bolts through the holes in the toilet from the top. Underneath place the black wing nut on the bolt. I could not just screw the wing nut onto the bolt as the nut has a protruding piece which hit my toilet. So i held the wing nut in place keeping the protruding piece flush with the toilet and screwed the bolt with the screwdriver from the top of the bolt so it was snug—not too tight as with any plastic tightening too much will cause the plastic to break. With the hinge caps still off, set the cover over the top of the bolts. It should fit nicely. Place the hinge caps over and rotate to the locked position. It took no force to accomplish this part. Really simple and easy once you figure it out. Instructions would have been helpful.

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Will this fit a 16.6′ x 14′ round toilet?

It fits the 14′ wide but may be shy on the 16.6′ , unless your measurement is from the screw holes to the front of the toilet. Then it would be fine. My toilet is standard round, like most are unless you have a more commercial style one to fit it on.

How large is the ‘hole’?? I presumed they are all standard, but the one i have now is smaller that before..

Seat is 14 1/4 by 15 1/2. Hole is 8 1/4 by 10 1/4. Overall length fr the hinge holes to the front is 17′. Hope i didn’t give you more than you ask for.

Will this toilet seat stop the spread of the butt plague?

No….it does not even slow the spread. Once infected, there is not much one can do to counter the plague…best to just mask up, glove to elbows deep, and wrench that sum-bitch off the throne and toss it into the rubbish….best of luck

What are the dimensions of the seat?

15′ length (from front to back not including the tabs) and 14′ width.

What’s the difference between white and cotton white? I’m not sure which i need.

I purchased the cotton white. I have not seen the ‘white’ but the cotton white isn’t a pure white, just off a shade or two. It’s still white just not as striking as pure white. Hope this helps

Is the *bottom* of the seat flat? I have to add custom bumpers so it needs to be flat.

You can add additional bumpers as the bottom is flat

How thick is this seat?

This is a difficult question to answer because of the interpretation of the question. With the seat and the cover closed the unit is just about 2 inches thick – that is to say the top of the cover is about 2 inches off of the porcelain of the toilet. However, if you do not include the cover the seat measures about 1 & 1/2 inches off of the toilet porcelain. Then of course please consider that the actual seat has protective bumpers on the bottom to cushion the seat from the toilet porcelain. Those bumpers are about a 1/4 of an inch think. Hope this helps.

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Is the seat flat or does it slope inwards?

Slopes inward. Here’s a link to bemis

Is the seat padded with a wood insert or is it hard wood only?

I don’t believe there is any padding involved. The entire structure seems to be molded wood (i.e., hard surface) with a painted exterior.

Has anyone purchased the fawn beige? I’m wondering how true to color the screen image is.

The color for not only the fawn beige but all of bemis’s colors are so far off it’s not funny. I just received the fawn beige after returning the biscuit/linen and bone, both of which are so not the colors pictured. The fawn beige is much lighter than pictured with almost a reddish hue to it which makes for a weird color. I’m returning. All i initially wanted was the color tan which no one seems to make anymore.

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Description says ‘molded wood”… Is this seat then heavy, compared to an all ‘plastic’, which i now have?

No its not heavy at all it reminds me of a slippery plastic, easy to keep clean

Is the color durable, i.e. Does it fade/rub off?

It appears to be very durable. I have replaced all of bathrooms with this seat. They are bleached weekly and do not show any sign of fading/rubbing off. This is a very high quality product and the removable feature for cleaning is amazing…at least for this clean freak. I’ve been incredibly happy with this purchase.

What cleaning products have you successfully used on this without altering the surface?

I used awesome and it started fading and discolored like i sprayed bleach on it. 🙁 learned the hard way. Using just a mild soap doesn’t seem to meet my cleaning standards. How do you sanitize it?

I have a bidet add on.. I accidentally put the screws into the seat already and now cant get them to tighten. Any suggestions?

You can watch the tutorial that others have made. It’s very helpful.

There were no directions on how to install the toilet seat. Is there a video or something?

Remove the old toilet seat. Install new seat using two new plastic bolts and plastic wing nuts provided. No further videos or instructions needed just apply common sense.

Would the seat leave room for a 1/2 inch under the seat bidet system like – luxe-mb110-non-electric-mechanical-attachment?

The bumpers on the bottom of the seat are approximately 1/4′ thick.

What is the length of bolts? Since we have bidet, i need bolts that are at least 3 inch in length.

Hello k. Gill, thank you for submitting the question. The bolts for that seat are 2 inches long. We do have longer bolts that we could provide per request. However please know that we do not recommend this model for the bidet attachments. The attachments can raise back and cause stress on the wood causing cracking on some occasions. We would recommend plastic seats. They are more flexible. I would recommend mayfair model 180slow, we have longer (3′) bolts for that seat.
Please contact us regarding longer bolts at
bemis manufacturing customer service

What’s the difference between the plastic and wood, both are same in price, but which is better?

Same price=same quality? Maybe? Whichever style you’d prefer ‘wood’ be better for you

Does this fit a jacuzzi toilet

Hello linda. Thank you for your inquiry. The bemis family of toilet seats – including bemis, mayfair and church – is available in round or elongated models that fit most manufacturers’ bowls. Round seats measure 16.5” and elongated seats measure 18.5” when measure from the center of the mounting holes to the front of the bowl. The standard bolt spread is 5.5′. As long as your bowl’s measurements match, this seat should fit. If you have further questions on fit/size or compatibility, contact our customer service at 1-888-722-6488.

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Bemis 1500EC 390 Toilet Seat with Easy Clean & Change Hinges, Elongated, Durable Enameled Wood, Cotton White AMAZON

Bemis 1500EC 390 Toilet Seat with Easy Clean & Change Hinges, Elongated, Durable Enameled Wood, Cotton White – –

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
It is, undoubtedly… A toilet seat. One without instructions.

It’s a nice seat. My husband and i were forced to replace our bidet attachment and i figured it had been the previous plastic seat (which still looked nice and functioned fine) was the cause of our misfortune with our broken bidet. We think it slid or shifted and caused a crack in the bidet, which attaches to the toilet under the seat. I wanted something sturdy, that looked nice, that wasn’t too expensive. This seat is all that. It’s good and heavy, but it did not come with instructions. Which you wouldn’t think that’d be an issue, because to quote me last night: ‘baby, it’s just a freaking toilet seat!’ right? I guess i’d never seen one that the bolts snap into. The bolts are plastic and you do not need to have the seat on the toilet when you screw them down. Which my husband figured out before i did because the seat itself was kind of in the way. So we mounted the bidet, used the bolts to secure it and snapped the seat down onto the bolts. Not quite easy peasy, everyone hates changing a toilet seat, but i think it was as easy as it could be. All the box lacked was a diagram showing the user the bolts go down first, then the seat. So it’s a good sturdy feeling seat. I haven’t felt it shift at all and i feel like it protects the bidet unit better than our old one.

You might think i’m dumb having not noticed how the bolts worked, but when my husband finished with the bidet, it was leaking everywhere… I fixed it. Might not recognize a snapping toilet seat when i see it, but i know now to teflon tape and properly cross-thread a pipe.

5Expert Score

The mounting system is great. Read other reviews for instructions. Follow those & pay attention to doing the things all the way. Just like a door: if you don’t latch it, it will swing.

I’ve found it certainly doesn’t stain easily. It is capable of getting dirty, and should be cleaned regularly; it will easily go back to white. I don’t think i should have to further explain that toilet seats should be cleaned.

It is also sturdy. The heaviest person in my house weighs about 220 lbs, and we’ve had zero durability concerns. I’m not sure about heavier people because i’m not keen on the idea of asking the big neighbor down the street to take my toilet seat for a test run. That just seems too weird for the neighborly relationship.

Last, it comes in a box that is absolutely perfect for reuse in gag gifting! It looks like something classy while wrapped, then turns hard south when the paper comes off.

5Expert Score
Awesome seat

Do not pay attention to the bad reviews! Those are folks that know nothing about installing a toilet seat! This is quality made and it’s so easy to install my 3 year old niece could do it! I love the lock/unlock feature of this, it’s going to make cleaning up after these boys that can’t aim a breeze! The round seat fit my round bowl perfectly, just install the pins, pop the caps on and use some strong hands to turn into the lock position, viola, your done! Took me literally 4 minutes to install. I will be buying another for second bathroom! Great purchase for me!

5Expert Score
Great seat!

I debated on buying this seat because it was under $20.00. I did the reviews on this one and a $40.00 one and they were honestly the same so i went with the cheaper one. So glad i did! Very easy install, the seat sits very tight and securely. The part i love most is that it comes off to clean very easily. Buy this seat if you need one!

5Expert Score
Easy and solid

I’ve always liked the solid enameled lids that are substantial instead of the thin plastic cheesy seat feeling and these are excellent for removing for cleaning the only thing is after about three or four years the finish starts to wear and a lot of cleaners more powerful cleaners tend to change the color in the quicken the degradation process of the finish but overall the price is right

5Expert Score
Great seat!

I feel like this is an excellent quality toilet seat. It was easy to install, different from my old seat but better too. It is not a soft close. I won’t get this for a kids toilet, it’s heavy and they will slam it.

5Expert Score
Love my new toilet seat!

The cotton white is beautiful. Attaching the screws to the toilet was a snap. Only needed a flat head screwdriver. But attaching the seat to the toilet connectors (screws) and turning the locking things to lock into place took a couple three tries, but i got it on. So, easier to remove than to reinstall. But not a deal breaker. How often do you remove your toilet seat to clean it? Twice a year maybe. The rest of the time you just wipe it down.

5Expert Score
Best design for boney butts

The seat sits on top of my new high toilet by kohler. ( the two are amazing together) i sit on bones to use the bathroom and i don’t have any idea how they made this seat so comfortable with no padding. My husband has mentioned it also. Never thought i’d go on about a toilet seat but it’s the best!

5Expert Score
Exactly what i needed

My old seat was very stained when i purchased my house and i kept trying to find the color and size that matched and this fit the bill for me. It is really easy to clean and the puny is very steady.

5Expert Score
Easy to install and clean

Bought the first one of these a few years ago and when our second toilet seat broke knew this was going to be the replacement. One more seat to go and we will have all like this one.

4Expert Score
Mounting instructions

The method of fastening this throne is different than ones i’ve used before. It might be a good idea to throw in a page illustrating how it works to prevent customers from sending it back.

4Expert Score
Great product. Please look at the video under get product support.

Great toilet seat. Easy to install (once you watch the instruction video). The reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5 it that the instructions were not included with the product. After spending what seemed like a lifetime fiddling with it and working up a ton of frustration, i went back to the order and clicked on ‘get product support’ and found the instruction video. If you don’t want to include instructions with the product, please say that there is an instruction video located in ‘get product support’.

4Expert Score
Plastic bolts had an edge that wldnt clear toilet bowl. I had to cut them off to make them work.

Plastic bolts wldnt clear the toilet bowl because the had an edge im assuming is was to make it easier to screw but it made it impossible. I cut them off and now it works great.

4Expert Score
Good toilet seat.

Would have been nice to have directions in or on the box of how to install. I had to google it because the installation it is different from the other ones i have purchased. Also mine came with a black mark on it ( see pic ) that won’t come off. Other then that it’s a pretty decent toilet seat.

4Expert Score
Great toilet seats for the price.

I was looking to replace 2 toilets in my home i ran across this product. It was budget friendly and easy to install i can also remove the seat to clean the toilet. I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a great price for 2 toilet seats.

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Heavy duty! Good price!

Love it! I got the elongated instead of round like i needed but it’s it’s nice heavy duty seat!

4Expert Score
Easy installation.

Pros. Really like this seat and color. Cons connections come loose and needs readjusting often. Should lock in place.

4Expert Score
Not easy.

This came with zero instructions. I know you say, it’s just a toilet seat but, when you have issues working on things it’s nice to know exactly what to do. I went to youtube to find out the right way to install.

4Expert Score
A good product for the money, would buy it again.

Easy to clean, would buy it again.

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