Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Real Bacon, Made in USA, Medium

Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Real Bacon, Made in USA, Medium

Find Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Real Bacon, Made in USA, Medium and more at
Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers: The benebone wishbone dogs love to chew, especially on stuff that tastes like real bacon. The wishbone is easy to handle, tastes awesome, and stands up to heavy chewing. About benebone at benebone, we started with the premise that dogs experience scent and flavor in a way we can’t even grasp. So we ditched the neon colors and loud squeaks. Inspired by a dog’s powerful sense of smell, we developed a long-lasting durable chew that’s jam-packed with real bacon. Once your dog takes a bite of our usa-made chews, he’ll be hooked. We’re obsessed with safety too wonder if benebone is right for your dog? Here’s what you need to know. Since it’s hard, it’s important that your pup has strong teeth. If you’re unsure, check with your vet. Nobody likes an unexpected trip to the dentist. Keep an eye out for wear and tear. Within a month or so, we find that most dogs chew benebone into submission. See the wear page on our website for helpful photos to determine when to replace yours. Keep away from households with peanut or other allergies. What’s inside? Nothing but nylon and real bacon for tantalizing flavor

What are benebone wishbone durable dog chew toy for aggressive chewers features?

  • Durable, long-lasting – super chewer? Bring it on. Benebones are tougher than real bones and last for weeks.
  • Real bacon! – we use only 100% real bacon for flavor. Trust us, dogs can tell the difference.
  • Easy to pick up and chew – the wishbone is curved for a paw-friendly grip so your pup can quickly grab it and get a good chew going. Think about it: dogs don’t
  • Usa made – we make and source everything in the usa.
  • Happiness, guaranteed – have an issue? Want to chat? Reach out to us directly and you’ll get a real person whose sole job is to make you and your pup happy.
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Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Real Bacon, Made in USA, Medium AMAZON

Find Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Real Bacon, Made in USA, Medium and more at

Looking for specific info?

What is acceptable wear and tear? Mine’s edges are all rough scratchy with shards hanging on after 1 day.

This benebone is the cause of my dog’s death. Our beloved large breed dog that we thought we were helping by cleaning his teeth. Instead the ruff shards of nylon created large sores and cuts on his tongue and inside his cheek. This cost $1300. Initialy at the vet + had to have him euthanize and buried . They should not be sold. They are aware of this type of injury .

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Do the dogs ingest these bones and is that ok? Safe? I have a moderate chewer.

Our dog is big and an aggressive chewer. He does not actually ‘eat’ the bones in bites or chunks, but over time as the bone wears down & disappears i would have to assume it’s being injested. I throw them out when they become small enough to be a choking hazard, which takes him a couple of months to do. I do recall the packaging saying they are safe to ingest. He is on his 4th bone & has never been sick or had any problems. These bones last longer than any other for him & they are by far his favorite. I’ve also noticed they don’t get super splintery like other brands will. I would highly recommend this product.

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Has the level of bacon been reduced in the latest production of benebones? It’s now lighter in color and bacon scent doesn’t seem as strong.

Hi p. Shih, benebone product varies in color given bacon is a natural ingredient. They are consistent in the amount of ingredient used. Feel free to reach out to them on their website for a replacement.

Why criteria did benebone use to decide on the 70 lb weight recommendation?my 80 pound dog’s mouth is smaller than most her size and it seems ok.

Hi kang0r0o, thanks for your question. The weight recommendation is only a rough guide, as weight is a highly imperfect estimator of a dog’s chewing strength. We have plenty of customers who have had good experience with dogs in excess of 70 lbs. In the end, owner monitoring is the key to safety. If you have a bad experience, please email us at info (at) benebone (dot) com and we will do what we can to make you a happy customer. And yes, a larger bone is in the works. Please keep an eye out for it! Best regards, peter at benebone

How large is this bone? My australain labrodoodle mid size 40 lbs. Pure muscle and very strong jaws. Thanks!

My belgian malinois is 60 lbs. With very, very strong jaws. This bone works great. I also believe it is a good size for a 40 lb. Dog. I wish there was a slightly larger size for my dog.

Callie the german shepherd loves to chew elk horns – broke a back tooth so need to get away from that. How’s this on breaking teeth?

My 59 lb lab is 15 months old now – and she does not get antlers anymore because she can disintegrate them quickly (strong chewer on antlers). The first time i gave her this benebone, bacon flavor (22 dec 2014) – she chewed on it strongly also with cracking noises. I ended up taking it away from her and after 20 minutes and she already had a while nub off the bone! I only allowed short periods of supervised chew time the first week. No broken teeth – but she loves the flavor, how she loved antlers…so supervision seems necessary with her the first week.after she chews on it a few minutes i pick it up and it smells like real good roasted/bacon flavoring – even today 2-1/2 weeks later. I also began leaving the bone out now with her other toys and she is now not chewing on it as heavy – sometimes she does, most of the time now – just seems to really love the 5 month old lab – is not a aggressive chewer on this bone and is not so attracted to it (or other toys). She is more relaxed in nature.

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My dog currently just has the bacon benebone! Does anyone’s pooch favor one flavor (peanut butter vs bacon) over the other? Just curious.

My dogs prefer bacon over peanut butter. They will chew on both (i have more dogs than benebones and they take turns) but the bacon flavored is definitely chewed on more often.

Do these leave a stain or mark? I’m wondering if the dog is chewing it while on furniture, does it leave a greasy or brown mark?

No, not at all!! They give off no color while chewing them.

Are these tougher than nylabones

By tougher i take you mean longer lasting. From the feedback we have received our customers have commented that our benebones out last the competition. I invite you to read the product reviews about our benebone and see for yourself about the long lasting qualities commented by our customers. Benebones are made in the usa of top quality nylon and ingredients of food grade bacon and chicken meat, and food grade peanuts.jim at benebone

I have a aggressive chewer will these last for days or is it possible to eat it up in 5 minutes like he does chips?

Our two pit bulls will destroy nearly anything within a few minutes — except these! They love the bacon flavor ones the best and will spend 10-15 minutes at a time enjoying gnawing on them and so far ours last for at least a few weeks before they manage to chew the ends off. I love that there haven’t been any loose pieces just a lot of rough edges that the dogs don’t seem to mind but you’ll want to avoid stepping on these in your bare feet! I’m ordering these now for at least the 10th time in about a year.

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My dogs have no interest in this at all. Any suggestions or recommendations on how to make it more appetizing for them? Thanks!

Hi kristen, peter at benebone here. Not all dogs are interested. You may want to give it a bit of time because after a few chews your pup may show interest. Flavor is infused throughout the entire product. That said, we stand by our products and if your dog is not interested, we will issue you a refund. Just reach out to us via our website with your order number. Last, we’d be happy to send you one more, on the house, just to be sure. Good luck and thanks for giving us a try. Peter at benebone

I have a 45lb pit mix. She is able to chew through a jumbo greenie like a pretzel stick. Nylabones last her a week. Is this extremely durable?

Omg. This is a terrific chew toy. I bought it after our newest baby, a 25 lb french bulldog, exhibited a few chew issues and wanted to chew on the other dogs’ tails when he was in a high energy mode. Our 75 lb pit bull isn’t interested, but the 60 lb boxer-lab mix loves it, too. We recently had to put our old lady to sleep, a 65 lb bull terrier, and she ate everything. Nothing lived up to its warranty or was indestructible as promised, when it came to her. I believe if she was still with us, she would like this toy and it would be durable, even with her. I love this thing and i rarely love dogs toys or chews because they rarely live up to their promises. I would definitely recommend you try this out.

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Can my baby use this product a lot?

I have 3 dogs who are 10 months and 10 years old.. I have only used these bones for about 2 months. I think the are safe. The dogs love them. It is the only product that is durable and they can’t tear up.

What is the bones made up of ? Healthy ? I heard the word nylon ?

Yes, it is made of some form of nylon with supposedly real bacon flavoring added. Dogs like to chew and you have two extremes: too hard, and they can break their teeth; too soft, or splintering, and they break off and swallow large or sharp chunks that can cause issues. This man-made bone seems to walk the right balance in the middle – no broken teeth and no large chunks of sharp shreds (like from animal hooves or horns). Our dog loves it and only very small bits break off after much chewing, most often not being ingested. So far the best and safest chew toy we’ve found. 🙂

Is my dog supposed to eat the whole thing or do i need to grow it away once i see shards of pieces bitten off?

Our benebones are not edible. Small pieces are ok to fall off but none should be larger than a grain of rice.

Hello, i have a small 9 month old maltipoo, what size should i get for him?

I have a 13 pound, eighteen month old mini pinscher and i buy the mini. The first time i ordered i got the big one and it’s too big for her….she hasn’t shown much interest in it, but she enjoys the mini size.

I need a mussel for my pitbull 70 lbs.

Benebone does not sell mussel products.

How many calories in it?

Benebones are chew toys which are not edible and do not contain calories.

I have a 12 weeks vizsla wich size is better for him ? Is it good for puppy teeth?

Hi margarita, our benebone mini size is good for dogs up to 27 pounds. If that is too small then try our regular size which is good for dogs up to 70 pounds. Benebone is useful in building a dog’s jaw strength and cleaning their teeth as it bristles. As with any chew toy please monitor use and replace when it has excessive wear. Best wishes to you and your pet. Benebone team

Is this product really as good as advertised?

My dog thinks so!

Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Real Bacon, Made in USA, Medium AMAZON

Find Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Real Bacon, Made in USA, Medium and more at

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Stands the test of time

Adopted a 1-year-old pup from the shelter to keep my 10-year-old rescue pup young, and boy oh boy does he like to chew and destroy anything he can get his paws on! I’ve never actually had a dog that had a problem with chewing things it wasn’t supposed to (e.g., shoes, remotes, sharp objects, paperwork, rubber bands, the trash can, everything inside the trash can, the duvet, the couch, and everything in between…) so it’s been an exasperating experience trying to puppy-proof the house when his preferences include everything. He destroys these items in a matter of minutes. We regularly replenish his chew toy collection to keep up with replacements but this toy/bone is one of the few that have lasted. And he chews it! It’s actually our toy of choice when we have to kennel him. Long story short—this is a great option for destructive doggos.

5Expert Score
Perfect for my teething puppy

I got this about ~2 months ago for my ~9 month old german shepherd who’s teething, and it is amazing and barely destroyed.

Instead of biting on the metal of her crate, she’ll just chew on this endlessly.

This particular toy design – as opposed to the other designs – gives her more entertainment/play as sometimes she’ll bite it, try to get a better grip on it and it will slip out of her mouth, and then she’ll run around trying to bite it again.

5Expert Score
For the dog that likes to chew

My dog loves his bone.
He really works it over and keeps him happy.

Seratonin is released in a dog brain when they chew. Or was it endorphins?


He loves his bone, it keeps him happy, just have to switch the old for new.
Now i have a retired ‘not a bone’ that’s no longer useful and seems like a waste just throwing it away.

Still an amazing product that my dog love.

5Expert Score
So durable!

My half shepherd/border collie (2 years old and hyper)destroys everything. Its hard to not only find a toy she likes but also one she doesn’t tear right though. She loves this and it is holding up so well. I’m very impressed. Havent had to worry about her breaking off a piece and swallowing it because she hasn’t been able to, not even close. We’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and she chews on it often. She seems to really enjoy the end that has roughed up from her chewing it.

5Expert Score
Perfect for our super chewer

We’ve been running out of options for our 1 year old beagle when it comes to chew toys. He’s a destroyer. This chew bone has lasted more than two weeks and is one of his favorites. It appears to be holding up and not flaking off. The end where he chews most is rough, but we can sand it down if needed. I plan to purchase another in a different flavor.

5Expert Score
Even my dog who doesn't like to chew loves his benebone!!!

I’ve had my dog harry for 8 years and he never was that interested in chewing. I got a new dog a few months ago who’s still a baby so he goes threw chew toys like crazy. I was sticking to buying him nylabones exclusively, but decided to give benebone a try after seeing all the good reviews. Both dogs loved it and would fight over it to the point where i had to buy an additional one! Not sure what it is about the benebone but even my older dog who isn’t much of a chewer loves the benebone. Have only had the benebones for a few weeks so i will update this review to reflect durability but so far so good, and my younger one is pretty aggressive with his chewing. Will definitely purchase again.

5Expert Score
Buy it rn!!

I was looking for toys that would last for my pitbull…..she just turned a year this month and she’s had this toy for at least a month (more in the 2-3 range)…’s still going strong and you don’t smell it at all until your relatively close (like on the floor near it)….if your just walking by or it’s in the same room, you won’t smell it…..she chews at it for hours apon end and it doesn’t do much damage

5Expert Score
Long lasting and great for aggressive chewers

Let me just say my german shepherd is an extremely aggressive chewer and these keep her from getting in trouble. I had to order two because she lost her first one and went on a chewing spree in the house because she didn’t have it. Trust me you want one if you have a dog who gets in the trash or is chewing on things they shouldn’t be

5Expert Score
My favorite dog bone brand!

I am a dog walker and benebone is my favorite brand of bone to recommend to all of my clients! I often purchase these bones for all of the dogs i care for. They are durable and don’t break so there isn’t a choking hazard as with other brands of bone. I have purchased their puppy bones as well as multiple sizes and shapes of bones for adult dogs, the dogs all love them!
Keep up the great work benebone!!

5Expert Score
Best bone for heavy chewers

Benebones have been a life saver! I have a heavy chewer that easily destroyed every bone i got him, until these. Each bone last him several months.

The one thing to watch for is when they chew them way down. They can become a choking hazard. Keep and eye out and replace them once your dog can swallow it whole.

4Expert Score
Great design, but one end broke off almost immediately

***edit 3: i have upgraded this to four stars. I received two replacement jumbo bones after the one i purchased broke off almost instantly. I think that product had a defect in it, which is a little dangerous because it broke into a piece that could be swallowed. However, the two replacement bones have been excellent. One got chewed up first, and it did slowly whittle away, but it did not break into any dangerous pieces and it did not get sharp. My puppy loved it! The second bone she has had a little more trouble chewing away, and it still gets her attention after months of hard chewing. Which makes me think that the bones have different hardness levels in the batches they are made, but that is just speculation. Regardless, the bone is great and does does not break into little pieces which could be choking hazards, and it does not get sharp.

Great product, a little inconsistent in batches maybe, but it will get your dog’s attention, provide hours of chewing, and the scent does not get on the carpet like other chew toys or bones. Good purchase!

***edit 1: benebone contacted me almost immediately and offered a replacement of the larger size. Their customer service representative has been friendly and i forwarded my contact information through their website for the replacement. I will update when i receive the new product and my experience.***

***edit 2: when i contacted benebone’s customer service to provide my address, they immediately responded in approximately an hour. In fact, they already sent and i received not one replacement, but two replacement bones and a nice handwritten note. I have attached a photo below proving it. The replacements were the larger, upgraded sizes too! I have upgraded this review to 3 stars premised on the sincere and strong customer service they have shown me. This company stands behind their products. For that, i think it is just to upgrade my 2 star review to 3 stars. I still stand by what i had said below regarding the smaller size, but so far my puppy loves the jumbo benebone and i will surely review the jumbo in two weeks to see how it holds up. So far, the jumbo is 5 stars for sure; it has held up much better than the other chew toy, despite my puppy’s intense chewing on this bone (it smells much stronger than the little bone and the flavor must be super intense for her). Despite this intense chewing, the bone has taken very little damage from her–it is holding up much better.

Advice: do not go by the weight recommendations and size. If your puppy/dog prefers to chew on hard bones, just get the largest size for 100 lb dogs. If your puppy chews on hard bones once in awhile but not really, then you can go for the size for 70 lb dogs. I still think the 70 lb benebone i got had a defect which resulted in one branch completely falling off immediately–the other two branches are solid despite heavy chewing–but this new jumbo bone is amazing!

***original review*** – 2 stars

i purchased this for my 45 lb, 8 month old pit bull/shepherd mix. It is a good idea and design, but one whole end was destroyed in no time. Perhaps i got a defective one with an air bubble or crack, as you can see from the photo below that one end completely broke off/wore down but the other two ends are barely damaged despite my puppy’s chewing.

Regardless, i feel a little mislead that it was rated for dogs up to 70 lbs and, while the packaging warns you that this is just an estimate, one who anticipate that it would last longer than a week for a puppy 25 lbs lighter than the estimate. Nylabones and elk antlers lasted much longer than this did and my puppy seriously chews on the elk antlers quite intensely.

As way of some background, my puppy has a lot of chew toys ranging from bones, rawhide, ropes, stuffed animals, nylabones, and rubber balls. She certainly spent a lot of attention on this toy the last week, but it wasn’t exclusive and her chewing was shared with some of her other staples.

I like that this toy has bacon mixed in with it. If you smell the toy, particularly where your dog has been chewing, you can kind of smell a meaty aroma. It does not get on the rug or rub off, and it is a faint smell, but on the chewed parts you can smell something. It is not noticeable when you are sitting next to your dog/puppy and the toy, or near the toy; it is only when you pick up the toy and put it right to your nose. I can only imagine what this smells like to dogs with their super sense of smell!

I also can’t argue with the design/shape of the toy–it’s perfect! The curve of the toy is great, as she can scoop it up or put pressure on one end to elevate the opposite end to chew on it.

But i just can’t get over how quickly that one end came off. I got it about two weeks ago and i gave it to her last week (i slowly introduce new toys to keep her occupied and her mind stimulated). Compared to other chew toys–including nylabone and elk antlers–this toy wore down much quicker. In fact, the nylabone she has had for much longer, the puppy nylabones nonetheless, have outlasted this toy and the nylabone has been around since we first took her home at 2 months. She has also had an elk antler which has also lasted much longer and she really goes after that one.

I have attached a photo below of my puppy and the damage to the bone. For the cost, which is about the same as a nylabone, i would have wished it lasted much longer than it did–which is why i got it in the first place as opposed to another nylabone. I would be happy if it lasted a few months, which is what i would guess to be its normal lifespan.

I would not classify my puppy as a big chewer either. She certainly chews and can do damage to hard bones or chew toys, but she is by no means a destroyer–she does not even shred her stuffed animals and has executed only a few (some were not even dog chew toys but children’s toys she was given to play with). This is the first hard toy she has destroyed where i had to take it away.

Conclusion: perhaps i got a benebone that had a defect, or my puppy really just destroyed this one in a mere week, but i simply cannot recommend this version of the benebone i got. I might try to get the jumbo benebone or one rated higher for bigger dogs up to 100 lbs if they go on sale, but i don’t think that my 8 month old puppy should warrant a toy for dogs up to 100 lbs when she has not destroyed any of her other toys like this one. It even takes her longer to go through some of the large rawhide toys she has!

4Expert Score
It's a hit!

It’s a hit as soon as it arrived. Our jules just loves it. We tried nylabone for puppies, she didn’t like it much because it’s heavy for her and no easy way to hold and chew on it. But benebone is her fav!

4Expert Score
This is a great option for a heavy chewer, but follow the instructions

I have a 3 year old female rottweiler and this is her go to chew toy. She is a fairly aggressive chewer so, these are a good option. They are durable and don’t break off in big pieces so they are safe unlike rawhide. The biggest problem with these, and the reason for only 3 starts for longevity is you have to throw them away after the dog has chewed only like 15% of the toy. It’s by design for the safety of the animal but, be aware that you are throwing away a lot of material that you paid for. Other than that, these are amazing.

4Expert Score
Great option for teething pups

One of my pups favorite while teething to just chew on constantly. Does last fairly long but if you follow the companies recommendation on when to throw away it won’t last very long.

4Expert Score
It’s alright, but i could do without

It depends on your dog of course, but if it’s a little pricey, then your dog might be interested in if for a few days and forget about it. My dog lost interest in it so fast, but he did like to chew at the corners and it held up fine. It says it’s flavored but it smells like plastic and i assumed it tasted like the flavored it stated bc he did like it for a bit.

4Expert Score
Size down

I bought one for each of our 4 dogs: german shepard, golden lab, aussie, dachshund… I bought 2 larges, 1 medium, 1 small… All of them should have been down graded. The larges are way to large for the shepard and lab. The small is too large for the dachshund. The small went to the aussie. I ordered a tiny and one more medium so there wouldn’t be any fights. ‍ costly mistake on the larges.

4Expert Score
Buy it for less at tsc

My dog likes this bone, but isn’t addicted to it as promised in the reviews. This is also available for a lower price for $11.99 at tractor supply.

4Expert Score
Keeps teeth clean and white.

Great product. Fast shipping.

4Expert Score

Well made durable bone for aggressive chewers. Unfortunately our dog doesn’t seem to really enjoy it.

4Expert Score

My dogs love these but….. It can’t be healthy for them to ingest small particles of basically plastic? We throw them away when they get too chewed up but that also makes it a pricier chew toy

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Nothing but Nylon and Real Bacon for Tantalizing Flavor

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