Bentgo® Salad – Stackable Lunch Container with Large 54-oz Salad Bowl, 4-Compartment Bento-Style Tray for Toppings, 3-oz Sauce Container for Dressings, Built-In Reusable Fork & BPA-Free (Blush Marble)

What are bentgo® salad – stackable lunch container with large 54-oz salad bowl features?

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  • #1 lunch box brand*: extra-large salad container features a spacious 54 oz salad bowl that fits up to 4 cups of healthy fruits and vegetables (with the compartment tray inserted) for easy portioning
  • Keeps salad fresh: airtight lid features a rubberized sealing ring and locking clips to keep food fresh on the go – top-shelf dishwasher safe and bpa-free
  • Store toppings separately: 4-compartment tray includes 1 large 10-oz compartment and 2 smaller 5-oz compartments to fit toppings of your choice, plus a leak-proof 3-oz container that’s perfect for salad dressing
  • Purchase with a purpose: bentgo continues to be a proud supporter of feed the children, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that gives hope and resources for hungry children and families. Since 2017, bentgo has donated more than $200,000 to help put an end to hunger.
  • What you get: bentgo salad compartment lunch box, built-in reusable fork, industry-leading 2 year warranty, and caring customer support
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Looking for specific info?

Can i use bentgo salad ith the microwave?

You can use only the big bowl in the microwave, and the manufacturer suggested not microwaving it for more than 3 minutes.

If i don’t want to use the top compartments for the salad toppings, can i still close the lid without it bc i want to put more salads in?

No the container will not close without the topping tray. I found out the hard way. But surprisingly it holds a lot of salad

Is the dressing cup removable by instead so that you can pour your dressing on your salad?

Yes, the cup is fully removable for easy pouring. Just be careful with vinaigrettes & how full you fill it, the seal is not perfect and could spill if you chuck the salad bowl around.

Can you just use with only the compartment tray

No. The lid won’t fit on the compartment tray without the bowl, nor will the lid fit on the bowl without the compartment tray.

Can you fit 6 cups of salad greens in the bottom compartment (with tray on top)?

I could fit about half a 5oz clamshell, crammed, in the bottom compartment w dressing container.

Do the items in the top part seal? Like if i were to use this for my kids lunches and put yogurt in one compartment, and crackers etc would it work?

No, it is not. Crackers are fine, but not yogurt.

Bpa free?

I have the purple one and it is bpa free. The way to tell is look at the recycle marking on the bottom, and see what number is inside. If the number is 7, then the product has bpa. If the number is 1, 2, or 5 the product is bpa free. The bengo salad carries a 5 marking on the bottom, so it is safe.

Why didn’t i receive this product? It is still listed as running late from my october order but i could buy it now & it get delivery in 2 days?

Weird. I’d just re order it in the hopes that one would arrive sooner, and cancel the first. That’s happened to me before, for whatever reason.

What is the recycling number for this product?

No all plastic

What lunchbag will hold this?

I have a fit & fresh tote

I lost the dressing container. Can i just purchase that ??


Do you have a smaller size?

I think there is only one size.

Does this fit in the bentgo bag?

Yes this fits in the bentgo bag. It’s pretty convenient.

This is currently unavailable on jan. 3rd, 2020. When will it be back in stock?

Did you check another color? Some colors sell out earlier than others…..

Can microwave it ?

Ignore red. They or it whatever clearly doesn’t have one. The instructions with it literally say only the bottom part can be microwaved no more than 3 minutes.

Is this product good to use?

Yes, it is good to use but be sure to clean it regularly

Is this product still available?


Hi! I purchased this and love it, but sadly i’m afraid the little cup for the dressing got thrown away 🙁 is there a way i can get a replacement?

Probably can purchase through amazon

Could a preschooler open and close the lid easily?

Yes, it’s just a snap on lid very easy.

Can you store this in fridge for next day so its ready to just take in the morning ?

Definitely! I packed a bunch of these and they were fresh! I think i’ll try longer than 3 days, but make sure everything with the lettuce is dry before packing.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

I bought this after seeing someone post about it on tiktok and i’m glad i did. This is the perfect work lunch companion. Fits a large salad with multiple toppings stored above, or it’s a perfect size for pretty much any lunch you want with snacks/sides compartments on top. I’ve even put a sandwich in the bottom with veggies and trail mix in the top. Easy to wash, does say recommend hand wash but also says dishwasher safe. I’m buying a second one so i have a spare. Super nice. Also a very lovely color. Fits perfectly in my medium sized lunch bag.

5Expert Score
It locks! Much improved over the originall bentgo lunch containers

This is an excellent upgrade to the original bentgo container. One problem i’ve always had with the bentgo is the silly elastic strap that holds things together. This new container comes with a built in snap closure that secures everything. The compartments are great so that dry and wet items can be kept separate until you are ready to eat. Vast improvement to the old boxes that can come apart if knocked over. Highly recommend this for any foods that have specific items that shouldn’t be combined until ready to eat.

5Expert Score
Works for work lunch

Seems the right size for this guy to take a salad to work for lunch. I immediately ditched the fork and clear plastic cover as unnecessary and a hassle to boot. Sometimes i want to ditch the set-in tray as also unnecessary, but so far i continue using it. The cover has been leak-proof in my use, which is putting this salad container in a lunch container with a blue ice block and leaving it in my work truck until lunch. Back when i biked to work and just tossed everything into a bicycle messenger bag, i was always vigilant about containers leaking. I’m not sure if this would have made the cut. But it’s never leaked as i use it now.

5Expert Score
I love this container!

It works exactly as described and makes bringing salad to work a breeze. Everything stays organized so the lettuce won’t get soggy with all the ingredients on it. I’ve never had an issue with spilling/leaking. And to top it all off – their customer service is excellent! A small piece of my lid broke after one year and they sent me a replacement right away. I can’t recommend this enough.

5Expert Score
Nice box!

I was going to start this review with a salad joke but i wanted to keep it in a more professional level so i tossed it.
Seriously though, i am really loving this salad container for my lunches. I’ve been wanting to take salads to work more often and this thing makes it so easy. It’s the perfect size for a single serving and i love the insert tray for all of my salad toppings. It keeps everything fresh and keeps it from getting soggy. I feel like a gourmet chef as i open my salad and have all my toppings neatly arranged with my perfect sized dressing cup right on top. The aesthetic is spot on and while my colleagues haven’t made as big a deal about it as they probably ought to, i can only assume it’s due to the shock they must surely have felt when gazing upon such grandeur! This thing is easy to clean and all the component store together which was a big selling point for me. It s seems pretty durable and the tabs lock everything away nicely till lunchtime. Anyway, i could go on… Really this is just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s a salad box. You’ll love it!

5Expert Score
My husband loves it!

He isn’t usually a salad eater, but he loved the regular bentgo, so why not? He absolutely loves it and i can get him to willingly take large salads for lunch at work! Large bowl and separate sections so nothing gets soggy and it has a separate little container that you can remove for dressing. Definitely a great buy for salad lovers. If you’re a salad lover, run don’t walk to the checkout!

5Expert Score
Everything and a bag of chips!

Okay, we’ll the chips don’t fit and this luck bowl is awesome. Keeps ingridents from making salad soggy! Also great for soups where you have fresh herbs, crackers, etc. Well portioned for a full lunch without being too much. Easy care and fits easily in all our
lunch boxes.

5Expert Score
Love this salad bowl!!

Best bowl ever! Very easy to clean, stacks nicely with all the pieces and has plenary of space! I used this daily. My only piece of advice is to tell your wonderfully helping husband that the plastic fork is not to be thrown away ‍

5Expert Score
Perfect for salad on the go

This container is perfect to take salad on the go! It has a big spot to store the salad on bottom and the top portion has sections to add your toppings. It has a place to put the dressing with a lid!

5Expert Score
These are great!

Purchased 3 of these. They are an excellent price, quality made. They do not leak. The lids remain secure. They wash up easily without staining or being easily gouged by forks or knives. They hold the perfect proportions for a meal-sized salad. They are used throughout every week in our family. Could not be happier with this purchase.
Highly recommend!

4Expert Score
Great size

It’s a great size for a good salad. I like the layers because i can put ingredients in the top layer, then mix everything together in the bottom when i’m ready it eat. I can also put other things that i want to eat separately from the salad.

The description for the sauce container says it’s ‘air tight’. I assumed that meant it wouldn’t leak. I put italian dressing in it & when i took it out later the outside of it was oily. The other criticism i have, and it’s probably user error, when i put the fork in it’s place, i have hard time getting the clear plastic piece back on the top.

4Expert Score
Clear lid is loose, keeps coming off

I like this container, it keeps me from having to pack multiple little containers because i can fit everything into one. The only thing that is bothering me is that the clear lid that covers the fork is very loose and keeps coming off. I’ve only used this for about a week and it’s very loose, the lid keeps coming off inside my lunch box.

4Expert Score
Definitely worth it

My new favorite salad bowl for in office work days. I love that i can fit my lettuce, dressing and toppings in one bowl and add them in as i go. My only complaint is that i can’t close and buckle the lid without the top section being on there. I would love if i could close and shake up my salad without having that section in.

4Expert Score
Feels cheap, works though!

Nice size for salads, love the separate top area, but disappointed in the feel. Really hard, cheap feeling plastic. I actually think the tiny fork is better plastic than the bowl! Otherwise, love it.

4Expert Score
Good bowl, but the lid doesn't fit bowl without the tray

Overall, this is a great product.

My biggest complaint is that the lid doesn’t fit on the bowl without the tray. It is too small. I like to dump all my salad ingredients into a container, put on the lid, and shake to distribute dressing.

The tray is great for toppings and it holds a good amount. I felt the dressing container was a little small, but i like a saucey salad.

4Expert Score
Nice bowl

Really nice. I was just thinking it was going to be a little larger. I prefer a wider base, rather than a taller bowl.

4Expert Score
Almost perfect

The bowl is really nice and almost perfect. Only complaint is the size. Could be slightly bigger, including the bowl for the dressing

4Expert Score
Overall decent product

I like the sections and little container it has for dressing, however, you can not lock lid without the section portion inside the container.

4Expert Score

I want to give this 5 stars but can’t. I like to toss my salad once all of my toppings and dressings are on. This bowl has to have the insert in it in order for the lid to shut to shake it. I wish the top lid would fit secure enough to shake it without the insert.

4Expert Score
Needs a better container for dressing

The compartments are great for separating, but the container for the dressing leaks. Sometimes it is difficult to take the cap off of the container too so likeliness to spill. Wish they would make a container with a lid that twists and tightens instead. Other than that great product, i just keep my dressing in another container

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