BIBS Pacifiers | Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier | Set of 2 BPA-Free Soothers | Made in Denmark | Ivory | Size 6-18 Months

BIBS Pacifiers | Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier | Set of 2 BPA-Free Soothers | Made in Denmark | Ivory | Size 6-18 Months BIBS Pacifiers | Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier | Set of 2 BPA-Free Soothers | Made in Denmark | Ivory | Size 6-18 Months : Baby

What are bibs pacifiers | natural rubber baby pacifier | set of 2 bpa-free soothers | made in denmark | ivory | size 6-18 months features?

  • Bibs pacifiers: a favorite for both moms and babies for over forty years, the bibs natural rubber baby pacifier allows your child to self-soothe by exercising their instinctive sucking instinct in the most natural way possible, by mimicking both the shape and soft materials of mothers’ breast. The iconic and classic pacifiers appearance captures a look that’s both timeless and elegant.
  • Includes 2 pacifiers: each purchase includes 2 premium baby pacifiers in a variety of beautiful colors and tones which are distinctively bibs. Available in 3 sizes in size 1 (0 to 6 months), size 2 (6 to 18 months) and size 3 (18 to 36 months). Makes the perfect gift for baby girls and baby boys.
  • Made in denmark: designed and manufactured in denmark. Bibs pacifiers are made of the highest quality materials and are 100% free of bpa, pvc and phthalates. Always striving for excellence, bibs pacifiers are often imitated but never duplicated.
  • Natural rubber latex: latex is a natural product with many positive properties like softness, high bite endurance, and tensile strength. However, latex is subject to natural material fluctuations which can become noticeable through a different optical appearance. Therefore, the nipple can vary in clearness and colour. The quality or product safety is not affected by our use of natural rubber latex.
  • Care instructions: sterilize each pacifier before use by pouring boiling water over it, squeezing any remaining water out, and letting dry for 4–6 hours. We recommend a replacement every 4-6 weeks for both safety and hygienic reasons. Rubber latex is a natural material and is affected by sunlight, high temperatures, and moisture. If you experience a change in the material, the pacifier must be replaced.
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BIBS Pacifiers | Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier | Set of 2 BPA-Free Soothers | Made in Denmark | Ivory | Size 6-18 Months AMAZON BIBS Pacifiers | Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier | Set of 2 BPA-Free Soothers | Made in Denmark | Ivory | Size 6-18 Months : Baby

Looking for specific info?

Why is water getting into the inside of the nipple? I did not have this trouble with my first pack.

The nipples have slits in them! You can tear the binki apart and clean it out. It takes a bit of strength to get it apart and put back together but you won’t break it haha

Why are almost all 6-18m pacifier colors not in stock? When will colors in this size be restocked?

There are currently 10 colors live in size 6-18 months and an additional 9 colors will be arriving over the next few days.

Are the 6-18 months bigger at the base of the paci? (the colored part)

Hi i have bought these since my grandson was born-the base( colored part seems the same size ). The size of the actual pacifier does get bigger as the child’s age increases in my experience of buying these! Hope that helps:)

Can these be sterilized in a microwave pouch?

I sterilize me by boiling them.

Why is material listed in description- material – polyvinyl chloride when these are supposed to be pvc free?

I believe the pacifiers from amazon are knock offs of the actual brand. The ones i ordered directly from bibs are a little different than the ones i got from amazon.

Could i order just the colors i want ?

Unfortunately there is no option for custom color selections on amazon yet.

Are bibs also part of the frigga recall due to chocking since the are a similar design?

Thank you so much for reaching out to us with your question.

We can assure you that bibs is in no way associated with this
brand, its products, or its production. The two brands certainly come from denmark, but they are completely different from each other.

We fully understand your mistrust regarding the safety and health of your baby, but we assure you that the quality of all bibs pacifiers are en1400 approved and manufactured according to all european safety standards.

Bibs has been manufacturing pacifiers for more than 40 years. Their products go through several safety tests before presenting them to our customers.

You have absolutely nothing to fear because the health and well-being of your baby is our priority.

We always recommend doing a daily pull test on your pacifiers no matter the brand. Kindly ensure replacing the pacifier every 4-6 weeks for safety and hygienic reasons. You simply pull the nipple in different directions and check for any breaches or weaknesses in the nipple material.

Please don’t hesitate if you have any other questions.

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Do these come any bigger? My daughter has these and the nipple is pretty big i just ordered the 6-18 months and it’s tiny compared to the ones she had

It’s will be stretch after used, so it’s smaller when it new

My baby is 18 months but i’m wondering if i can get the 0-6 size so it’s harder to hold onto and less appealing as we transition away from pacifiers?

They are made from the same thing so i would think either size would be fine.

Diameter of shield on size 3? I woke up to the sound of my baby screaming last night because the whole pacifier somehow lodged into her mouth.

It is the same size as 2

So i’ve ordered 3 of these. My son only likes one and i think it’s a mistake size ? Did you change these? I’ve ordered every size and none match.

I’ve had the same issue. I ordered 6-12 in the summer and they are much bigger than the 6-12 i ordered in the winter… I contacted the company and they said that they do get bigger over time with use, but this difference is huge and hasn’t changed in the 3 months he’s been using them. I’m hesitant to order because i think they might be knockoffs.

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My son is about 9 months old and doesnt take a pacifier we tried a lot, do you think he would take these,hoping will help him sleep through the night?

My son was getting ready for heart surgery and he didn’t take a pacifier either . I wanted to start him on one for soothing reasons after surgery . This was the first one out of about 12 he would take and yes it helped him sleep too . Make sure you clip it on him so he can find it at night 🙂

Is woodchuck a mauve/pink or more like a brown?


I ordered the 0-6 month and ordered more but the ones i keep being sent are 6-18 month i believe. The nipple is skinner, what is going on?

The nipples are the same width! But the 0-6 month size are shorter then the 6- 18 month ones

I have a 5 month old. Should i get 6-18 mo?

I would say the size 2 pacifier

The ball on the end seems to be a different size from the first pair i purchased. Is that a change the company made or are these ‘knockoff’ type?

The ball is different based on the months it is design for. Was your first pair 6-18 months?

Where are these actually manufactured


What is the difference in the two sizes? Is it necessary to size up?

Yes, you should size up when your child is ready. As their mouth and teeth grow you want the nipple to match that growth.

Hi, do you sell wholesale? It is possible to be a stockist?


Does bibs pacifiers have night version?

Yes, ww do have a night version that is glow in the dark. We plan to stock them in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

BIBS Pacifiers | Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier | Set of 2 BPA-Free Soothers | Made in Denmark | Ivory | Size 6-18 Months AMAZON BIBS Pacifiers | Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier | Set of 2 BPA-Free Soothers | Made in Denmark | Ivory | Size 6-18 Months : Baby

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Truly the best binkys!

My son turned 10 months old a few days ago and i’ve been waiting to write a review. We started using these binkys since the day he was born. These binkys are truly the best. I recently replaced all his bibs binkys with new bibs ones due to time and my sons age. I have been so anxious to rip one of the binkys apart and inspect the inside. It is really important to make sure you are replacing binkys at the suggested times. I included a side by side pic of the brand new binky vs the old one. You can clearly see how the rubber expands so for your child’s sake, make sure to be on top of replacing them when they’re due for it. I had always been curious as to if there was really any mold build up within the nipple part itself. There was absolutely no mold, no bad smells, nothing. I will add too that it was almost impossible to rip this binky apart. It’s made of very good quality. My son didn’t really take to his binky on his own until about 6 months old. He’s 10 months now so he’s been using the same ones since 6 months. I replaced his binkys with 6 new ones and i feel so good about continuing his use with bibs. My sons binky is his security right now. It calms him down in a second when he gets upset and he loves it. I’m not looking forward to the day we have to take it away, but for now we are thankful for bibs and their top notch quality of binkys!

5Expert Score
The only pacifier our baby will use.

This is the only pacifier that our little one will use. She had a severe tongue tie when she was born. I’m not sure if this played a role or not, but this was the only pacifier she would accept.

So, this is our go to now. I like the glow in the dark variety to make it easier to find at night when she loses it in her crib.

5Expert Score
Worth the price!

I spent more than $30 on different kinds of binkies just for my son to spit them out or ignore them. I wish i had found these sooner! More pricey than the others but so worth it. The only binkies that my son would accept!

5Expert Score
Best pacifier!

My babies favorite paci! I received one as a gift for completing my registry and ordered 4 more! The shape stays in his mouth and allows him to get a good latch!

5Expert Score
Buy them

We went through several brands of pacifiers before finding bibs, and we will never go back to anything else. They’re the only pacifier that would stay in my daughter’s mouth when she was an infant.

5Expert Score

Me encanta como luce mi bebe

5Expert Score
Solo dire que mi bebe lo amo

Fácil de limpiar , es lindo , suave y con buena durabilidad y ahora no se como hacer para que mi bebé no quiera usarlo todo el día y toda la noche

5Expert Score
Love the glow in the dark

We like this brand, but the glow in the dark ones are a game changer – so much easier to find in the middle of the night, for me and for baby!

5Expert Score
Super soft

Baby is hit and miss. I think they might be too soft. He uses more to chew like tether vs suckle/nurse

5Expert Score

These are the only pacifiers my baby uses. I will never use any other brand

4Expert Score
Great set, but couture sizing issues

This is a great set to try the pacifiers before committing to one type. I like the mix of silicone and rubber/latex pacifiers so your little one can find one they will most like and consistently take. Overall i’m very pleased with the quality and value how these are “clean” (not as many chemicals).

Word of caution:

there are quality control issues for the pacifier size, at least for one of them. My 3 week old son took to one of these paci’s strongly and won’t take any others. I was excited to be able to buy the same style and size so i could have multiple of this type. However, once i bought them i realized a huge issue. The couture style in this pack is neither the 0-6 month size nor the 6-18 month size. It’s somewhere in between. My son will not take the noticeably smaller 0-6 and the 6-18 is far to big for his tiny mouth. So now i have 1 pacifier that he likes and no spares. I don’t want to spend $30 on another “try it” set just for one pacifier. I’m attaching photos so you can see the difference for yourselves. (first two pictures are comparison of the 0-6 mo and the next two are the 6-18 mo.) if you’re interested in the couture style i would by the 0-6 month set not this one because you don’t want to end up in my situation.

Overall a good brand, just wish i could get more of that exact size couture.

4Expert Score
Good for babies that pop pacifier out

Our babies suck their regular pacifier from hospital so hard they pop it out and we’re constantly putting it back in. This pacifier way it’s shape they can hold onto pacifier longer to suck. We use this pacifier when sleeping or very fussy. Only con is the bigger end can make them harder to want to take it at times especially if just mildly fussing but they’ll take it when pissed off. We alternate this pacifier with our other one depending on their mood

4Expert Score
Stage 3

My daughter absolutely loved bibs stages 1&2 but this stage 3 is too thick and she took a few weeks to warm up to it.

4Expert Score
It'sgood but kinda pricey

The rubber nipples were a little bit too hard and my boy don’t like it! And the price is not cheap too!

4Expert Score
Product good, packaging off putting and gross

Pacifiers are great but the packaging they came in from this seller had a horribly gross sticky residue on the packaging. Very off putting for a newborn product.

4Expert Score
Bibs is amazing but randomly get sent knock offs

I should have taken photos but i see many other posts that have. The actual bibs pacifiers are amazing. If you have a baby not taking a binky, try the natural rubber bibs! You do have to replace them often because they swell and break down. The care information can be found on the bibs denmark original site. The bad reviews from people are because they didn’t know you have to replace the pacifiers often and they kept using an old pacifier. I will say, i just got sent a knock off randomly so be careful. The real ones say bibs on the rubber nipple and they’re a darker color not bright orange. They don’t smell like a latex glove like the gross knock off i just sent back. My baby does love these pacifiers! I started buying the silicone now that’s she’s used to them and she takes that too if you’re looking for a cheaper option than buying new pacifiers every 6 weeks.

4Expert Score
Our favorite!

These pacifier are the only ones my son absolutely loves! We have tried just about every other brand and these are definitely the best.

4Expert Score
Sizing seems random?

Ok so a few things. This is my baby’s favorite pacifier, so it is great. However, i’ve ordered from this listing three times now. Once ordering a 6-12 size, the other two ordering a 0-6 size. I feel like the sizes are arbitrary and just completely random. My baby really only likes the larger size which is why i tried to order the next size up. When they got there the packaging all seemee great. But as soon as i took it out of a package i found it to be the smaller size. So i went back and ordered the 0 to 6 months size hoping it would be the larger size (which didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but whatever) and they’re still the same smaller size. If anyone can tell me how i get the larger size please let me know but i can’t seem to figure it out. The smaller size seems to fall out much easier and doesn’t soothe her as much. So in the end, i couldn’t tell you from this listing, which size is which. Also the inside of the bulb gets wet when i sanitize it. It seems like it could grow mold so i keep a close eye on it and try to replace them often.

4Expert Score
Seems like they changed the design

We love these pacifiers. However, after ordering some replacements, the new pacifiers came in a different size. It seems like the nipple is much smaller than what it was just 3 months ago. Not sure why this change happened but baby won’t take to new pacifiers.

4Expert Score
Favorite pacis

Love these pacis, my only complaint is that they only last a few months before cracking.

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