Bicycle Dice, 10 Count (Six Sided, 16 mm)

Bicycle Dice, 10 Count (Six Sided, 16 mm)

Buy Bicycle Dice, 10 Count (Six Sided, 16 mm): Standard Game Dice – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Bicycle Dice: Rooted in expert craftsmanship, design, and high quality, bicycle is the trusted authority on cards and dice since 1885, and is now the most widely used playing card brand in the world. Featuring a 10 count set, these six-sided bicycle dice are made for optimal game performance and quality materials for easy, controlled rolling. Bicycle dice are perfect for poker, other card games, board and dice games, or math aids for kids. Accessorize your next card game with our classic dice

What are bicycle dice features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Trusted bicycle quality for optimal performance game after game
  • Six sided dice, 16 mm
  • Perfect weight for easy, controlled rolls
  • Great for poker, dice games, or math aids for kids
  • One package of 10 bicycle dice
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Bicycle dice details:

Product dimensions

2.56 x 0.71 x 4.65 inches

Item weight

1.12 ounces

Country of origin


Item model number


Manufacturer recommended age

12 years and up

Is discontinued by manufacturer





The united states playing card company

Bicycle Dice, 10 Count (Six Sided, 16 mm) AMAZON

Buy Bicycle Dice, 10 Count (Six Sided, 16 mm): Standard Game Dice – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

What size are they? I.e. 8mm 10mm etc.

They are standard 16mm sides
hope this helps

Are these standard dice? Do they go up to 6?

Yes. These are standard 6 sided dice. There are 10 of them in the package.

Is bicycle logo on each dice?

Yes, on the one pip side ‘above’ the pip.

What is the size of one dice in mm ?

Standard 16mm sides

How big is it?

These are regular size dice. They are not cheapies either, made well.

What size is the cube?

9/16′ cube

What are the roll statistics of these dice? Are they balanced or does one number show up more frequently?

They seem to be balanced.

What are the measurements?

Normal dice – 5/8′ cubed. We use them for yahtzee. You should also get the felt lined cup. 🙂

Will these work for dice stacking

These are plain ordinary dice

Do these have the slightly rounded corners, that allow them to roll more easily, or the more squared corners?

The edges/corners have a very slight round.

I have what i want in my cart. How do i get to the buy option?

Go to check out button

What is this made of?

Some sort of plastic composite.

What is the country of origin “made in…”?

Thank you for your inquiry. This product is made in china.

Dice size? Is it 16mm?

I would say that is the nominal size. I measured them with digital calipers and they range between 15.6mm and 16mm.

Is the dice statistically fair?

After many a roll and i’ve bought this item twice maybe 3 times they seem to roll 7 and 11 and the rest statistically the same. I’m going to buy again. My cats enjoy them.

How much do these die weigh? (in grams)

The total weight is approx. 31.75 grams for the 10 pack or 15.875 for the 5 pack.

What size are bar dice?

Standard game board dice size. Just think monopoly. Same size as those dice.

Is it wireless?

Of course they are wireless.

How do you sync this?

These are dice, you don’t sync them, you roll them

If i buy multiple of these can i get a discount on shipping?


Bicycle Dice, 10 Count (Six Sided, 16 mm) AMAZON

Buy Bicycle Dice, 10 Count (Six Sided, 16 mm): Standard Game Dice – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great value

I was looking everywhere for dice for a resident at a nursing home, when i saw this at a great value i bought them. When i gave them to her, she was excited the dice said bicyvle. She was very pleased with them, she was only expecting 6 and was tickled that she got 10. She plays a game using six dice.

5Expert Score
Great bounce, nice weight, good things to say all around!

I bought these to play “die” with, which entails throwing the dice up, bouncing them off a table, and trying to catch them. They have a great bounce and have held up to the abuse of being thrown at a hard table. Great all around

5Expert Score
So many for such a great price!

So many dice came in this set. It was very inexpensive and the dice are great quality! They could be used for so many different activities.

5Expert Score
I love dice.

I am a big fan of dice of any kind. I love these dice for my games. They are well made and very balanced and delivers the quality you would expect from bicycle. You really get your money’s worth with these dice and i love playing with them. If you want a good set of gaming dice or just simply a collector i reccomend you add these and enjoy.

5Expert Score

Play a lot of games with them that are high impact. Stay together well.

5Expert Score

They’re fine dice, exactly what you’d expect.

5Expert Score
Nice product, well made.

Nice product, well made. Bought these for bunco, nice and sturdy! Rolls well. Would recommend

5Expert Score
Good price

It is what i expexted

5Expert Score


5Expert Score
Cheap and good

Great for the price

4Expert Score
Dots come off

These are great guys except the paint in the spots have slowly started coming off.

4Expert Score
One out of 10, is smaller…

9 out of 10 were approx 16.1mm cubes.
1 out of 10 was approx 15.4mm

all square (cubes) and will play fine, but when i opened the package, it was like, ‘why is one smaller?’

4Expert Score
Decent dice for the price

Fantastic cost for 10d6, however they’re some things i dislike.

Some of the dice on the one or single pip have a redish smear around the black pip. I would have preferred the ability to actually have a full box to place the dice back in. I’m sure i could carefully put the dice back in the plastic and put them in that way each time i put them up. Just an inconvenience.

4Expert Score
Kind of cheap

I personally like a little heavier dice, but work just the same. Very light.

4Expert Score
Red lettering can be distracting

Perhaps it’s just me but i find the red lettering on the dice distracting. The bicycle logo is not engraved on these dice so i used 1000 grit sandpaper and easily removed the lettering. Overall the dice played well but did seem a bit light in weight compared to some other dice we have. For the money, it’s hard to complain though. Would buy them again

4Expert Score
Bought for birthday goodie bags

Bought these to include in the goodie bags at my son’s 7 year birthday party. These were included with a pack of game cards. I hate giving/getting cheap little toys that you end up throwing away which becomes a total waste. I prefer giving something useful and then something edible bc at least it’s likely to be used and delights the kiddos. Great purchase!

4Expert Score

They are very inexpensive and quite good for the money. Many small imperfections on each and every die but still can’t go wrong. They still roll and function as dice.

4Expert Score
Good for somethings

These are good if you lost your dice for a board game or for kids. I like the 16 & 19 mm better

4Expert Score
It does what it suppose to do.

Dice look nice.
But there are better ones….
Buy bicycle play card not dice.

4Expert Score
Great dice for the price

Weight is good, quality is consistent on all dice. They do exactly what they are supposed to do. I’ve rolled mine a ton and have not found any roll-bias at all. Thumbs up.

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