BISSELL® Little Green® Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner with Disinfectant Formula, 3194

BISSELL® Little Green® Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner with Disinfectant Formula, 3194

Shop for the BISSELL® Little Green® Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner with Disinfectant Formula, 3194 at the Yakibest Home & Kitchen Store. Find products from Bissell with the lowest prices.

What are bissell® little green® pro portable carpet cleaner with disinfectant formula features?

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  • Every purchase saves pets. Bissell proudly supports bissell pet foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • Our most powerful spot & stain cleaner. Works on carpet, stairs, upholstery, auto interiors, and more.
  • Remove stubborn pet stains & embedded dirt. Combines superior suction, scrubbing action and professional cleaning formula for your best cleaning results.
  • Professional style results. Powerful, portable deep cleaner removes deep down dirt and stains.
  • Tools & formula included. Includes a deep stain tool, 3′ tough stain tool, plus two 8 oz. Trial-size formulas.

BISSELL® Little Green® Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner with Disinfectant Formula, 3194 AMAZON

Shop for the BISSELL® Little Green® Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner with Disinfectant Formula, 3194 at the Yakibest Home & Kitchen Store. Find products from Bissell with the lowest prices.

Looking for specific info?

I purchased the pet cleaner that was bundled with this spot cleaner .. On it it says only for upright cleaners .. Is this considered an upright ?

Sorry for the confusion! The spotclean pro is unique in that it can use our upright deep cleaning formula. It’s our most powerful portable deep cleaning machine and if you notice our proheat 2x lift-off upright carpet cleaners have a lift off pod for portable cleaning that is the same design as the spotclean pro.

Can you use as a dry vacuum?

You should be able to. I personally haven’t done this tet. But i am planning on trying it out here shortly. From the research i have done on google. You can use this particular machine for a dry vacuum. I hope this is helpful

Can i use just warm water and a little bit of dawn as a cleaner?

Yes you can but do it this way….
Put warm water and a few drops of dawn in a spray bottle or garden pressure sprayer and spray your upholstery or carpet. Then use only clean water in the bissell to clean. Don’t put dawn in the machine.

Can u see thru the suction nozzle to see when ur carpets are clean from all the dirt

Yes, there is a window on the top of the tough stain tool.

Have they fixed the problem with hose cracking yet? Alot of money to spendi g on such a flaw … I hope i qould get a refund or a new hose.

Bissell, quit only helping people that are still under warranty!!!
You know it’s a design flaw and people will not buy another one when their hose cracks! They’ll get a hoover or a hart! You have a lot of competition now!!!

Can i get attachments?

Yes, this machine comes with a tough stain tool, but our other carpet cleaner attachments will work with the hose.

Would this work on olefin fabric? Carpet & couches.

Not sure about olefin fabric, but it works great for carpet and furniture.

Do you sell replacement dirty water tanks for this model? Mine broke?

Sorry i returned this item. You shall try call their customer services request a replacement tank if they are still under warranty. Good luck!

What is the difference between this model and the 2694? Is one more powerful/suction?

Technically model 3194 is a more powerful machine.

Can you buy a replacement hose for spot clean pro?

Replacement part for bissell 1606127, 160-6127, 5207 spot clean vacuum cleaner hose w/cuff

I have to keep a bowl of water next to me and suck it up after every 2-3 passes. No matter what or what i’m cleaning. How can i stop this ?

I don’t know why you’re doing that. After i’m done i suck about a gallon of fresh water through the system to clean the hose out then rinse out the dirty container.

Can this be used on oriental rugs

We always recommend consulting your rug manufacturer for cleaning requirements prior to deep cleaning.

Car interiors is this good to clean cars?

Yes, this portable deep cleaner works well for spot cleaning carpet and upholstery.

Can you get a self cleaning attachmet for this machine?

Not to my knowledge

Potencia del motor, en numeros por favor

Este modelo es de 5,7 amperios.

Will this machine clean dog poop stain from my carpet?

Yes! Fill the water reservoir with hot water and the spot clean pro carpet cleaner and it will clean out poop stains.

How long does it take carpet to dry after use?

Drying time varies depending on how much water and formula you put down and the type of carpet.

Can i bend over and use standing? I have a bad back ( stenosis). I’m a short 4’11” gal. So a good thing i’m already pretty close to the floor.

Lol girl! But..i was sitting on the upholstery of our truck and standing as the truck was so tall cleaned the whole thing! Also sat on the couch. Sat on the area rug and cleaned it. Bending over for a rug wouldn’t be feasible, better off getting the bissell rug cleaner. I hope that helps!

Can you use this to clean grout and tile?

I can’t imagine that it would clean mildewed grout.

Does this one heat the water while using it?

It doesn’t heat the water.

BISSELL® Little Green® Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner with Disinfectant Formula, 3194 AMAZON

Shop for the BISSELL® Little Green® Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner with Disinfectant Formula, 3194 at the Yakibest Home & Kitchen Store. Find products from Bissell with the lowest prices.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
If you need it, you need it!

We have the world’s most perfect dog but twice in the past 3 months he has gotten into the trash and eaten chicken bones. Thankfully he is ok – but our carpet would not be – except for the amazing cleaning power of this little machine. Best one we have ever owned by far! Easy to use, amazing suction and not too hard to clean. And mr moseley is still the world’s most perfect dog – especially now that we have child locks on our trash cabinet.

5Expert Score
Deep cleaning

I have an older car and it’s starting to have a little bit of a smell to it… So i decided to purchase this and i was not disappointed. I cleaned my car mats and that water was not brown it was black! I keep my car clean but it’s a 17 year old 4 runner…. I will be doing the entire car tomorrow but i am really impressed. I will say your hands get tired from the back and forth and applying moderate pressure while scrubbing. Really impressed with how clean these mats are. I can’t wait to see how great the rest of my car will look!

5Expert Score
Suction is awesome!!

Saw several reviews when searching for this product that mentioned suction being terrible. Unbelievable!!! The thing will suck my dogs water bowl dry in a second!!! The suction doesn’t feel huge on your hand because it’s a real thin line made to suck water deep down in carpet. Make no mistake it takes work to get all the water out you must push hard and make multiple passes. When used properly this machine is absolutely awesome!!! I use it for my new puppy’s, when they have a accident i immediately clean it up and you never know it happened 1 hour later it’s completely dry. Makes it so easy and i love it. I have my concerns about always keeping it full but so far so good. I’m thinking about using distilled water to help keep any internal corrosion to a minimum. 1 year of use and so far so good. I do not put the hose up in the location it’s meant to be due to the many reviews of the hose splitting because of the angle it puts it in when not in use. I used a zip tie to make it hang a bit lower when not in use. Found that idea right here in the reviews with pics that show what i’m talking about.
September 3rd 2022
still going strong, used almost everyday and at one point multiple times per day. My unit so far has survived raising 2 puppy’s from day 1. 1st pup 4 weeks old and now over a year, 2nd pup 10 weeks and now almost 5 months old. Almost to the point where i’ll be able to actually store unit between uses by completely emptying every use. As of now she still stays ready at all times. I have used distilled water to keep corrosion at a minimum this was just my idea. I empty the dirty side often to keep smell good, and always suck up a clean bowl of water after each use to get the nasty out of the hose.
This has been a awesome product that i’d replace in a heartbeat even if it stopped working now.

5Expert Score
Works great

I am very impressed with this vacuum. I truly didn’t think it would get the stains out of the back of my car. I did three passes on the back portion, and nearly all the hydronic oil stains/dirt stains are done. Definitely a good product.

5Expert Score
Great carpet cleaner

I rushed out and bought this after an unfortunate and explosive stomach incident occurred in the (cloth) back seat of my car, diving kids home from school. I took out the seats and pulled up the carpet to clean all of the hard surfaces which was easy then i used this on the carpet and seats. After 2 passes everything was good as new. I almost just set my car on fire but glad i didn’t and got this instead. There is absolutely no trace, odor or anything left after using this great machine. I was also able to do my entire car twice with the sample bottles with plenty left over which was great too.

5Expert Score
Remarkable cleaning power

I was pleasantly surprised by the cleaning power of this little machine. Our off-white couch had been trashed by coffee stains on the armrests and the back of the couch was stained with body oils from our black dog rubbing up against it every chance she gets. This machine got out all the stains! And the sucked out water was black! The couch looked brand new! We were amazed! 5 stars on this one

5Expert Score

The most amazing vacuum ever! We had a red wine disaster on our white couch and some tough toddler crayon and food stains…removed it all like a champ…even cleaned my kiddo’s dirty and stained stuffed toys, making them look and smell like new. I used the pro solution with it, total game changer – best thing i’ve bought in a long time.

5Expert Score
Excellent for the buck.

Very convenient for animal clean up food spills on carpet. Very easy to use. Can’t believe how easy it to set up, clean and put away. Happy with it.

5Expert Score
Great cleaner

I got this product to spot clean my rugs (no carpet house) and clean out my cars. It does great for both. You spray the cleaning solution on the rug and scrub while it also sucks up the dirty solution. It helped removed some long standing dirt stains. The only thing i wish it had was a longer, thinner attachment for between my seats in the car. Overall great buy.

5Expert Score
Game changer

This is such a game changer to my cleaning routine. To make a long story short, my room has this large area rug that i wasnt able to fully clean for 6 months and having 5 cats, boy did it smell like it. I tried a couple things to get rid of the smell and after some research, giving this a try was another option. I instantly noticed a difference with smell (yes, i put my nose to the rug lol) and its in much better condition just after the first treatment. There was more cat hair that my vacuum didn’t pick up that the bissel finished picking up.

The drying time takes a little bit of time as expected but you wont be left with something damp. Now that my rug is fully dry, i can say that the cat smell is no more and it pretty much looks brand new.

For pet owners.. I did add in a tiny amount of natures miracle urine destroyer to the water mixture to tackle a recent spot my cat pee’d on and that smell is gone.

I dont have anywhere to experiment cleaning a stain but i can only imagine how well it will extract after treating/brushing the stained area.

4Expert Score
Worked great for me

I had a couple of dingy, high traffic areas on a multi-colored area rug. Not terrible but noticeable against the less trodden parts. I had it professionally cleaned and it looked great at first but those areas returned after a few days. I was able to make the dingy parts look brand new, to the point that now i have to clean some other areas because they look a bit faded in comparison! I see some reviews talking about poor suction– you just have to make sure you tilt the brush forward so you’re pushing the slot where the airflow is directly against the carpet, at which point it pulls up the water quite well. Also, the instructions caution not using water over 140f, (which they consider ‘warm’), but the hottest water my tap puts out is about 130f, by thermometer (which is pretty hot to the touch). So unless your hot water is scalding i don’t think you need to worry about ‘warm.’ hot water will clean better, if your particular rug or upholstery can tolerate it.

Couple of caveats and why i docked it a point:
— the ‘pro’ formulation is heavily scented, filling my house with a sweet floral scent. I wish they offered something less overwhelming, but it’s just what was included so maybe they do, or maybe i can find something else. Going back over the areas with plain water fixed it, but it took a while, because no matter how much you work it with the soap solution, squeegeeing water back out with the suction, it will leave residue (recommend this in general since soap residue will encourage dirt to reaccumulate in the cleaned area).
–it’s loud. I mean, you would do well to wear ear protection loud. I do shop work and this is far louder than my shop-vac or even table saw. Get some headphone type or in ear type noise protection. Seriously, if you are working for 15 minutes with this next to you you could literally damage your hearing.

Other than that all good by me, i’m really pleased that i could remove those stubborn soiled areas. Time will tell if the machine is durable, will update if any problems.

4Expert Score

This product has worked great for cleaning up a variety of messes. The only issue i’ve had is that the rubber pieces look like they have been in water too long when it hasnt.

4Expert Score
Works great!

This li’l beast has been working great so far. I do wish the suction was a bit more powerful, but i consider this machine’s small footprint a realistic tradeoff for extra power. It’s easy to use and easy to stow away when not in use. Highly recommend!

4Expert Score
Great but leaks from bottom of tank

This works great for detailing vehicles or spots in the house, but right out of the box leaked from the bottom of the soap tank around the valve that goes into the machine. So i don’t set it in the vehicle for to long.

4Expert Score
Works for spot treatment

I bought this after seeing a youtube influencer rave about bissell products and she demonstrated this one. I have used it so far for spot treatment on my carpet (it did okay. It made the spots lighter) and on my car cushions (this it did a fantastic job!). I will try it out on my furniture next – there is a learning curve to the product/water distribution and the suction. I used the two trial sized bottles of product that came with it.

4Expert Score
Works for what i intended

Bought this back in april 2022 specifically for shampooing my car. My daughter used it twice before i got to for pet stains on her sofa. I finally used it and it works well, it got the stains out of my car seats, but not too fond of the way the sprayer works on the deep cleaning tool. Instead of a fan style spray it sort of pools. Also tried to register the product but have no label for the model number or serial number. So if it breaks, i guess i’m out of luck.

Decided to pull the box out of the trash and low and behold there was the model number on the box.

4Expert Score
Used three times and third time it died

Update* bissell customer service was great, they provided me with a shipping label to return my broken product. Unfortunately bissell never reached back out to me after receiving my broken unit so i had to call in. After calling in they found my case with notes and promptly shipped out a new unit free of charge. So far i have had no issues with this new unit. I have used it to clean my car seats with it and it worked great!

So overall the thing worked great the two times it ran. Used it to clean the front seat of my wives car and clean up a cat pee spot. The third time i used the thing it made some weird noises smells horrible and shut down. Now it will not turn on, will be attempting to get help through bissel as my return window has closed. Depending on support offered i may change the rating.

4Expert Score
Nice, but

Mostly this device works well and it is effective.
Two weak elements of the design:
1. The hose does not have strain relief and the hose will break or crack.
2. The waste water tank is hard to empty and clean.
Bessel was so busy making each model of this product “cute” that they dorgor some basic engineering

it is good but it could be better.

4Expert Score
Works great, lots of power.

Could have a little more suction power, but have been trying it on bigger jobs. Designed for spot cleaning. Works great in that regard. Compact. Easy to use. Very happy with the results. Have to apply some pressure to get it to pull all the water. But i’m an hour in the sun our cushions look like new. Bissell stand up to the name of quality. Happy with this purchase.

4Expert Score
Great tool with some stupid design flaws

Indispensable tool for pet owners with carpet and cloth furniture. Accidents are cleaned up in under a minute. Its small size also allows it to be moved around easily. Especially handy when cleaning cars.

Taking one star off for three really dumb design flaws:

1. Emptying and cleaning the dirty tank is annoying

to empty the dirty water tank, you turn the handle to unlock the lid which is very awkward. After removing the lid, the tank edge has a lip which catches dirty solids and requires you to flip the tank almost upside down as you pour out. It then needs rinsing out which has the same problem. Why isn’t there a pour spout?

2. There’s no place to store the second tool

there should be a tool holder somewhere on the unit. There is empty space where the cord and hose are stored. It’s just going to get lost for no good reason.

3. The included sample ‘easyfill’ cleaner doesn’t work with the ‘easyfill’ lid

this one is pretty minor but is the dumbest of all. The unit comes with a small sample of antibacterial cleaner. It has both a bright yellow cap matching the tank and a bright yellow notice about the ‘easyfill’ feature. Seeing this, i fiddled with it and couldn’t get it to ‘work’. In a small blurb in the manual it states:

‘note: bissell antibacterial formula trial-size bottles do not contain the easyfill cap.’

what’s the point of this confusing sample?

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