Bitdefender Total Security 2022 – Complete Antivirus and Internet Security Suite – 5 Devices | 1 Year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by Mail

Bitdefender Total Security 2022 – Complete Antivirus and Internet Security Suite – 5 Devices | 1 Year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by Mail

Bitdefender Total Security 2022 – Complete Antivirus and Internet Security Suite – 5 Devices | 1 Year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by Mail

What are bitdefender total security 2022 – complete antivirus and internet security suite – 5 devices | 1 year subscription | pc/mac | activation code by mail features?

  • Speed-optimized, cross-platform protection: world-class antivirus security and cyber protection for windows (windows 7 with service pack 1, windows 8, windows 8.1, and windows 10), mac os (yosemite 10.10 or later), ios (11.2 or later), and android (5.0 or later). Organize and keep your digital life safe from hackers
  • Safe online banking: a unique, dedicated browser secures your online transactions; our total security product also includes 200mb per day of our new and improved bitdefender vpn
  • Advanced threat defense: real-time data protection, multi-layer malware and ransomware protection, social network protection, game/movie/work modes, microphone monitor, webcam protection, anti-tracker, phishing, fraud, and spam protection, file shredder, parental controls, and more
  • No credit card required: subscription does not automatically renew (unless your account was previously set up to do so)
  • Eco-friendly packaging: your product-specific code is printed on a card and shipped inside a protective cardboard sleeve. Simply open packaging and scratch off security ink on the card to reveal your activation code. No more bulky box or hard-to-recycle discs
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Bitdefender Total Security 2022 – Complete Antivirus and Internet Security Suite – 5 Devices | 1 Year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by Mail AMAZON

Bitdefender Total Security 2022 – Complete Antivirus and Internet Security Suite – 5 Devices | 1 Year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by Mail

Looking for specific info?

Does bit defender work with apple mojave operating system


thanks for your question. Bitdefender total security should work fine with mojave. If helpful, please find our mac os system requirements below:

total security works on macintosh systems running one of following operating systems:
mac os x mavericks (10.9.5)
mac os x yosemite (10.10.5)
mac os x el capitan (10.11.6)
mac os sierra (10.12.5 or later)
mac os high sierra (10.13.0 or later)


-the bitdefender team

Good afternoon, they recommended this antivirus. I have some questions. Does this antivirus have a language in spanish? Is this version from 2018?


thanks so much for your questions. This version of bitdefender total security actually allows you to select english or spanish once you begin the installation process. Also this version of total security 5 device 1 year was made specially for amazon and it is the most up to date (latest and greatest) version.


-the bitdefender team

Can i use this product outside us?

Hi thanks for your question. This specific version of bitdefender total security is only designed to work inside the united states. We do not recommend using outside of the us as we cannot guarantee it will work as designed.


-the bitdefender team

Does it work on cell phones?

Hi, and thanks for your question. Yes — bitdefender total security will work on your ios or android cell phone. I hope this answers your question. Thanks for your interest in bitdefender!
-the bitdefender team

Does it include the vpn premium with this purchase?

Technically yes…….. Buying the full version does not!!!!!!!! Give you the full unlimited vpn just the same trial versions pathetic 250 mb
why anyone would buy the full version is beyond me, as the vpn ( the best way to protect your privacy / security,etc)isnt included and to buy it, is eye wateringly expensive……

Is this 2022?

You should get the most current version out. Depending whether you buy 1 year or 2 year you get updates. So yes it’s the most current version.

Can i buy it now and activate later on this year?

If you are renewing your subscription it you should be able to. I have done this a few times. However, if you are going to install for the first time , i am not sure about that.

What is the difference between this and the one for $54.99 beside the two years in the later?

Sorry, i switch to norton two years ago, no long on bitdefender.

Can i wait to install until present subscrirtion expires?

You can install bit defender anytime you like. It will add to whatever time you have left on your existing sibscription. Example: if you buy a 365 day subscription and you have an existing subscription with 10 days left on it you will have a total of 375 days.

Puede ser usado fuera de usa? Que pasa si el codigo ha sido usado?

Saludos, si se puede usar fuera de usa.

Is this version the lates for the rear 2019?

Thanks for your question. When you buy total security directly from bitdefender on amazon or from amazon directly – you always get the ‘latest and greatest’ version available (which is 2019 or newer)

My new laptop has windows 11 home. Has bitdefender total security been updated to work with windows 11?

It should. When i upgraded from windows 10 to windows 11 bitdfefender total security still continued to work fine.

I did not see this asked, yet. Will this work on the new 10′ kindle fire tablet from oct 2019? Please no ‘i dont know’ answers‍ thanks


Picture shows 2018 on box. Is it an old version or is it the most recent/up to date?

Thank you for your question.

Anytime you purchase bitdefender from bitdefender directly on amazon, you’re always getting the latest most ‘up to date’ version. That means if you purchase this product (bitdefender total security) – you’ll get bitdefender total security 2020.


-the bitdefender team

This works with windows 8.1, right? And can i use this to upgrade?

Hi taylor,

yes bitdefender total security does work with windows 7 (with the sp), windows 8.1, and windows 10.

I’m not sure if you have any apple devices, but i did want to share that it also works with: macos x yosemite (10.10), macos x el capitan (10.11), macos sierra (10.12), macos high sierra (10.13), macos mojave (10.14 or later).

Although i’m not sure what security (brand or edition) you are currently using, i can share that this version of bitdefender total security is the latest and greatest version we offer. As a result, it should be considered an upgrade if you’re currently using an older security solution.


-the bitdefender team

Is this compatable with windows 7?

Yes it is compartiable with windows 7

Does bitdefender total security block email spam

I believe that any app running on your computer will only block spam emails if you are using an ’email client,’ which is an app that runs on your computer and downloads your email to your internal drive where you can handle your email. This is called the ‘post office protocol’ (pop).

Nowadays most people use a ‘web-based’ email service like gmail or yahoo mail, and, while one can still choose to download emails to work with them, the usual thing is to keep your emails ‘in the cloud.’

bitdefender spam protection only works with pop email.


Is this retail pack or download?


thanks for your question. This is a key card (meaning once you buy this, you’ll be shipped a ‘bitdefender card’ with an activation code on it). Clear instructions will be included with your purchase but essentially once amazon ships your product and it arrives, you’d use that activation code on the card to download and activate your total security subscription.

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Can you export kaspersky’s password manager data to bitdefenders password module?

Hi, and thanks for your question. Unfortunately, at this point, there’s no way to export kaspersky’s password manager data to bitdefender’s password module. Thanks again!
-the bitdefender team

Whats differance between reg and family pack ?


total security and family pack offer the same complete protection for your windows, mac, ios and android devices. The difference is that bitdefender family pack protects up to 15 devices in your home whereas this specific version of bitdefender total security protects 5 devices.


-the bitdefender team

Bitdefender Total Security 2022 – Complete Antivirus and Internet Security Suite – 5 Devices | 1 Year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by Mail AMAZON

Bitdefender Total Security 2022 – Complete Antivirus and Internet Security Suite – 5 Devices | 1 Year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by Mail

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
I like it better than most

Easy to install. The least amount of useless pop-ups trying to sell you more services. Can’t beat the price for soany devices. I dropped avg for this and haven’t looked back.

5Expert Score
Excellent antivirus

I recommend it, it is a very good antivirus with my pc, it protects it very well, the shipment is fast

5Expert Score
Great price – easy to install

Less than half the price to renew directly through bitdefender, and that was already half price! Extremely simple directions provided. A great bargain.
Good for five devices!
Delivered the next day as well.
Bitdefender gives you the option to extend your current subscription, so you don’t need to delay in purchasing this if you were getting it to extend.

5Expert Score
Works great

Great value, less $ than directly from bit defender

5Expert Score
Great protection

I’ve used it for awhile, i have no complaints whatsoever

5Expert Score
$20 bucks!

Best $20 bucks i’ve spent in awhile! Will renew when this subscription expires! Highly recommend!
Did rate customer support because i haven’t had to use them.

5Expert Score
Worth the money

Great shipping easy to hook up.
Great seller

5Expert Score
No hassel

Good protection

5Expert Score
Worked great!

Easy installment !

5Expert Score
Great value

Mailed me the activation code and i was up and running in a matter of minutes. Definitely worth it. Thanks

4Expert Score
Excellent overall, but…

I use this software for my desktop, my laptop and smartphone. The first thing it did was to point out that google was tracking me though i asked it and all other sites not to. I was happy with that catch. It overall does an excellent job, pointing out unstable websites that i’m not aware of. It’s almost hypervigilant. Lots of pop ups. And that’s the problem. On all devices, it pops up usually trying to sell extra subscriptions. On my phone, it’s just plain intrusive. Trying to answer a quick and simple text can take longer because i have certain apps protected. I’m going to keep it on all apps that have my bank and credit card info. As for texts, pix, etc, i’m taking that protection off. That said, they upped the ante with their find my device features, and i’m resting a lot easier with this on my side. The interface is super user friendly. (if only it could stop the full on advertising assault from mcafee.)

4Expert Score
Seems to work well

The security seems to be working so far

4Expert Score
Not sure yet

I switched from norton after many years. I’ve had bitdefender for 5 months now and i can’t honestly say which one i’ll use when it’s time to renew. I like that i don’t have to have a credit card on file to use bitdefender, i can just buy a new year’s subscription on amazon and then enter my code on the bitdefender site. With norton you have to have a credit card on file and they have the subscription set to auto renew. You used to be able to go into account settings and disable it. I was unable to do that last time. It re-directed me to customer service chat every time i tried. That’s why i switched to bitdefender. It seems to do a good job. There are some things i don’t like as well as norton. The vpn that bitdefender provides is limited to about 30 minutes of internet time per day. If you want more you have to pay for their vpn service. My norton 360 had unlimited vpn included. Bitdefender gives a security notification and tries to block you from connecting to a lot of well known sites like belk, jc penney, miles kimball, etc. It always says something like suspicious connection blocked due to unmatching security certificate. You can add those sites to the exceptions so you don’t get that popup again but it happens a lot on chrome. Not so much on firefox. I’m a little tired of it. Norton didn’t seem to hassle me with stuff like that. I have 7 months left and i can’t honestly say which anti virus i’ll use next time. I like norton a little better but i hate that they make it so hard to disable auto renew so i’ll probably go with bitdefender again but if norton did not require a credit card to be on file i’d go back to them.

4Expert Score
Didn't work

I read the reviews where people complained that the activation code didn’t work, but i took a chance anyways. Well, bad choice. My code did not work either. When entered it just says that the code was already in use and therefore not valid. I called amazon and we tried to connect with bitdefender customer service but couldn’t get through. In the end, i requested and received a refund. The software itself is good if you can get a good code for it. I eventually bought it somewhere else albeit for more money. This is very frustrating and bitdefender needs to address it. I could have just as easily switched to a different product. Forget customer service, it really doesn’t exist. I won’t be as forgiving the next time around. Strike one was an activation code that didn’t work. Strike two is being unable to connect to customer service. Guess what strike three will mean…

Update: i worked with bitdefender (jason, global ecommerce director) and with information i sent them, they say that they have identified the root cause of the problem and have fixed it. They were very apologetic. Understand that this issue was no reflection on the software itself which i feel is one of the best, but just the installation process which had an obvious flaw in it. I still believe this is the best way to purchase the software if the process is working. I cannot independently verify that it is fixed since i didn’t repurchase it to know, but jason seemed very sincere and i trust that he is telling the truth. So i would give it a try and you could let me know. I updated my rating from 1 star to 4 stars because i didn’t want the review to unfairly reflect on the software.

4Expert Score
Very simple interface , great

Been using this program for years , the included vpn feature is only a teaser – pretty much useless -unless you pay extra , otherwise great program.

4Expert Score
Easy to install

It’s easy to install although it kept on saying that bitdefender couldn’t uninstall my previous antivirus and i have to manually uninstall it, but everytime i try to manually uninstall, it will say the program is no longer there, and it prevented me from moving forward. But i eventually just decided to hit x and i eventually was able to proceed.

4Expert Score
Stop forcing your vpn down my throat

Supposedly good antivirus. I think it caught some trojans a couple of years ago.

Software really wants to push other products onto users. No means no bitdefender. Also it’s kind of slow.

4Expert Score
Good for the price

This is a very good antivirus and internet protection software.

The reason i gave it 4 stars, is that it does slow the starting of your computer while the software checks the system. Otherwise, it is excellent. If you do not want it to slow down because today we are always in a hurry to get things done in the computer, then you need to uncheck the firewall, which is an extra layer of protection that gives you.

4Expert Score
5-devices and low system resources impact = great value

Product activation code was mailed to me and i downloaded the software.

Price was better on amazon than buying direct from bitdefender–even with their (not so) special offer.

5-device license, includes my android phone, laptop and pc with two left over in case i buy a new device or install it on my family members device. Perfect for most households and a great price for one year subscription.

Like that the software has very minimal impact on system resources and has high marks from 3rd party av audits and critics .

For pc gamers: my one complaint is that the anti-ransomware and application access features sometimes prevent newly installed video games from working… First time it happened i had to troubleshoot for a few hours to figure out why the game wouldn’t work, but now its the first thing i check and its easy to mark applications as safe if there is a problem. Maybe can save someone some lost game time.

I would recommend this software and will renew.

4Expert Score
Central page cannot customize / deactivate your computers

I’ve been buying bitdefender on amazon deals every year and it is easy to active.

One thing i don’t like about bitdefender is they don’t have customization for each computer i own. Like i have 5+ and the names are given random, so it is hard to track which one is which.

Sometimes i just don’t want to use all 5 machines and would like to deactivate ‘em in central page to give my friends chances to enjoy my subscription time but bitdefender fails me on that. Hence, 4 stars.

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