Bitdefender Total Security – 5 Devices | 1 year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by email

Bitdefender Total Security – 5 Devices | 1 year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by email Bitdefender Total Security – 5 Devices | 1 year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by email : Everything Else
Bitdefender Total Security – 5 Devices | 1 year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by email: Absolute multi-platform security complete protection for windows, mac os, ios and android unbeatable malware detection better privacy with webcam protection – new multi-layer ransomware protection to keep your files safe optimized speed and cross-platform performance no unauthorized applications can access your webcam secure online transactions, anti-theft & anti-loss tools security for multiple devices. One account to protect what matters. One product to protect all your devices, across platforms. Bitdefender total security 2018 keeps your windows, mac os, ios and android devices safe, with no compromise on performance and battery life. System requirements: supported os: windows 10 10.12 sierra processor format: 32 bit ram: 1 gb hard disk: 1.5 gb free space additional requirements: software requirements internet explorer version 10 or higher integrates with: google chrome version 34 and higher mozilla firefox version 30 and higher thunderbird version 14 and higher outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 recommended processor: intel core 2 duo (2 ghz) or equivalent processor

What are bitdefender total security – 5 devices | 1 year subscription | pc/mac | activation code by email features?

  • Speed-optimized, cross-platform protection for windows, mac os, ios and android
  • New: microphone monitor – know when apps have access; anti-tracker – keep browsing data private, view and manage which sites can collect your data
  • Improved: parental controls – filter content, limit screen time, and track location; safe online banking – a unique, dedicated browser secures your transactions; advanced threat defense – uses smart behavioral detection to monitor apps in real-time; wi-fi security advisor – access the security of your wi-fi network and router from anywhere
  • Also includes: real-time data protection, network threat prevention, multi-layer ransomware protection, social network protection, webcam protection, game/movie/work modes, anti-phishing, anti-fraud, anti-spam, rescue mode, bitdefender vpn (200 mb/day), file encryption, password manager, file shredder, vulnerability assessment, security autopilot, and much more
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Bitdefender Total Security – 5 Devices | 1 year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by email AMAZON Bitdefender Total Security – 5 Devices | 1 year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by email : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Can u use a different firewalll and security center. I have avira prime which has great security plus a firewall has antivirus plus vpn software

Hello. We wouldn’t really recommend it as it is always best to use just one security software on the system. Bitdefender total security also comes with a top notch firewall and includes a vpn module as well.

Is the vpn included into this product as part or seprate charge.

You get 200megs per day of vpn service included, which should be enough for doing things like high security banking transactions. But if you intend on vpn movie streaming, you will need to upgrade the vpn service, they make it very easy.

Does amazon sell the activation code and the software?

Just the code. When you setup your account and activate it you will download it directly from bitdefender

Can product be installed on 5 devices? What does ‘the number of computers eligible for installation may vary’ actually mean?

You can purchase bitdefender for one or more computers. Its up to you. I look for the sale on 3 computers. Its the best product out there.

How can i add unlimited vpn to my order?

After bitdefender is downloaded there is a option for vpn at extra cost

Can this be used on mac os el capitan?

Yes, it can be used on mac/pc/ mobile device.

Is this for 2019 or 2018?

Well if you get the code like i did be advised it will be for version 2017. I’m not sure what happened but i’m working with amazon now to either get a new code or a return. Failing that i’m probably going to file a complaint with my credit card company. The box they’re using for the display is for the 2019 version. It matches the one in the upgrade offer i received from bitdefender.

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How do i order this as a gift for someone?

Get a years subscription card from amazon

Is the vpn included into this product as part or seprate charge.

The vpn program comes with this software and is available for restricted use. The unlimited traffic upgrade is 39.99 per year subscription with no additional download.
I’m not sure what the traffic cap is on the limited/restricted version.

If i have a current subscription with 10 devices and 1 year left on it, can i add 1 more pc for 5 years with this?

Hello, you can go to manager your subscription in your bitedefender account. There is the option to add devices. I think the best would be to add the new device to your current account and when it is time to renew it, then buy the plan that allows you to include all your devices.

Do activation codes stack? – i have already, but will this extend my subscription?

Hello. Yes, codes of the same type can be stacked to extend your subscription. For any issues with this you can always contact us using the details on the page below and we’ll help you out:

The answers below seem to be dancing around this question. If someone already has the 2018 version installed, will this purchase update and extend?

If you already have a bit defender account i would recommend logging into their website and extending your protection through them. I’m sure the extension would also come with the software upgrade when purchased directly from bitdefender. I’m unsure how that would work buying it from amazon.

Will stis work with my 64 bit os?

Yes it will work.
I have it on windows 10 64bit

It reads has bitdefender vpn – new. Is the vpn included in this product or a sperate charge after it’s installed

Vpn is included with a traffic limitation. Unlimited vpn traffic is an additional charge of 39.99 per year.

Can i use this if i already have a bitdefender central account with more than 1 year left on 5 pcs?

Bitdefender has gone to a subscription model for all their computer security products. You no longer buy a dated ‘version’ of the software, rather you get a subscription for the latest software for some period of time (like 1 year or 2 years). If you already have bitdefender installed, buying a new subscription will add that time onto your current license. For example, say you have antivirus installed and there is 6 months left on the subscription period. Buying a new subscription for 2 years will add on to the current period, and you’ll end up with 2 years and 6 months of updates. I have done this many times over the years and it works quite well.

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Can i use this product if i am in hong kong?

It is my understanding that bitdefender does not generally have regional license restrictions, but there are some exceptions depending on the location of use. Not knowing specifically about hong kong, different countries may have distinct laws regarding commercial practices, intellectual property, privacy, acceptable surveillance, and/or reseller protection policies. Your question would be best asked of your local bitdefender agent or reseller.

Also, be advised that some countries do not allow vpn to be used within their national footprint, and should you use it, bitdefender will automatically adjust to your local ip address. Bitdefender always complies with local restrictions in any location where it is used, thus vpn may be disabled for certain countries. Again, best to check with your local agent or reseller.

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Where is my activation code for bitdefender? I ordered on june 12 and did receive a verify now email and downloaded the software but no code.

Usually the code is in your email.

I did not receive the activation code via email , 2checkout says they cannot help, seller must. How do i get it?

You should check in your electronic orders and try to make a complaint

Can this be used on windows 7?

Yes it can, just look on bitdefenders website.

What does pc mag best brands mean? I went to pc mag website and bit defender wasn’t even listed as one of their top ten.

Not sure what you are referring to with this question. The publication you mention rates bitdefender as #3 on their list. Perhaps you can rephrase the issue. Thank you…

Bitdefender Total Security – 5 Devices | 1 year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by email AMAZON Bitdefender Total Security – 5 Devices | 1 year Subscription | PC/Mac | Activation Code by email : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Can't believe it installed and worked so quickly and easily!!

I have been using bitdefender for several years now, with no issues – excellent protection. However, this year i ran into difficulty getting bitdefender to cancel my auto renew because you have to pay too much with their auto renew products. Finally, after sending them several emails and threatening to contact the bbb, they shut off my auto renew. What a hassle
so, i decided to take a chance today and downloaded this product with the code by email. My first attempt at code activation failed because it would not accept paste and copy of the code. But, it immediately accepted my code when i typed it in by hand. Then i was very quickly able to download and install easily – on all 5 of my devices. So far, very good success with this product!!! Yay!! Product activated for 1yr. However, will have to deal with shutting of the auto renew again – there is no way to get the product without agreeing to have the auto renew feature on.
Postscript: it seems that there is no auto renew active on my new subscription – which is great. I will check to make sure – but if so, then i do not have to worry about bitdefender charging me a fortune for my next subscription.

5Expert Score
Great as always

Im so glad now i can get a code sent to my messages now. Don’t have to wait for one sent in mail. Last time i bought one of those. It also rubbed part of the code off that i needed. I wish i could find the new ultimate full protection on here for 5 devices. Right now their site only has it for 10 devices. I dont need that many. Also need it for better price. Dunno why their site is so much more then buying it off amazon.

5Expert Score
Best antivirus in 2022

I been using this for 2 years and it has stopped over 21,000 incomming threats i have a business at home and this has protected me and my family and i havent had one issue with any device apple
or android and its absolute incredible it gives android phone security like apple meaning locking and wiping your phone from a distance remotely to even tracking which it which is amazing and u can ping your phone if it was stolen and the user who stole
it would have no idea your tracking it which is amazing on top of that or can be used for a parent tracking a child or a woman tracking a jelous husband overall out standing product.

The software overall is better then norton and other top leading virus protection services and yes it is based in russia but its paritally american owned and only operate in russia for user rights which are challenged in the united states

the software dose give android and pc users more features but manily in the security area because that what they truly lack and because there also not apple which is monitored 24/7

overall the geolocation tracking for any device u install it is worth it in my opinion!!!
It even takes photo and record audio with out the user knowing soo u can catch the person who stole it and absolute take them
down which is amazing so they cant say im holding it for a friend or i found it

another great feature with this software they have hands down the best encryptions software i installed it on my girl friend mac pro and she had a issue and had to send it to apple support they called us asking us for the password to unlock the device because they had absolute no access to the device it self and couldnt even force it open which was impressive in my opinion so u know for a fact if u loose your device or exspensive computer u can turn it into a paper weight there absolute no way in hell anyone can download anything from those devices if its locked with this software

another thing i love about this software is that when its running on the background it dosnt change my computer performance what so ever and not even on my iphone or android it dosnt drain battery not like other security apps i used

hands down best software for 2022
and recommend by most ethical hackers and security engineers this the only way to stay protected online

5Expert Score
Priced right.

Had total security before. I like this software better.

5Expert Score
Excelente producto

Fácil instalación

5Expert Score
Excelente antivirus

Es uno de los pocos antivirus oficiales que ofrece tantos dispositivos y además dispositivos android/apple, con una sola suscripción siendo esta bastante económica en comparación con otras.

5Expert Score
It's better than some of the previous antivirus programs i've had in the past.

This software has worked better than mcafee, and norton programs that i have purchased in the past. I had a little bit of an issue having it transfer the purchase code, so that it was recognized by my computer. Support seemed to be confused as much as i was, and i am computer literate. They have a bunch of different departments that don’t interface with one another, as well as they should. Other than that, the program works well. The only other thing that i wish was available, is more the than 200 mb per day for the vpn service. Depending on what you are downloading, that amount can end in minutes. It doesn’t come close to a expressvpn type service. Its basically a minor bonus that is given when you purchase the antivirus software, and is very limiting.

5Expert Score
Lightweight on using cpu but still powerful

I really like bitdefender and its value for money. I always use the total security version. It’s my first time buying in amazon and i was glad to instantly get the activation code. It’s also fairly cheaper than renewing from my old subscription in bitdefender central. I was afraid of getting a used code, but there seems to be no problems yet. Will update if there are any problems encountered in the future, but for now. Double thumbs up!!

5Expert Score
Just what i wanted

This is what my it told me to get and my it guy installed it. Great!!

5Expert Score
Great protection, easy to use, solid value!

I’ve been a bitdefender customer for many years and appreciate how the product features keep improving over time. Their virus engine gets really good reviews by the comparison sites, and we’ve never had a problem using it. Every once in a while it will detect something nefarious in a download or web cookie and let us know it’s been isolated or quarantined, but mostly it just works behind the scenes with little fanfare. It’s set up to perform a full virus scan once every week in the middle of the night, so doesn’t intrude there either.

I bought the latest update on sale at amazon for $15.99 for 1 year on 5 devices and thought that was a great deal. Adding the product code to my existing bitdefender subscription was super simple. Total security works very well, doesn’t slow down my computers, stays in the background with minimal nagging, has a rich feature set, is easy to install and use, and (i think) is one of the best values in the security space. Buying bitdefender was an easy decision, highly recommended!

4Expert Score
Easy to install once you uninstalled the old antivirus…

This was easy to install once i got the tool from kaspersky to uninstall. You see i had the password protect my old antivirus (kaspersky) and bitdefender would not install since i forgot the password to uninstall kaspersky so whenever i was installing bitdefender and it say to uninstall the old antivirus it would not do it unless i entered the password. So once i downloaded the kaspersky tool (here is the name of the file you need, if this is your problem too, kev removal tool, kavremvr, you can get from it was easy. So far so good with bitdefender, i have not use their tech support so i can’t comment on that, but the simplicity and the design is ok will see the price for the second year once this version expires.
In honesty i been using kaspersky for 5 years without a single problem the only reason i am changing to bitdefender total antivirus protection is for national security reasons, because kaspersky company is headquarter in russia and the government can force them to do something illicit for their country.

4Expert Score
Mislead by description of product

May be great software but most of the features listed as included are either not or severely limited feel very mislead value is gone for me since i will end buying the software features i expected seperately.wasted 20 bucks

4Expert Score
Pretty decent inernet security!!!!

All in all this was pretty good security suite. Needed to find something that wasn’t russian based for obvious reasons. Liked the program, except for safeplay, it doesn’t work very well. Good alternative if you are looking to replace another security suite.

4Expert Score
Easy to install

Super fast, super easy to install

4Expert Score
Super easy to install

Someone said they had trouble downloading and installing. It seemed very straightforward and simple to me. Just had to follow the onscreen instructions.

4Expert Score
New antivirus…

Still new, so we will see how it turns out.

4Expert Score
Keeping me safe.

It is a tad slow starting up. Otherwise it has been great.

4Expert Score
Very stable and thurough in its protection.

The install was easy and its coverage is complete and unobtrusive.

4Expert Score

Affordable and works great for me!

4Expert Score
Good antivirud

Easy installation. Improved speed on computer.

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