BLACK+DECKER Small Portable Washer, Washing Machine for Household Use, Portable Washer 0.9 Cu. Ft. with 5 Cycles, Transparent Lid & LED Display

BLACK+DECKER Small Portable Washer, Washing Machine for Household Use, Portable Washer 0.9 Cu. Ft. with 5 Cycles, Transparent Lid & LED Display BLACK+DECKER Small Portable Washer, Washing Machine for Household Use, Portable Washer 0.9 Cu. Ft. with 5 Cycles, Transparent Lid & LED Display : Appliances
BLACK+DECKER Small Portable Washer: When it comes to washing machines, this outstanding black+decker portable washer (17-11/16” x 18-1/16” x 31-1/2”) is your ultimate solution to immaculately clean clothing for household use. There are 5 cycles to choose from with this fantastic 0.9 cu. Ft. Washer, which include heavy, gentle, normal, rapid, and soak. Cold water temperature settings available with three water level choices for small, medium, and large loads. Inside this small washer (44.1 lbs.), you’ll find an incredible stainless steel tub that’s rust and corrosion-resistant with a quiet close top loading transparent lid. Because this unit is an impeller washer, it’s perfect for lingerie and delicates as it doesn’t have an agitator to cause entanglement problems. Also, you can use for soiled baby clothing and diapers, but must run them separately from other loads. You can also easily wash baby clothing and diapers, as well as lingerie without entanglement problems common with agitator washers. Place anywhere in your home or area with 2 rollers, 2 side handles, and 1 adjustable front leveling leg. This unit comes with a drain hose and quick connect sink adaptor. Also included are auto shutoff safety features, delayed start up to 24 hours, and child lock protection. Get the high quality washing you deserve to live out your day with our amazing black+decker portable washing machine. Reinforced packaging is included for total customer satisfaction.

What are black+decker small portable washer features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 5 cycle selection—wash your laundry with this superior black+decker best portable washer. Our portable clothes washer (17-11/16′ x 18-1/16′ x 31-1/2′) has 5 cycle selections—heavy, gentle, normal, rapid, and soak. Even suitable for baby clothes, diapers, and lingerie.
  • Impressive functionality—with your new washer machine (44.1 lbs.) you have 3 water level choices for small, medium, and large loads with cold water temperature settings. You can select delay start up to 24 hours.
  • Stainless steel tub— this 0.9 cu. Ft. Portable washing machine features a durable, rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel tub with top loading transparent quiet close lid. See your clothes cleaned in real time with our outstanding impeller washer!
  • Additional features—there’s a lot going on with our amazing washing machine, including auto unbalance detection to ensure your laundry is being cleaned at peak performance. As well as auto shutoff safety features and child lock protection.
  • Designed for mobility— this fantastic portable clothes washer machine can be transported from room to room thanks to two rollers, two side handles, and a front adjustable leveling leg. Also included with our compact washer is a quick connect adaptor, water supply hose, and drain hose.
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Black+decker small portable washer details:

Brand name


Model info


Item weight

‎44.1 pounds

Product dimensions

‎17.7 x 17.3 x 31.1 inches

Country of origin


Item model number


Is discontinued by manufacturer



‎high efficiency, energy efficiency


‎0.9 cubic feet

Annual energy consumption

‎46 kilowatt hours per year

Max spin speed

‎983 rpm


‎72 db

Part number




Standard cycles


Access location

‎top load


‎300 watts

Material type

‎aluminum 2%, steel 47% copper 1% plastic (abs, ps) 34% foaming materials 3%, glass 3%, other 10%,

Batteries included?


Batteries required?


Domestic shipping

Item can be shipped within u.s.

International shipping

This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the u.s. Learn more

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BLACK+DECKER Small Portable Washer, Washing Machine for Household Use, Portable Washer 0.9 Cu. Ft. with 5 Cycles, Transparent Lid & LED Display AMAZON BLACK+DECKER Small Portable Washer, Washing Machine for Household Use, Portable Washer 0.9 Cu. Ft. with 5 Cycles, Transparent Lid & LED Display : Appliances

Looking for specific info?

Does it come with a fill hose and faucet adapter

In the description it says it does come with what is needed to hook it up to the sink…
High adaptability: connects quickly to sinks and faucets and comes with accessories for temporary or permanent placement including a quick connect adapter, water supply hose, and drain hose

Can i use my 1000w generator to run this machine?

Could easily run several of these with 1000 watts on a 15 amp circuit generator. Back of machine says rated @ 120volts and 2 amps. Yellow energy guide on front says 23kwh/year @ 6 loads per week =$3/yr to operate, which if my math is correct is about 74 watts when running. Bout the energy requirement of a 75 watt incandescent light bulb, very efficient machine.

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Why is hot water not recommended, is it because of steam or was there glue that can come off if hot water is used? Manufacturer please reply. Info plz

The stainless steel tub actual sits in another abs plastic tub where the water actually drains into while it spins. Also the internal drain fittings and hoses are all abs plastic as well. Prolonged hot water use can degrade the plastic and wear at the seems of the outer plastic tub and the drain fittings themselves and cause leaking.

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Is this item good

It’s amazing!

Can you use power (powder) packs?

Charlie’s soap is great for small washers! It takes up to a scoop for a full sized washer, so you can use just a tiny bit. It comes in a small ziploc pouch so it’s easy to pack. My 1 cubic ft sidekick washer takes 5g for a load so his would be similar.

Can you add water by hand i.e. Not using the hose or sink hookup?

You can add water by hand without using water supply hose. You will need a bucket to fill the water and pour into the tub (be careful not to spill outsode of the tub) with an amount that’s enough for washing the clothes and start the machine. You will have to hand pour the water a second time during the rinse cycle. In sum, you have to fill the tub with water twice during a load under the wash and spin cycle. You will still need the drain hose and the hookup (to prevent moving) in order to let water out during these cycles. The spin cycle doesn’t require water and just damp the clothes (but it will be wise to leave the drain hose and the hookup during the load all the time to ensure most of water out).

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Can it connect to regular hook ups?

From the reviews i see that some people have connected it directly to the water inlet under the sink. I believe these are the same as ‘regular’ washer connectors. Be careful though, it explicitly says to use cold water only. I hope that helps.

Does it have a steel tub or plastic? Does everything come with it to hook up to your sink?

It doesn’t come with any of the adapters needed to use any sink or faucet… Black and decker is so stupidly cheap they sell you an almost $300 missing machine missing $3 dollars worth of screw adapters probably needed to connect the intake water hose… Shame on you black and decker…

Anyone know how to clean lint out of it? I can’t find a lint trap and it’s stopped draining as well as it used to.

Sorry for the shaky video and all the hair (i had just washed pet bedding).

How do i install the bottom cover?

It slides in then the 4th side you gotta pop in carefully

Can you use warm water?

Yes warm should be fine. Don’t put hot water though.

Hace tiempo compre una lavadora portatil pero deje de usarla porque estiraba ropa de mis niños, la maltrato muy feo, esta maquina no maltrata la ropa

No maltrata

Why does the video say cold water only?

The water intake valve material will not hold up to hot water. This would cause the valve to eventually leak. This is a factor to consider when purchasing any brand of portable washer. If the manufacturer does not indicate this is the description it is a good idea to contact the manufacturer or review the owner manual if available on line. Thank you for your interest in our product.

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I cannot find a sink adapter to fit the machine or sink

My machine came with an adapter, amazon sells them if you check online.

Can you attach the hose to a bathtub faucet? (i.e. With an adapter?)

I can’t do it on my mine but i imagine there are different kinds. I have mine on my bathroom sink faucet.

Is it has water pipe?

Yes it has a drain pipe to the sink

How many pounds of clothes can the 0.9 cu. Ft. Washer wash?

How many pounds clothes it wash

What happens if you put hot water?

I never tried hot water but i use warm water and nothing significant happened.

Can this be connected to a regular washer/dryer hook up?

Yes! I have mine connected to the cold water incoming spigot and the regular washing machine draining outlet. It’s plugged into the regular washing machine (not the dryer plug-in).

Como quito la opción de extra rinse?

La lavadora tiene 4 ciclos de rinse, dependiendo de el ciclo de lavado da automáticamente varios rinses, primero elija el ciclo de lavado y de ahí donde dice rinse aprieta el botón para obtener los números de rinse que desea, por ejemplo el ciclo gentle tiene 2 rinses automáticamente entonces tiene que apretar rinse hasta que logre obtener el número uno y es un solo rinse, o le dirá rinse, extra rinse.

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BLACK+DECKER Small Portable Washer, Washing Machine for Household Use, Portable Washer 0.9 Cu. Ft. with 5 Cycles, Transparent Lid & LED Display AMAZON BLACK+DECKER Small Portable Washer, Washing Machine for Household Use, Portable Washer 0.9 Cu. Ft. with 5 Cycles, Transparent Lid & LED Display : Appliances

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
One year review: a great little machine! (0.9 cu. Ft. Model)

I live in an apartment building with an on-site laundromat. As anyone who’s had to use shared laundry facilities knows, it can be a real hassle having to schlep your laundry to the laundry room only to find that all of the machines are in use and/or half are out of service. Not to mention the added expense of paying $2+ per load, per machine. It adds up.

This little washer has been a godsend. I can conveniently do my laundry in my own home and on my own schedule. No more waiting on people who aren’t paying attention to their machine cycles or having to check back in to see if any machines have been freed up. And the added privacy of not having to flash my skivvies in front of people while loading/unloading machines is nice, too.

Anyway, regarding everyday use:

as per my review title, it’s great! Works just like a regular full-size washer except with maybe 1/3 the capacity (guesstimate). One full hamper’s worth of laundry can be split up into 2 – 3 loads, depending on what/how much you’re throwing in there. Btw, i don’t recommend trying to stuff as much laundry as you can into the tub. Being a pulsator-type washer, overfilling it won’t make for efficient washing. Also, it doesn’t really fit bulky bedding items like duvets, comforters, and heavy quilts. Unfortunately, i still rely on my apartment building’s laundry facilities for those. However, it can handle lightweight bedding items like fitted sheets, flat sheets, and pillowcases/shams just fine.

Operation is simple; it only has five wash modes to choose from, three load size options, and limited cycle customization options. Nothing fancy, just the basics needed to get your laundry clean. Check out the product photos that show the control panel to give yourself a better idea. Wash cycles can be as short as 19 minutes, to as long as 68 minutes depending on what you select.

The spin cycle does an excellent job of removing excess water. It spins up surprisingly fast for such a compact machine and leaves laundry as damp as any regular full-size washer.

Next to the water inlet is a warning label that states not to connect the hose directly to a hot water tap. I do, however, regularly use warm water and haven’t noticed any adverse effect on the machine.

The lint trap inside the wash drum does a good job of capturing lint, hair, and even shredded paper like forgotten receipts or potentially life-changing lottery tickets. However, if you’re concerned that any stray lint might clog up your plumbing, you can always get one of those lint traps that attach to the end of the drain hose.

A few tips:

i recommend getting a small dolly if you need the washer to be mobile for easier storage. Unfortunately, the built-in wheels the machine has don’t really make for easy maneuvering. Also, make sure the dolly has locking casters to keep the washer from shimmying away from where you parked it during the spin cycle.

This washer can be pretty noisy during agitate cycles and definitely during the spin cycles. If you’re able to set it up in a room with a door (like a bathroom), do so to spare yourself from the noise.

I attached the included snap coupling adapter to the faucet on my bathroom sink. I also stuck a faucet aerator inside the adapter to keep water from coming out in a splashing torrent when i want to wash my hands or brush my teeth. I used a 2.2gpm laminar flow aerator since the usual 1.5 makes the washer take a long time to fill with water.

Lastly, don’t go nuts with detergent. As with any washer, frivolously pouring detergent with reckless abandon can gunk up the insides of the machine and cause premature wear on the motor and/or pump and cause the washer to develop a bad smell. For a machine this size, maybe a tablespoon of detergent – max – will do.

5Expert Score
I love this thing!

My life is changed ya’ll!!! I have had my machine for about 3 days now and i have washed quite a bit already. Fyi the heavy load takes forever! Mainly the water level is higher in the large load. So i usually cut it short after the 1st rinse. Heavy has 2 rinse cycles. I hate to waste so much water and i find my clothes don’t require a second rinse. See photo of cycle times. This is the one thing i never saw in any of the reviews. Hopefully this is helpful to someone. So after the first rinse, i usually power off the machine. It does hold more than you think. But don’t over stuff it. It’s pretty daggone quiet. It’s easy to forget you are washing clothes in your place. I don’t keep the faucet on the entire time. I turn it off once the wash cycle is begun. Mainly because the seal to my pipe leaks a bit at the sink connection point. I wish there was a way to prevent that. Then after i hear the spin cycle begin i monitor the machine and i turn on the faucet in time for the rinse cycle. So that part is a bit tedious. I did get a dolly to put it on. It’s not hard to lift but i truly did not want to be bothered with lifting. The dolly is much easier. Yes, it has wheels but to be honest they are awkward to use. Get a dolly if you don’t want to lift it back n forth. You do not need a lot of detergent. I have the open nature powder pods. I cut one open with a scissor and pour it in. That works perfectly. I do use scent beads cause i love fragrant laundry! They dissolve perfectly in the wash. Be sure to only add about a tablespoon of beads. Overall this machine requires less detergent, softener etc that large machines. Only use he detergent. You don’t want a sud problem on your hands. I think that’s everything. Just get it! You’re gonna love it!

5Expert Score
Changing my religion to worship the black + decker portable laundry washing machine

I recently moved into a studio apartment with no laundry in my building. Knowing i’m prone to putting off laundry, i wanted to avoid needing to take trips to the laundromat at all costs while not taking up too much precious space in my already small living quarters. Behold, my savior.

My dad and i had to do a bit of a scavenger hunt around home depot and a local hardware store to find an adapter that would connect the washer’s hose to my faucet (the provided one didn’t fit, but one $6 part later, i have a laundry machine!)

this thing is incredible. It’s got pretty much any mode of cycle you’d need— gentle? Check. Soak? Check. Rapid wash? Check. Normal cycle to just wash a plain old load of clothes? Check. Also, it looks pretty snazzy as well.

You’ll want to make sure you have a location with access to an outlet, faucet, and place to drain the water. I personally position it in the doorway of my tiny bathroom, where i can use the cold-only side of the faucet, an outlet just outside the doorway, and the shower tub. Then i just tuck it aside against a wall to be out of the way when i’m not using it.

It’s a little tricky to figure out the first time you use it but honestly, after that trial run, you’re golden. I actually enjoy doing laundry now. Clothes are fresh smelling, clean, not dripping wet, and not destroyed. I have a dog too, and so far dog hair hasn’t been an issue for this bad boy.

My only complaint, which isn’t really a complaint, is i wish it were a little easy to maneuver. It’s not heavy so ultimately it’s not too difficult, i’m just looking for ways to make this convenience even more convenient. First world problems.

On the fence about buying it? *darth sidious voice* do it. All in all, it’s space saving, easy to use, seems to be of high quality, and pretty energy efficient. What more could you want?

5Expert Score
Life saver

I was so excited when i heard about the black and decker portable washers. I imagined not going to the laundry mat again. I wish i would have known about portable washers and dryers during covid. I love it. I can wash at home and do house work while i’m doing laundry. It’s the perfect size for me. Not too small but not too big for my small apartment. My clothes is cleaner using this small portable washer than using commercial washers at the laundry mat. It’s quiet and the dryer spins the water out of my clothes better than a regular size washer. I have no complaints. The faucet hookup that came with the dryer did fit my kitchen faucet but i wanted to use it in my bathroom so i went to my local hardware store and purchased the size i needed for less than $10.00. I also order the portable dryer dolly from amazon to roll it to my bathroom sink. I purchased the black and decker portable washer in july 2022 and now, september 2022, i have no complaints. If you are living in a apartment and it does not have a washer hookup i think this would be perfect especially now with all the viruses going around, you dont have to worry about getting sick at the laundry mat.

5Expert Score
Great overall

Great little machine. Runs quiet, and gets the job done.

Recently ran my first test cycle with 8 tshirts 4 pairs of running shorts and about 12 pairs of socks. Was a bit too many socks but cleaned everything decently.

Large load on normal cycle runs through about 15 gallons of water. Medium load on normal runs about 10gallons.

Must keep water running through our entire cycle as it drains and refills a few times through out the process. Proper drainage is a must.

Spin cycle is the loudest part of the process.
Spins clothes do a damp state. Drying is required. Currently air drying and it’s fine.

It is heavy and the wheels to move it kind of suck. I would recommend trying to find a permanent space for it with proper water and drainage.

All in all would recommend if you do not do a ton of laundry or large items.

5Expert Score
Wowwww! Best washer i’ve had!

This washer is amazing. Takes up so little room. The spin and agitation cycles are so good that everything comes out so clean and spun so well that they’re almost dry!
I got the 1.5cu and just washed
1 bed pillow with case
2 towels
1 kid blanket
2 womens shirts
1 shorts
7 kids shirts
3 kids pants
8 underwear
and everything came out perfect! There was lots of room after the cycle had completed. Actually the dry load had room for me to put in more items in the beginning but you should never over fill.
What’s amazing about this unit is that it saves space but still can wash a regular load. Most washers are huge and bulky where this one is almost all drum. So the size it is is as big as the drum is. I don’t know how they fit such an efficient machine into this perfect sized package. I can use the remaining space in my laundry room for storage! Huge bonus.

5Expert Score
No more laundromat!

Years ago i found out about portable washers but at the time i had a roommate that disagreed on getting one because of our limited space but fast forward and i have my own place now and i purchased this and am so happy with this purchase! I have never in my life had the privilege of having a washer and/or dryer in my home. At first i was a bit distraught as the included attachment didn’t fit on my bathroom faucet (its a weird faucet) i was able to purchase an adapter kit (which still didn’t work with my bathroom faucet) but i found out that the right combo of 3 of the adapters put together fits on my shower hose just right and i’ve been able to do laundry that way, takes a few minutes to set up and i have it drain out into the shower tub which i think is better than the sink cause my tub has a hair/lint catcher already. But i’m fascinated by how this machine cleans my clothes so well. I have had it for a bit over a month now and recently purchased the panda dryer and although i can’t put all my clothes into one load it still saves me the hassle of lugging my stuff to the laundromat and spending $15-$30 every week. I have been able to wash all my clothes, jackets, throw blankets, bed sheets, large towels, small towels, even a thin comforter and even my bath mats! I use less soap and since its just me i no longer have to add laundry sanitizer which i did previously because of the shared machines at the laundromat, so there’s more savings there! I also was able to purchase the dolly even though i leave the washer in my bathroom next to the tub (because its a rather large bathroom), its nice to be able to move it around when i need to mop underneath or to move it closer to the shower hose and outlet when in use. I keep up with the maintenance of the machine cause i want it to last for a long time so after every use i wipe it down make sure inside of the lid edge is all clean, i unscrew the little filter in the back and drain it and make sure its clean and i clean the inside of the drum lint filter as well as it gets full of lint and cat fur. Something else i found really helpful was because the machine is on the dolly it makes it way taller than my sink and tub so i had noticed at first that when i had the drainage tube set up over the tub and draining into the tub it would drain while also filling up and i thought that i got a doozy but in order for the drum to fill up you just have to make sure the drainage tube it set where its either higher than the machine or at the same level and not way down below the drum. Once i set it up in the tub that it was higher all was good and the drum was able to fill up properly.
I did a lot of research before purchasing the machine like water usage, and that it barely uses any electricity and i watched a ton of youtube video reviews of the same machine to see how they set it up and worked with it and made me more confident in the purchase since it was a bit of a bigger purchase for me. I did the same with the panda dryer and i’ve been happy with both. If it means not being at a dirty, loud and gross laundromat and i can do laundry in my home no matter how long it takes, i am happy.
I would 100% recommend this machine, it arrived within 2 days, set up was easy, doesn’t take much water and uses a minimal amount of electricity and does like a normal washing machine would do just smaller.

5Expert Score
Big load in a 'small packaage'

For the last year and a half i’ve had one of the small portable washer that have the tub on the left and a small spin bin on the right. While it was great for small loads, it was not good for doing larger items like blankets or a bed comforter. I was looking for 3 cu. Ft. Portable washers for a long time and most of them have the same layout (controls).

Size capacity: when i saw the black+decker 26.5 lb washer, i wasn’t sure how that translated into cubic feet so i went to the b+d website and it is listed as a 3.0 cu ft washer for the bpwm30w model.

Sound level: i’ve done large, medium, and small loads. The washer is definitely quieter when doing a small load and the shaking while spinning is not significant. When doing medium or large loads, the noise level is louder when spinning, but nothing that exceeds what i would hear with a regular sized washing machine.

Hoses & quick connect: the machine comes with 4 foot rubber hoses so while waiting for this to be delivered, i purchased some stainless steel hoses with an elbow. My thinking was that the stainless steel hose would be better to withstand the pressure of the water while it was in ‘off’ mode (the faucet stays turned on, but the water is automatically stopped from going into the machine when it’s done filling). Don’t make the mistake i made.

While the stainless steel hoses are fine, the end with the threads doesn’t work properly with the quick connect that comes the washer. The quick connect part to which you tighten the hose is not round, it’s hexagon shaped. So there was a noticeable leak where the stainless steel hose and quick connect met. That leak then travel along the hose down onto my floor.

Since i changed to using the washer at my kitchen sink, i also used the original 4ft. Hoses that came with the machine and it works perfectly with the odd hexagon shaped end of the quick connect — absolutely not leaks.

Mobility: i’ve read many reviews for 2.0 and 3.0 cu. Ft portable washers, and something they have in comment is that the wheel that come on them are ridiculous small. Not only that, you have to tip the machine in order to use the two wheel.

Rather than dealing with that silliness, i bought a washer dolly with 4 locking wheel and set the machine on top of that. The feet of the washer feet perfectly on the corners of the roller without having to expand the size of the dolly. An advantage of placing the washer on a dolly is the ground clearance. When it comes tie to clean the drain pump on the bottom of the back, there is enough room to place a bowl to catch the water. If the you leave the machine directly on the floor, then the water that comes out of the drain pump will be leak onto the floor unless you place a towel there.

Overall: i’m very happy with this washer it’s capacity. It may be portable, but it can handle washing a queen-sized blanket and/or comforter (not feathered though — i only take those to the dry cleaner).

5Expert Score
Gotta love this one

Had trouble figuring out why it leaked all over, just like negative reviews. B&d website in manual is disabled. Amazon was too busy, so i figured out that the hose will siphon any water in the machine if it is below the level in the washer. Duh! Pump works to drain during cycles, but will drain by gravity anytime it is below washer water level.
Can’t wash just one large bath towel or it will get out of balance. Put in 2 and wrap around edge of tub. Like the end up after spinning.
2 towels on rapid mode took 15 minutes, 300 watts peak and total in 15 minites and about 12 gal. Of water. Just right for my rv for a day’s towels and chonies.

5Expert Score
Better than i expected

The machine arrived with a dent on the box and on the machine itself. I used the app to contact the support and immediately got multiple options to solve my problem. Since returning would be hard for me i decided to get the discount and try the machine and see if it would still work. It did and i’m so happy with how quiet it is. How little room it takes. How easy it was to install. Just a heads up, verify under your sink when you are using it, my sink/faucet couldn’t handle the pressure of being on all the time and it leaked under my sink, so keep in eye on it.

4Expert Score
Read before you buy!!!!

Overall i give this 4 stars. It cleans beautifully and i love the control i have over washing clothes. I had to leave mid wash and was able to pause the clothes before they were rinsed then do a rinse cycle once i got back. However, there are a few things to note that may not be quite clear in the instructions :

1. The bottom cover was a bit tricky, however be sure to line up the hole on the panel with the screw hole on the machine. That’s how i figured out which way was correct.
2. Do not open the lid with the machine running. It will give you an e2 code. If this happens, close the lid and press the start/pause button. That usually fixes it
3. If you are washing pillows, it may have a hard time reading water levels. I have washed 4 decorative pillows so far and the larger ones took a bit longer due to this issue
4. If you are connecting this to a faucet, monitor the water hose. It doesn’t have a way to turn off the water coming from a faucet. I turn the faucet on and off manually when it is filling up. Leaving the faucet on and unattended will cause water to spray everywhere!
5. The hose attachment and adapter provided are rather large so you may need an adapter. I bought one for $10 from ace hardware.
6. This cleans well but it is not a full sized washer. There is no agitator in the middle and it does not aggressively wash clothes. Be sure to use quality soap and do not overload the washer. Make sure the clothes are completely submerged under the water level by a few inches.

I took off one star because i feel the instructions were a bit lacking. I was able to figure it all out but i understand how it may be confusing for others. Overall i am soooo happy to have this little machine. Hopefully it has some longevity. It has been very quiet to the point i forgot it was on. Also, it does an excellent job of spinning the clothe dry. I do not have an in home dryer but it spins them so well that they dry in a few hours any way while hanging up.

4Expert Score
Looks good, but instructions manual suck

Writing review after first day of use. During setup, i put the drain hose on a floor of the shower and guess what, as washer started taking in the water, it started coming out of the drain hose right away and tub did not get filled at all… Wtf ! Tried black+decker website, went through instructions manual again, but nothing. In the end, google to my rescue. Googling took me directly to one useful review which tells about – ‘first you need to make sure the gray drain hose is not laying low on the ground like hanging on the bathtub or on floor of the shower. You must hang it on your sink so tube is going up.’
manual talks about 3 options, but does not tell explicitly that it ‘must be’ in upright position. It must have been written in instructions manual, that drian hose must be in upright position. For this hassle, cutting one star.

4Expert Score
Surprised & happy with purchase

I’ve already done 3 washes, and it works really well. It also spins dry (the same as a regular sized washer). You def have to do a lot of research. If you’ve done your research then you will have no issues. I def recommend watching some youtube videos if you are unsure of the installation. (1) be sure you check that your gaskets are all there when connecting to the water. You should use sealant tape if still experiencing leaks, but i haven’t experienced any from the hose. 2) you may want to buy another hose to connect to the water and a sink adapter. I’m seeing that long term use with the provided hose might be problematic for some people (just the one connecting to the water). I just bought a separate hose. (3) keep double-checking for leaks to be sure everything is functioning properly, especially while it is running. (4) i’m not finding many people on youtube or other sources talk about the experience of moving the washer to another location in your home after you’re done using it. I think most people have it in a permanent spot, but i know lots of people may be using it in the bathroom and will have to move it to another location when finished. This involves disconnecting the hose and everything. To be sure there are no leaks, i strongly recommend buying a tray that fits under to catch any water and be sure to carefully empty both hoses that work with the washer. I didn’t experience any leaks until i tried to move the washers location forgetting there’s highly likely some water left inside. It was leaking from the bottom after removing the hose due to me tilting the machine from moving it, so i def should’ve emptied it properly. With it being heavy, you could get a small dolly to help with moving, but i highly recommend getting a tray for the bottom of it. Overall, it was a good purchase. I def wish it came with its own tray

4Expert Score
It was tough to balance and i'm a jet mechanic.

I do like it. This is for the 1.6/1.7 version, they can’t make up their minds. Dont like how retailers are lumping different size, actually different products together. So anyway i had a magic chef 1.6 that my wife abused for 5 years and it finally died but it didn’t owe me anything.

So now onto my review, it’s a better machine, quieter and does a better job. Took some work to reasonably balance it and i’m not quite done tweeking it but declare it operational.

Small entrance to the downstairs bathroom where it’s hooked up as a permanent install. That’s why a smalled unit.

Mine came with a dent! I hate that! But it’s not bad and need the machine and don’t need the hassles, i deserve a $50 rebate at least. *edit* nice woman gave me a hundred dollar rebate fot the dent and leveled and balanced well on the second attempt.

So after it’s all said and done, it seems better than the machine it replaced and is actually pretty good.
We have a new washing machine! It’s just my wife and i now so this is great.

Had to do a lot of tweeking to get balance just right, be prepared for that if you can.

Thank you amazon.

4Expert Score
Good machine… Terrible hoses and attachments it comes with

It doesn’t come with any of the adapters needed to use any sink or faucet… Black and decker is so stupidly cheap they sell you an almost $300 machine missing $3 dollars worth of screw faucet adapters you will probably needed to connect the intake water hose to a faucet or sink… Shame on you black and decker for being so cheap it prevents your product from working out of the box… They advertise it saying it’s great for apartments and college dorms rooms, the hoses are so tiny my cauk is longer than the hoses they give you … They won’t reach faucets or sinks in any situation you put the machine in… None of the parts that come with the machine are useful and the machine won’t work without them… You will have to go to a hardware store to buy faucet screw adapters and replace every part and hose that comes with the machine before you can even wash your first load…

The next day… Feeling like a pimp understanding that the machine has the wrong hose… I had to replace the worthless pair of hose that the machine came with… After the trip to the hardware store and giving them the extra money that black and decker should have and could have made… The machine finally works… The plastic hanging peripheral is rubbish and feeble enough to not keep the outflow hose in the sink… For the second load i use some extra zip ties i got left over from other endeavors, i zip tie the hoses together with the outflow hose facing down… Finally i have eliminated all the problems that the horrible attachments that came with the machine created… In conclusion… The machine could be a 4 or 5 star product but it’s severely handicapped because black and decker dropped the ball with problematic peripherals and attachments…

4Expert Score
Great product but….

I was so excited when purchasing the black+decker 1.7cubic washer. Al the functions, the extra hose and washer much needed. The but in my title is due to the leaking aspect. For each usage, that has to be checked even when everyone part of the hose connection is done. Overall, i absolutely love my machine. I discovered the quick wash is perfect. The spin is phenomenal for such a small machine. I am truly impressed with this product. I actually have to be very careful to not overload. My husband was quite surprised at how quiet it is. This product is not rated #1 for nothing. I understand why now. No more laundromat except for bathroom rugs or extra large items.

4Expert Score
It literally ties my clothes in knots

I had no idea this was a thing. I’ll try experimenting with different settings and load sizes but my clothes will get wrapped up and then tangled up. With no exaggeration, i have to untie my load of laundry when it comes out. So this results in me having to iron everything as even a run through the dryer doesn’t fluff out the tightly wound articles of clothing. The washing machine arrived dented from shipping but i didn’t care enough to have that addressed. Overall it does exactly what i needed it to do in my apartment with no hookups. I have mine on a floor dolly so i can wheel it around as i need it. It would be difficult to move around without the wheels though. I haven’t noticed any significant noise.

4Expert Score
So far so good

I’ve had this washer for only a week but so far so good. It took a few tries to get the correct laundry detergent and fabric softener ratio for my clothes, but i think i found it now. Holds quite a bit for one wash. The biggest load i’ve tried so far was 4 t shirts, a light zip up sweatshirt, a pair of shorts, and 3 pairs of undergarments (all size m).

The only thing i worry about is that this machine holds quite a bit water in different places even after the machine is done with a load. Depending where you are it could easily develop mold. I find myself trying to drain my machine after every use to prevent that from happening. Thankfully i just pull it over to my stairs and drain the remaining water from the drain hose into a bucket. But i still worry.

There’s a bit more work and maintenance into operating this then you would a normal washer, but if you don’t have hook ups and/or hate the laundromat, this gets things done. I hope it lasts me at least a few years.

4Expert Score
Mighty washer – quiet assassin of dirty clothes

Aside from packaging styrofoam ending up in the motor bay of the machine), there is really nothing bad can be said about it.
After unboxing, i decided to make sure that there’s nothing loose inside the machine – and i’m glad i did. Ton of white styrofoam pieces inside. Had to remove large pieces by hand, and then just dusted the smaller particles. Reattached the bottom cover and hooked up directly to the cold water line. Glad i had purchased a 90° elbow – anticipated stress on the hose coming from under the sink to the top water intake on the black and decker washer. Zero leaks using the elbow, minor dripping without it.
Let me tell you that the machine is extra quiet – i was shocked. And vibration is almost nonexistent. Detergent is added directly into the washer’s bay. Clothes came out smelling fresh, no weird mechanical odor and being squeezed out of most of the water (yes, i’m also impressed with the spin cycle).
Completely satisfied with the purchase.
P.s. After my parents stopped by for a visit, they’re waiting for their old haier portable washer to die so they can buy this beast. I am actually planning on getting a second one for my house.

Update: 7/11/18:
after about 2 weeks of doing 2-3 loads of laundry daily, it still doesn’t leak and we still loving it. I ordered a longer washer hose (8ft) to have the washer permanently connected to a cold water outlet and also got the drip tray, just in case it leaks, but mainly to be able to slide it on our laminate kitchen floor. We have room under the counter top, and we just slide the machine in and out. When we don’t use it, it fits perfectly under the counter top alcove.

Update 7/12/18:
jinxed it. Noticed a minor puddle in the drip tray around front left leg of the washer. Emptied it out, removed back panel and noticed droplets of water on the outside of white center drum, pump motor, drain hose, etc. Dried everything out, and ran another wash on gentle, medium load. And watched…leak was coming from the top of the washer when it starts to fill in for the second time. Right where clear hose disappears into the top of the washer – see video. Not subtracting any stars, want to see how amazon or black and decker handles warranty… Will keep you posted

replacement is on the way. Top notch customer service!!!

Update 7/17/18:
excited – replacement arrived. Took new machine out of the box, installed it and packaged the old for return into the same box… Man, i’m not gonna lie, but i’m a bit disappointed. Did a test wash on rapid – no problem. Did a gentle run and there was a little puddle by the front left leg of the washer and behind the machine below the black drain plug. Its late now. I’ll do another wash tomorrow and inspect where the leak is coming from. Taking 1 star off for now…
Leak is coming from the top, same spot as the previous bnd washer. Is this a manufacturing defect or am i the only one experiencing it? Please, share your experiences. I will do another exchange later and if same bull happens, i’ve an idea how to do the mod to redirect leak right into the washer’s drum. Annoying, yes, but i do like the machine for its effectiveness. Will keep you posted, as usual…
Update 7/31/18:
got my 2nd replacement machine. Ran a test wash on rapid, but forgot to switch to a lower wash load, ran it at load 3 by default. Water started to fill in and just splashed everywhere, even got it on the bottom of the opening lid. So cannot be sure if it leaked or not. Have to wait for it to dry.
Update 8/06/2018:
as much as i’d like to leave a 5 star review, i have to subtract yet 1 more star. Second replacement is leaking as well. I am assuming first machine that i’ve had for over a month was leaking too, it’s just i didn’t have a tray underneath the washer and couldn’t see the leak.

I am not going to return the item thought, because a) i still love it, because it is still an amazing machine – silent, light, washes your items etc, etc. But .. Just this annoying leak coming from the top. B) i am using a pistol grip clamp and a small food tray to catch droplets of water, but in no way a new item should be modified in any way right from the start.

Update 8/28/2018:

machine stopped leaking. I don’t know what the deal is here, but i’m not complaining and adding 1 more star. What a roller coaster.

Update 9/18/18:
still no leaks and yesterday i have loaded a heavy (with sweat) jiu jitsu gi size a3, both, pants an the jacket…and it fit!

4Expert Score
Has worked great for 2months now

I have been very impressed with this washer. It washes well and spin dries as well. The only problem is when i got it, it was a little dented up, but nothing too drastic. Great washer, but be sure to make sure it arrives in one piece

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