Blink Add-On Sync Module 2

Blink Add-On Sync Module 2 Blink Add-On Sync Module 2 : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

What are blink add-on sync module 2 features?

  • Conveniently control all of your blink devices right from the blink home monitor app with the blink sync module 2. The sync module 2 connects up to 10 of any blink indoor, blink outdoor, xt2, xt, video doorbell and blink mini devices (not required for mini).
  • Supports local video storage for up to 10 outdoor, indoor, video doorbell and mini devices. Record and store motion clips when you insert a usb flash drive (up to 256 gb – sold separately) into the blink sync module 2. Does not support live view recording.
  • View, share, and download locally stored motion alerts from outdoor, indoor, video doorbell and mini devices through the blink app anytime or watch the footage on your computer by plugging in the usb flash drive (sold separately).
  • No monthly fees are required to use local video storage functionality. Local video storage functionality is not compatible with blink xt2, xt, and 1st generation indoor cameras.
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Blink Add-On Sync Module 2 AMAZON Blink Add-On Sync Module 2 : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

Can i get a clear answer on if i can not have anything going to the cloud. Can this be set to never upload any video to the cloud?

I’ve had 5 blink cameras since last year. I do not have a subscription plan. If you plug a usb drive into the sync 2 module, all your cameras will send their video to the usb drive. It’s a little slower than having a subscription plan as only one camera can upload to the drive at a time, but even if all cameras record a video at the same time, they will send the video to the usb drive within a minute or so. You can access your videos from anywhere using the blink app. You don’t have to be at home. The view of recorded videos is different in the app without a subscription. You don’t get a thumbnail and you have to delete each video individually. It’s a pain in the rear. Or you can eject the thumb drive, connect it to a computer and delete the folder from the thumb drive. A new folder is created for each month, so you can delete month by month or open the monthly folder and delete each video individually. They’re labeled by date and hour, if i remember correctly. My 64gb storage card will hold several months worth of video, so i delete on my computer. You can also view and save your videos on your computer. One big consideration is that if someone breaks into your home and steals your sync module, you don’t have access to the videos for the police. This is the same for any local storage camera system. I just ordered the blink doorbell, so i can get rid of my ring camera subscription. Then i’m going to buy the monthly unlimited subscription plan. It’s worth it for ease of access and peace of mind that videos will be accessible even if the sync 2 module is stolen. To answer the main question, you can’t shut the cloud off. It won’t automatically save video there without a subscription plan, but the blink team is going to have access to your videos even if you don’t have a subscription plan. So don’t go dancing naked in front of the cameras unless you’re really proud of your assets.

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Why usb storage? It’s obtrusive. Why not a simple sd card?

Crazy hick has a point in that the manufacturer didn’t read the question. They frequently don’t when they don’t understand the product they are selling. He is also correct that 2.4 ghz is cheaper than 6 ghz (which most people don’t have, especially if they use the wifi from their internet provider). But i doubt it is any cheaper than 5 ghz. He is also wrong about range. While 5 ghz is faster than 2.4 up to a distance from the router (that distance being a function of a lot of environmental factors and wifi channel picking/antenna phase difference skills), 5 ghz speed drops off quickly after that point and 2.4 ghz is faster at distance. This is mainly due to 2.4 ghz having a 4.7 inch wavelength while 5 ghz is half that at 2.36 inches. Generally speaking, the shorter the wavelength the greater the attenuation passing thru things such as walls. Also, the larger something is relative to the wavelength the greater its impact (think rain fade on directtv broadcast at much higher frequencies).

Since the manufacturer didn’t answer the question, i can only guess. I have yet to log into my blink account on a pc. So is that even possible? If not, then wifi transfers would be to the phone. But that is not where i would want the video files. I would want them on my pc for backup on a hd drive. Taking a sd card out (i presume microsd), putting into a usb adapter to transfer to a pc, then reinstalling would be a pain. Especially the part where you are trying to reinsert the sd card, not touch the contacts, and not have the metal contacts exposed to the tens of thousands of volts of static charge on ones hands. Also, usb drives can have 10 times the write cycle life.

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Is any usb flash drive compatible with the blink sync module 2? If not, what are the requirements?

You can use a usb flash drive up to 256gb with the sync module 2, flash drive can be 2.0 or 3.0

I have received the sync module 2, do i have to buy all new cameras?

The sync module 2 will still function like a traditional sync module, compatible with all generations of blink cameras (indoor, xt, xt2, blink indoor and outdoor, and blink mini), however, only blink indoor and outdoor and blink mini cameras will be compatible with local storage functionality. All other generations of cameras (indoor, xt and xt2) will be cloud based if/when they are added to the sync module 2.

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Does the sync module 2 do anything more than that the original sync model does (other that store local video for some select devices)?

The sync module 2 will still function like a traditional sync module, compatible with all generations of blink cameras (indoor, xt, xt2, blink indoor and outdoor, and blink mini), in addition to the new local storage functionality that sync module 2 provides for blink mini and blink indoor and outdoor.

Can you use the outdoor cameras indoors?

You are able to use the blink outdoor camera inside as well if you wish

Since the blink cloud subscription plan is launched, can you check the video clips that are saved in the sync module in live just like the cloud?

Please keep in mind the functionality changes without the subscription. They changed their wording since i bought it, but they are still deceptive. You can absolutely view the files from usb storage, but suddenly the app is incapable of showing you thumbnails or even which camera it’s from … Only a lonnnng filename that indicates the time and date. Loading from usb also takes noticeably longer. By the time you get a notification (which also doesn’t show you a thumbnail) and trying to load anything can be at least 40-50 seconds.

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Is a subscription required for live views?

A subscription is not required to use the blink cameras. You can enjoy helpful features like live view, two-way audio and motion notifications. If you would like to record and save your motion clips you can opt for our monthly or annual blink cloud subscription plans (new cameras come with a free trial of the blink plus plan) or you can use the sync module 2 and usb flash drive for local storage and no additional fees.

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Can you use this instead of the monthly subscription? Are the features any different? Thanks!

The module syncs your cameras and gives you wifi connectivity if that is what you want, but without a subscription, you will not have camera monitoring after the trial runs out. I do wish that they would be more forward about this. I have four cameras and have paid the $100 per year to keep my cameras working properly. So’ the answer is no.

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Do i need this so i can watch my doorbell with live view? I cannot get a live view.

I think so. I had the same issue and then ordered the sync model and now i can see live (but can’t record without a subscription).

Does the sync module 2 works with any kind of usb drive?

It looks like it can work with usb 2.0 and 3.0 drives. But the read/write speed is like only 2.0 speeds. I tried faster usb 3.1 and reading was maybe 2 seconds faster. And blink sync module does not save live video.

Description: “connects…any blink indoor, blink outdoor, xt2, xt…” then says the opposite: “not compatible with blink xt2, xt…” why?

That is a question for blink.

I bought the blink 3 camera system from costco ,would this item work with my system .this stores the video footage does this require a a contract with

The sync module 2 will still function like a traditional sync module, compatible with all generations of blink cameras (indoor, xt, xt2, blink indoor and outdoor, and blink mini) however only blink indoor and outdoor and blink mini cameras will be compatible with local storage functionality. All other generations of cameras (indoor, xt and xt2) will be cloud based if/when they are added to the sync module 2.
A subscription is not required for local storage. When your trial ends or you cancel, local usb storage via the sync module 2 will still be available for the blink mini, blink indoor and blink outdoor cameras at no charge. You will still be able to access motion clips within the app.

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What is the range of the module? Does it communicate with the cameras through wifi or radio?

Assuming a fairly standard home (single building, no unusually dense construction materials), the sync module should be able to communicate with blink camera units up to 100ft away in any direction. As far as how far away the system can be from the wireless router that would depend on the strength of your internet/wifi, we recommend at least three bars of signal strength for optimal performance. The sync module and cameras would communicate via wifi.

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Do i need this in order to operate my indoor & out door cameras

The blink indoor and blink outdoor cameras would require the sync module to operate.
The sync module would ship with all blink kits/systems.

It says that it does not support live video recording and i’m wondering if this means that i can not record a video anytime from anywhere?

The sync module is not a camera itself. It’s more of a “command center” of you will. It allows the user to tie multiple camera into a system and also allows you to store your own video on a flash drive vs paying for the blink service.

If the question is regarding a blink camera, you are able to save a live video without a trigger prompting. So if you log in from a phone and watch live, you could save that video either to your blink account or to your sync module.

Hope that helps.

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Will this increase the cloud storage if i have a mini?

The sync module 2 will allow you to use the local storage option available for the blink mini when inserting a usb flash drive. You are able to use a usb flash drive up to 256gb with the sync module 2.

How many modules can be added to one system to increase coverage in a maaonry house

With our multi-system support feature, you can access and use two or more (up to 5) separate blink systems from the same blink app account.

I have blink installed on my phone. How do i also install it on my wife’s phone?

Download the blink app on her phone…login to existing acct/user with the email and password you use on your phone…then it will send a trxt to your phone with a code allowing her to log in…easy peasy.

I’m trying to get a clear answer on live views. Do you need the sink module to get a live view any time? I’m wishing to do this without a subscription

You can view the camera without a subscription. The blink module is only if you want to record

Blink Add-On Sync Module 2 AMAZON Blink Add-On Sync Module 2 : Yakibest Devices & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Something to think about that i didnt see mentioned here

I have a blink doorbell cam and when i installed it and hooked it up to the blink app it mentioned the blink sync module 2. So i went on amazon and did some research on it and couldn’t really see what it did. I also read a lot of reviews that mentioned that you didn’t need it and some other reviews that said that they had trouble installing it. But, i ultimately decided to buy it and see what it did even though i planned on keeping the cloud storage here is what i have learned.

If you have a blink camera that doesn’t plug in it is a good idea to get this and the cloud storage. The blink sync module 2 takes the video from the blink camera’s that don’t plug in and uploads them to your cloud storage for them. The cloud storage plus plan is about 10.60 a month with taxes and all included as of the writing of this review. And you can use the blink module 2 with just a usb drive but know that if someone breaks into your home and takes the usb drive with them when they leave you will have no photo’s or video of who was in your home.

Because the video of the break in was not uploaded to the cloud and stored off site.

So what happens with the devices from blink that use batteries (this can apply to solar powered devices as well) is that they try to conserve their energy so the best way that they do that is to only upload to the cloud as needed. Meaning without the module they are only uploading pictures, and (in my experience) no video.

So when they do have the module they are communicating with it via wifi and saying ‘hey i saw something and it needs to go to the cloud (if you have it) but i dont want to waste my power can you do it for me?” and the sync module responds back and says “sure im plugged in and i have plenty of power give it to me and i will send it”. The camera then send the video to the module (using a lot less power) then sends the video to the cloud storage (that you can pay for yearly or monthly) and it is saved.

I think that the sync module 2 is nice, but i also think that they can do a better job on this site. They need to explain exactly what the module does and what will happen if you don’t get the cloud storage and what will happen if you do.

I personally believe in redundancy when it comes to things like this and i think that if you are going to have this security system it is best to have the cloud storage, and to use a thumb drive. But if you really want to have just a thumb drive and you need this to do it i would suggest hiding this device somewhere where it will not be seen and where thieves cant get to it. Like one reviewer said it would be nice to be able to use this with an ethernet cable, but you cant. Which is something that i don’t like other than that i would buy it and my blink doorbell camera again.

That’s my two cents sorry about the long review. I hope that this helps you make a good decision about your home security needs. I did the best that i could so if it is a little confusing i am sorry.

5Expert Score
Inexpensive alternative to other systems.

Just discovered blink and bought a pair of indoor cameras during prime days. Then i bought the sync module which you really need if you want this to work properly. All three were inexpensive compared to other systems that are out there. I have a different/complete video system outside my home and will soon replace it with blink outdoor cameras. The blink interface/app is easy to use, and provides good excellent image quality and sound. Setup is straightforward and programming each camera is simple. I do not appreciate, however, the hard sell to use the blink cloud service. You get it free for 30 days and, while it is convenient, you really don’t need it because they offer you the much-appreciated option of capturing and storing videos on a usb drive. But whenever you go to view your usb stored items, you get a ‘commercial’ that states something to the effect of ‘usb clips take a little longer to load.’ the *wait* is inconsequential. But it is a constant pitch for a *faster* cloud service (and faster it is, indeed)(but not by much). Still 5-stars for me.

5Expert Score
Must buy if you have blink doorbell!!

This is a must buy if you have a blink doorbell. This sync module will allow you to view your doorbell in live view without this module you can only see video after. You can also arm the doorbell with the app when you have the module without it you can only arm doorbell by pushing doorbell which is annoying.

5Expert Score
Best budget but

Honestly it does a job in it as well my blink cameras never disconnect unless it’s unplugged or i lose power and there’s actually no alternative to that you can get online and buy a backup power supplies for your cameras now

5Expert Score
Works great!

Does what i expected it would do. It records with no subscriptions, and i can easily log on the device and remove old recordings without having to take out the usb stick and plug it into a computer and delete.

5Expert Score
Why would anyone not buy this ?

If you have any ring camera/doorbell, this is a must have ! You add a sd card and it automatically recorded all the videos for free so it’s a roi of 3/4 months! And you access the video super easily.

5Expert Score
Easy setup

Plug it in & follow the directions & it’s as easy as 123. It made using my blink products much easier & if you have a doorbell you’ll definitely need this product!

5Expert Score
Money saver..

It saves you money. Instead of using a subscription control and monitor everything yourself!

5Expert Score

This is all it says it is. Works perfect. I will purchase more from blink.

5Expert Score
Works great

I love the blink door bell because you don’t have to subscribe to save videos if you buy the module that saves recordings to a thumb drive. Only thing i have trouble with is i would like to change the notifications sound and have watched several videos on how to but can’t get any of them to work on my iphone.

4Expert Score
Unable to connect to blink servers – resolved

Neither my new blink video doorbell or my blink sync module 2 can be set up using the instructions provided neither cand establish connections through my xfinity home network, despite this network working well at high speeds for every other device in my home. I have tried repeating the setup numerous times for both items and neither has any problem connecting to my iphone 13, but every attempt with both aurtomatic and manual connections end with the ‘cannot connect to the blink servers’ message. I have tried calling the blink home tech support line and have waited over 30 minutes listening to please wait messages.
Updated – changed a setting on my wifi network. Video doorbell and sync model 2 now working, but it took a lot of trial and error.

4Expert Score
Blink camera system

These do the job well enough, but last week we had thunderstorms and my system went down. That’s the first time in 2+ years. After hours trying to get back online, i broke down and ordered a new blink module 2. It still didn’t work. So i deleted all cameras and uninstalled the phone app. I put the old module back in, reinstalled phow app, and set everything up just like i did when it was new. All is well. Also note that your password requires special characters, but you can’t use &.

4Expert Score

I like it

4Expert Score
Not a slam dunk to set up

The sync module set up and link to the outdoor camera took longer than expected.

4Expert Score
Good to go!

I am satisfied with my purchase

4Expert Score
Great product

Daytime videos/pictures are great, beautiful and clear but nighttime visuals are the complete opposite. Poor vision at night cloudy/ fuzzies videos/pictures faces not clear at night!

4Expert Score
Works well but frustrating to set up

I had this sync module for 10 days before finally getting it to work properly. A solution to the problems i had would be to simply include some detailed instructions! Seems to be working fine now but it was super frustrating to have to search for answers to my problems when a set of instructions could have been included. Tech support finally helped me but even that took several days.

4Expert Score

Does what it shows

4Expert Score
Decent for price!

It has a good video quality, day or night. Motion detection is as sensitive as you want it. My only concern is it randomly goes offline

4Expert Score
Paw patrol and animal control

We use this tool to talk to our westie as she is too talkative.

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