Blink Outdoor 3rd Gen + Floodlight — wireless, 2-year battery life, HD floodlight mount and smart security camera, 700 lumens, motion detection, set up in minutes – 1 camera kit (Black)

What are blink outdoor 3rd gen + floodlight — wireless features?

  • Blink floodlight works with outdoor to deliver a wire-free, hd smart security led floodlight camera with up to two years of battery life.
  • See, hear, and speak to visitors in real time with 1080p hd live view and two-way audio from the app.
  • Light up the night — get 700 lumens of motion-triggered, high-quality led lights.
  • Choose to store video clips and photos in the cloud with an optional blink subscription plan or locally with the included blink sync module 2 and usb flash drive (sold separately).
  • Customize motion detection zones, enable alerts, and set lights to trigger from the free blink home monitor app on your smartphone.
  • Set up yourself in minutes — connect outdoor to wifi and follow in-app instructions. Mount where you want with the included kit (hook included for no drill installation on vinyl siding).
  • Works with alexa — use your voice to monitor your home with live view, motion alerts, and activate lights with select alexa devices.
  • Includes one blink outdoor camera, one floodlight mount, one sync module 2, one mounting bracket, two 1.5v aa lithium metal batteries, four d-cell batteries, one mounting kit, one usb cable, one power adapter, and one right angle adapter.
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Looking for specific info?

Can the blink outdoor + floodlight be connected to a power source so it doesn’t require batteries?

Well i have several of these cameras and the one over the garage was done in about 4 months or so, if that. So i went online and found that there’s a power cord for the blink outdoor camera with an 15ft cord. (don’t quote me on the length) but i picked it up for about $15, ran it around to power, and haven’t had any issues with power since. I do have a different motion detector with a light over the garage which helps. Well dang…. If you go to amazon and search this (outdoor blink camera power cord) you’ll find a bunch of different cords with different lengths. Hope that helps for those still waiting on solar

Will it work with existing sync module?

Worked just fine with sync module 1. Snapped the serial number and camera was instantly recognized by my module and added.

Will the module 2 work with our exesting outdoor blonk cameras

The sync module 2 connects up to 10 of any blink indoor, blink outdoor, xt2, xt, and blink mini cameras (not required for mini)

Can work with blink xt2?

No, it is not compatible with blink indoor, mini, xt2, xt, or first generation blink indoor. It is only compatible with blink outdoor.

Does it only run on battery? No power from existing connections?

4 d size batteries only

I’m looking for a way to monitor my backyard orchard and deter a bear that has been raiding it. Do you think this could work for that purpose?

While it doesn’t have a way to deter, a bear will activate the camera. I just saw a sharp video a friend took of a young bear meandering through his property a couple days ago. This is why i’m purchasing this product today.

I just received my blink outdoor + floodlight. How do i connect to my wifi? Tried several times with no success.

Best to watch a youtube video. (it’s pretty detailed).

Does this affect the waterproof capabilities of the camera?

Hello! Thank you for asking about our new blink video doorbell!

The blink floodlight mount is ip65 certified weather resistant.

Can i connect the camera and floodlights to ac power from an existing installation?

No. As it is delivered, it is battery powered with no provisions for ac power connection.

Are the d cell batteries rechargeable?

Hello, thanks for your question! No, thy are normal non-rechargeable batteries.

So confusing. Description if ordered with camera, does not identify which blink camera model. Only reads outdoor. Which model is it, please?

Hello, thanks for your question! The blink floodlight can be ordered with the blink outdoor camera the new model outdoor camera. It is not compatible with the previous models xt and xt2.

Will the blink app work with the xt2 system and the blink outdoor system simultaneously?

Yes it does

Can you run the blink floodlight and camera off of solar instead of batteries??

I found out on a youtube & then checked out in amazon store that there is a solar panel that is compatible with outdoor camera. I am planning on purchasing

Can i shoot with this camera from anywhere in the world? Via wi fi?


Will it work on 5 gh wifi?


Is each light 700 lumens?

Not sure but it is really bright

Does it work in summer heat?

Im sure if it works with the freezing temps we have had it will be fine in the sun. They have a way to see the camera temps in the app setting for each camera.

Do i have to buy the mount accessories separately?

No the device comes with mount assembly and a mount assembly for camera with a plug in wire so they are in sync. You must have the xto latest gen outdoor camera

I have sync 2, how can i add only blink outdoor floodlight camera. Everything i see is a combo with sync2.

There are instructions on how to do this. You will need to download the blink app. Create an acct. Then the qr code needs to be read off the sync module then once you enter your wireless name and the password is entered you go to the app it will show add device you click on that and your camera has a qr code you take a pic of that your camera will show up in app same with flood after you connect camera to the flood it will notice that the flood is connected if not reboot the sync mod

Is one blink sync module 2 needed per camera?

No. One sync module supports 5 cameras

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Nice addition to the blink camera system

Bought this on prime day for decent price …camera, lights and module for $79 with batteries included. The floodlight works great and puts out enough light for a dark walk on the side of my house. Easy install. I can use the floodlight independently when needed or it’s triggered automatically with the camera. In daylight, the camera simply works like all the others. The light triggers on with the camera at night and has a setting to have it trigger on in daylight too (although i don’t see the purpose). Works well with alexa. You can preset the light in the app to automatically shut down after so many minutes. We will see what the battery life of the lights are in time but i expect it will be pretty good given it uses two led lights.

5Expert Score
Camera works great!

We are having some trouble with “critters” living under our porch. This product has a wonderful light and sends me clips of the raccoon, skunk and opossum as we try strategies to make life at our house unpleasant for them. It is too early to tell, but i think some may move away just because they don’t like the bright light in their eyes. The video clips are excellent quality. Great product!

5Expert Score
Fast & easy set up; great video quality

Just installed today and i had to make a review. The flood light and camera were super easy to set up, install and link to my phone. Everything you need is in the box. I bought 2 additional cameras and all 3 cameras and flood light synced up immediately. Great video quality, and you can adjust the motion detectors to pick up certain movements by adjusting a grid. Great quality build for being so cheap.

5Expert Score
Worked right out of the box

I simply attached the blink camera to the unit, and it was up and running in minutes. The app detected that the unit has lights, and added features for them to the camera.

Thumbs up to blink for adding the requisite batteries already in the unit.

5Expert Score

Love this product, i have the blink outdoor cameras and one indoor camera as well. Just remember to remove the plastic from the batteries in the back so you can use the floodlights.

5Expert Score
Brightens up my world

Great outdoor camera. Good amount of area covered and nice and bright, easy install, easy set up with the blink app, quality camera for viewing, overall great quality from blink as usual

5Expert Score
Great battery powered camera

So, originally i was gonna shell out some money to go with a ring system. I needed four cameras with floodlights, and a doorbell camera. Right before hitting submit, my husband’s coworker friend told us to wait and look up the blink system. I am very glad he stopped us. For one thing, this was at least $400+ dollars cheaper than ring’s bundle. I wasn’t going to be able to grab a doorbell cam from ring until later because adding one on was more than the budget i had. With blink’s pricetag, i could get the doorbell camera and still be saving $400+.

For another, i wasn’t sure how bright ring’s lights would be. The coworker said they weren’t very bright, bright enough for the camera to have somewhat of a night vision, but not enough to do what i wanted, which was shine a light on the area the camera is pointed at. Blink’s lights are very obvious on the camera, and they’re very bright without being ridiculously so. It helps me out a ton at night in my back yard to see my porch, my steps, and any toys my son decided to leave as traps in my path. Don’t know why he does this seeing as how i use a cane and a wheelchair sometimes. Maybe he’s trying to give me one of those obstacle course challenges! They are also very responsive.

The whole thing was so easy to set up and i love how they included multiple ways to attach the cameras to your home. I needed to use the siding clips for most of my house, but i did have to buy a hammer drill, masonry bits, and brick screws to mount one of the cameras to the front of my house that is all bricks. The app is really easy to use and allowed me to easily put my doorbell camera and my front camera on the same sync module, and then turn on only the doorbell camera as the front one still needed to be mounted. It also allowed me to block out the street in front of my house as my neighbors driving to their houses would set off the motion detection. Not a lot as i live on a short cul-de-sac, but still enough to be annoying. That was very easy to do with their zone option.

The camera quality is so good too. Much better than ring’s in my opinion. Especially at night. I looked at a video of a friend’s night time ring camera that detected motion and you could barely make out the form of a bunny hopping past. My camera picks up those bunnies and squirrels at night clear as day. It’s really cool to be able to see the animals move around at night and they don’t set off the camera unless they’re on or immediately around my back deck.

All in all, i’d definitely recommend this camera system brand. You won’t be disappointed!

5Expert Score
Great camera!

Very easy to set up and it came with 1 free month of blink. After using the service for 1 month free i purchased the yearly subscription. The batteries are supposed to last 2 years, we’ll see.

5Expert Score

For the price point it is not bad. Features like wireless, no drill mounting, and long battery life are great.

5Expert Score
Peace of mind

We installed this in minutes and were using it right away. We like it so much that we’ve bought a few additional blink devices.

4Expert Score
Great camera

The camera works great, and does just what i needed it to do. The only problem i’m having is after i upgraded my iphone 13 pro to the new ios 16.0 it no longer does landscape when you view the videos. I don’t know how to correct this.

4Expert Score
Please believe me!

Works well! I’m waiting to purchase another, if i don’t purchase the doorbell!

4Expert Score
High quality but not good in the range of detection

The device is really high quality device and it works properly. What i liked a lot about this device is you can have a flash drive to save your videos and you do not necessarily have to purchase a plan from the manufacturer or a cloud space for your records and captures. However, i had to return it because the range of detection was not big enough for me. I purchased the device for my drive way and i noticed if someone comes to end of my driveway toward center of it, the device will not detect it as a motion and as result, it won’t be captured. The motion actually had to be so close to my garage door and the device to be detected and captured. And there was no setting for that and that’s why i am giving it a 4 star and returning it.

4Expert Score
Good product, but the batteries that came with the item were dead, had to buy batteries.

I dislike the fact that i couldn’t use the product because the batteries didn’t work, would come on and go out.

4Expert Score
Does what its supposed to do

Doenst allow for scheduling on and off. I’d like it to only come on between certain hours and the app doesnt allow that.

4Expert Score
Motion detection

The outdoor camera flood was very easy to install. Works great, but think motion detection could be vastly improved. This product cannot compare in motion detection to a cheap one purchased at any hardware store. The light could be a little brighter.

4Expert Score
Great product at a great price

This is a great little spotlight motion detector camera combo, the floodlight works great i had to turn the sensitivity down because it kept picking up all the little bugs flying around at night the lights are bright and the camera works great

4Expert Score
Great buy!

We didn’t have a light for the back of our house so i got this to replace the camera i had on the back there and i love it! It also comes with a siding mount so i didn’t have to drill any holes in my house! I can’t give it 5 stars though because i can’t get it to detect me leaving in the morning but i’m still adjusting the setting to try to get it to work.

4Expert Score
Night vision not great.

The range isn’t that great, have to be close before lights come on.

4Expert Score
It’s good with one fatal flaw…

I got this on amazon for $89.99 and i noticed the next day the price jumped to $140, yikes!!! I’ll keep it as i have it installed now, but the fatal flaw for me is that you cannot connect external power such as a solar panel that i have on my other outdoor cams. I doubt the batteries will last two years because it’s a driveway flood, and that would stink if your batteries died when you were away so it couldn’t record.

Btw, pay little attention to the one star ratings on here. They’re mostly idiots that couldn’t figure out you need to remove the cap on the back of the flood light, remove the plastic tab over the d batteries for it to connect to the camera and sync mod. As soon as you do that, everything works as it should.

Update: i could not get the flood lights to turn on upon the camera detecting motion, and the tiny “instruction” pamphlet is pretty much useless. I figured out that if you go under the floodlights settings, you have to turn on daylight sensitivity, then slide it left to 1 for the lights to turn on at night upon detecting motion.

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