Bloom Nutrition Green Superfood | Super Greens Powder Juice & Smoothie Mix | Complete Whole Foods (Organic Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass), Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, & Antioxidants (Mango)

Bloom Nutrition Green Superfood | Super Greens Powder Juice & Smoothie Mix | Complete Whole Foods (Organic Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass), Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, & Antioxidants (Mango)

Buy Bloom Nutrition Green Superfood | Super Greens Powder Juice & Smoothie Mix | Complete Whole Foods (Organic Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass), Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, & Antioxidants (Mango) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are bloom nutrition green superfood | super greens powder juice & smoothie mix | complete whole foods (organic spirulina features?

  • Say goodbye to bloat – our blend of probiotics restores the balance to your gut, eliminating bloat and detoxifying the digestive system. A scoop of our greens supplement provides quick bloating relief and reduces gut inflammation.
  • All natural ingredients – our number one goal is to create a healthy product packed with essential nutrients and organic superfoods that provide the nutritional support your body needs. Our premium greens powder is 100% natural, sugar free, low carb, keto-friendly, and non-gmo.
  • Clean energy boost – our best selling greens and superfood essentials provide a sustainable way to boost your energy levels. Unlike most energy drinks that use caffeine and sugar, our greens provide lasting natural energy derived from micronutrient dense superfoods, matcha powder, and garden fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from sustainable farms that taste great.
  • Promote healthy digestion – we’ve curated an amazing nutritious blend of raw superfoods that aids digestion and supports digestive health. Our blend of digestive enzymes helps break down the food you eat, while probiotics help the body absorb the nutrients from those foods.
  • Enhanced immune support – our greens superfood powder contains a powerful blend of vitamins, antioxidants and adaptogenic herbs to help increase immune response.
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Bloom nutrition green superfood | super greens powder juice & smoothie mix | complete whole foods (organic spirulina details:

Package dimensions ‏ : ‎

3.66 x 3.62 x 3.62 inches; 7.83 ounces

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Nutrascience labs

Bloom Nutrition Green Superfood | Super Greens Powder Juice & Smoothie Mix | Complete Whole Foods (Organic Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass), Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, & Antioxidants (Mango) AMAZON

Buy Bloom Nutrition Green Superfood | Super Greens Powder Juice & Smoothie Mix | Complete Whole Foods (Organic Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass), Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, & Antioxidants (Mango) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

Why is this product making me bloat more? I was really excited to try this product but it’s making me more bloated and gassy? Any reasons why?

It has maltodextrin in it…which causes gas and bloating.

Can you mix in both cold and hot water?

The package states mix in cold water.

– is this item easy to use?

Yes. You just add a scoop and stir it up. The instructions are on the container.

How much sugar is in this product?

On the supplement facts for the coconut flavor there is less than 1g of sugar. I hope that helps you.

What is the coconut mix best by. Water, almond milk?

I only use water.

Can you store this in the fridge ?

Yes. You can store in the refrigerator or pantry. Highly recommend refrigeration

Can my 3 year old son drink this?

I am not an owner or producer of this product. Looking at the ingredients it seems healthy to me if he’s given a small serving. I would double check with a professional though as i am not.

What is the best flavor?

If you want something sweet go for mixed berry (sweet w/ light matcha flavor), if not probably the original flavor (just a matcha flavor).

I don’t like matcha would i still like this ?

I think you will. It tastes like a sprite

Does this have any ”natural flavorings”?

They have an original but you may need to go to their website.

How many oz of water do you need for one scoop?

Depends on how strong you want the flavor. The more water, the more diluted the taste. I typically do 8oz.

Is this for men and woman?

Yes. And it is an excellent product with a great taste, don’t expect a full container, it will look empty but something is in there just not what you would expect in the container

Do you drink it every day?

You can if you want

Is it suppose to have chunks floating in the water/milk after mixing. I have so much floating ?

No, it is not. I use a portable blender to mix mine. It works better than a shaker bottle.

How quickly does this product begin to help with bloating?

For me this helped my energy and bloating and digestion with just 2 servings. So one day in i was feeling a ton better.

When should i drink this product? What time is the most optimal?

Our greens can be taken at any time 🙂

the most important thing to remember is that our greens work best when you can be most consistent with them. Whether thats mornings, afternoons, or evenings is completely up to you!

Can you take this as a replacement for fruits and vegetables if not eating adequate amount of veggies?

It is packed with about 50 different fruit powders. One serving is only 25 calories though and this would not be enough to completely replace fruits and veggies. It can be used as a healthy supplement for a lack of fruits and vegetables though as it contains a lot of nutrients.

Does it help with immunity for getting colds etc?

Yes i would say so at least in my experience. I recently got covid and at times felt very low energy and fatigue and i would take greens and it would help me feel way more energized

How is coconut flavor?

As someone who loves coconut, it’s very faint. I taste more of a light matcha flavor but still
drinkable. I don’t find it gross tasting

Is this manufactured in the usa or another country?

Yes it is manufactured in the usa

Bloom Nutrition Green Superfood | Super Greens Powder Juice & Smoothie Mix | Complete Whole Foods (Organic Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass), Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, & Antioxidants (Mango) AMAZON

Buy Bloom Nutrition Green Superfood | Super Greens Powder Juice & Smoothie Mix | Complete Whole Foods (Organic Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass), Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, & Antioxidants (Mango) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Really like it

I bought this due to having bloat, acid reflux and just overall gi issues. I went through all 30 days of the coconut to make sure i could give a good review.

I put one scoop in 10 oz each morning. It blends like a dream with the milk frother.

The taste was not bad nor was it good. I was able to drink it all down quickly. I didn’t really get the coconut taste, but that’s just me.

On the 3rd week i could really tell the difference. I had more energy and my stomach problem were less severe. Now, it does make you use the bathroom a lot. If you are constipated this will be great for you. I am not so there where time where it i would get small stomach cramps followed by many trips to the bathroom so be careful!!

I just bought the mango one and it’s much sweeter than the coconut and i haven’t experienced the e very from it like the coconut. I will continue to take the mango however i may go back to the coconut even though the taste is not ideal the benefits were worth it!

5Expert Score
Tastes good in smoothies!!

I first tried this product mixed with orange juice, but i couldn’t stand the tastse. The next day i tried it with a mixed berry smoothie that i made with oat milk and it tastes really good now!! I got the coconut one but i think it has a similar taste to matcha overall. I love the benefits, and with mixing it in a smoothie i get the health benefits from the product and my fruit intake. Highly recommend if you wanna take care of your gut!

5Expert Score
They sell out for a reason!

I’ve tried many different brands of greens and these are by far the best! This is my second bottle and decided to get the big one this time since i know i’ll use it! Love that there are different flavors as i usually mix mine with other things. Tastes good and does what it claims! I use mine every single day. Even on vacation i make sure to bring them and they are a game changer!

5Expert Score
Orange dreamcicle

I love these greens! They taste so delicious, almost like an orange dreamcicle & keep me regular! They are on the pricier side, but you’re paying for quality, and not something that you’re going to wish you could plug your nose and chug. I actually enjoy drinking this.

It blends pretty well in that you’re not having to chew some nasty tasting bits. If you wait too long to drink it, the greens and water separate. I usually just swish it around a bit because i’m too lazy to use the bloom blender stick. Good as new!

I always buy the larger container as i go through it so quickly & i share it with my partner! I recommend these greens to literally everyone.

5Expert Score
Tastes pretty decent and works great!

I love this bloom mix so much it definitely helps with my bloating however it tastes slightly weird not bad i just had to get used to it and it’s sometimes hard to mix with just water (that’s how i prefer mine). I drink it first thing everyday and it honestly helps with my lack of energy and digestive problems. I’ve been drinking them for about two months now and honestly love that i enclose it in my morning routine now !

5Expert Score
The best so far!

Day 2 of using bloom: still have energy. Yesterday i took it in the afternoon and had energy all day until about 9pm than i instantly got sleepy asf. Today i took it this morning at 7am and still have energy no side effects nothing but i could definitely tell a difference this morning. Once i took it about 10mins later i had energy…definitely will continue to buy it. Ive had low iron all my life and can tell when its low. Im usually cold all the time, i crave ice alot, i crave green vegetables alot and with that being said i ate all the broccoli and asparagus plus the cans of string beans in my house and was still lagging. The iron pills always made me sick for a few hrs. This definitely helps!!!! I mix it in a 8oz cup of bottle water, add in about 2 spoons of my mango seamoss and a cup (that it comes with) in a glass than whisk it until blended good. It’s actually not that bad at all. Ive seen on ticktock where people say orange juice is also great to blend with. Hope this helps!!

5Expert Score
So good!

Ok i never write reviews but i had to just bc of the taste. I ordered the coconut and i made everyone in my family try it first because my experience with greens (i’ve tried many) i felt like i was drinking pond water and would gag the entire time. Every person in my family the first thing they said was “oh not bad” so after 5 of them tried it i decided it was safe. I’m not saying it tasted like heaven but for greens, it went down super easy and i only mixed it with water. Greens & water that’s it! I’m definitely going to be drinking it every day and i hope i see some changes!!

5Expert Score
Tastes great

I enjoyed the flavor, honestly tastes like koolaid and goes down as smooth as regular water. I bought a handheld electric mixer to blend it; doesn’t taste chalky at all. Using it everyday, it lasts for about a month and a half. I would say just get the bigger size if you’re going to be drinking it regularly.

5Expert Score
Exactly as expected, in the best way

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my overall gut health in such a positive way. As someone with an extremely sensitive stomach and fickle gut, i’m not exaggerating when i say this product has changed my life for the better. It tastes so much better than i expected, and actually pairs really well with some of my favorite teas and pressed juices!!

5Expert Score
Really helps with bloating

I waited a little over a month to write this review because i wanted to make sure it worked. I’ve had issues with ibs and bloating all my life, and let me tell you this is a game changer. I’m not too big on the flavor, but it works! I would recommend using room temp water vs ice cold or cold. The powder mixes a lot better. I was able to see a difference in my bowel movements and bloating in 3 days.

4Expert Score
Great but not sure if it really works

I don’t like coconut but it was the only option i had at the moment and it was surprisingly delicious! Unless you have a mixer, it is fairly difficult to mix but i don’t mind the powdery substance in my drink. If you do, i recommend a mixer.
This really helped with my digestion and i noticed i use the bathroom more, however it didn’t really have any affect on bloating. I’ve tried this drink everyday for about 2 weeks and there’s never a difference with bloating.
I feel like it’s kinda overhyped from tiktok but it’s still good. Tastes good & helps digestion, but if you’re buying his product to reduce bloating,save your money.

4Expert Score
Good flavor but too sweet

This arrived earlier than expected. Packaging was good. I have tried it by mixing it with water and also in a smoothie. The flavor by itself is good but it is very sweet for me. I have to add extra water to dilute the sweetness. I got this to try out due to bloating and prior to this never heard of it on social media as others mentioned. I basically decided to try it out since it was on sale. As long as you blend it a little it won’t have the powder taste. I tried shaking it in a mason jar and though it worked, a little of the powder did get stuck on the bottom of the jar. So blending is the way to go.

4Expert Score
Great for gut health

Honestly saw the ads on tiktok and after reading some of the reviews i ordered it to give it a try. I have ibs so i figured it would be a good supplement to use. It’s been almost two weeks now, and i really do think it has made a difference. I experience less bloating and i go to the bathroom more consistently. I pair this with l – glutamine everyday and it’s my new saving grace. I would definitely get it if you are thinking about it. I got the coconut because it was the one on sale and it tastes “ok” on its own but with the l – glutamine taste way better.

4Expert Score
Green superfoods is okay

Been using greens & superfoods for 2 weeks. With a modified diet and bloom, i believe it’s helping reset my digestion. It’s helping with the bloating. The original flavor doesn’t taste so good. I use the hand held whisk and blend for about a minute. It does foam up, so i use a straw to drink it. Even after blending for a minute, you can taste some of the powder remains, maybe i need to blend longer

4Expert Score
Helped my ibs-c

I’ve been drinking the greens every day for 15 days. I bought them to improve my gut health after learning that some of my medication can harm the natural gut microbiome. I hoped it would help regulate my ibs-c & was surprised to see such a change in a short period of time! It took about 7-10 days for my stomach to adjust (not necessarily an upset stomach, just a lot of gas those first days!). I noticed that most people who were drinking these used a milk frother to blend them. I figured they were being extra and thought i’d just use my blender bottle. I was wrong! A blender bottle barely blends these and some type of frother/stirrer(?) is definitely needed. Even with the frother they don’t fully dissolve. I always blend up a scoop of the powder with about 8 oz of water and chug it then put another 8 oz in the glass to get the left over bits on the sides and bottom of the glass. It doesn’t taste bad but i’m not crazy about the texture or smell so i prefer to drink it quickly. Based on other reviews, i’m not sure if certain flavors have blending/dissolving issues or if it’s all of them. I’ve only tried citrus so far and look forward to trying the other flavors.

4Expert Score
Taste like berries

I’m a new bloomer and have only been using these green for a little over 2 weeks and when i say these are the best tasting greens i’ve ever tried…i’m not lying. I’ve already noticed a slight difference in my bowel movements and i’ve noticed some of my normal daily bloating going away and staying away 🙂 i’m definitely going to keep purchase more in the future.

4Expert Score
Good stuff

I can’t really say 100% that these do all they say but i feel good taking it. I find it way too sweet for my taste so i mix one scoop with 32 ounces of water. The upside of that is that i drink more water ‍

4Expert Score
Definitely works!!

I got the citrus flavor and it wasn’t my favorite but i would like to say it for sure helped my stomach. I was bloated less and within the hour i could tell a difference. I believe a different flavor would be better for me but with that being said it definitely works wonders!

4Expert Score
Overall good product

Helped with bloating a lot! The taste wasn’t bad at all and i always feel like i’ve done something good for my body after drinking. Maybe it’s placebo but i do enjoy it. The fact that it’s gotten so many influencers to promote it scared me but also intrigued me. Would buy again

4Expert Score
It’s what you make of it

Definitely not the solve all solution to all your bloating and stomach issues. The greens do not taste the best, but what can i say it’s supplement, not a milkshake!! I usually blend it up with some freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice over ice. The flavor itself is comparable to matcha. I found it really hard to dissolve the powder. I’ve tried blenders and frothers and it only gets about 70% blended. I’m truly convinced that these “greens” are a placebo, but it makes me feel all healthy and put together so there’s a good chance i’ll repurchase and try in the mango flavor.

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