Blue Diamond Almonds Low Sodium Lightly Salted Snack Nuts, 40 Oz Resealable Bag (Pack of 1)

Blue Diamond Almonds Low Sodium Lightly Salted Snack Nuts, 40 Oz Resealable Bag (Pack of 1) Blue Diamond Almonds Low Sodium Lightly Salted Snack Nuts, 40 Oz Resealable Bag (Pack of 1)

What are blue diamond almonds low sodium lightly salted snack nuts features?

  • Contains one 40-ounce bag of blue diamond lightly salted snack almonds
  • A healthy handful of 28 lightly salted premium almonds contains just 40 milligrams of sodium – the right amount to bring out the almond taste without breaking your resolve to cut down on salt
  • Perfect for nutritious snacking, they are also low in carbs and high in protein.state of readiness: ready to eat
  • Resealable bag makes this a perfect travel snack for adults and children on the way to the office, school, or just on the go
  • Free of cholesterol and trans fat, high in fiber, and an excellent source of vitamin e
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Blue Diamond Almonds Low Sodium Lightly Salted Snack Nuts, 40 Oz Resealable Bag (Pack of 1) AMAZON Blue Diamond Almonds Low Sodium Lightly Salted Snack Nuts, 40 Oz Resealable Bag (Pack of 1)

Looking for specific info?

Are these almonds raised in a dolphin free enviornment?

Actually, these almonds are raised among wild wolves. As such they are acculturated to the wolf pack and are not as trusting towards people as dogs. Take an almond for a pet at your own risk!

I assume these raw almonds are pasturezed. Can they be sprouted?

Thanks for reaching out. Our whole natural almonds are pasteurized using a moist air, thermal controlled process. You have to use non-pasteurized almonds in order for them to sprout. *ag

Is this product of usa somewhere china?

From california……. Packed by blue diamond growers, sacramento ca 95812 usa

Steam pasteurized almonds or ppo pasteurized almonds?

Thanks for reaching out. Our whole natural almonds are pasteurized using a moist air, thermal controlled process. You have to use non-pasteurized almonds in order for them to sprout. *ag
by blue diamond consumer advocacy…

Are these steam pasteurized?

Hi cindy, all of our current manufacturing for retail whole natural is treated using a moist air, thermal controlled process. *ag

Are these steam pasteurized?

I just looked at the bag and it does not say anything about being steam pasteurized. It doesn’t mention anything about how they are prepared.

Do these have the nice smoky flavor but just lower in salt? Or are they just plain lightly salted almonds without the smokehouse flavor?

Thanks for reaching out. These almonds are lightly salted, and they are lower in sodium in comparison to our roasted salted almonds. These almonds do not have any smokehouse flavors. *ag

Any chance you could produce a non-gmo product???

I don’t know what a gmo product is and i don’t produce anything, check with diamond.

Is packaging recyclable?

I don’t see a recycle emblem on the bag. So i doubt it.

Is this sold by amazon or a third party?


Why did my recurring ordder of almoonds go to calif?

Did not like the teats

Do these almonds that are lightly salted have a smoked taste or are they just plain out of the shell almonds?

Just plain, no smoked taste

Are these allowed on the paleo diet?

Paleo-friendly foods include meat, fish, eggs, seeds, nuts, fruits and veggies, along with healthy fats and oils. Avoid processed foods, grains and sugar. You can also base your diet on paleo foods, adding in a few modern healthy foods like grass-fed butter and gluten-free grains.aug 1, 2018

How much iodine is there per serving? I understand that sea salt has iodine, but need to know how much.

Iodine is not broken out on the nutrition facts, at least not on the 100 calorie bags i have.

Where is the experation date?

Light print bottom back

Question for manufacturer: is propylene oxide used in the pasteurization of these almonds? Please provide a yes or no answer. Thank you.

Really? Did you not look at the replies to the highest voted q&a for this product before you asked your question? The answer to your question has been there since may 28, 2019. You asked your question on june 27, 2020.


What size jar do i need for the 40 oz bag of almonds?

I’m guessing here, but i suspect a 1/2 gallon size would do it. The 40 oz bag has a zip closure so i just take out a small amount at a time and keep the rest fresh in the original bag.

Is the whole raw almond 40 oz organic?

Unfortunately, we do not have any organic products at this time, due to there not being enough organic almonds presently being farmed in california for blue diamond to introduce an organic line of retail almonds. *sm

Are these clean almonds ? Or are there pesticide thanks

Very clean & taste fresh. So far so go.

$6.49 plus $28.66 shipping – this is a scam

You have the choice to select a differnt buyer and shipping may be free.

Blue Diamond Almonds Low Sodium Lightly Salted Snack Nuts, 40 Oz Resealable Bag (Pack of 1) AMAZON Blue Diamond Almonds Low Sodium Lightly Salted Snack Nuts, 40 Oz Resealable Bag (Pack of 1)

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Not enough chocolate flavor

Honestly, when i purchased this i thought there will be a more thick layer of chocolate, but it’s extra thin that i can’t taste the chocolate flavor (at least to my liking of amount of chocolate). I have a picture showing the layer thicknesses.

Other than that it’s fresh and taste great.
It’s the only snack that you never regret over eating!

Also for the price and freshness it’s a most, one package usually lasts me for a month and it stays fresh until the last bite! So don’t worry about the amount if it’s too much for you, it won’t go bad!

5Expert Score

I didn’t expect these to be as good tasting as they are. Unfortunately the price nearly doubled after i ordered so i probably won’t order again until they drop that a bit. Luckily i bought 5 packages and at 2 1/2 pounds that’ll last a while. The only reason i don’t eat the whole package at a time is they are nuts, so a bit hard. That’s good so i won’t be a glutton! These are about the best tasting almonds i’ve ever bought with the chocolate dusting!

5Expert Score

These were not chocolate covered almonds like i thought i was ordering, but a much healthier alternative, they are almonds with chocolate power on them. Both the flavor of the nut and the mild chocolate flavor come through in every bite. Gave one bag to a friend and she loved them, too.

5Expert Score
Love my raw diamond almonds

Love my raw diamond almonds-did not expect to find them laying in the driveway when there is a whole porch in the front leading to the front door. That is really lazy amazon driver!!!!

5Expert Score
The best

These are the best of all of the blue diamond flavors. Glad to find them sine costco does not have them any longer. Great for keto!

5Expert Score
Awesome buy! Have never seen these in bulk before. Much better deal than the tiny canisters

If you’ve ever had blue diamond smokehouse almonds before they you know what these are and just how incredibly awesome they taste. If you’re like me, you’ve probably only seen them in the 6 ounce tins and bags that might be a little bit larger than that. Like everything else those little containers are getting quite expensive for a 6 ounce can of almonds you can finish off in less than an hour. This huge bag is an awesome buy. The bag reseals so it is easy to keep this large bag of almonds fresh.

Over the years i’ve tried a number of other brands of smoked or salted almonds and none of them come remotely close to the real blue diamond smokehouse almonds. Go with blue diamond and go with this flavor. They are simply awesome and are 10x better than any of the other flavors by blue diamond or any other brand.

5Expert Score
I share with my parrots.

These are so fresh and tasty. I love that nothing is added. I have two macaw parrots in my home office, where i keep this bag. They will see me open it from time to time, and both get excited, ‘treat’ or ‘nuts’ i’ll hear. They love them too. They are very healthy, and i try to eat a few a day, up to a handful or more even on occasion. The zip lock bag keeps them fresh for weeks, probably months if they ever lasted that long.

5Expert Score
Healthy and a great bargain!

I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and looking for good snacks. Turns out that almonds reduce blood glucose. These only have a few grams of sugar and taste great – crunchy and savory. On top of that, these are about half as much as i pay at the local super market.

5Expert Score
Good almonds

Great almonds. I couldn’t imagine going much saltier to be honest. Even after a few it will still make me really thirsty. But i think nuts in general have that effect after eating. Atleast for me. Good source of protein for a snack.

5Expert Score
Good value and taste

I love almonds as a healthy snack and this size provides great value. It arrived fresh and stayed fresh.

4Expert Score
Best for the money

Compared to my favorite roasted almonds, these are good.
1. These consistently keep the shells intact – on the almond – without flaking off in the bag or between the teeth while eating.
2. These cost a lot less than my favorite almonds while competing well in how enjoyable they are to eat.

1) almost overcooked? The flavor is mostly ‘fresh’ and satisfying but with a hint of ‘burnt’ flavor.

1) these are less salty than my favorite which is likely healthier and the flavor is almost as good – but still, less salt may be one reason the others, with a bit more salt, are overall tastier
2) both have satisfying crunch

overall, we are sticking with these for now. The cost savings makes up for any cons since they are good overall.

4Expert Score
The best smoked almonds

I’ve had many kinds of almonds. Curried, sweet, spicy, etc… But i always come back to these smokehouse almonds. California grows an absurd amount of almonds – these included – and i have yet to find a different almond that i prefer with such regularity.
Are they overpriced? Yes. No question.
Are they my favorite savory road trip snack? Definitely
10/10 will buy again

4Expert Score
Bad aftertaste (updated)

I eat lots of almonds. I usually get the unsalted from tj’s, and also purchase the 16 oz. Size of blue diamond low salt from the local drug store. Never had any problem with either. When i saw the 40 oz. Size on amazon at a low price, i immediately purchased a bag. Just got it in the mail, and they are horrible. They have a very bad aftertaste, and when you bite half way into one and look at it, they are a little darker than normal. They don’t taste rotten though, so i suspect that it might be the oil they were roasted in, which is listed as canola and/or safflower. The best by date is ok, about a year and a half away. I’m wondering why they even need to be roasted in vegetable oil. The ones from tj’s are listed as dry roasted, and they don’t list any oils in the ingredients. I probably won’t take a chance again on the 40 oz. Size, but will continue to buy the smaller blue diamond bags at the local store. One more problem i had with this bag is they are supposed to be resealable, but one side broke away from the bag the first time i opened it, so it is not resealable. That has happened occasionally to me with other products though, so am not finding fault with blue diamond for that.

December 2019 update: because of the excellent price on this item, i decided to try it again. The new one tasted normal, so i raised the rating to 4 stars, and will continue to buy at this price provided i don’t run into problems with the product again.

May 2021 update: like i said, i eat lots of almonds. I have purchased the lightly salted version 18 times since the original review. The first one was bad, as detailed above. The next 16 times the almonds were fine. With the last one, they were of questionable quality, with the almonds taking on a lighter color and the oil they are roasted in smelling like fish oil. I have also tried their natural almonds, which are healthier in that they aren’t roasted in oil and don’t have added salt, however i like the crunch from the roasted almonds. I contacted blue diamond and suggested they offer a dry roasted variety, which gives you the crunch and avoids the oil, and competes with other companies offering that type of almonds (e.g. Tj’s). They thought this was a good idea, so hopefully we will be seeing this as an option in the future.

Update on the whole natural almonds: as mentioned above, i did try the natural almonds. I really did not enjoy those because they were soft. However i found various recipes on how to roast them, and just tried it. Put about 3 cups of almonds on a parchment paper lined sheet pan. Spread them out. Bake in an oven pre-heated to 325° for about 10 minutes, turn off the heat, then leave them in the oven for another 10 minutes. When you remove them from the oven, take them out of the pan so they won’t continue to cook, but keep them spread out. I put them in another sheet pan to cool. I was disappointed at first because they still seemed soft, but after cooling sufficiently, they get fairly crunchy. I kept the almonds plain, but some recipes mixed the nuts with 1 tbsp olive oil before baking. You could also sprinkle with garlic powder.

4Expert Score

Love the taste

4Expert Score
Excellent product in fair packaging

You get the usual excellent blue diamond almonds quality and flavor. As is the case on similar packaging, the ziplock strip will sometimes separate from the dissimilar bag material, rendering the closure somewhat useless. As long as you can live with that, the product itself is excellent.

4Expert Score
Delicious but the bag sucks!

These are probably my favorite flavor of these almonds. Delicious. However, and i know i’m nitpicking, the ‘resealable’ bag is awful. Every time i get these, the bag never reseals. Either the zip lock thing just tears right off, or it just plain doesn’t lock, no matter how clean it is. So frustrating. Anyway, *munch munch*

4Expert Score

It tastes ok, but smokehouse flavour is my best of them all.

4Expert Score
Can't read best by date will call them… Otherwise good

I put nuts in blender and use powder in almond milk ‘pudding’ (almond milk, knox gelatin, xylitol, almond extract and these almonds), and add to frozen whey shakes. Have serious tooth loss etc so get creative can still eat your healthy nuts!

4Expert Score
Sady these nuts are tiny!!

I think the supply of almonds must be very low bc usually these are the best nuts bc they are of good size and quality, but now (perhaps it being such. A dry season?). The nuts are teeny weensy!

The quality control has become very poor.

Update : tried them again and now i think they changed oil(s) or something bc this batch is oily !

4Expert Score
Tastes great

I love umm

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