Blue Diamond Cookware Diamond Infused Ceramic Nonstick 8′ Frying Pan Skillet, PFAS-Free, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe, Blue

Blue Diamond Cookware Diamond Infused Ceramic Nonstick 8′ Frying Pan Skillet, PFAS-Free, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe, Blue

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Blue Diamond Cookware Diamond Infused Ceramic Nonstick 8′ Frying Pan Skillet: A kitchen icon that delivers effortless nonstick performance again and again—the blue diamond frying pan makes any meal easier! This pan features blue diamond’s signature diamond-infused coating, which is 5x harder and 10x longer lasting than traditional nonstick and metal utensil safe. Diamonds are 4x more heat conductive than copper, so blue diamond heats up faster and cleans up easier. Each blue diamond pan is toxin-free and manufactured without pfas, pfoa, lead, or cadmium. And don’t worry about warping or wobbling—blue diamond frying pans feature a warp control base that delivers extra strength while preventing degrading over time. The riveted stainless steel handle provides a sturdy and secure grip. Dishwasher safe. Oven and broiler safe up to 600°f.

What are blue diamond cookware diamond infused ceramic nonstick 8′ frying pan skillet features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Metal utensil safe, blue diamond’s signature diamond-infused ceramic nonstick is 5x harder and 10x longer lasting than traditional coatings
  • Diamonds are 4x more conductive than copper, so blue diamond heats faster and cleans up easier
  • Toxin-free: free of pfas, pfoa, lead, and cadmium
  • Warp control base: heavy-duty forged base prevents warping, wobbling, or degrading over time
  • Oven and broiler safe up to 600°f
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
  • Riveted stainless steel handle for a secure and comfortable grip
  • For all stovetops, except induction
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Blue Diamond Cookware Diamond Infused Ceramic Nonstick 8′ Frying Pan Skillet, PFAS-Free, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe, Blue AMAZON

Shop Blue Diamond at the Yakibest Cookware store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

Looking for specific info?

Is there a warranty on the 8-inch non-stick frying pan?

Only amazon 30 day return. These pans are a marketing scam. Mine failed within 2 weeks. The food that stuck to it could not be scrubbed off. These products are not worth the time it takes to return them. Read all the reviews before you consider buying them. I am not the only one with this experience.

How does it handle scrambled eggs?

These pans are great! Not sure what all the bad reviews are for. Pat of butter and i scrambled the best eggs. Made chicken, browned chopmeat, bacon. All came out great.

What is the inside diameter of 12” frypan?

The inside bottom is 9 inches, i found this pan to be big enough for just about everything i cook in a frying pan. Besides this , i personally have to say that the blue diamond ️ brand is the ultimate cookware on the market that i’ve ever used. I was not sure about it until i tried it, thats when i fell in love with them. I have bought just about every pan they make since , you can’t go wrong. You can literally wipe this pan out with a paper towel , even if you burnt the food up.

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I can’t see where it states the actual sizes of the two pans. I’ m looking for a smaller pan maybe an 8 inch frying pan but would buy the set if i to?

From what i read and understand, the pans would be 10′ & 12′, since the smallest fry pan they have is 10′. However, i only purchased 1 pan to begin with to see if my husband liked it. Although, i will say i purchased 3 other similar advertised pans and blue diamond is by far the best of the 4 and he now wants an entire set of them. I would definitely recommend the blue diamond in any size if your looking for a good quality fry pan! I hope i answered your question and helped, if even just a little.

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Does this come with the lid?

Mine came with a lid

How long is the handle?

The handle on mine is just under 8 inches. But i imagine the handle varies depending on the size of the pan. Mine is the larger, family size 12-inch pan (which i chose because it’s the only size that you can buy with a glass lid, but would’ve preferred the standard 9-1/2 or 10 inch size). There may be 2 smaller sizes. Good luck.

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Does the 12 inch fry pan have straight sides

No it does not. Have straight sides, however, it is a wonderful pan. I can fry eggs in it and they don’t stick.

How deep is the 10 in. Pan

The 10 ‘ saute pan is about 2 ‘ deep. Pretty standard for this type of saute pan.

Will my 12” blue diamond saucepan lid fit the deep, 5 qt saucepan?

I bought the lid to go with the 12′ pan. Lid was good quality, but the blue diamond pans that were suppose to be stick free, were great the first few times, and then everything stuck to them, including eggs. It was very hard to get them clean! I finally sent them back, i hope they work better for you!

Looking for blue diamond in green? Would like the set?

S would like an 8” pan .

Do instructions say what kind of oils or sprays can be used when you want to cook with oil?

Yes, the packaging from my frypan says this: “always use a little oil or butter suited for frying for best results. Don’t use: extra virgin olive oils or oil sprays as they cannot withstand high heat.” based on that wording, my guess would be you’re fine using extra virgin olive or sprays at lower heats.

How do you clean oil on outside of pan. I just bought a few months ago and it’s stained.

I just clean regularly with soap and hot water after each use … But, you do have to clean the outside after each use because if you reuse it with the oil still on the outside, it will burn on.

What is the difference between the old version and new version for the 8′?

I don’t know the difference but will go off topic. Do not purchase this product. They design it to look like stainless steel but the handle is aluminum and gets very hot. After burning myself i returned all my blue diamond for refund.

Is there a recall on the 10′ blue diamond fry pan for blue coat coming off of top edge?

I use the 8′ pan several times a week to fry chicken breasts for my old dog. I’ve had the pan for about six months and have had no problem. The only problem i do have is the handle gets very hot after awhile of cooking. If you want information on the recall, you can google for information.

Does this come with a lid?

Yes it does and i like it better than my pampered chef lids! I use this pan all the time and both are holding up very well. I would recommend it

What is the metallic material under the non-stick coating?


Are the lids oven safe?

As long as the lid does not have any plastic or rubber on it , another words bare , it should be ok. I would contact the seller and let them make the final decision answer.

Where can you buy a lid for the 10-inch fry pan?

Search amazon. There are some excellent lids, glass with a silicone rim. They work wonderfully, and with the rubber rim they fit a variety of sizes. Here’s a link to one vendor:

How much does it weigh?

Mine weighs 0.8 lbs.

What is the base metal of this pan? Aluminum? Stainless steel?

Aluminum, worth every penny

Blue Diamond Cookware Diamond Infused Ceramic Nonstick 8′ Frying Pan Skillet, PFAS-Free, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe, Blue AMAZON

Shop Blue Diamond at the Yakibest Cookware store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Delivers on the promise

Using butter as directed before frying (preferable to oil in this case), i fried an egg, removed it, and made a ‘grilled’ cheese sandwich. Heat distribution seemed even – as touted by the manufacturer. Egg did not stick nor did bits of swiss cheese that dripped. Cleanup was easy. I cannot vouch for scratchproof because i did not use metallic implements. What i can say is that i had seen a very positive review of this maker’s products, needed to replace a small fry pan, and, at the price, figured it was worth a chance. Happy i did. The copper piece of crap which this replaced was indeed appropriately dumped into recycling. This really is non-stick and i would happily replace larger pans with similar sized products from these folks. I consider their wares to be bargains and to deliver on their promises.

5Expert Score
Best frying pan i ever owned!

I almost never write a review, but i just finished washing this pan & had to tell someone the story. I bought the pan 4 or 5 years ago– not from amazon. I use this thing a half a dozen times a week, it’s my go-to pan. Don’t believe all the hype: i never use a metal utensil, i never put it in the dish washer, i use plastic spatulas or spoons and hand wash it every time. The photo shows it’s present condition. It has a few very small chips & scratches and the surface is not as shiny as new, it never was as non-stick as the ads say, but i have never found one in my price range that was. If you need a good, reasonable priced, long lasting skillet, give it a try– like most other things, if you treat it right & take care on it, it will last a long time.

5Expert Score
Scratch resistant and easy to clean. Love it! Pfoa free!

Got this to replace our pfoa non-sticky pans. Love how easy to clean up it is. The pan doesn’t recommend to use high heat though but so far it’s been working great even in medium heat. The best part about it is that i don’t need to worry about overheating the pan or scratching it and result in intaking pfoa and other forever chemicals.

5Expert Score
Great versatile skillet, good substitute if you don't want cast iron

Fantastic quality! The non stick is amazing right now, it’s new so that is expected. I hope that stays the case for years. Get the silicone handle guard, if you use this in the oven you might accidentally touch the handle! Ouch!

5Expert Score
Amazing non stick pan

I really wanted a pan that i could put in the dishwasher. This is so non-stick i have only hand washed it. A swish with my sponge and a little soap and it is clean. I’ve made omlettes and sauteed chicken and turkey cutlets with wine and a little butter and lemon. Every time it has been totally non stick. I did use another reviews suggestion that you didn’t need to put the heat as high as on other pans and i have done that. It conducts heat beautifullly. I liked this so much i’ve bought two of the smaller ones and have thrown out my old ones.

5Expert Score
Love these!

I can cook an egg without it sticking!

They are easy to clean. I haven’t attempted to put them in the dishwasher yet.

We’ve had them a few months now and they still work as well as they did when we bought them.

I’d suggest washing them well and maybe boiling water in them before you actually use them. They have a bit of a smell the first couple of times you use them but it goes away.

They’ve chipped a little on the top edges but i haven’t had any scratches.

I’d recommend them to anyone looking for good quality non stick pans.

I hope they make any updated versions stackable. That’s about the only thing that would make them perfect

5Expert Score
Great heat transfer

Ok have you noticed when you start doing a task around the house it’s yours to do from then on? Well i started cooking when my wife was recuperating from surgery and have continued. I am a cast iron skillet guy being farm raised in the 1950-60.
All this being said this skillet is comparable to any ventage castiron skillet that i have used no sticking great heat transfer and searing but light weight .
I have had skillet several mounts use every day with metal spatula with no problems on finish i do keep a towel on inside of skillet when i store ti in stove drawer. If you are looking for a new skillet i would recomend you try a blue diamond product

5Expert Score
Great pan

Great pan, easy to use, and clean. It doesn’t curve either and heats pretty evenly around the pan. However it is a little smaller than what i was expecting, but i also didn’t read the measurements so.

5Expert Score
Love this pan!

I love this pan. It heats evenly and quickly. Be sure to pay attention to the instructions which say use medium to low heat. It heats very quickly and the heat is distributed beautifully. Super easy to clean cooks like a dream. I am in love.

5Expert Score
Unbelievable bang for the buck

This pan is amazing. It heats up so quickly and evenly and the durability is amazing. I’ve used it every day for the last month and not a scratch or any discoloring on either side. I honestly can’t believe it, i’m waiting to find the cons of this pan because it was so reasonable but so far i can’t find any. The non-stick is perfect too. Get one of these, it will be your go to pan

4Expert Score
Decent pan for bachelor living, overall. Handle does get hot, however!

If you’re a bachelor or mostly cooking for just yourself, this pan is a decent option

the good:
— lightweight and easy to flip food with
— 8′ lids from my calphalon and all-clad pots both fit perfectly
— takes up minimal cupboard space

the bad:
— handle gets hot (easily remedied with a silicon handle cover)

contrary to the negative reviews, i’ve had no trouble with this pan. I’ve owned mine for over a year now and so far, no scratches or chips. As long as you use silicon or wooden cooking utensils and hand-wash only (like i’ve done), you should be ok!

4Expert Score
Nice but not quite like the ads would have you think

I have had this pan for over two years. I used it mostly for eggs over-easy. When i saw the ad for this pan the spokesperson took a handheld mixer with metal beaters, turned it on, and then put it to the surface of the pan using a lot of force exclaiming that nothing could scratch the surface! Well…..i never put a mixer to mine, but when i first received it i used a metal spatula- if you could grind metal beaters all over it and get no scratches, a metal spatula should be no problem. Well….not quite. After using it the first time i noticed a scratch at the bottom of the pan. So much for the claim made on the commercial! Over the last two years, i have babied the pan, only hand-washed, and only used plastic or silicone. Today it still has that one minor scratch and looks great. I always non-stick spray so i have never experienced any sticking whatsoever and the pan is super easy to clean. I would never trust it to be nonstick on its own!! Lol it makes terrific over-easy eggs.

4Expert Score
I get the bad reviews – only buy this pan if you have a gas range

I saw all the negative reviews after buying this pan and honestly, i was considering returning it without even opening it. But i thought, screw it, let’s try anyway. And the bad reviews make so much sense. This pan is advertised as a top of the line, nearly indestructible, brand new way of cooking kind of pan. It is not. This pan is absolutely only made for gas ranges. Anyone cooking on an electric or induction range is going to hate this thing. It’s heat conduction and distribution is fantastic! Which is why so many people are ruining their pans (or burning their hands on the handle) on electric stoves. I’m able to cook anything and get a beautiful sear without a single issue of sticking on a medium to low setting, plus it can go in the oven for finishing. As for cleaning, do not use soap or a rough sponge! The coating and “diamond” aspect of this pan is over hyped. If you keep your heat moderate and protect the coating like you would any other pan, you can easily wipe this pan to a sparkling clean without chemicals. Bottom line: use only on gas and do not treat this pan like it’s indestructible! Even though that’s how it’s advertised.

4Expert Score
Love it… But it does not last.

I would have given this frying pan twenty stars. I absolutely love it, and totally switched from the teflon pans to this.

But it only lasted for just over six months of very heavy use. Hence four stars out of five.

The most interesting thing is that there is no visible damage to the surface. The poor darling lost it’s non-stickinness right in the middle. I am guessing that the heat from the gas burner was too much for it.

But, i just bought a new one! I figured it will have to be disposable.

What choices do i have? Teflon ages horribly and ends up in our food. I am not into cast iron, it is way too heavy and unwieldy for me.
So, i think this is a perfect compromise between usefulness, durability and health.
Enjoy while it lasts!

4Expert Score
Excellent for almost a year of mostly daily use

Excellent for almost a year of mostly daily use, but it has lost its ability to be nonstick. Followed manufactures instruction to the t, disappointed it only lasted about a year. I know and understand all things wear out, but because of its short lifespan i will returning to the traditional nonstick products. The pan itself is in great shape and the lid is fantastic. It just lost its ability to be nonstick.

4Expert Score
A cooking dream, but mine was apparently defective

I wanted some nice pans that would make cooking easier so i bought a set of ceramic pans, but wanted a larger pan too so i purchased this 12 inch one. I would rather it came with a glass lid, but since it didn’t i purchased that as well. Cooking on these ceramic pans is like a dream come true with nothing sticking and easy cleanup. Food slides around so easily that i can flip things like a professional chef. Somehow, breakfast tastes better when cooking in these pans. Perhaps because i’m not having to scrap it off the bottom of the pan. However…

Upon receiving the pan(s) the first thing i did was season it along with my full set. It then went into the cupboard. Each pan with it’s own lid. It sat in there for a month. Although i have used all the pans in the full set i purchased, i have never used this particular pan, but please keep reading. My rules for my pans are:

• do not go above medium heat
• silicone and wooden utensils only
• hand wash only with sponge – no scouring pads – not even plastic ones
• let pans cool before washing
• no nesting the pans
• season pans once a month

i season by coating the pan with oil. Place it in a 300 degree oven for two minutes. Let the pan cool and wipe out the remaining oil. I feel the little bit of time this task takes was well worth it to keep the pans non stick ceramic coating from degrading.

I went so far as to post a notice on the exhaust fan above the stove listing the rules for family members. Imagine my dismay when i went to season my pans for the second time only to find a chip in the ceramic coating and gouges along the rim of this pan – even though the pan has just been sitting in the cupboard with the lid sitting on top of it. Is it possible that the lid caused the gouges? Hard to believe the pan could be so easily susceptible to damage, but there is no way the lid can cause the chip in the ceramic coating as the lid can’t touch that spot. Note that there is plenty of room in this cupboard so the pans are not packed in there stacked on top of each other. Is this pan really so vulnerable that it becomes damaged just sitting in the cupboard?

I’ve examined my other ceramic pans and have found no damage so i’m hoping i simply received a defective 12 inch pan and have arranged to receive a replacement. Not wanting to risk potential damage on the rim of the new pan, i have also ordered a new lid with a silicone rim. It will protect the rim of the pan. This should be unnecessary as the pan should be able to tolerate putting a lid on it without causing damage. Chips in the ceramic coating is another story. We’ll see what happens.

Putting aside my negative experience with this particular pan, they are all great to cook with. The only issue might be the handle. It’s metal, but it’s hollow. This allows heat to travel up the handle more quickly than a solid handle. I haven’t had any problems with the handle getting too hot as others have had, but i do notice that the closer the handle is to the pan then the hotter it is. Sure, that’s normal, but this gets hotter quicker. As i said, i have not yet hat an issue with the handle getting to hot to handle, but as a precaution i also purchased silicone handle holders that are used like pot holders. So far i’ve only used them when removing the pan from the oven after seasoning. I recommend the silicone handle holders – whatever style fits your fancy – as they provide a better, safer and less awkward grip than cloth pot holders.

I love this (these) pans and am so disappointed that this one turned out not to be very durable, but hopefully the replacement will fair better.

4Expert Score
Handle h

Dislike the handle it heat up . Hot to touch

4Expert Score
Very easy to use and food doesn't stick.

Cooking breakfast and supper foods. It was easy to clean afterwards.

4Expert Score
Can’t get the area around the bolts holding the handle to the pan

Great product except for that specific area of the pan.

4Expert Score
Metal utensils are a hazard.

Other than not being metal utensil safe the pan is awesome.

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