BLUE GINKGO Over the Sink Colander Strainer Basket – Wash Vegetables and Fruits, Drain Cooked Pasta and Dry Dishes – Extendable – New Home Kitchen Essentials (7.9 W x 14.5-19.5 L x 2.75 H) – Gray

What are blue ginkgo over the sink colander strainer basket – wash vegetables and fruits features?

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  • Multipurpose – easy to use and versatile. Stretch over your kitchen sink to rinse veggies and fruit, drain pasta, thaw frozen food or use as a dish rack to air dry utensils, cups and small plates. It’s also comfortable to hold in hand and can be used on your counter as a basket. No matter how you use it, we think you’ll love this colander’s versatility.
  • Modern design – adjustable, this colander expands from 14.5 to 19.5 inches to hold more or less, save space when not in use and fit most sinks. When stretched over the sink, the bottom is raised from your sink base, preventing drained pasta water from backing up into your food.
  • Drains quickly – evenly spaced holes on the bottom of the basket help drain water quickly while preventing food from falling down the drain. The holes measure up to 0.2 inches in diameter, so this colander won’t work for rice, quinoa and most small grains.
  • Bpa free – this plastic colander is bpa free, so you can use it to prepare healthy meals for your family. It’s also highly durable, sturdy, and heat resistant up to 212 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Dishwasher safe – unlike some traditional colanders, this colander is easy to clean, top-rack dishwasher safe and will never rust.
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Looking for specific info?

Can you lock it in place?

Thank you for your question. No, this colander does not lock in place, but it will stay firmly in place while in use, whether in hand or over the sink.

Will washing fruit stain the lighter colored options, like white?

Not sure. Mine is green. I used it for everything like pasta, vegetables etc and it does not appear pores. I put it over the sink while i work. Simple an amazing mist have.

Will this melt if i use it to drain pasta?

No. This colander can be used to drain cooked foods like pasta without melting. The colander is 0.11 inches thick, roughly the thickness of 4 credit cards. Thank you for your question.

Can the two parts separate to clean thoroughly?

Yes it does separate into two parts to clean thoroughly

Does it come with individual package except amazon deliver box?

No it doesn’t but i think amazon has a feature for sending things as a gift. I have seen a blue “is this a gift?” question that you can click on. I have never used this function so i have no experience with how it works.

I ordered pink and got blue please i need an exchange

Call or chat with amazon help.

Is the green a true green. In the photos it look more turquoise ?

It is more like a blue/green…it is a nice color!

When will the grey be back in stock?

Thank you for your interest. A limited number of our grey over the sink colanders will be available next week.

Is the bottom curved, to provide thorough drainage or is it flat, allowing remaining water to pool?

Curved on the edges like a bathtub. Base is flat, but there are plenty of holes to allow drainage. I have not noticed any issues with water pooling.

Does the bottom have feet? Can it stand on its own?

Doesn’t have feet but it can stand on its own

Is this the same product advertised on television called piggyback?

Hi there! We have no association with a company or product of that name. With over 2000 5-star reviews, our easy to use and adjustable over the sink colander basket is already in thousands of homes rinsing, draining and drying. If it is the same product, we welcome the added awareness.

Could i drop this into a sink that is 5.1′ wide? Or is the basket itself (not the rim) wider than 5.1′?

You can adjust the colander it’s an awesome find

Is it safe to drain veggies in hot water with this? It’s plastic, so i’m worried that it’s going to damage it when i try to drain hot stuff

It is heavy plastic, not cheap or flimsy at all, but i don’t think i would use it as a colander because it might fall.

What exactly is this made of? The white option says ‘silicon’ but all of the other colors say ‘plastic.’ are they actually different?

I have the teal color and it is very stiff so i’d say it’s plastic. I am extremely happy with the performance.

What is the manufacturer part number?

Don’t know noth8ng is impr8nted on it

Is this one or 2 in this package?

Hi there! To provide our customers additional value and convenience, you can purchase a single colander or a 2-pack of our extendable sink colanders in select colors. Two packs are labeled as a ‘pack of 2’.

Can multiple colanders stack on top of one another?

Thank you for your question. Yes, our over the sink colander baskets can be stacked on top of one another to save space when stored. There will be approximately a 0.6-inch gap between each colander.

Ive seen some reviews talking about how its flimsy cheap thin plastic. Is that true or does it work well? Thanks

Definitely not flimsy plastic. I’m very happy with what i received. It works very well for holding fruits and vegetables as long as you’re smart enough to know what it’s limitations are. Unfortunately, there are people out there that lack the intelligence necessary to grasp that…

What if you have a white sink with a lip

Yes it will still work with a sink with a lip

What’s the difference between gray and gray 2

Hi there! To provide additional value and convenience to customers, you can now purchase either a single colander or a 2-pack of our extendable sink colander in select colors.

If you purchase ‘grey,’ you will receive one grey colander. If you buy ‘grey 2’, you will receive two grey colanders.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Awesome kitchen colander

Reviewing: blue ginkgo over the sink colander strainer basket

read some of the other reviews, was surprised by criticisms. I’ve used this for the past year, almost daily use. It works fantastic! Yes, it’s plastic, but very sturdy. I’ve not had anything crack, break, snap off, or any other negative event. This pulls to full length with an easy, gliding extension and when you’re ready to put it away, just as smoothly. I usually use this with veggies and fruits, so typically wash/rinse it by hand. My guess is that if you continually put it in the dishwasher, plastic would probably become brittle, leading to some of the other reviewers’ criticisms. Something to note, the holes are not tiny, so trying to use it for washing small grains like flaxseed or sesame seed should be avoided (i have small strain sieves for that)

from my one year experience, i rate this product a+.

5Expert Score
Would buy again

This is handy in that you can spread your produce in a single layer to wash faster, then after it’s dry, fold it to about half the size and put it in a cabinet.

5Expert Score
My new favorite kitchen gadget

Ok, so this was better than i expected it to be. I love that i can adjust it to fit my sink either direction. Highly recommend.

5Expert Score
Love it

Love it. Came in quick easy to use easy to clean spans the width of the sink no problem

5Expert Score
Very handy

I love this over the sink strainer…great for washing fruits and veggies, draining small dishes, etc. I recommend…

5Expert Score

Fits well in sink. Works well for washing fruits and vegetables. Cleans easily. Absolutely no complaints here.

5Expert Score
Love it

This thing is perfect! I love how easy it is to use. That it will fit in multiple sinks. Love the black matte color.

5Expert Score
Love this! So nice to have.

Was a bit skeptical about why i would need this. But my wife bought it and it’s honestly really nice to have. You can dry utensils or small items on it. Wash vegetables or fruits. Super easy to clean and seems well made! It would fit any kind of sink too because it’s expandable. Definitely love this!

5Expert Score
Adjustable in pretty pink

I believe the pink color gives a dainty touch to my kitchen. I love it!

5Expert Score
Xmas present

I purchased this for a xmas present . I’m certain they will love it.

4Expert Score
Came warped and broken

The product came with a slight curve to it, so it doesn’t fit perfectly along the edge of my kitchen sink. Also, one of the little pieces that holds the slider in place was just broken off inside the package. It still works, so that’s nice.

4Expert Score

Practical for washing and rinsing fruit and veggie right over your sink

4Expert Score
Perfect for gardens!

This is the perfect addition to your kitchen, especially if you own a garden. After endless collapsible strainers falling apart on me, i finally gave up and looked into options. So far this product has survived weeks for cooking, over 60 lbs of produce before canning, and more. I ended up purchasing this for family members as well.

4Expert Score
Better than expected

I really like this because it makes washing fruits and veggies so much easier with my small kitchen. I don’t have space to spare so this really comes in handy.

4Expert Score
The admissible fit really helps. I use mine for several tasks, not just rinsing vegetables.

Draining small items like kitchen utensils to small for the dw. Or one or two stem ware.

4Expert Score
Needed larger

Does specifically what it needs to do, just needed a few more inches for the garden size sink.

4Expert Score
Good large sink colander!

I leave fruit and veg there after cleaning.

4Expert Score

A bit hard to dry off coming out of the dishwasher/sink, but haven’t had any issues with it!

4Expert Score
It is functional

Good function

4Expert Score
Great but be careful with splash back

I like this because it’s dishwasher safe and easy to clean but be careful when draining pasta/draining boiling water because some of the water might splash out of the colander and onto you!

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