Blue Sky 2023 Weekly and Monthly Planner, January – December, 5′ x 8′, Flexible Cover, Wirebound, Enterprise (142095)

Blue Sky 2023 Weekly and Monthly Planner, January – December, 5′ x 8′, Flexible Cover, Wirebound, Enterprise (142095)

Buy Blue Sky 2023 Weekly and Monthly Planner, January – December, 5′ x 8′, Flexible Cover, Wirebound, Enterprise (142095): Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are blue sky 2023 weekly and monthly planner features?

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  • January 2023 – december 2023 stylish day planner with 12 months of monthly and weekly pages for easy year-round planning; 6 additional monthly pages (july 2022 – december 2022) are included
  • Monthly view pages contain previous and next month reference calendars for long-term planning, and a notes section for important projects; major holidays listed, elapsed and remaining days noted
  • Weekly view pages offer ample lined writing space for more detailed planning, allowing you to keep track of your appointments, reminders, ideas and to-do lists every day of the week
  • Yearly calendar planner includes a convenient list of holidays, reference calendars, contacts pages and extra notes pages to accommodate your scheduling needs and keep you organized
  • Printed on high quality white paper for clean writing space, with premium quality covers in a professional design and durable, coated tabs that withstand constant use throughout the year

Blue Sky 2023 Weekly and Monthly Planner, January – December, 5′ x 8′, Flexible Cover, Wirebound, Enterprise (142095) AMAZON

Buy Blue Sky 2023 Weekly and Monthly Planner, January – December, 5′ x 8′, Flexible Cover, Wirebound, Enterprise (142095): Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Why is this item shown in search at $5.09 reduced from $9.99, but when selected and carted it is $9.99?

Some of those discounts time out while it is in the bag – try again or call.

Does the 2023 have a poly pocket in 8 x 1/2 x 11 blue sky planner jan thru dec 2023 ?

No pockets. Works good but back keeps coming off

I love my 2021 weekly/monthly planner. It measures 6×8.50. I want a 2022 just like i and can’t seem to find it. Is it available?

This may not be the correct format to get your question answered. This is the customer reviews. I agree, it’s a handy tool for us luddites that like paper and writing to compliment our pocket computers/communicators. Good luck

What are the 6 bonus months?


the six bonus months are in the beginning of the planner before the tabbed months.

How can i delete this black spiral journall from my cart?

I believe you get that opportunity when you review at the end of your order. Go to faq on the amazon site. Good luck

Does it have pockets ?


Is there a 5” x 8” large print available

Keep shopping and good luck

Why is the font so light in this edition? I saw one in the store, font size is also thinner?

I suggested to them that in future editions the font should be printed darker.

Can i get the 2023 yet?

I don’t know if that manufacturer has it but just search for… Day planner 2023

Is this a scam. ??? I go to place the order 29.99 each ??

Hi tina. I don’t know what blue sky planner you’re looking at but the one i bought that i reviewed favorably cost $9.95 not $29.99. Try searching for ….. Blue sky 2022 weekly & monthly planner, 8.5′ x 11′, flexible cover, wirebound, enterprise (131790).

Is this a planner or a shirt?

If, you order it from the amazon site in question i bet you would get a planner. They obviously have the wrong picture posted. By the way, my wife has that planner and she loves it. Also, if something does get screwed up you can always return it.

Is this product as good as what it advertises?

Yes. I have been buying blue sky for several years. Only problem has been this year with the monthly tabs in back of the month rather than in front of the month. I’m living with it and it is still a good planner.

Is this a scam??? Says $6.99 (sale price) then jumps to $31 in cart!

I paid $6.99. Not sure why you are having problems. Did you try calling amazon?

Is this product good to use?

This product is great to use. It has everything you need for daily planning.

Is the year on the front cover of planner book (2023) embossed in silver or printed white?

It’s printed white for the 2023

Is there a hardcover version?

Keep shopping

Is there a plastic pocket ‘page’ to keep loose papers?

No, there isn’t. I use paper clips if i hve loose papers.

This day designer planner used to have about 15 notes pages in the back. Does anyone know if there is a version that still has a lot of notes pages?

Hi, the version is called planner notes and its 5.875×8.625 size offered in retail stores.

Approximate size 5×8 week at a glance with days and time marked?

Not quite sure what you’re asking! The actual width counting the ring binder is 6 inches, the height is 8. Each week is on 2 pages with 2 1/2 inches x 4 1/2 allowed for each day except sat. And sun which share that space. The monthly calendar is also spread out on 2 pages with about an inch by 1 1/4 inch for each day and a section on side for notes with the preceding and following month’s calendar on the bottom.

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Does blue sky or any other vendors make a hard portfolio cover this will go inside of for durability?

The blue sky i purchased has a substantial cover but probably wouldn’t necessarily be considered hard.

Blue Sky 2023 Weekly and Monthly Planner, January – December, 5′ x 8′, Flexible Cover, Wirebound, Enterprise (142095) AMAZON

Buy Blue Sky 2023 Weekly and Monthly Planner, January – December, 5′ x 8′, Flexible Cover, Wirebound, Enterprise (142095): Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
My life in a planner

I purchase a new monthly/weekly planner every year, i try to go with other brands, but i always come back to blue sky. The monthly format is laid out nicely, gives ample writing room in each daily box on the monthly view calendar, the weekly portion gives a great deal more room to write if you have numerous things you need to jot down for each day. The planner is a perfect size for keeping in your handbag (not a small handbag) the book is durable and pages stay securely in place. It’s easy to get to each month with the monthly tabs. If your looking for a monthly/weekly planner i recommend this planner, this brand and style has worked for me for the past 6 years. Would also make a great gift for someone who likes to keep their appts and schedules in one place.

5Expert Score
Freorder every year!!!

Quality and price!!! I domnot want to spend a lot of money for these and this one is what i order every year. Same quality as the higher price ones!

5Expert Score
Yearly planner

I like the fact that this planner gives me the whole year. Also, the pages for each day of the year is large enough to write notes. This is the planner i purchase each year because it meets my needs for a planner.

5Expert Score
Great planner

Enough room for work and personal info. Puts up with being heavily used. Paper thick enough to use pilot gel pens without bleed through.

5Expert Score
Great planner for a busy life!

This is the 2nd time purchasing this planner. It’s format allows you to write notes and space to add more things.

5Expert Score
The only planner for my husband!

I get these planners for my husband for his work every year! They are very durable and easy to use. Great value!

5Expert Score
Good all around datebook

I really like that they keep it simple. It gives me what i need without all the clutter.

5Expert Score
This calendar is perfect. It fits in everywhere.

This blue sky tabbed planning calendar goes everywhere with me. It is the perfect size. Thanks blue sky!!

5Expert Score
Good time management tool

Works great to keep track of events including medical appointments.

5Expert Score
The best planner!

I use these every year to enter daily and monthly activities! I carry it with me whenever i leave, it keeps me on track!

4Expert Score
Quality control

This would be exactly what i was looking for except the tabs are a month ahead. For example, the february tab is where january should be. The february tab shows the monthly calendar but then the following pages will be the weekly layout for january. There is no january tab. This happens for every month until you get to november. In the middle of the october tab (september weekly) half of the october monthly calendar appears and starts to correct itself so that november and december are laid out correctly.

i exchanged this and the new one was correct and included the january tab.

4Expert Score
Great calendar!

I use this type of paper calendar every year. It’s big enough that i can include both professional and personal activities and notes. Price is reasonable. My only complaint is that sometimes the cover and front pages slip off the spiral wires and can be difficult to get back on.

4Expert Score
Holds up pretty well

I ordered these last year and they hold up pretty well. I use my calendar often and needed that quality in it.

4Expert Score
For people who need to keep track of a lot every day

I wasn’t sure i’d need a planner this large when i purchased. I usually use a more pocket-sized design, but i’ve grown to like how much space this gives to keep track of everything in my work and personal life. The layout is great overall. My only issue so far has been that the spirals have get a little wonky. I’ve mostly been working from home with this planner sitting on my desk, so it’s a little disheartening to have it showing so much wear and tear only halfway through the year. But overall, it’s done what i need/want it to do, so no huge complaints.

4Expert Score
Excellent desk size appointment book

Perfect for daily appointment book and calendar. I’ve used the same appointment books for many years. I specifically look for this book annually

4Expert Score
Good basic weekly/monthly planner

Good basic weekly/monthly planner for home or personal use.

4Expert Score

It’s slightly smaller than last year’s not much of a difference. I just didn’t like that it only came with one page of notes.

4Expert Score
Just what i needed!

This was a great purchase, just what i needed.

4Expert Score
Ok but go back to 2022 format

The daily format is perfect since i use the weeks for journaling. The
small entries for saturday and sunday let me do that. But this ugly planner is the only one with this format. And i miss the frosted cover with the pocket for receipts or business cards.
Please go back to the 2022 complete package which was attractive and durable with important extras.

4Expert Score
Format different

Format not user friendly but for others it may be well received.

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