BOBLOV Telescope, 80mm Aperture 500mm Focal Length,250x Astronomical Refractor Telescope for Adults, with Stainless Steel Adjustable Tripod, Phone Mount

BOBLOV Telescope, 80mm Aperture 500mm Focal Length,250x Astronomical Refractor Telescope for Adults, with Stainless Steel Adjustable Tripod, Phone Mount : BOBLOV Telescope, 80mm Aperture 500mm Focal Length,250x Astronomical Refractor Telescope for Adults, with Stainless Steel Adjustable Tripod, Phone Mount : Electronics

What are boblov telescope features?

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  • 【80mm aperture optimum magnification professional optical accessories】: astronomical refractor is full coated optical lens and 45degree zenith mirror provide high transmission to offer you wider field of view and comfortable observation.come with two replaceable eyepieces (k20mm and k10mm) for 40x and 80x magnification and and one 3x barlow lens,magnificate moon up to 120 or 240times. Which can creates stunning images with increased brightness and clarity.
  • 【sturdy and adjustable tripod】: this kids/adults telescope is equipped with a high-quality stainless steel tripod, which is more robust and stable than aluminum alloy and maximum height to 45inch. Adjustable knob and handle make you more intuitive, more accurate positioning of the celestial body. Telescope comes with a bag, it is easy to carry.
  • 【exploring the moon secret with child】: kids must be very curious about the moon? The primary astronomical telescope, it can show you the potholes of the moon, that is the moon hill ,help families have fun and build great memories through play. This professional telescope has an 5×24 infrared optical viewfinder with a la-ser red transmitter, switch it on and adjustment direction calibration knob and replaceable cr2 battery, which can help you find the star, easy to focus and install.
  • 【light up kid’s face with wonderful refractor astronomical telescope】: 2021 affordable astronomical telescope for adults/kids as birthday, christmas holiday, thinksgiving day gift.we’re sure you’ll fall in love with this exciting action toy! Boblov astronomical telescope is a powerful and user-friendly refractor telescope with everything you need to get started with has a focal length of 500mm and a 80mm large aperture of the objective lens.larger aperture, clearer images of moon.
  • 【comes with phone adapter, handbag】: boblov telescopes for adults astronomy included smartphone adapter,allows you to capture and record beautiful images of moon. Simply touch your phones screen, then you can take a celestial picture, share your excitement with friends and family in real-time. A sturdy handbag for travel as you want
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BOBLOV Telescope, 80mm Aperture 500mm Focal Length,250x Astronomical Refractor Telescope for Adults, with Stainless Steel Adjustable Tripod, Phone Mount AMAZON : BOBLOV Telescope, 80mm Aperture 500mm Focal Length,250x Astronomical Refractor Telescope for Adults, with Stainless Steel Adjustable Tripod, Phone Mount : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Does this invert the image?

All refractor telescopes make the view upside down and backwards. You need an erector eyepiece to put things straight for terrestrial views (outer space has no right-side up or upside down, as it’s relative out there).

Can you use a more powerfull lens with this telescope?

You can use a more powerful magnifier but not a main lens.

Are there additional eye pieces available for this scope?

Hello, yes, it comes with a 10mm and 25mm eyepiece

Is this user friendly? As i am a beginner,is this suitable for me?

Dear friend,

it comes with manual, and also, the link has installation introduction, it is easy to install, and after you installed it, you can adjust the focus with the turn knobs on the side of the telescope, if you see far, turn knobs and move out as soon as possible, and then you can see the target and get it clear move out and in.

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How is this looking for beginner ?

It’s a good scope for beginners. Inexpensive and easy to assemble and use.

BOBLOV Telescope, 80mm Aperture 500mm Focal Length,250x Astronomical Refractor Telescope for Adults, with Stainless Steel Adjustable Tripod, Phone Mount AMAZON : BOBLOV Telescope, 80mm Aperture 500mm Focal Length,250x Astronomical Refractor Telescope for Adults, with Stainless Steel Adjustable Tripod, Phone Mount : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
80mm aperture 500mm focal length astronomical refractor telescope

This review is for this boblow model: lt80500,
80mm aperture, 500mm focal length astronomical refractor telescope.

Fast shipping.
Shipped and delivered via ups.
Packaged very well.

Instructions included for quick and easy setup.
This is really sturdily built. The tripod has nice sturdy adjustable stainless steel legs and there is a tripod rack to keep your little zipper bag included that holds additional eye pieces, smartphone adapter with remote. The tripod fine movement handle is also ss as is the latitude and longitude and lens barrel fixing plate.
The lens barrel and objective lens sturdy and well built.
The whole unit is very well built of good quality materials.
The included carry bag has a nice attached slightly padded flap that keeps your lens barrel safe, and is secured by velcro straps.
The tripod section in the other 1/2 of the bag also has secured velcro straps.
The red dot viewfinder is really useful and super easy to use to find your target, and the image appears right-side up which makes it much easier to find your point of interest.

My only complaint would be that the red dot viewfinder battery only lasted about 5 minutes max, but understandable that when batteries get stale their lifespan is drastically reduced.
But replacement batteries are easy to find: cr 1632 3v. I ordered a 10 pack through amazon at under $10. It would be a good idea to order additional anyway and keep in the included little zippered bag included.

The focus knob works smoothly, as does the fine adjustment handle.

This is an awesome beginners telescope for astronomy. If your wanting to view celestial objects in the sky and learn about astrology, the skies are truly amazing and beautiful to look at and appreciate.

It would be really great if this seller offered a bigger variety of eyepieces and attachments to build upon and expand this basic kit.

This product has a free 1 year warranty from date of purchase for lens barrel and tripod, and accessories are covered for 6 months. You must provide order number to be covered.

I highly recommend this telescope.
It’s going to be an awesome tool to star gaze…

5Expert Score
This telescope is awesome very portable and beginner friendly!!

This telescope is awesome!! It’s small size makes it very portable and it’s so easy to use!! Just look at the pictures i took on my first time using it. I definitely recommend this purchase

5Expert Score
Telescope comes with cellphone adapter, picture control, and different magnitude

The telescope its easy to assemble, it comes in its own protective bag to keep it safe no age limit. You can clearly see the stars and moon at night

5Expert Score
Surprised of how much better this telescope is compared to my initial thoughts when i ordered it

I am very happy with this telescope it will suit me for a while. I’m already planning my next telescope purchase.

5Expert Score
Great i to telescope

Great introduction telescope. We gave it as a gift and the family followed the instructions and was able to easily focus on the stars!

5Expert Score
Great telescope for a beginner

Easy to assemble

5Expert Score

Excelente, fácil de usar

5Expert Score


5Expert Score

A gift for my husband. He’s always wanted one so he got one for his birthday.

5Expert Score
Amazing telescope! (if you know where the galaxies and nebulae are)

i honestly got this to see just how bad cheap telescopes are but i have been proven wrong. I love this small telescope and treat it like it is one of the big boys.

Sometimes telescopes like these are hobby killers. So, before i say anything galaxies and star clusters are fuzzy blobs through any telescope. I can’t stress this enough don’t be disappointed that you don’t have a hubble image. Also do research. Find things to look at (good targets are the andromeda galaxy, great star cluster in hercules, m4, almost anything in the messier catalog).

I have been an amateur astronomer for a while and have learned that when these telescopes are used correctly can bring any person, old or young, to want to learn more. Most people might get this and telescopes like look at the sky and see a few stars and get bored and leave, letting their telescope collect dust. Do research. Google how to find popular deep sky objects. Memorize where andromeda is. Memorize cassiopeia and the big dipper. Memorize vega and the nearby trapezoid of stars. Download apps that tell you where things in the sky are. Rant over.

Anyways onto the review:

the blob that is the andromeda galaxy’s bright core is very visible and so are some of its dust lanes. You can also make out individual stars in the great star cluster is hercules. The ring nebula, m4 and many more are also visible.

Through this telescope you can see the moons of jupiter and the rings of saturn. Every other telescope at this price point has a crappy lens with chromatic aberration (light of different colors focusing differently) but somehow there is very little to none on this boblov. Adding my own expensive eyepieces made this experience even better. You can see craters on the moon and the atmospheric wobbles that cause turbulence in planes.

I am thoroughly surprised by this telescope and will be using it as a guide scope (second smaller scope that guides the big telescope on its mount) on my 3000$+ imaging rig. That’s how good it is.

I wish i had some example images but it has been very cloudy recently

4Expert Score
Would be great if it was not so cheaply made.

Tripod to short, fine for children up to seven years old. Don’t know how long it will last. Will spend more for a better quality telescope when this one gives out.

4Expert Score
Great beginner telescope

I got this as a beginner telescope to see if my 8 yr old son would like it. Very easy to setup. It is very light which surprised me. But i guess the quality of glass isn’t the highest. Overall it gets the job done. I was able to use the bracket and take some pics of the moon with my iphone. It can be difficult to get a great pic because of how easy it can move even tightened down. My son is very happy with it.

4Expert Score
Instructions could be better

I just moved into a house that has a great view of a mountain from my office window so i wanted to get a telescope so i could watch the skiers.

I am new to telescopes but this one seems well built and has several different attachments that add to its versatility. I set it up with the 25mm lens as suggested so i could get a feel for its operation. I’ll switch to the barlow and 10mm lens once i have more experience and the sky clears up enough for me to see the stars off my back deck.

The telescope comes with a very nice case which includes a cover for the telescope as well as a bag for the lenses, phone attachment, remote etc.

It has a cover for the end of the telescope but not for the eyepiece which is unfortunate. Each eyepiece has its own protective case but you’d have to remove the eyepiece each time to store it.

I wish the instruction were more comprehensive. You can tell it wasn’t written in english originally. I’m still not clear on how to use the infrared feature of the optical viewfinder. I think this telescope would be great for someone with experience but not so much for a beginner like me.

4Expert Score
Clear view

This is the first time i’ve ever setup and used a telescope. It was a learning curve but not super hard. I still haven’t figured out how to use the phone connector or the barlow lens. When using the 25 mm lens alone it was too far but switching to the 10 mm allowed me to view the moon up close. Amazon has a few videos on the telescope so i’ll probably watch them to see if i can get better direction on how to correctly connect the barlow lens and the cell phone connector. Overall, it’s a great thing to have especially if you love to see nature and the stars and want to share it with your children so they can enjoy nature and seeing things close up as well.

4Expert Score
Not a professional or high end telescope, but if the moon is your target it's great.

The boblov refractor telescope, telescopes for kids is a good telescope for kids. This isn’t a professional telescope, nor is it high-end. It is well built, allows your kids to take pictures and can get a good view of the moon. For the price, i would not expect anything else. For the price, it is a pretty good deal.

4Expert Score
See the stars (and not the hollywood kind)

It’s a good start for anybody who is looking to see the stars closer up than just a twinkle in the sky. It’s been put together well and everything seems to have been made for this particular telescope and not from a parts bin somewhere in who knows were. The instructions made the setup easier but it took time anyway just being careful not to drop or turn something the wrong way. I read them twice because i do not like going backwards on any project i start. Everything was also packed well and it was in pristine condition upon arrival. The pieces and parts fit well together and seams and gaps were consistent throughout the telescope. The carry bag insures all the little pieces and parts don’t go missing the instant they are laid out. Seems when i turn my back off they go on a whirlwind tour of the cosmos never to be seen again. It’s not very heavy but doesn’t have to be to get the planets in its line of sight. Very nice startup scope. Four stars ️️️️!!!

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