Bostitch Office 3 Hole Punch, 12 Sheet Capacity, All-Metal, Silver

Bostitch Office 3 Hole Punch, 12 Sheet Capacity, All-Metal, Silver

Buy Bostitch Office 3 Hole Punch, 12 Sheet Capacity, All-Metal, Silver: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Bostitch Office 3 Hole Punch: Compact, metal three-hole punch for long lasting durability and reliable performance durable all-metal design delivers superior performance while the precision steel punch heads cleanly punch through up to 12 sheets of paper. Rubber base pad provides stability and desktop protection during use. Easy clean chip tray for maintaining a clean work environment. Punches in standard 3-hole configuration with 9/32” diameter holes..

What are bostitch office 3 hole punch features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Precision steel punch heads pierce through 12 sheets for bulk punching
  • All-metal construction offers high-quality performance and durability
  • Easy-clean tray catches waste to keep a clean work environment
  • Rubber base prevents slippage for safe, consistent operation
  • Perfect for keeping in open office areas, classrooms and more
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Bostitch office 3 hole punch details:


Alloy steel, rubber


Silver, black



Item dimensions lxwxh

10.6 x 2.5 x 1.7 inches

Item weight

1.1 pounds

Hole count


Sheet count


Product dimensions

10.6 x 2.5 x 1.7 inches

Item model number


Is discontinued by manufacturer


Item weight

1.1 pounds


Stanley black & decker, inc

Country of origin


Bostitch Office 3 Hole Punch, 12 Sheet Capacity, All-Metal, Silver AMAZON

Buy Bostitch Office 3 Hole Punch, 12 Sheet Capacity, All-Metal, Silver: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

If i want to punch just one sheet of paper will this device close down far enough to cleanly punch 3 holes all the way through just one pc. Of paper?

I just tried….and, yes it does cleanly cut thru one sheet of copy paper.

Just received this, and i can barely slide one piece of paper in. What am i doing wrong? I removed one shipping clip but do not see a second.

Mine arrived damaged. Under one little plastic square ‘clip’ you could barely see that it had been severely bent, likely by a pair of plyers (there in the back–under a black plastic square thing. It won’t even take one page, i guess, and it said it was inspected, i think. They said (accusingly) i ordered it from amazon warehouse so it was already damaged! You can see the damage if you look at the picture, then the little metal work on the back. I called amazon, and because i don’t have a printer, i will have to pay a dollar to get a return label, unless i can get one printed somewhere, probably for money, too. Burned up now, as i need to punch some holes for organizing papers and mail piling up! There is no kinkos here, either, in this town.

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What size hole does the punch make?

The holes are 9/32′ diameters.

Why is shipping $31.99 for a hole punch?

That is an error

I have a small buisness and would need this to punch through shrinky dink paper. (it’s like a thin piece of paper but it’s made of plastic) work?

It may work. But the punchers get stuck down and won’t release the paper

Can you adjust how meny holes and holes placement? There are multiple answers.

No, it’s only set for 8.5 x 11 in standard paper which would fit into standard 3 ring notebook binders. Can’t adjust the hole distance.

Can you punch only one hole if needed?

Yes, you can

Bought this last year from amazon and now one of the punch holes is stuck. Given the product comes with lifetime warranty, can i get it fixed?

I’m sure that you can contact amazon and the very efficient customer service representatives will be able to help.

How to unlock, removed shipping clips, wont unlock?

Try closing it again. Sometimes it gets stuck, even one sheet of paper. Also, i put wd40 on the hinges to help it. I don’t know if it helped or not.

I see conflicting answers. Are the hole punches movable/adjustable?

My unit is not adjustable classic 3 hole punch only. One negative is guide for edge to position is low low and results in misalignment of you need to be careful .but for the price i’d still buy

Mine came in broken and i was wondering if i can either get a refund or get sent a new one ?

Contact the seller, you maybe able to exchange it

Can i move the wholes to make different configurations?

No. The punches are not movable.

Looking for a hole punch with the larger holes. Which one could you recommend?!

This is standard size

How easy is it to empty the chip tray?

Very easy? The soft plastic bottom just snaps on and off the hole puncher.

Will this work for an a5 sized planner?

I don’t know. The punches are adjustable but there are 3-holed punches out there that are.

Does this hole punch have a handle lock down?

This punch does not have a lock down handle.

It does come with safety clips in its original packaging which keeps it locked while shipping.

Once removed it can not be reinserted.

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How do you remove the clips/stoppers?

The bottom is a rubber sleeve that you simply remove and dump.

Do you have a patent for the appearance of this product?


How much space between paper’s edge and edge of circle?

I assume you are talking about the distance from the outer edge of an a4 sheet of paper to the punch hole circle. Distance is 2.5 inch on each side.

Do you deliver?

I think synthetic

Bostitch Office 3 Hole Punch, 12 Sheet Capacity, All-Metal, Silver AMAZON

Buy Bostitch Office 3 Hole Punch, 12 Sheet Capacity, All-Metal, Silver: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great, sturdy product!

Bostitch is a well-known brand because they make great products that last. After going through cheaper brands of 3 hole punches and getting so frustrated with poor results, i finally checked out a bostitch. I was really pleased with the sturdiness of the product, it’s so easy to use even when punching through several papers at a time, and it was so reasonably priced. I wish i would have purchased this product years ago!

5Expert Score
Streamlined, inexpensive, sturdy and strong

This is good at punching through a stack of pages at once. I maxed out at 15 and i think it can go more, i just didn’t have more i needed to do.

It has a clean lineup bar. It opens easily to clean out the punch dots. It punches cleanly, no hanging bits.

It’s small enough for easy storage and strong enough for most everyday uses. This one is a great buy. I like it.

5Expert Score
Fantastic 3 hole punch

For the money this is an excellent 3 hole punch. Granted you won’t be able to punch 50+ sheets at a time but at this price would not expect to. Very sturdy. Great value. Excellent performance.

5Expert Score
Not quite 12 sheets

I really like this product, it seems pretty sturdy and well-made. 12 sheets does push it just a little bit so i’d recommend 10 or less just to maintain products durability, quality and longevity of item. Really easy to use, lines up perfect every time

5Expert Score
Works great!

After using a hole punch that got jammed every single time, i am so happy i have a new one that works well! I have used it for 10 pages and it worked flawlessly!

5Expert Score
It works really well! I absolutely love it

It works really well! I absolutely love it

5Expert Score
Got here so fast

Sharp and looks sturdy to me. Hope i can get years of use from this one.

5Expert Score
Broken upon arrival

Unable to use. Very disappointed. But you get what you pay for.

5Expert Score
Perfect for my home office needs

This small 3 hole punch does the job well! It punches multiple pages easily and perfectly. It’s made of very nice substantial metal. I think it will suit my needs for a long time to come.

5Expert Score
Love it

Was a perfect addition to my home desk. Very durable and chic looking.

4Expert Score
Punches the holes

My only complaint is that the paper lines up on the bottom and not the top – but otherwise it works as expected.

4Expert Score
Nice but . . .

It doesn’t have an adjustable slide to define where the top or bottom of the page should be. Instead there is a small ridge that serves the purpose but is easy to miss that and misalign the punch placement. I like it but dinged it star because it could be better. If all you do is one or two sheet punches this could be fine. I’d prefer a unit with a noticeable paper rest.

4Expert Score
Works well

This little guy doesn’t look like much, but it punches above its weight, for sure (ha ha). Seriously, i am trying to organize a very disorganized parent, decades worth of stuff, and much of it was going into binders. I couldn’t find his punch in all the chaos and bought this one. It’s inexpensive, good quality, and has held up well to a significant amount of use.
Why not five stars? Every so often, the uppermost hole doesn’t cut cleanly and gets slightly stuck, and i have to re-punch, which i don’t love doing. But it’s not that common, and it is something i’ve seen with every type of punch i’ve ever used.
As far as the people complaining there are no guides, there are. There is one at the back so the paper doesn’t go in too far, and there’s another at the bottom—if you’re holding the punch in your left hand, and the paper in your right, slide it in and then slide gently toward the bottom. There is a small lip there that tells you the perfect position to stop in for the paper to sit properly in the binder.
If, like me, you get in a hurry and sometimes flip things around, it won’t work as well. The holes won’t line up where you want them if you do it with the punch in the right hand and the papers in the left. That’s not the fault of the device, mind; it’s a reflection on the orientation of the rings in a standard three hole binder. This is a one-way-for-proper-use device, but when you use it right, it works beautifully.
Oh, and i’ve abused it as far as using more sheets than recommended at a time, because i don’t sit there and count them. It still does a great job, and the spring is still nice and springy.
For the price point, totally worth it. I’d give it five stars if it didn’t get stuck every now and then, for sure.

4Expert Score
It’s okay for the price

No doubt i received a used one, but it works fine. I was looking for a cheap hole puncher to organize important papers. It arrived with two separate pieces. I am not sure if it is broken or i have to assemble it, i couldn’t figure it out. It also has some scuffs and scratches that let me know it was used. It was $5, it’s $10 or more everywhere else. Bleh, it’s whatever. It gets the job done.

4Expert Score
Es muy fácil de usar y sobretodo economica

Es práctica.

4Expert Score
Good, solid, good price

Product seems very well made. Sturdy and solid. The only reason for the deducted star is the fact that there is barely a stop for the bottom of the paper. It might catch one sheet so you have to line them up before putting them in the punch. Not sure how much an extra 1⁄8 of metal sticking up down there adds to production costs but i’d be willing to pay the difference. Works for me because i rarely use it but i would imagine that someone that uses it every day would get annoyed and it would slow them down.

4Expert Score

This had to be assembled. There were no directions included, and it took several tries to get it right, plus it took a decent amount of force to get the pieces connected.
The punches are strong, and the press is easy to operate. You can also punch a good amount of papers at once.
I would like the base to be a bit longer–enough for a guide or mark to allow me to easily and consistently center the three holes on sheets of 11′ paper.

4Expert Score
It's ok

While it works great, if you don’t line up the paper evenly the holes are not in the correct place. It doesn’t have the guides for the paper

4Expert Score
It hole punches

Had to replace an old hole puncher. This one is nice. The only downside is it doesn’t have a lever/handle like my old one (which i knew from the stock images). Still very nice. Recommend

4Expert Score
This is how you remove the safety clips….

My 3 hole punch came in a box for bostich charging organization so i the wrong instructions. If you don’t know how to remove the safety tabs, hold down the puncher like there’s paper in it and they will pop right off. I’m assuming this is not authentic bostich since wrong box and wrong inserts but the 3 hole punch works great, once i figured out how to remove those tabs!

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