BRG Compatible with Airpods Pro Case,Soft Silicone Skin Case Cover Shock-Absorbing Protective Case with Keychain [Front LED Visible] (Black)

BRG Compatible with Airpods Pro Case,Soft Silicone Skin Case Cover Shock-Absorbing Protective Case with Keychain [Front LED Visible] (Black) BRG Compatible with Airpods Pro Case,Soft Silicone Skin Case Cover Shock-Absorbing Protective Case with Keychain [Front LED Visible] (Black) : Electronics

What are brg compatible with airpods pro case features?

  • 【ultra protection】only for apple airpods pro case, made of premium soft silicone, protects your airpods against bumps, drops, and scratches. And the bottom dust plug design keeps the charging port clean and sealed when not in use. Please note it’s not applicable for airpods 1st, airpods 2nd, or airpods 3rd generation.
  • 【unobstructed charging】this cover for airpods pro charging case (2019 released) fits perfectly, won’t affect wireless charging and convenience for charging the airpods from the bottom without removing the case.
  • 【visible front led】a thin wall inside of the cover has been specially treated to allow the indicator light of your pro case to shine through, and the upgraded hinge design allows the case to open completely without cracking easily.
  • 【added carabiner】we equipped for airpods pro case with a metal carabiner clip, easy to carry and convenient to attach the airpods pouch to handbag or backpack. You’ll never have to worry about losing your airpods again.
  • 【what you get】1xairpods pro case,1xkeychain. Please note that airpods pro & airpods pro charging case not included.
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Brg compatible with airpods pro case details:

Product dimensions

2.5 x 1.5 x 0.75 inches

Item weight

1.13 ounces

Item model number

Airpods pro case

Connectivity technologies


Special features

Heavy duty protection, anti-slip

Other display features


Form factor



A- black



Country of origin


BRG Compatible with Airpods Pro Case,Soft Silicone Skin Case Cover Shock-Absorbing Protective Case with Keychain [Front LED Visible] (Black) AMAZON BRG Compatible with Airpods Pro Case,Soft Silicone Skin Case Cover Shock-Absorbing Protective Case with Keychain [Front LED Visible] (Black) : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Does the airpods pro case come with the clip?

Yes, i use the airpods pro case cover about a week, the clip is very strong, i will recommend it.

Does it fits the airpods that are not pro?

No it doesn’t. I have the airpods gen 2 and they don’t fit. The shape is quite different, you have to buy one for the normal airpods.

Just wanted to make sure, does it come with the pom pom?

Yes! It comes with it!

Please send gift receipt only. I make a mistake as this is a gift. Thanks!

You need to contact amazon instead of asking for it in the question section 🙂

Why do you need a case for my….case?

It’s soft so it cushions when you drop it, it doesn’t slide around on a flat surface and it has a hook to secure it in your purse or backpack. It’s also color coded to avoid mixing them up with someone else’s.

Will this case fit a model t16s case?

No 🙁
it only works with the airpods 1st and 2nd generation

Does this work on air pod pro released oct 2021 (qi charging case)?

Yes it works , fits perfectly

I just received the case. Isn’t it supposed to come with an adhesive strip for the lid? If so, it wasn’t in the package.

I don’t understand the question. It is one piece. Fits snugly on top and bottom of case lid stays securely closed.

Dose it come with anti-lost strap?

Yes, it does.the magnetic anti-lost strap is convenient to carry and securely for your airpods.

Why does the back have that bulky bump? Should it be smooth?

The bulky bump is the connection of the top and bottom cover

Does this fit the brand new airpods pro

This cover for airpods pro charging case (2019 released) fits perfectly

Dose this case cover shockproof for my airpods?

It can full protects your airpods against drops and scratches. Without adding any bulk.

Two pack

There was one case, one keychain, one pair of ear bud covers& one earbud leash

Will this case fits soundcore p3i?

Sorry,it not fit soundcore p3i .

This cover for airpods pro charging case (2019 released) fits perfectly.

Is this case waterproof?

I dont think the case is waterproof.

Everyone’s complaining about this being cheap, yall paid $6 for it lmao?

I believe there should be value for the money regardless of the price paid, that said, i think these are great. I tried another brand (less expensive) and it wasn’t the same quality. This protector is quite good. It fits my airpods perfectly. Even has a carabiner. I did buy a really short flash cable for charging. Works well!

Why don’t you show us the back of the case?

It shows one the product description, please check

Well this charge wirelessly with the case on

It’s silicone, and contains not material that would block or obstruct a wireless charger.

Is the led light in front of the airpods case visible with the cover?

The led light visible of this case. No issues with the wireless charging.

Is the fur ball animal fur or faux fur?

It’s definitely faux fur.

BRG Compatible with Airpods Pro Case,Soft Silicone Skin Case Cover Shock-Absorbing Protective Case with Keychain [Front LED Visible] (Black) AMAZON BRG Compatible with Airpods Pro Case,Soft Silicone Skin Case Cover Shock-Absorbing Protective Case with Keychain [Front LED Visible] (Black) : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
What's not to love?

Purchased for my new airpods pro.. The silicone is super soft and feels like velvet. My only gripe might be when you put it in a pocket.. I’m sure it’ll scoop out some lint, but that’s par for the course. Case adheres to the pods case perfectly with the charging light exact through the case as well as a plug for the charging port. The carabiner, key ring, and the silicone loop they’re attached to are slightly suspect and only in due time will we see if they hold up. Regardless.. I’d never trust $200+ airpods attached to a $10.00 carabiner in a silicone case, so they won’t be attached to anything, just in my backpack, pockets, etc. Over all it’s a great purchase for the price and i’d recommend it. I got black, but i’d recommend going with a brighter color so you can always find your airpods.

5Expert Score
So far, so good

No complaints so far. I’ve been using it just about daily for 3 months or so now and have no complaints. It fits securely, feels good in hand, and i can still use the magsafe charger to charge through the silicone case. A little concerned that the silicone loop where the keychain connects to could tear, but there is no sign of that yet. 2 thumbs up.

5Expert Score
Exactly what i was looking for

I got this cover after a long search . . . And it is great. I was specifically looking for a cover that had a hefty metal clip big enough to attach to my backpack, an easily visible battery indicator, ability to charge without removing the cover and plug for the opening when not being charged, a hinged top, and protection for the original case. I got it all with this product. I have been using it for over 4 months and its great. Note: i ditched the little ring holding the clip to the case. I attached the clip (carabiner) directly to the case.

5Expert Score
Key chain

It’s really cute and hold my air pods very well. The puff ball gets kinda dirty easily. So just be mindful of that.

5Expert Score
Great protection

A lot of protection at a valued price,case stays on pods. No slipping and great grip to prevent drops

5Expert Score

My military bf loves this case! He says it holds up really well and has protected his airpods perfectly

5Expert Score

After buying the airpod pros the last thing i wanted to do was scratch the case. Cheap and still protects from any damage

5Expert Score
Nice quality

This case is good quality and keep airpods pro safe.

5Expert Score
Love it!

Great case for my air pods! I love that i can attach them to my keys now and never lose them again!

5Expert Score
Good fit

Nice case for airpod pro, fits well, is sturdy and feels good in the hand (not slippery). Hole for battery level indicator is a plus!

4Expert Score
Flap for hinge in rear makes wireless charging difficult

Decent case, fits pretty well, though slips a little on the top.

The hinge in the back is also a little long, so bubbles out a little when trying to charge wirelessly, so had to put something heavy on top to press the case down.

Not a dealbreaker, but keeps it from being 5 stars.

4Expert Score
Cute blush pink case

Very protective and cute. I like that it is non-slip and has a clasp to carry it on a belt loop or bag.

4Expert Score

It ripped after two weeks. Not meant for individuals that work in fast-paced environments

4Expert Score
Calidad muy delgada

Calidad muy delgada

4Expert Score
Great buy

Hard to find due to color when lost, besides that it’s a great purchase

4Expert Score
It’s cheap, good & bad.

I like that it came quickly. I bought this cover the day before i had my airpod pros so i had a cover on the case because i didn’t want my case all scratched up from possibly dropping it or the things in my pockets.

The good things. Cheap. Its just a simple silicone cover. It covers the charger port, covers the case, you can still click the button on the case, you can see the charging light, has a nice clip if you want to clip it to your pants, or on a bag or whatever, and it still wirelessly charges through the cover.

The negatives. The only thing that i hate is the top part just doesn’t stay on the case after a few weeks. It just flops off by trying to open it or just sitting on my wireless charger. It defeats the purpose of the protection because now top top third of my case can be scratched or damaged. Dust can get in. Fortunately the part that hold the bottom portion is still very on the case and even shaking it around by the hook i’m confident it’ll stay but unfortunately the top cover is now basically useless.

Now i’ve dropped the case a few times here and there. Nothing crazy but for it being a rubber silicone material it’s going to take the scratches so for $7 you can’t expect much more. Wish the adhesion of the top part was better though. Might switch to a hard shell case.

4Expert Score
Everything good except carabiner

The case is nice, but carabiner failed in 2 weeks of use.

4Expert Score
Great case! Great price!! Just wish mine didn’t leave a tiny bit of my air pods exposed

I love this case, it’s nice looking and it’s really easy to slide your ear pods case into. It hold the air pod case in there well, without making it difficult to remove. I love that is a nice and easy silicone texture. This would definitely be 5-stars from me if there wasn’t a gap exposing the case on the left hand side (see picture). It’s a great deal as far as price and product, and maybe other haven’t had this issue. Yes, i’m ocd so little things like this really annoy me.

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Top becomes lose fitted

After having them for a while the top of the case started to come out and some times almost instantly after i put it back in place and my airpods once fell down because of that

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