BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp Galaxy Lamp 5.9 inch 16 Colors LED 3D Moon Light Lava Lamp, Remote & Touch Control Star lamp Moon Night Light Gifts for Girls Boys Kids Women Birthday

BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp Galaxy Lamp 5.9 inch 16 Colors LED 3D Moon Light Lava Lamp, Remote & Touch Control Star lamp Moon Night Light Gifts for Girls Boys Kids Women Birthday

BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp Galaxy Lamp 5.9 inch 16 Colors LED 3D Moon Light Lava Lamp, Remote & Touch Control Star lamp Moon Night Light Gifts for Girls Boys Kids Women Birthday – –

What are brightworld moon lamp galaxy lamp 5.9 inch 16 colors led 3d moon light lava lamp features?

  • magic star moon light: making the 3d effect of the moon’s surface based on astronomical data by nasa satellite. Color drawing craft make the ball colorful and gorgeous. The hollow shell with built-in led lights, when the light is turn on, it seems to be in the splendid galaxy. As the color and perspective change, it presents a magical and colorful color.we took some pictures from a few different angles for your reference.
  • remote and touch control: touch the metal ring to switch 7 color, remote control to switch 16 colors remote control dimming. And it also support one color or colorful automatic conversion.
  • long-lasting battery(500mah): built-in usb rechargeable battery, it is easy to carry. And can normally use during charging (3 hours fully charging, 4-12 hours of use, depends on its brightness ).
  • cool decorative lamp: this moon night light can use as decorative light, child lamp, night lights. Colorful color changes give children a feeling of novelty transformation, perfect as children/kids room decorative and special occasion.
  • excellent present: the colorful star sky 3d effect gives people unlimited imagination to the universe or distant galaxies, and many customers shared beautiful photos of galaxy lamps from various poses. It could be treated as an excellent gifts for children kids girls.
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BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp Galaxy Lamp 5.9 inch 16 Colors LED 3D Moon Light Lava Lamp, Remote & Touch Control Star lamp Moon Night Light Gifts for Girls Boys Kids Women Birthday AMAZON

BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp Galaxy Lamp 5.9 inch 16 Colors LED 3D Moon Light Lava Lamp, Remote & Touch Control Star lamp Moon Night Light Gifts for Girls Boys Kids Women Birthday – –

Looking for specific info?

Is it styrofoam?

It’s a nice solid product. It’s not anywhere cheap like styrofoam!

Can i take the lamp around off of the stand?

You absolutely can take it off the stand.

Can you order an additional remote?

Additional units, even their smaller sphere, will have remotes that can work with your original unit.
So if you lost your 1st remote, you could order the small sphere ($15) and have the 2 spheres operated with the second remote.

How can i know it’s charging?

The moon lamp will glow from the bottom while charging. When it’s finished charging it stops glowing.

Wrapped this as a gift, but need to know what battery the remote takes. Want to order extra for when it stops working.

No, it is a 3d printing, it is not possible to remove the battery naturally, but a lithium battery lasts for about 1000 recharges, you can have it functional for more than 3 years with good use. And if it dies completely, the battery will work connected to the electric current

Can you turn it on while it is pluged in?

Yes, it can turn on

Can i keep it plugged into a usb charger all the time instead of using batteries?

You could. I don’t only because i didn’t know if it would wear out the battery. I charge it during the day then leave it off the charger at night.

This used to work fine and was very cool but after a month or so of use it now only lights up red. Any ideas for a fix? Will the company exchange?

sorry about that. You can contact us with your amazon order id. We will solve your problem.

I bought the planet for .50 but it doesn’t have the cord or remote. I i order replacement parts?

Check with the seller to see if they have the rest of the set up.

Is this product from china ?

Don’t know. Works great, though. Really beautiful!

Hello! We love this moon but our charger broke, how can we go about getting a new one? I tried typing b0794zmm9v in but i get no results please help !

Hello, you can contact us with your amazon order id.

There’s some pictures on the back of the box of some other moon shaped lamps where do i find those?

Hello, we don’t sell those other moon lamps.

I tried to open the remote to change the battery and did not work. Followed everyones suggestions but still nothing.

I don’t know nothing about changing battery in the remote i just pulled plastic out of it after charging the light and it has worked since. Progmark

Can i charge my moon lamp on my computer or power bank ?


Is there a constant noise when it is on? I viewed a video that was posted and heard something running in the background

Mine does not make a noise at all.

My daughter got this for christmas last year and the charger for it broke. Where can i get a new one>?

Hello, you can order the charge cable by this asin:b0794zmm9v.

Do you ship to alaska?

Our product is fulfilled by amazon, you can try to place an order.

Can i adjust the brightness?

Yes you can adjust the brightness!!! It’s perfect for kids! And all the different colors are so neat!

Will the lamp become warm when working or charging?

The moon lamp using built-in usb rechargeable battery and it is made of eco-material which is non toxic and safe.

Is there a custom service number i can call? 2 months after receiving this the led bulbs are starting to burn out

Look under the add to cart button and you will see sold by ‘bwbn’ highlighted. Click on it and you can send or ask a question to the company which is called ‘brightworld.’ we had the same problem with ours 5 months later and they replaced it 2 days later

BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp Galaxy Lamp 5.9 inch 16 Colors LED 3D Moon Light Lava Lamp, Remote & Touch Control Star lamp Moon Night Light Gifts for Girls Boys Kids Women Birthday AMAZON

BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp Galaxy Lamp 5.9 inch 16 Colors LED 3D Moon Light Lava Lamp, Remote & Touch Control Star lamp Moon Night Light Gifts for Girls Boys Kids Women Birthday – –

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

Was a little skeptical when i saw how small this globe was, but after inspecting it, i decided it is really quite nice. But note: do not use an usb block in a wall outlet to charge – the voltage may burn up the apparatus. I used the usb port on the back of my desktop computer for three hours. A little blue light stays on while charging. Goes out after fully charged. The little metal dot on the bottom of the globe next to the cable inlet will manually turn the light on. The remote control will give more effects and the choice of 16 color shades. The material of the globe light is not foam, but it is some form of composite material. Agree with the other reviews that this is not bright enough to be a night light. The operator’s manual is written in english – but it does contain misspelled words. Just saying…

5Expert Score

I bought this as a gift but charged it to see what it looks like. Its beautiful! Bought for my niece but now both older daughters want one too. Lightweight, you could easily carry it around (like a cool halloween costume prop?) charges so no need to stay plugged. So pretty with the multiple colors/settings. Very good deal for price!

5Expert Score
Very cool, makes a great gift.

I bought one of these 2 years ago and it still works just fine. A friend commented they liked it so i bought one for her. She was overjoyed.

Rechargeable so you can charge it and put it anywhere, or like me, keep it plugged in and use it in one spot.

Comes with a remote control. You can set it to one of several different colors or have it cycle through colors automatically.

Recommend this product and seller.

5Expert Score
Love, love, love this!

I just love this lamp! I bought 2 of them for my great-granddaughters and love it so much, i’m buying one for myself. It’s mesmerizing and will make a great night light of lamp for soft lighting in any room.

5Expert Score

This is a magical and such a pretty light. It’s a great night light ️ my daughter loves it. The remote is nice too

5Expert Score
Just buy it now! Terrific for kid’s space room

Was nervous to buy after seeing a comment about styrofoam. Actually looked at another product, but came back to this because the detail looked better despite the “styrofoam”. Ordered to go with a complete makeover of my son’s room. Bought a couple dozen items – huge wall paintings, comforters, toys, plush figures, curtains …. Nope, this was the answer when i asked what was the best part!! The color is super-vibrant, even i want to stare at it because it’s so pretty, but just right brightness to be the night light but also very clear focal point during the day. He loves red but has it on the programmed settings, and we both enjoy just watching the colors change like watching a sunset – but fast enough for his kid attention span!! And i don’t know what to call the material even now btw, it isn’t styrofoam as i know it (and my dad worked in a styrofoam and plastics factory) but not what we think of as a plastic either – whatever it is, it’s perfect for lighting his room. It’s still his favorite thing – and i like it as an adult too! Definitely a great purchase!

5Expert Score
Beautiful, aesthetically pleasing product!

I love this product! It is so gorgeous lit up and is very nice quality! I haven’t had any trouble with the remote or battery life so i’m very happy with my purchase!

5Expert Score
Beautiful but short charge life

Beautiful globe great size. One charge doesn’t last as long as i’d hoped

5Expert Score
Of fun when stoned

It just mesmerizes

5Expert Score
So cool!

Worth the purchase, super fun and durable.

4Expert Score

I bought this as a nightlight because i suffer with night terrors. This quickly became the most important item in my room. Ever since i bought it the night terrors have stopped because i no longer wake up to a pitch black room.
I am not sure about the quality of the battery when not charging because i always kept it on a usb plug. I’ve had it for over a year and most of the time i left it on 24/7. It’s starting to have issues with staying on, which, honestly, i can’t fault it for because again, most of the time i’d just forget to turn it off, which is not an issue with the item itself.
I think an improvement would be having a timer so it would automatically turn off, but that’s a luxury that isn’t completely necessary. I really do like this lamp, it looks nice, and it has different brightness settings. When the time comes i will most likely purchase this again.

4Expert Score
Perfect for the little one.

Bought this glow moon for the wife but it has been allocated as the night lite for our new born. Being able to have it on and see all the changing colors is great and it’s a very cool light.
Battery life is good only having to charge it every week or so.
The brightness can be a little overwhelming though. It’s bright and stays bright. No way to turn down the brightness.
It’s really cool though so if you’re thinking about it, get it.

4Expert Score
Very bright and colorful

Love the dimmer, it really sets the mood!

4Expert Score
Fun gift

My daughter loved it, fairly bright and cool to look at

4Expert Score
Really pleased

I was so thankful for this product when the electricity in my whole neighborhood went out recently. We didn’t have enough candles for each room and this moon lamp lit up my very large living room with tall ceilings. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. It stays charged for a longer period of time than any other night lights we’ve had in the past. It doesn’t really look as detailed like others pictures but it is still fun and does its job. Makes a great gift.

4Expert Score
Great lamp!

This moon lamp is amazing! It has the texture to resemble the moon & is bright & colorful. There are also several different light functions, all are great. My teen granddaughter loves it!

4Expert Score
Good product the stand was broken

I love this. Worked great for a star trek party! I had to find another way to stand it up the stand came broken!

4Expert Score
Super cool

Makes your dark room into a galaxy

4Expert Score
I am happy!

My granddaughter loved it!

4Expert Score
Different remotes give different commands so get up hold close & u can sinc em to fade

Brightness is fine & and can be dimmed

full day charge doesn’t last (2) 3-4 hour ‘night shifts’ before bedtime

the only bad thing i can say. Original one 6 months old – full day charge barely makes 2hrs now. Don’t expect it to improve with age

otherwise a great, very nice bedroom accessory light.

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