Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 1 Standard Filter, Made Without BPA, White (Design May Vary)

Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 1 Standard Filter, Made Without BPA, White (Design May Vary)

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Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 1 Standard Filter: Drink cleaner*, great tasting tap water with this brita 10 cup water pitcher, made without bpa, and the included brita no smart light. Only brita filters are certified to reduce chlorine (taste and odor), copper, mercury and cadmium in brita systems*. One no smart light can replace up to 300 16.9 oz plastic bottles. The brita water pitchers flip lid makes refilling a breeze, while the sticker indicator allows you to adjust the date so youll know when its time for a new filter. This large water pitcher comes with one standard water filter, which should be changed every 40 gallons or about 2 months** for best results. Start drinking healthier*, great tasting water with brita today. *cleaner vs. Tap water. Healthier based on health contaminant reduction per wqa certifications. Substances reduced may not be in all users water. See certifications. ***approximate timing based on average family usage and 40-gallon filter life ;package may vary

What are brita large 10 cup water filter pitcher with 1 standard filter features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • This everyday water pitcher is made without bpa, easy to fill, fits in most fridges and can hold 10 cups of water, enough to fill 3 24-ounce reusable water bottles; product reservoir and lid may vary
  • This space efficient brita pitcher is fridge friendly, features an easy-fill lid to make refills a breeze; height 10.7′; width 5.4′; length/depth 10.1′; weight 1.3 pounds
  • Get great tasting water without the waste; by switching to brita, you can save money and replace 1,800 16.9 fl oz single-use plastic water bottles a year
  • Only brita filters are certified to reduce chlorine (taste and odor), copper, mercury and cadmium* in brita systems, while a sticker indicator makes filter reminders effortless
  • No smart lights are compatible with all brita pitchers and dispensers except stream; replace the brita standard water filter every 2 months**

Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 1 Standard Filter, Made Without BPA, White (Design May Vary) AMAZON

Shop Brita at the Yakibest Water Coolers & Filters store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%.

Looking for specific info?

Has anyone tried filtering vodka with it?

Mythbusters tested this concept and busted it. Myth: you can turn low-end vodka into top-shelf vodka with six filtrations of a domestic charcoal water filter (i.e. Brita filters). They set up the experiment so that the vodka testers would each get 8 shots of vodka: 6 from the filtration stations (single filtered, twice filtered, etc…), 1 top-shelf vodka, and 1 unfiltered low-end shot. The tasters were asked to rank the shots.

Anthony dias blue, vodka expert, executive director san francisco world spirits competion: his ranking corresponded exactly to the number of filtrations, with the top-shelf vodka picked as the best.

Anthony: ‘passing a low-end vodka through a filter will make it better, but it won’t make it a top-shelf vodka’

they further analyzed the vodka samples and found that there was no difference in chemical composition between the filtered vodka and the unfiltered vodka.

Conclusion: you’re better off buying the top-shelf stuff than wasting a bunch of water filters.

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I cannot get the white part out. It is stuck and i’m afraid if i force it; it will break. Is there any way to get it out?

The easy way to get the white part dislodged is this:
remove the filter. Fill the pitcher all the way up with warm water and a dab of dishwashing liquid. Now turn it upside down. The force of the water and gravity will dislodge the white part. The soap adds some extra slip to dislodge things and cleans the pitcher.
I might be a 90 pound weakling but i’m still an engineer’s daughter.

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Is the spout designed in such a way to prevent water from dripping or splashing all over the place? I would be using it around books & paperwork.

I don’t have any problem pouring water into glasses or bowls with the brita. But there is one thing you need to beware of. The plastic top ‘snaps down’ in place. Sometimes it can come loose, and then a flood of water will pour out of the top, and over everything. To stop this from happening, i always put pressure on the top with one hand, when i am pouring water.

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Where is it made?

Pitcher made in china, filter made in canada

Does lid fall off?

Interesting question; i usually put my hand into the handle, cupping the pitcher with my palm, while resting my thumb on the top of the handle and the handle part of the lid. I do this for two reason (1) 10 cups of water is a lot of weight and this gives me more support (2) for the security of keeping the lid from coming off. The lid does fit snugly. While the filter was full, i did try to pour water holding the handle normally and it did not fall off. I don’t know if can trust this method 100 percent. Tending to error on the side of caution. Hope this helps.

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How long does the filter last?

2 to 3 months depending on use. * keep the top holding tank full so the filter does not dry out!!

Does this product come with a filter?

Hi there. Thanks for asking! Yes, our everyday pitcher includes a standard filter. We hope you find this information helpful. For further assistance, please contact us at 800-242-7482 and use the following reference number: 181130-000237. We look forward to hearing from you. Kai from the brita team

How to use it?

Best way is to follow the instructions step by step. Here’s what i do—find a clean boiling pot or a clear coffee pot to fill enough tap water so the water level will engulf the new filter. Make sure u can place and retrieve the filter quite smoothly into the water without tilting or disturbing the water and filter. Let it sit for 15 minutes then remove it slowly, the same way u placed it inside. Place the filter into the brita pitcher all the way down—the 2 notches should firmly sit flatly on the bottom of the orifist. (do a dry practice in placing the filter inside) that eliminates the guesswork afterwards. After fitting the filter correctly; softly turn on water and fill the inside (not on filter) top container. The water will filter through and fill the clear bottom of container. Repeat process until bottom is 5/8 full. Do not add more water. Hope this helps. Fyi, they now sell improved filters — granule free.

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Will this filter can remove chemicals from old pipes and water tanks? Some buildings have water tanks on the roof.

Hi there! While our pitcher filters work well to reduce chlorine, cadmium, copper, mercury and zinc from municipally treated tap water, hard water can contain different contaminants, such as calcium and magnesium carbonates, that won’t be removed. As long as your water is municipally treated, you can still use our brita filters in order to achieve better-tasting water. We hope this helps! Mel from the brita team

Do the older model filters fit this pitcher?

Hi there. Thanks for asking. Yes, our older filters are compatible with our everyday pitcher. We hope you find this informational helpful. For further assistance, please reach out to us at 800-24brita and mention this reference number: 180829-000147. We look forward to hearing from you. Kai from the brita team

This one does not take out flouride. You need one that takes this out?

We’re happy to answer your question about our everyday pitcher and standard filter and whether it’ll remove fluoride. Brita filters remove trace amounts of fluoride to deliver drinking water with a healthy level of fluoride. Over the life of a filter, it’ll remove less than 5% of fluoride. We hope this information helps, and if you need more info, please give us a call at 800-242-7482 and mention this reference number 210518-000430. We hope you’ll give us a call sometime soon. Shannon from the brita team

Does it work with well water?

Hello! Thanks for asking. While our pitcher filters work well to reduce chlorine, cadmium, copper, mercury and zinc from municipally treated tap water, well water can contain different contaminants, such as iron and rust, which cause water to have a color. As long as your well is municipally treated, you can use our brita filters, but you may need to change your filter more frequently. We hope this has been helpful. Mel from the brita team

Tell me the filter fishes in the kit? After purchase, is it ready for use?

I do not understand what you mean about fishes. It is ready to use after you put the included filter into the filter hole.

Does it reduce lead?

Hello! While our brita standard filters do not remove lead, our brita longlast filters are nsf-certified to reduce lead in your tap water. We hope this has been helpful! Mel from the brita team

How may of those reminding stickers are in there?

I’m not certain where ‘amazon customer’ found 12 ‘stickers’ in the box. My experience is the same as greta’s – one large sticker with months upon them and one smaller (much smaller!) sticker that you may use to indicate the month that you replaced the filter and the subsequent month that the filter should be replaced. These stickers should be very useful – they remind me of the sticker that was once used (and still may be used – it has been a long while since i have driven!) to remind you of when you should have your oil changed. What makes these stickers a bit unusable is that i’ve yet to find instructions for writing, and erasing, the day of the month on the sticker. If i replaced my filter today, i would place the smaller label on ‘june’ and the filter replacement will show that i should replace the filter in august. If there is a way to write ’23’ on the sticker i wouldn’t scurry to replace the filter on august greta noted: ‘at least that’s what i got!’

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Re brita 10 cup- should filter replacement light light up when it needs changing?

Hello there! Thank you for reaching out. The brita everyday pitcher is designed to have a sticker indicator rather than a light indicator. When the bar is placed over the month the filter was installed, the sticker will state in which month the filter will need to be changed. We hope this clears things up! -mel with brita

Does it filter out lead?

Their site says their longlast filters 99% of lead – standard filters do not!
Our longlast filters fit in brita® dispensers and all brita® pitchers except for stream & infinity pitchers. These longer-lasting blue filters feature a patented pleated media and proprietary active filtering agents to reduce the contaminants lead, asbestos, and cadmium for up to 120 gallons.†


Can you put fruit in it to add to your water or will it mess up the filter? I mean putting it in the bottom.

I think you would have to removed the filter to insert the fruit..however, since i have not done that i really can’t tell you for sure…i would think though that inserting anything that may have bacteria or mold might very well clog the filter over time..i just use mine to produce the cleanest water i can get for my covfefe and tea!! Best of luck with your experiment

Have a new brita: is the filter supposed to snap in tightly? I pushed it in as hard as i could per directions, but there is still space around it.

Hello there. We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble inserting your longlast filter into your brita pitcher, and we are happy to provide a few tips. You can ensure a snug fit by first finding the groove in your brita filter, and then locating the notch in the filter cradle. Line up the groove with the notch and then press down to ensure a nice fit. We hope this helps. For further assistance, please contact us at 800-24brita and use this reference number: 180911-000563. We look forward to assisting you. Kai from the brita team

Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 1 Standard Filter, Made Without BPA, White (Design May Vary) AMAZON

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What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Must have

This right here is a life saver, i love this product because i love drinking water but hate buying bottle water. The filter really cleans the water i even tested the alkaline in the water and i was surprise by the percentage

5Expert Score
Best to use when bottled water is gone

We live in florida and this past hurricane water was hard to come by so we bought a filter to use and it came in handy when we could not find any bottled water!

5Expert Score
Replaced cases of water per week

We usually go through about 2-3 cases of bottled water a week. We live in an urban area where well water is not an option and i still use tap water for flavored drinks but for straight water it has been a game changer from the crummy rock flavored city water on tap and no trips to the store or recycle bin full of plastic bottles. The pitcher and replacement filters are available here on amazon.

5Expert Score
Nice brita pitcher

Pros: easy to fill, just remove the lid, fill, put lid back on, done. No way for unfiltered water to contaminate filtered water or spill out when you pour the water from the pitcher; compact so it’ll sit nicely on the table; cling that you can stick anywhere that lets you know when to replace your filter, a small water drop cling sits on the main cling on the replacement month; easy to clean
cons: cannot see how much water is left in the reservoir without removing lid & no spout cover so that gnats, flies, ants, etc cannot crawl into the pitcher.

5Expert Score
Jarra para filtrar agua

Se los recomiendo 100 % esta compra, definitivamente se nota en el sabor la diferencia del agua filtrada, lo volvería a comprar. Además dejé de comprar agua embotellada y me ahorro dinero.

5Expert Score
Does well with filtering

I have no complaint about this product.
I feel good knowing i have a water filter and this one make it feels like the water taste sweet.

5Expert Score
This is my 3rd.

My tap water is tastes salty.. This saves a lot of money. I use for general drinking & making cold brew coffee. Anything that taste or quality, or filtering matters.

5Expert Score
Easiest to clean water pitcher i've used.

Okay, so this water pitcher certainly isn’t has high tech as the rest, but that’s okay for me. The less moving pieces, the better. Here’s what i like.

1. Brita filters do a good enough job of filtering my mostly clean water.
2. The pitcher has no mechanical pieces. No hinges, no flaps, no nonsense. Less places for mold to hide and no weird tools necessary to hit every crack and crevice.
3. 10 cups is more than enough for a full day on most days.
4. Super easy to disassemble.
5. Brita filters are cheap.

Fixing other people’s reviews
1. The guy who couldn’t get his clean. You can absolutely remove the upper tub. It may require a little tugging and sliding, but it is 100% removable and it’s supposed to be removable. That review is wrong.

1. I’m happy there is no flap or nonsense to get moldy, but the open spout does mean stuff can get in there. Easy enough to prevent, just keep your fridge clean.

Overall, this is the one i buy when i need to replace my previous one. It works well, holds enough water, and it’s super easy to clean without any weird, small crevices that you can’t get a scratch pad into.

I bought a turquoise one after my white one cracked (i dropped it, my bad) and i’ll buy another one of these when this one breaks, and i will continue to do so until they’re discontinued. Then i’ll just drink my tap water after that.

My one piece of advice, though, is to not buy the black one. It is much more difficult to see (and therefore clean) any mold growth on it. Blue or white so you can see the mold, wash it off, and make it clean again.

5Expert Score
Fresh, clean water

This is an exact replacement and checking stores in the area amazon had a much better price. Easy to use, like the filter included and ease of use.

5Expert Score
Great first water filter!

My roommate and i love this water filter! We got it for her initially due to her sensitivity to tap water, but now i’m using it, too. It’s super easy to refill and clean. We haven’t had to replace the filter yet, but that looks easy to do, too, thanks to the instruction manual that came with it. I expected it to be at least a little faulty because of the price, but it works great! Amazing product for a bargain price!

4Expert Score
Missing filers

The packing was poor at best. There wasn’t a filter included as indicated on product description. I attempted to file a claim through amazon but i was directed to brita customer care directly. They were soooo nice and helpful. They are sending me 2 filters in about a week. The pitcher was shrink wrapped and intact but they could have put some paper or air padding to keep it from banging around in the box as the clearly says “fragile” on the box. The upside is this is a christmas gift for my daughter and i have the time to get the replacement filters as well as some more i ordered of amazon. So all’s well that ends well.

4Expert Score
Slightly disappointed

I was slightly disappointed that the product i received didn’t resemble the image on the product page more closely and that it lacks a dependable means of keeping track of how much water has passed through the filter. I recognize that the product description states that the item delivered may differ from the description, but the divergence was greater than i expected, or at least hoped. Specifically, the image showed a lid with an inner, filling lid, but the item delivered has a lid that has to be completely removed to fill the pitcher.
I didn’t realize that there is no automatic refill reminder as is included on the smaller pitchers, and there is no easy way to keep track the number of refills.
Neiter of the above are strictly the vendor’s responsibility. Still, for the price, i feel they could be inluded.
This is not the first brita pitcher i have purchased. Over the years, i believe i have purchased four smaller pitchers and more filters than i can count. I like the results, including the fact that not all minerals are filtered out, so i can use the brita water to make sourdough bread, which is sensitive to water characteristics.
In summary, because of the size of the pitcher, and the actual quality of the filtered wqter i will use this pitcher and cobble together a means to track how much water i put through each filter cartridge. I would like to suggest a product improvement, and that is aome means of metering how much water has passed through each filter, like a teltale function on the top of each filter that is sensitive to how much water actually passes through the filter. With that included, this would be a five star product, right down the line.

4Expert Score
What a difference

Works great , good for small counter spaces , we love it instead of the below sink water filtration which was a hassle. We save an average of $30-$40 dollars a month on bottled drinking water. I’m happy.

4Expert Score
Removes the chlorine taste, and filters quickly

We’ve had brita filter pitchers before and like this one. It’s a space-efficient design and filters quickly. You do have to wait for it to filter before pouring or it will spill out of the top and the filter will be displaced, but it’s fast so long as you regularly change the filter. I put it in one side of our sink with a clean cloth on top. That way it doesn’t get dust in it, and i can just turn on the faucet to fill it without lifting it out. Then, i pour it into cups inside the sink to spare my arthritic hands. It’s heavy but not nearly so much as if i had it on the counter. I think i will get a big tank with a spigot as we’ve had those before from brita. Then, i’ll put this in the fridge so we have cold water. My son likes to drink cold water.

4Expert Score
So far oky

We have been using this for a month. Not sure it does filter correctly or not coz i dont have kits to check. I am going to buy more filters.

4Expert Score
Good water filter for daily use

I bought this water filter again because it was broken after falling on the floor. It is a good filter. Doesn’t have any unpleasant flavor.

4Expert Score
Great pitcher but arrived with a major scratch

The pitcher arrived with a deep, visible scratch. I reasoned it probably wouldn’t affect function; so, i decided to use it. So far, i have no problems. It was not something that happened during delivery. The product was well packaged. I’m just disappointed that it made it past quality control to packaging.

4Expert Score
The only thing missing is the indicator light

Works great. The new shape of the pitcher is fridge friendly allowing for more room. The only thing i wish was that it came with the indicator light for when to replace the filter. Other than that, it’s great

4Expert Score
Works well

I receive it and thought it was supposed to have the indicator on it but maybe it..oh well…so the lid fits nice and problems getting the filter in ..followed directions as to clean the filter first then dumping the first 3 pitchers to safely clean…so far its fine..the water tastes pretty good

4Expert Score
Easy to fill

This pitcher is easy to fill but unfortunately i did not realize that it did not have a smartlight filter indicator. I would have given it 5 stars if it had the filter indicator.

Important information

Safety Information

The Brita® Elite™ Filter is not intended to purify water. Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.


BPA Free


Your water filter pitcher can be ready to use in a few steps. Wash your hands before touching the filter, then flush it with cold water for 15 seconds. Insert the filter into the reservoir. Add cold tap water. The first three pitchers of filtered water may contain carbon dust. Use on plants or discard. Replace the water filter every 40 gallons or 2 months. Substances reduced may not be in all users’ water.

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