Broan-NuTone 413001 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood with Lights Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet, 30-Inch, White

Broan-NuTone 413001 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood with Lights Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet, 30-Inch, White

Buy Broan-NuTone 413001 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood with Lights Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet, 30-Inch, White: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Broan-NuTone 413001 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood with Lights Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet: Product description upgrade your kitchen with the broan ductless range hood insert and incandescent light! This versatile insert is the perfect solution to your ventilation needs serving as both an exhaust fan and overhead light for your stove. The white unit is designed to fit neatly underneath your cabinets to provide quality airflow in your kitchen. It installs as a non-ducted range hood with a charcoal filter that effectively removes smoke and odors from your cook space. The protective lamp lens distributes light evenly over the cooktop and accepts up to 75w bulb (not included). It’s designed with smooth surfaces that clean easily and quick-release filters that can go in the dishwasher. Install the insert at least 18″ above cook top. The sides are mitered and the bottom edge hemmed, with no sharp edges for safety and good looks. The unit has a two-speed fan switch and separate light switch and the motor is permanently lubricated. For your convenience, this range hood can work in an ada-compliant application and includes a 1 year limited warranty. Enhance your home today with the broan ductless range hood insert and light! From the manufacturer two-speed duct-free range hood. Broan’s most economical duct-free hood with the exclusive microtek system for filtration of airborne cooling contaminants. Installs as non-ducted only with charcoal filter. Accepts up to 75 watt light (bulb sold separately).

What are broan-nutone 413001 non-ducted ductless range hood with lights exhaust fan for under cabinet features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • High-quality ductless range hood insert: white hood insert improves ventilation and lighting over your stove with the non-ducted filtration system that effectively removes smoke and odors
  • Effective incandescent lighting: a protective lamp lens distributes light evenly over the cook-top and accepts up to 75w bulb (bulb not included)
  • Easy care: charcoal filter is replaceable so you can maintain optimum grease capture and keep the kitchen fresh
  • Versatile: separate rocker switches control the light and the 2-speed fan for easy use
  • Ideal size: range hood insert measures 30′ and should be installed at least 18′ above cook top
  • Installs as non-ducted only with charcoal filter
  • 75-watt cooktop lighting (bulb not included)
  • Non-ducted filter – effective non-ducted filtration system removes smoke and odors
  • Rocker-type fan and light control; 2-speed fan
  • 30-inch width by 17.5-inch depth by 6-inch height
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Broan-NuTone 413001 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood with Lights Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet, 30-Inch, White AMAZON

Buy Broan-NuTone 413001 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood with Lights Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet, 30-Inch, White: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

I will be plugging the rangehood into the wall, will i need a power cord kit?

Yes you will need to buy a power cord kit it does not come with one only the wires to connect it directly to the electric

Non-ducted range hood, does this mean there is no need to vent up thru the roof or out thru the wall?

That’s correct. The air flows through the filter on the underside and out through the three columns of vent slats you see on the front of the range hood. There is no connection to other vents or ducts in a wall or through the roof.

Hi, the specification says it is 30 inch. My old range is actually 29.75 inch. Has anyone actually measured the exact length? 30 inch won’t fit.

30′ with a measuring tape.

Does it get rid of kitchen smoke…that’s what i need. My kitchen doesn’t have an exhaust fan and every time i cook it smokes up the house.

This unit is designed to take the smoke from the stove, then with the fan, draw it into the filter and remove as much of the particulate (smoke particles) as possible, then return it to the room. In the case of dense smoke, its almost useless. You need to clean or replace the filter at regular intervals

How loud is it

You know it is on, but it is not extremely loud and not annoying. You can talk normally in the kitchen and still hear the conversation. You can still hear the tv in the next room clearly. I am happy with it. I have been in kitchens that when you turn the fan on you can’t hear anything else.

Could this be mounted underneath a shelf instead of a cabinet?

The 413001 can be mounted to a shelf as long as the shelf is stable enough to handle the weight of this range hood. If you have further technical or installation questions, please contact our broan technical support department at 1-800-637-1453 between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm (cst) monday-friday.

Can anyone tell me if this units requirs plugin wires?

This range hood is designed to be hard wired to household electric. It does not need any extra plugs. However, if you need for it to be plugged in, you can convert it to a plug in model. If you wish to convert it, then you would need to purchase the cord kit, hck44, separately.

I measured 29 ‘ across// will it not fit? I do not want too have any issues? In too other cabinets? Please let me know before i do order th

This hood, like any 30′ hood, measures about 29 15/16′. If this hood does not fit, any hood will not fit

I have no above cabinet……can i install on wall???

There are wall-mounting brackets available from broan (#35) that will allow the unit to be mounted directly to the wall. I’m getting ready to install the hood using them and don’t see any issues. The holes in the bracket align with the holes in the hood.

Does this hood come with charcoal filter?

Yes, this is a non-ducted hood that includes the charcoal filter

My kitchen cabinet is 12” depth, but the item is listed as 17.5”, can i still install it under my cabinet?

Yes you can. My cabinets are 12 inch depth. The hood is 12 ‘ deep, then it slants down 5.5 ‘, this part dticks out. See my pic i put on my review.

Is this thing ’45 inches like the specs say it is, or is it a 42′ hood??

It’s 42′, the box and packing maybe 45′, but hood itself is 42′.

What size filter does it use?

The size is approx. 9′ x 10.5′. The filters are available at home depot and lowe’s.

Is the broan 413623 black 36 inch range hood actually 36′ or 35 7/8?


Can u self install or does it require an electrician?

If you have pre-existing wiring at the location, it is definitely a self install. Connect the power, neutral and ground and screw into the cabinet using the screws provided. I had it up in about 30 minutes.

This is my first range hood. Do i need to purchase anything else with this purchase? Or do anything i need to install range hood come with it?

As i recall, it came with all the necessary hardware. You’ll need tools like a drill and screwdriver, of course. I needed to add some wood furring strips to the underside of my cabinet to make it a flush mount, but i had the wood at home already, so i didn’t need to purchase any.

What is the cfm or power?

The broan 4130 is not rated for cfm because it is a non ducted hood. Probably about 100-150 cfm fan, 2850 rpm. You don’t want too much air blowing back in your face anyway. I hope this helps.

How many cfm is this hood ?

This range hood is non-ducted so it does not exhaust air to the outside. As such, it has not been rated for air movement.

Are the sides of the unit finished if there are no cabinets on the sides

The 413623 does have finished sides.

Is there a difference between this model and the 413004 model?

Yes. There are differences. Both models are part of the 41000-series range hoods. This is a non-ducted line. The 413004 is a 30′ long hood in stainless steel. The 413602 is a 36′ long hood in a bisquit color. They are different sizes and colors.

Broan-NuTone 413001 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood with Lights Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet, 30-Inch, White AMAZON

Buy Broan-NuTone 413001 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood with Lights Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet, 30-Inch, White: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great product, for the price point

Works exactly as expected. This is the first hood i self-installed and it was quite easy. It is best to have two people when sketching holes where to drill, etc. Make sure you have or purchase a voltage detector to be safe the power is off to wires. I installed a 40w bulb and was done in less than 1 hour. I have inky used the fan a couple of times when baking, but it definitely seems to help with smoke. The only small thing i would like to be different is having two brightness settings for the light. I have an older hood, same brand, and it has this setting for both fan and light, so maybe that’s why i notice it more. I used the dim setting as a kitchen nightlight. The only other advice i would offer is immediately inspect for any dings and dent immediately upon arrival. I did not and waited a few weeks to install and there is a small dent near the buttons. It was minor enough to not contact the seller.

5Expert Score
Exact same model

This range hood is exactly like the one it replaced except this one is in stainless steel.easy to replace

5Expert Score
Quality product for great price

Just installed our range hood and everything went smoothly. Easy to setup and install. It also fit perfectly which is such a blessing when that happens…especially in our older home where things are typically always problematic.

5Expert Score
Good for the price

The only bad feature is the plastic covering for the light is low that you see it

5Expert Score
It is a nice hood vent for the stove

I like this better than the large units they started to make.

Everything works well. We’ve had it installed for a couple of months. There have not been any problems.

5Expert Score
Nice and bright and easy to install

Great looking hood, and it was very easy to install. My niece and i did it in 15 mins and we have zero experience in home improvement.

5Expert Score
Easy to use and clean

I bought this to replace the old one that came wit the house. It was the same brand and model. It’s was easy to install because they was built the same way wit the same connections and wires. Just make sure you turn of the power to the range thru your breaker box.

5Expert Score
So so

Es un poco ruidoso, el poder de succión no es muy bueno, pero funciona y ayuda con los vapores de la cocina

5Expert Score
Looks nice…

Works just fine.

5Expert Score
Great low price, yet great quality

Good deal

4Expert Score
Umm.. Well, it serves the purpose.

Pro: easy install, nice and white, not heavy to maneuver, fan is quiet (see below reason), light is good, price point is good for this product.
Not so pro’s:
*is definitely not the 1965 quality of the original vent hood (not as heavy!)
*fan is not very powerful with suction . Low and high are basically the same power.
*the 42′ length is not 42′- i did read the diagram again. Why do manufacture’s not understand that many of us are exact and if one says 42′ – it is this. The original ’65 hood was 42′ and the bottom of the cabinet is also 42′. I didn’t have the energy to strip and paint the coppertone color white. But, will do so later. So, now to fix the gap.

I am happy enough to keep the hood until a major kitchen overhaul. The hood fits the original kitchen – anything else (what i actually wanted) would have been visually out of place. Cabinets are next to paint.

4Expert Score
Looks nice!

Only thing i didn’t like was inability to choose what side cord was on. Otherwise just what i needed.

4Expert Score
Great for the price

Easy to install and not bad looking

4Expert Score
Would recommend

Looks great. Exactly what i wanted. Only gave 4 stars because it arrived with a small dent.

4Expert Score
It does what it's supposed to do

It seems decent so far

4Expert Score
Exact replacement for original unit after 20+ years

Spent some time researching a black range hood to match our new black stainless steel appliances. Considered all options but none cleanly fitted below the cabinets as this one did. We were surprised to find that an exact replacement was still being manufactured after 22+ years (at this price point). Easy to install (helps if you can remove the stove for above working space). Has a little better / lower noise level compared to the original and has been working without issues since install.

4Expert Score
Check the product when it comes in, not when you're ready to install. . .

Don’t yet know if quiet or not. For this ventless model, 4 screws couldn’t be easier to install, but
check the product for dents and what-not when it comes in! (not when you’re ready to install)
i’m past my window to ask for adjustment or replacement. To that, drats.
Although they don’t make ’em like they used to, other than the dent, it’s quite presentable.
Broan has been around a long time.

4Expert Score
Good, the bad and the ugly

Nice design and color. Simple and basic. However, damaged box left a dent in the front and back of hood. Contacted seller who will make it right without a return, but have not received it as yet. I would order it again as it is nice for the money. Exhaust fan doesn’t pull much but don’t know if it’s the fan or our exhaust system. Easy to install, just a few minor adjustments to fit our space.

4Expert Score
Easy install. Not much suction

Very easy install as a replacement. Suction power is pretty low but i guess normal for this model type.

4Expert Score
Fairly inexpensive and very basic – very!

When we got rid of our over the stove microwave i needed ‘something’ to fill in part of that opening, mostly for the light but also for a bit of fan help with steam. Because there is a room above the kitchen, it can’t be vented to the ouside, but i do not fry things, so have no problem with grease.

This broan fan/light is the most basic model (cheapest) and it does what i need, but it is cheaply made, as expected. The fan is ultra quiet even on the ‘high’ setting, and that is nice because the fan in the over the stove microwave that we replaced was terribly loud.

If you do a lot of steamy cooking or even semi regular frying i suggest that you buy a more expensive model with a better filtration system.

I had to get a metal wall protector for between the stove and this fan, and it was so plain that i needed something to break up the big blank space, so got some decals that would blend with the walpaper between the counter and the other cabinets. I think it all turned out ok.

Important information


75 watts

Bulb Voltage

120 volts

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