Broan-NuTone BCSD130BL Glacier 30-inch Under-Cabinet 4-Way Convertible Range Hood with 2-Speed Exhaust Fan and Light, Black

Broan-NuTone BCSD130BL Glacier 30-inch Under-Cabinet 4-Way Convertible Range Hood with 2-Speed Exhaust Fan and Light, Black

Buy Broan-NuTone BCSD130BL Glacier 30-inch Under-Cabinet 4-Way Convertible Range Hood with 2-Speed Exhaust Fan and Light, Black: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Broan-NuTone BCSD130BL Glacier 30-inch Under-Cabinet 4-Way Convertible Range Hood with 2-Speed Exhaust Fan and Light: Upgrade your kitchen with the broan-nutone glacier 30-inch under-cabinet convertible range hood! This versatile range hood insert offers a complete solution to your ventilation needs by providing both an exhaust fan and overhead light for your stove. This range hood provides a max 300 cfm and 5.0 sones blower performance to quickly remove smoke and cooking odors from the air, and the hidden 2-speed rocker switch allows for quick fan adjustments and provides the ideal level of ventilation every time you cook. It also features the captur system – an advanced blower design with a forward positioned centric inlet to remove 97.4% of smoke and odors faster. The 2-level built-in lights accept up to 50-watt halogen bulbs (not included) to evenly illuminate your cooking area, and they are also controlled by a hidden rocker switch for ease of use. This sleek black-colored steel range hood fits neatly underneath cabinets, and it features mitered sides and a hemmed bottom with no sharp edges to help ensure safety and provide a more decorative look. The two one-piece dishwasher-safe open mesh grease filters offer easy cleaning so you can maintain optimum grease capture and keep your kitchen ventilated. This 4-way convertible range hood unit measures 19.625″ x 30″ x 6″ and installs as 3.25″ x 10″ ducted opening connected vertically or horizontally with damper, 7″ round vertical ducting (damper sold separately), or as non-ducted with air recirculation (filter sold separately) to provide versatile installation options at least 18″ above the cooktop. It includes hidden louvers on top of the hood that exhaust away from the cabinetry. It can work in an ada-compliant application as well. It is both ul-listed and hvi-2100 certified for safety and protection, and it includes a 1 year limited warranty. Enhance your kitchen with the broan-nutone bcsd130bl range hood!

What are broan-nutone bcsd130bl glacier 30-inch under-cabinet 4-way convertible range hood with 2-speed exhaust fan and light features?

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  • 30-inch under-cabinet range hood insert: fits neatly underneath cabinets to offer a complete solution to your kitchen ventilation needs by providing both an exhaust fan and overhead light
  • Improves kitchen air quality: captur system provides a max 300 cfm and 5.0 sones performance to remove 97.4% of smoke and cooking odors from the air faster, and the hidden 2-speed rocker switch allows for quick adjustments
  • Integrated lighting: 2-level built-in lights accept up to 50w halogen bulbs (not included) to evenly illuminate your cooking area and are controlled by a hidden rocker switch for ease of use
  • Dishwasher-safe filter: dual one-piece dishwasher-safe open mesh grease filters offer easy cleaning and maintain optimum grease capture
  • 4-way convertible installation: installs as 3.25′ x 10′ vertical or horizontal ducting with damper, 7′ round vertical ducting (damper sold separately), or non-ducted with air recirculation (filter sold separately) to provide versatile installation
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Broan-nutone bcsd130bl glacier 30-inch under-cabinet 4-way convertible range hood with 2-speed exhaust fan and light details:

Brand name


Model info


Item weight

‎17.4 pounds

Product dimensions

‎19.63 x 6 x 30 inches

Country of origin


Item model number


Installation type

‎under cabinet mount

Part number


Special features

‎integrated lighting



Control console



‎120 volts


‎50 watts

Material type


Included components

‎range hood, appliance parts & accessories

Batteries required?


Manufacturer warranty

‎1 year limited warranty

Product guides and documents

Broan-NuTone BCSD130BL Glacier 30-inch Under-Cabinet 4-Way Convertible Range Hood with 2-Speed Exhaust Fan and Light, Black AMAZON

Buy Broan-NuTone BCSD130BL Glacier 30-inch Under-Cabinet 4-Way Convertible Range Hood with 2-Speed Exhaust Fan and Light, Black: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Is it ductless?

This is a convertible range hood. It can be ducted, or non-ducted. A non-duct installation will require that you purchase the charcoal filters separately. Thank you.

Is there a charcoal filter for in-house exhaust?

This is a convertible range hood. It can be ducted or non-ducted. . If you require a non-ducted installation, you must purchase the charcoal filters separately. The non duct filters for this range hood are hpf30. Thank you.

Which led bulbs has anyone used that work? Would like to buy on amazon!

Thank you for your question on model bcsd130ss. This unit uses two shielded halogen bulbs (120 v, 50 w max., mr16 or par16 with gu10 base). You can try typing the bulb description into the search bar, this should populate all suitable bulbs.

Does it come with charcoal filters?

While this is a convertible range hood, it only comes with the aluminum filters. The charcoal filters are sold separately. Here is the model number for those charcoal filters: hpf42 or s97020468. You can contact us direct at 888-336-3948 if you’d like to order the charcoal filters or speak with customer service. Thank you.

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Can this be vented in back?

Yes. This is a convertible range hood. It can be ducted (3-1/4′ x 10) through the back or the top, (7′ round) through the top, or it can be installed as a non-ducted unit.

Soft lighting is not working?

So what is the question?

It’s very expensive to purchase charcoal filters for this range. Unable to find the correct size. Where can i purchase them.

Tried home depot?

Am i to understand that this under mount fan can be deducted to the outside? I already have a vent going to the outside.

Thank you for your question on model bcds130bc. Yes, this range hood has a 3.25′ x 10′ ducted opening that can be connected vertically or horizontally with damper, you can opt for 7′ round vertical ducting installation (damper sold separately), or this hood can be installed as non-ducted with air recirculation (filter sold separately) to provide versatile installation options.

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My hood came without light bulbs, is this usual? Very petty if the bulbs are not included! Can you imagine buying a car with no head lights?

The bcsd136bl requires two shielded halogen bulbs (120 v, 50 w max., mr16 or par16 with gu10 base). They are not included. Please purchase separately.

Do i need to use only halogen lights, can led lights be used instead?

We recommend only using the halogen lights. Due to the higher heat generated by cooking and the type of controls used on some hoods, only hood products sold with cfl or led lighting should be used with these technologies. Substituting with a led may produce less than satisfying results, as heat has a major impact on the operating life of these bulbs and improper controls can cause flickering in low light settings.

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Is there some sort of damper when not in use to keep cold out in winter? My 1970s hood stays open to the cold wind.

If you install this using the 7′ round , you can use a 7′ in line damper. It is also necessary for the outside vent to have a roof or wall cap. We do not offer an inside cover for the hood.

Is this white or stainless steel? The photo is white.

Thank you for your question on model bcsd130ww. This model has a white finish. If you are needing stainless steel, the model number would be bcsd130ss.

The range vent is advertised as a 42 in width. The dementions listed in the specs are 24 in width. What are the correct dimensions?

Thank you for your question on the bcsd142ss range hood. We appreciate you bringing this error to our attention. The width of the model in question is 42′ wide. We are working with amazon to get this corrected.

What is the decibel level ?

Our range hoods are u.l. Tested. U.l. Only provides us with a sone rating for sound level. At a normal speed, the sone rating is very low – 1.5. When the unit is on high, the sone rating is 5.0.

What type of light bulbs are needed?

It’s hard to find halogen type bulbs in the big box stores here in ca. I settled for 35w mr16 gu10 led, works fine. Just don’t get the 50w version or the lower light setting will buzz/flicker.

Can this be used as non ducted?

Yes. This is a convertible range hood. A non duct installation requires the use of charcoal filters. The charcoal filters must be purchased separately. The model number for the charcoal filters is hpf36 (or service part # s97020467). If you have further questions, please go to and search for the model. You can access installation instructions and specification sheets. Thank you.

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Does this take xb or xd carbon filters?

Bcsd1-series range hoods uses the type xe filters for the 42′ length unit. If you have further technical or installation questions, please contact our broan technical support department at 1-800-637-1453 between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm (cst) monday-friday. Thank you.

Can you recommend a ducted kit or pieces needed to install this range ducted option?

Thank you for your question on model bcsd130bc. Unfortunately, there is no ducting kit that we can recommend as installation options can vary greatly. You will need a damper/duct connector, however many feet of ducting your installation requires and a roof or wall cap. If you would like additional assistance, please call our technical support team directly at 800-637-1453.

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Can i mount this higher than 24” above cook surface and still work effectively?

The installation instructions indicate that for best capture of cooking fumes, the bottom of the hood must not be less than 18” and at a maximum of 24” above the cooking surface. You can install the unit a few inches higher, but you will lose performance. Thanks.

Brohn nu-tone # bscd 42′ wide . What is dimension from back of unit to front (where it fits under cabinet) and then angles down to front of unit?

It’s approximately 14′ from front to back, not including the angled down front lip.

Broan-NuTone BCSD130BL Glacier 30-inch Under-Cabinet 4-Way Convertible Range Hood with 2-Speed Exhaust Fan and Light, Black AMAZON

Buy Broan-NuTone BCSD130BL Glacier 30-inch Under-Cabinet 4-Way Convertible Range Hood with 2-Speed Exhaust Fan and Light, Black: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Very happy

You have to guess where the switches are under the hood. There are no markings in front of the hood . I had to put two dots on the front of hood with magic marker . One for lights and the other for fan for easy location. Other than that , just don’t lose the suction cup packaged with your hood or you won’t get the bulbs in. I used the ‘(4)-pack for range hood kitchen 50w light bulbs 50-watts anyray.’ on amazon. They are halogen bulbs and work great. You only need 2 but i bought 2 extra.

5Expert Score
Overall i'm very happy with this hood.

My early 1970s range hood was about four more meals away from quitting, so i bought this. First and foremost i’ve dreamed of an improvement over the noise level of our old fan for decades. I was so very tired of hearing it from everywhere in the house including the yard, and this turned out to be better than i had dared to hope. The old one sounded like heavy machinery in the kitchen while we cooked. All of the neighbors for blocks knew when we were cooking. When anyone pulled up in front and got out of their car, they knew if we were cooking by the droning motor. I was here when the old exhaust hood/fan went in and it was like that when it was new. We sure got our money’s worth out of it though, in its final days it quite literally screamed for mercy. When you turn this fan on low we must be close to the hood to hear anything. When you turn it on high you can hear the slight whispering sound whooshing air, but there’s no motor noise. For that alone i gave it five stars. As far as the other features go, the fan itself is easily six times as large as the old one. I think it’ll get the job done. The grease catching screens are very large, they take up most of the space underneath the hood, but they’re very thin. It seems there’s really very little material there to catch grease. I’m thinking of ways to bolster them with a bit more screening material. Though they look as if adding any additional weight will cause them to sag, and that would be very aesthetically displeasing. I’ll figure something out. Btw speaking of aesthetics, it has good clean basic lines, so it looks okay in our retro kitchen. ;d it would likely look good in any other kitchen. Okay, now the halogen lights. That was my biggest hurdle to get past when choosing this. I’m not a fan. They burn very hot. We live in a location with sweltering summers, and i try to avoid creating extra heat. I have no a/c, and i don’t want to get it. Halogen lights use a lot of energy. They’re on their way out, so maybe i’ll have to stock up, but i can’t found any that are color corrected to 6500k (cool white), which is the color i use for all of my indoor lighting. The manufacturer says not to substitute leds, but we shall see. I paid someone to install it for me, but it was straight forward and i thought the directions were exceptionally good, they were clear, in good english and some other languages, and nice graphics. I also had a damper installed in the vent tube to keep out cold wind in the winter and cold nights since we’ve never had one. It looked relatively easy though, the one person had it all in and done in a couple of hours, which included a run to a couple of hardware stores. Well, it’s been in and been used for a few days, and i am very pleased with it.

Update; i saw another reviewer here say they were using led lights in it, and now even though the manufacturer said not to, i’ve been using them 24/7 for over a year. I just can’t imagine why not. I bought these because it was the only way i could find 6500k extra white lights which i have to have. Https://

5Expert Score
Does a great job with lighting and smoke removal

Pros: captures most of the cooking smoke and odors and lights up the cooking area beautifully!
Con: did not come with led lights or any lights for that matter. But we got them at the local hardware store no problem

5Expert Score
Great range hood

Range hood works well. Looks good also.

5Expert Score
Cooktop hood

Highly recommend this cooktop/range hood. Looks nice also. Easy to install.

5Expert Score
Works well appropriately priced !

As above

5Expert Score
Great product

It took quite a bit of time to install and really you need 2 people to do it but it is a great product

5Expert Score
One year after purchase…

My husband finally had the time to replace a hood from 1986. He had already refurbished the old unit once (a very fine job!) but it was time to make the upgrade!
Tyg_d! The new model is absolutely beautiful! The lights are wonderful i am no longer blinded by the old lighting.
The new lighting add illumination to the side works spaces as well as over the stove; the noise level of the fan/exhaust is absolutely perfect, and at times we can barely notice it is on, but it is very effective!
The color is a beautiful creamy color and matches our creme colored appliances that are accented in black.
I did not want to transition to all stainless steel, and the creme color was difficult to find… :0(
the packaging was superb; not a flaw to be found… !
100% + happy with this purchase.

5Expert Score
Beautiful clean lines, easy install, quiet fan and bright lights.

Great investment with a good price-value. The over-range vent fan/lighting i had before was very outdated (and loud) so i opted to replace it with something a little more modern to address the look, and quiet for my sanity. This over the range hood was well within budget and offered the updated look i was going for. It was very easy to install and the dimensions advertised with accurate.

While i did not use the bracket system that came with the product, and had somewhat clear directionz, i did utilize the four holes that were pre-fabricated. They are holding the vent up well and due to its light-weight build, i am not worried about it falling or posing as a hazard if i bump into it (for whatever reason) or if there is an earthquake.

Construction: as i mentioned, the internal components seem to be of lightweight construction, probably aluminum as it is very light. Be careful when you move it around during installation and cautious not to bang into anything with it, like the corner of a cabinet, table or coutertop because i am sure the thing will dent easily. Perhaps not the most durable in this sense, however, it is not build to be man-handled or even touched much on that note, so with that being said, once it is up, it looks great!

Wiring: i hard wired this myself using the conduit that was in place for the previous vent. I am pretty handy with stuff around the house, but very intermediate with the scary stuff such as gas & electrical… Regardless, i gloved up, and got to it. Black to black, white to white, ground or bare wire to provided grounding screws. Be advised, while i did not go through the ‘whole-9’ which i 100% advise you to do, including shutting the power to your house then testing that it is off using a digital multimeter, i am still alive, breathing, and writing this review with all ten fingers. I have done several electrical jobs around my old house (late 70’s) such as socket replacement etc and felt comfortable with this task.

The unit did not come with the two halogen bulbs which would have been nice, but they were an easy buy that i made at the local hardware store. I waited for the unit to arrive rather than ordering them off amazon to ensure they fit property and were the correct specs. These too were easy to install.

Overall this was a great buy. Good, clean look, affordable, and easy to install. Specs and dimensions were true, the fan is so quiet i couldn’t even tell it was on, and the lights provide great countertop visibility. Would highly recommend for someone looking to update the look of their kitchen.

5Expert Score
Range hood

Love, great for cabin

4Expert Score

Brackets don’t line up properly no matter what i do. The holes on top of the hood do not line up with the underside of my cabinets. The only way to make this work would be to drill new holes. *update* final got it attached. Definitely an upgrade from the original fan that was installed.

4Expert Score
Acts up a bit

Works better than most ive had in the past but when you have the light in and then start the fan occasionally it turns the light off and wont kick on the fan first try and you have to try again but then its fine ‍

4Expert Score
They should let you know bulbs not included as these are special bulbs.8

They should let people bulbs not included as they are special bulbs

4Expert Score
Super quiet. Works like a charm.

Really love this range hood. Replaced a (probably) 20 year old broan hood that was super noisy. I was able to remove the old unit and install this unit on a saturday afternoon and evening, figuring in breaks to run to the hardware store and spend time with the family. We’ve been using it for a little more than a month now and i’d say i’m very satisfied with it. It’s not perfect, which is why i gave a 4 star rating, but if i could give it 4.5 stars i would.

Things i like:
– really quiet. We used to have to yell to be heard when the old hood was turned on. Even on high, this hood doesn’t impede us from talking and on low i can barely hear it.
– seems to move air as well, if not better than, our old one. Fine for typical cooking needs.
– simple, stylish look. I especially like having filters that cover the whole underside. I was pretty disgusted when i took the old unit down and found layers of grease and bugs that had collected around the small, single filter that was there before. I anticipate that it will be easier to keep this unit clean.
– price. After comparing units online and at home stores, this unit seemed to offer more features at a better price point. The only feature lacking was led (see below).

Things that could be improved:
– it would be nice if this were led compatible. I used the halogen bulbs they recommended to ensure use of the dimming feature, but the halogens get super hot. Between heat from cooking and the bulbs, the top of the hood gets pretty freaking hot. Even with just the bulbs on, you wouldn’t want to place your hand on top of the hood for very long. So far, as long as i don’t put my hand on the hood (which one doesn’t really have need to do anyway), it’s been fine.
– i didn’t bother using the ‘easy install’ strips because, when installed they hold the hood down an additional 1/16 of an inch. Maybe i’m anal, but i didn’t want any more of a gap between the top of the hood and bottom of the cabinet than is already present because of the irregularities in the sheet metal. As a result, getting the ductwork fitting placed correctly and putting the hood up on my own was a pain, but i made it work in the end.
– the unit arrived with a dent in the top-middle of the exposed, slanted face, which i presume happened during shipping. It wasn’t so bad that i wanted to go through the hassle of repackaging and returning the unit i got, but i was annoyed that it arrived damaged. I don’t really notice the dent now unless i’m looking for it. I guess that’s the risk you take when buying things online.

Overall, i’d recommend this hood. Hope this review was helpful.

4Expert Score
Great for the price

One led light didn’t work upon unboxing and have t found a replacement yet, but does it’s job very well and looks nice

4Expert Score
Instructions were somewhat difficult to understand

The unit is a decent built product, the high speed fan is extremely loud , the light bulbs were tricky to get installed, without the little suction tool they would be impossible to install, the mounting bracket’s illustration was very confusing. I am a very skilled person it literally took me 2 hrs to install this unit.

4Expert Score
Great looking, moves lots of air, grease filters could be better

I selected this range hood because the 24′ form factor doesn’t have a lot of choices and this was the ‘best looking’ one combined with overall good reviews. For the most part the reviews are accurate – the unit looks great, has totally acceptable noise levels on highest setting, and is well constructed and offers several installation options (rear vs. Top exhaust, rectangular vs. Round exhaust), and overall the installation is straightforward.

I am not so enthusiastic about the grease filters however. They’re only slightly better than some of the thinnest, worst filters out there and i feel broan could easily have opted for upgraded, multi-ply grease filters that were more durably constructed – and i really don’t like the cheap plastic tabs you have to pull on to remove them – i had hoped for the nicer ‘tooth and toggle’ latches on better, multi-ply filters. However at this price point it’s hard to be too critical, especially given that the motor and fan blade assembly are clearly where they put the money – this moves a lot of air, and does it fairly quietly

some tips:
– make sure you have a good roll of metal tape, you’ll want to seal up every single hole, joint, overlap etc. That you’re not using, otherwise the fan pushes air not just up the flue but all around the box and consequently out any unsealed hole or joint in the body of the unit
– i had an assistant on hand to help with installation which made trial mounting and fitting it much easier, i did initially try to use the ‘one-person install’ rails but found them quite fiddly and time-consuming – see if you can get a second set of hands to assist, it’ll go much quicker
– no halogen bulbs included, better pick a pair up!

4Expert Score
Great replacement vent

This product has been great so far. It was difficult to find a replacement because our previous vent was 42 inches long. This one was easy to install and my husband and i did it in less than 15 minutes. I had read other reviews that said that the vent arrived dented and ours had a small dent on the front but i just stuck a magnet over it. And honestly it wasn’t really noticeable. Also, the lights are a bit tricky to figure out at first. We had to order the bulbs. And the strange suction cup that you may think you should toss out because you don’t see what it is for, is for installing the light bulbs. Lol. Overall great product, not super noisy and the lights are pretty bright!

4Expert Score
Works well, easy to install

Replaced an old 30 year old rangemaster hood with this one.
Vent was in the same exact spot as the old vent, and that was a huge sigh of relief as it saved me a lot of time not having to relocate a vent and re-cut my cabinet.
Install was fairly straight forward, install the brackets, then slide the hood into place and screw it down.
I opted to install an outlet in my cabinet above the hood and use a power cord.
The fan pushes a lot more air than my old one and is also much quieter.

Only issue i have is there is a hole on the top side of the hood that passes light from inside, and it’s just far enough out that the cabinet doesn’t cover it. Also, the plate you remove for ventless causes an odd light reflection on the cabinet,, but not terrible.

The manual says that the lights come with.. They do not.. Get dimmable gu10 bulbs since there are 2 light settings.. Non-dimmable will flicker oddly in the lower light setting.

The other improvement they would make is to give you a full 30′ template… The little half-sheet template you have to center is okay,, but a full sheet would have been better.

Beyond that, happy with the upgrade.

4Expert Score
Sleek design, easy install, but may have to bend the fan

I chose this model because of the buttons underneath the hood so i could do a custom hood enclosure later. I love the design the only flaw was that the plastic fan came bent and kept rubbing when you turned it on. I had to bend it away from the enclosure. I thought it may have been the fan was loose but it had no wiggle room whatsoever. Once it was bent back into place the sound stopped.

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