Brusheez® Kid’s Electric Toothbrush Set – Soft Bristles, Easy-Press Power Button, Battery Operated, 2 Brush Heads, Animal Cover, Sand Timer, Rinse Cup and Storage Base – Ages 3+ (Sparkle The Unicorn)

Brusheez® Kid’s Electric Toothbrush Set – Soft Bristles, Easy-Press Power Button, Battery Operated, 2 Brush Heads, Animal Cover, Sand Timer, Rinse Cup and Storage Base – Ages 3+ (Sparkle The Unicorn) Brusheez® Kid’s Electric Toothbrush Set – Soft Bristles, Easy-Press Power Button, Battery Operated, 2 Brush Heads, Animal Cover, Sand Timer, Rinse Cup and Storage Base – Ages 3+ (Sparkle The Unicorn) : Health & Household

What are brusheez® kid’s electric toothbrush set – soft bristles features?

  • Makes brushing fun: cute and colorful animal-themed set is perfectly designed to make brushing easy and fun for little brushers ages 3 and up
  • Promotes good brushing habits: fun 2-minute sand timer encourages children to brush long enough to thoroughly clean their teeth and gums
  • Safe & effective cleaning: battery-powered toothbrush removes up to 2x more plaque than a manual toothbrush | uses 2 aa batteries (not included)
  • Versatile stand: great for sink countertop or easily mounts on the wall (includes hardware to safely mount the toothbrush set on your bathroom wall)
  • What you get: battery-powered children’s toothbrush, animal-themed brush cover, rinse cup, replacement brush head, 2-minute sand timer, stand, user manual, printed brushing chart, and industry-leading 5 year warranty.
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Brusheez® Kid’s Electric Toothbrush Set – Soft Bristles, Easy-Press Power Button, Battery Operated, 2 Brush Heads, Animal Cover, Sand Timer, Rinse Cup and Storage Base – Ages 3+ (Sparkle The Unicorn) AMAZON Brusheez® Kid’s Electric Toothbrush Set – Soft Bristles, Easy-Press Power Button, Battery Operated, 2 Brush Heads, Animal Cover, Sand Timer, Rinse Cup and Storage Base – Ages 3+ (Sparkle The Unicorn) : Health & Household

Looking for specific info?

Can you replace the batteries?

Yes, the bottom slides off.

What do i search to find replacement brush heads?

Brusheez replacement brush heads 2 pack – sparkle the unicorn

I was looking for all three of my kids and my oldest is 8, so i was wondering if it would be too small for him?

I think the size would be fine for an 8yr old

Are the bristles extra soft for a toddler? My daughter is 21⁄2 years old. I just don’t want this to be too strong for her teeth and strip away enamel.

The brushes are soft bristle. Which is the correct type to use on teeth. The brush itself is recommended for 3-8yrs of age.

When will the replacement heads be available to order again?

Brusheez replacement brush heads 2 pack – sparkle the unicorn

Is this good for kids that range in age from 18 months up to 4 years?

I think so. My son is 6 and my brother is 9. I am not sure how gentle the bristles would be for an 18 m.o. But be advised that they are cheaply made and it will not last.

Where can i get the replacement heads ?

Brusheez® electronic toothbrush replacement brush heads 2 pack (pepper the dino)

Can you use oral b replacement heads with this toothbrush?

Sorry, i don’t know if you can use oral b replacement heads. I do know the set comes with one head already on the toothbrush, and an extra one in the tray. Also, you can buy extra replacement heads for this brand on amazon.

When will the replacement heads be available to order again?

Yes please look under replacement heads

What’s the age range? Is it big enough for a 8-year-old?

I bought it for my 4 year old but it is a bit big for him and hard to manuever as he is still working on dexterity. However, i think an 8 year old would benefit from the style and size. I have a seven year old so sizing is more than imaginary

Is this a good toothbrush for autistic kids? At least more often than not?

I think it would make brushing more fun and it’s not loud

Any update on how to get replacement heads?

You can purchase 2 replacement heads for $7.99 on amazon. The only character i did not see replacement heads for was the dinosaur toothbrush set. If you have prime, they all can be delivered within a few days.

What’s the youngest age a baby can use this? My 14 month old has 6 teeth. Is that too young to use this electric tooth brush?

I think that’s too young. Vibrations may be too much for a toddler that young, my 2 1/2 year old won’t let me use the “buzz buzz”. My 4yr hasn’t gotten used to it yet – i think 4 is a good year to start. Box also says 3+.

Can the unicorn part be replaced? Its full of mold.

It could but i don’t know how you would do it.

Its work 220v?

It wonderful, i bought it for my 4 year old niece and will buy another for my 7 year old niece

Are the brush heads interchangeable and the toothbrush could be used by 2 kids?

Yes. The brush heads are interchangeable.

Can you use (is it compatible with..) other brands replacement heads? Ie. Spin brush, oral b or others?

I just bought this for my grandson – he loves it. I really haven’t tried other brush heads on it so i don’t know.

Can the batteries be replaced after they run out?

Yes. The are very easy to replace. It takes 2 double aa batteries .

Do the batteries go in the base? Or the toothbrush?

The batteries go in the toothbrush. The base is for storage.

How often do you replace the brush head

Hey there,

thanks for reaching out. For optimal results, please replace the head of the toothbrush every 3 months. I hope that helps!

Thank you,
skuniverse support

Brusheez® Kid’s Electric Toothbrush Set – Soft Bristles, Easy-Press Power Button, Battery Operated, 2 Brush Heads, Animal Cover, Sand Timer, Rinse Cup and Storage Base – Ages 3+ (Sparkle The Unicorn) AMAZON Brusheez® Kid’s Electric Toothbrush Set – Soft Bristles, Easy-Press Power Button, Battery Operated, 2 Brush Heads, Animal Cover, Sand Timer, Rinse Cup and Storage Base – Ages 3+ (Sparkle The Unicorn) : Health & Household

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great choice for kids who don't like brushing!

My 7 year old has always been extremely fickle and evasive where toothbrushing is concerned, historically i’ve had to re-brush his teeth to make sure it’s done correctly if he could even be coaxed into independently brushing at all. I bought this as a random add on gift for his last birthday because i thought he’d like the design and tray, and because i thought the electronic brush head would make achieving a thorough clean easier on me. I was surprised when he liked it so much that he was excited to try it on his own! He’s now independently brushing the majority of the time!

The layout and organization of the tray is extremely convenient for me in terms of countertop maintenance, and i think it may be particularly appealing to some kids who are neurodivergent and/or in need of certain patterns of order and organization to avoid stress during not-favorite physically stimulating activities. Something about the sand timer seems to really seal the deal for my kid. He enjoys watching it and is able to focus on it instead of how much he’d rather skip brushing. He’s been agitated by other kinds of timers – lights, music, number countdowns – but the sand timer seems to be soothing to him. It gives him a clear, visual context of where he’s at in the timeline of this important self-care task. Two minutes very suddenly felt less overwhelming, like less time, to him when he saw it demonstrated via the sand timer.

The brush head is gentle but effective, and while i still sometimes add some extra brushing from myself after he does it, i feel confident that his teeth are being thoroughly cleaned. Extremely easy to grip and hold for small hands! We’ve been using it for a couple months now, and the rotation of the brush has never irritated his gums, teeth, or mouth in general.

It’s not a magic toothbrush, but it is cooler than a regular toothbrush, and it’s also simple and easy for kids to use. A lot of kids who hate brushing their teeth for any variety of reasons may appreciate this brush more than others they’ve tried!

5Expert Score
Good toothbrush

I like the toothbrush a lot. It gives my 3 year old the independence and responsibility of brushing her own teeth. She enjoys brushing her teeth more and likes to keep an eye on the timer to make sure she brushes until the last bit of sand drops. I like the set up of having everything in a holder, the brush, cup and timer. My only issue is with the hole for an extra replacement head. Isn’t the whole idea of having a cap protecting the toothbrush to keep the bristles clean? Why would i keep the toothbrush covered, but not the replacement head? I just keep the replacements in a drawer to keep them from getting dirty. I feel the extra hole for the replacement head is a bit unnecessary. That’s the only thing i would change about the whole thing. Other than that, i like it.

5Expert Score
My granddaughter loves this brusheez toothbrush

First the unicorn brush was a big hit with my granddaughter. She wasn’t quite sure of how she felt about a vibrating toothbrush, as she put it, but she loved the fact that there was a unicorn toothbrush. When she tried it she absolutely loves it and uses the timer and the cup each morning and each evening that she’s here. I’d definitely give this the best rating of five. It’s wonderful to see her enjoy brushing her teeth. And i love the fact that it comes with the cup, an extra brush head, the cover for the brush and the timer, it’s a great product just love it. And it’s totally adorable!

5Expert Score
Kids love it

Purchased pepper the dino for my 4yr old son as a christmas gift. He was so excited, he brushed his teeth immediately and he loved it. Then my 22mo old daughter wanted to brush her teeth so we used the second brush head (thank you for having a replacement head included! ) right then and she also loved it! Christmas day, i purchased sparkle the unicorn for her. The only reason i choose 4 starts for the timer is because when you brush kids teeth turning the timer is easy to forget and hard for kids to make a goal. Something flashy/ changing lights or even sounds would be better for encouraging kids to brush their teeth long enough and enjoy doing it. Other than that this is a must have. Not sure about the battery life yet.

5Expert Score
Freshly six year old uses it!

My daughter was very upset that i finally made her dispose of a unicorn toothbrush that she got from a dentist visit. So i got her this brush for her sixth birthday. She likes having the cup and has faithfully put the unicorn cover back on the head of her brush each time she uses it. The second day of using this brush she commented that her teeth hurt and i told her she has to be very gentle using an electric toothbrush–brush very lightly against her teeth. She talks a lot about using the timer, and even permits her little brother to use the timer. I picked this brush as opposed to a competitor’s unicorn electric toothbrush because the refills were cheaper. Also my daughter informed me that white is the only proper color for unicorns. The stand is a bit big for the size of our bathroom sink, but again, she uses it. So we make due.

I cannot comment on the battery life, as she has only had it for two weeks. No problems so far.

5Expert Score
Making brushing exciting!

After about a week or so of use we are still loving this toothbrush! My 3 year old is excited to brush his teeth every day now, and loves what he called his “toothbrush set”, and all that comes with it. The timer is a great visual to teach him to brush for the appropriate amount of time, and he loves using the toothbrush cover so his little brother doesn’t put his new toothbrush in his mouth! We love that there is a place for the “rinse and spit” cup, and we are loving everything so far. I feel as though the bristles are soft and the speed is not too fast for him. I would rate this a 5/5 so far!

5Expert Score
Super cute design!

My son received a brusheez toothbrush for christmas and i knew instantly my younger daughter would need one. I love that everything we used prior to receiving our brusheez was all in one place (toothbrush, timer and rinse cup). It saves so much space in my bathroom and the designs are so cute. I also love that it takes batteries and not charger so i don’t have to worry about cords everywhere. The bristles seem soft enough for little kids, and i feel that they are getting a great cleaning. So far, we absolutely love our brusheez toothbrushes!

5Expert Score
My 4 year kid just loves it!

The brusheez has been a life changer for us. We gifted this as a christmas present to our 4 year old daughter and she was so happy to have it. Now she is always excited to use her purple (favorite color) toothbrush and has really motivated her to clean all her teeth. It’s easy to use and 100% safe for the kids. We know how important oral hygiene is and we don’t need to worry about it for our daughter. Definitely recommend this to other parents.

5Expert Score
Great product

We received the brusheez toothbrush set from santa and our little girl loves it! Although she says the timer is too long, she has been excited to brush her teeth morning and night. This was her first electric toothbrush and she loves how clean her teeth feel, we like that it has a head cover to keep the bristles clean on the counter. Overall we rate the brusheez unicorn set 5 stars. Thank you for a great product.

5Expert Score
Grandson loves it!

I bought one for my grandson for my house and he loved using it! I asked him if he wanted me to order one for his house and he said yes, so he picked out the shark. His mom texted me a picture and said he did a good job using it and wanted me to see how white his teeth were. He loves the cup, and timer aspect of it. So cute and such a nice design. Highly recommend!

4Expert Score
Kids love them

We got our three kids each a toothbrush set for christmas. They love the little carriers and that each item has a special place. They actually enjoy brushing their teeth and filling out the included tracking chart every day! The heads were a little tricky to figure out how to attach, which resulted in one breaking because we thought it was on and it wasn’t. The company replaced the head for free! Overall, we’re happy with our purchase and the kids are enjoying their new toothbrush sets.

4Expert Score
Kids love it,wished brush head band is durable

Ordered 3 sets for my girls,and then one of the brush head was broken,and i’ve contacted the seller,and they replaced it,and sent me 1set of brush heads.
Happy costumer here,my only feedback is that on the brush head,there’s like a neck band around it,it came loose and sometimes,when turned on the brush heads loosened and ultimately comes off.
So i always checked and stay with my kids when they’re brushing,i just wished it’s a little durable that part.

4Expert Score
Kids love it!

My kids were so excited to have an electric toothbrush. They love being able to brush on their own with confidence. My younger one did have a little trouble turning it off by himself at first, but seems to have gotten the hang of it. My only wish was that the replacement toothbrush head didn’t just sit out in the open. They constantly want to touch it and play with it. I wish it was in a case or had a protective top to keep on it while waiting to use it.

4Expert Score
Sparkle sparked oral health care on a fun way!

My almost 2.5 year old loved receiving sparkle the unicorn as a christmas gift. She immediately wanted to brush her teeth! It has sparked and enhanced her oral care health in a fun way! The timer is a great way for her to build her stamina. Thanks for a great product! I will be buying one for my son when he gets a bit older!

4Expert Score
Fine but battery makes it vibrate too much.

I bought this for my 4 year old. He loves the timer and cup. The only problems i have is that the vibrating on it is too much for a little kid and the handleis a little large. When it is on it is more intense then an adult electric toothbrush. So we end up using it as a manual toothbrush for now.

4Expert Score
Cute and exciting

My 4yr brushed her teeth 4 times the day she got this. The timer is great and fun to use. I love that it’s attached! Only 4 stars bc the tbrush doesn’t snap in…just sits so can fall when you move the holder but otherwise 5stars!

4Expert Score
Good brush – entertaining

My kiddo loves her new toothbrush – a little afraid of it at times, but she’ll get used to it. Also likes that her cousins have the same kind of toothbrush too.

4Expert Score
Batteries not included

Normally you’d get batteries with a product even if cheap, not this, took off star for immediate use. Actually my bad, wanted an electric that could re-charge- not a breaker. Just so happen didn’t have any batteries and had to pull out of another product to make sure this worked, and it did. Beware, place batteries as indicated on inside of product, cover is deceiving as it has two springs, again, look in it to determine direction of batteries. We got the dinosaur; fun looking. Seems to work as expected. So far, works fine – only been using a couple days.

4Expert Score
My daughter loves it!

Got this for my daughter for christmas and she loves it! So far it’s been working great!! Timer has really helped her brush longer. The cap has been ready for her to take on and off but sometimes i would say the brush gets bent out of shape if she caps it incorrectly.

4Expert Score
Good product

This is a good tooth brush and a good value for what i paid with it on sale. I was looking for a smaller head toothbrush, which is very hard to find, and outside of paying 50+ bucks for the more expensive brand i wont mention, i believe this is the smallest one out there, though i wish it were much softer. The brush isn’t an ultrasonic type of brush. It spins more like a spinbrush, but it’s less bulky, which is good for small mouths and teeth. I like the spinning brush better anyway as i believe it cleans better.

My only complaint is i’d like the holder and accessories that come with it to be more sturdy. The toothbrush often flips over off the holder, and its impossible to stabilize without actually drilling it to your countertop. I’d also like it to have a little extra holder compartment for floss, tounge cleaner, brush heads, etc. It’d be nice to have a sanitary place to keep those items in kiddos reach so they’ll actually use them! Also, to the manufacturer, you should consider creating a kid friendly countertop water flosser with a very soft spray function. There’s not really anything out there like that, and we need one so i’d guess other parents would like to have one too. It needs a soft flow so it doesn’t sting or push the bacteria under the gum line. It’s hard to get to the back teeth with floss or brushing, and the water flosser is great for preventing or treating gingivitis. Thank you!

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