Bysameyee 4K 3840x2160P Wireless Digital Microscope, Handheld HD USB Microscope Inspection Camera Endoscope 40x-1000x Magnification, Compatible with iPhone iPad Android Phone Tablet Windows Mac PC

Bysameyee 4K 3840x2160P Wireless Digital Microscope, Handheld HD USB Microscope Inspection Camera Endoscope 40x-1000x Magnification, Compatible with iPhone iPad Android Phone Tablet Windows Mac PC : Bysameyee 4K 3840x2160P Wireless Digital Microscope, Handheld HD USB Microscope Inspection Camera Endoscope 40x-1000x Magnification, Compatible with iPhone iPad Android Phone Tablet Windows Mac PC : Electronics

What are bysameyee 4k 3840x2160p wireless digital microscope features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Have you ever tried a 4k digital microscope? If you are tired of the 720p or even 480p microscope, the bysameyee newest 4k microscope offers 3840x2160p resolution, all details can’t hide under the 8 megapixels camera. (note: final magnification corresponds to monitor size)
  • Live-view, zoom-in/out, capture images, and record videos: once the microscope is connected to the phone/pc, you can enjoy the clear microscopic world on the screen now. Zoom in/out, taking an image or video is as simple as tapping the image/video button of your device or pressing the related app trigger. Note: the zoom-in/out doesn’t work on the pc.
  • Portable for indoor & outdoor use: to use the microscope on the pc, connect them with the provided usb cable, which is suitable for indoor home/office use. To use the microscope on the phone/pad/tablet, just connect them with the wifi signal (emits from the microscope) and run the app to use. Lightweight and small size allows you to bring it outside easily, very suitable for outdoor use.
  • Broad compatibility: the electronic microscope magnifier uses a webcam chipset and hd cmos sensor to support nearly any operating system using standard webcam software. Compatible with ios iphone ipad, android smartphone tablet, windows 7 8 10, mac os, chrome os, linux.
  • Rechargeable, bright light with 8 leds: it’s easy to charge and the battery lasts about 4 hours after fully charged, is very convenient, and is environmentally friendly. Built-in 8 led lights and adjustable illumination, you can choose the best brightness according to different subjects and different lighting environments. Please note low battery may cause live image lagging on phone.
  • What can i do with the mini pocket size microscope? It can be wildly used to coin/stamp collection, printed circuit board(pcb) check, soldering skin/scalp care, plant(rhizome) observation, jewelry/watch repair, scientific interest development, textile quality check and etc. So the microscope can be helpful for you if you are a teacher, student, collector, adults, repairman, parent for kids, farmer, or just an amateur for the micro world.
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Bysameyee 4K 3840x2160P Wireless Digital Microscope, Handheld HD USB Microscope Inspection Camera Endoscope 40x-1000x Magnification, Compatible with iPhone iPad Android Phone Tablet Windows Mac PC AMAZON : Bysameyee 4K 3840x2160P Wireless Digital Microscope, Handheld HD USB Microscope Inspection Camera Endoscope 40x-1000x Magnification, Compatible with iPhone iPad Android Phone Tablet Windows Mac PC : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Is there video lag? Would this be good for doing solder work?

The video lag is very short, unnoticeable really. According to the specs for focal distance, you should be able to solder with it. However, the unit i received focuses just a few mm past the end of the unit, not leaving enough room to work. I wrote to the manufacturer about this and never heard back.

Does this connect to an iphone?


Is the focus range being between 10mm to 250mm as stated?

Si ésta muy bien tiene muy buen enfoque

Do i have to purchase software to use this on my computer or does it come with the software needed?

The software is publicly available on the apple app store and it is free. It is called wifi check and is generic for testing endoscopes. The microscope has it’s own wifi source and connects to the iphone via wifi. You can use the software to rotate the camera view in 90 degree increments, take pictures and/or videos which are automatedly uploaded to the iphone photo library.

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Does the on/off button control the leds? How does one tell if the device is on?

If it’s presenting a image on your phone its on. I don’t have mine in front of me but i do remember you need to hold the power button until it powers up.

Does this work with an ipad air?

Lightning connector is not currently supported according to the instructions. It has a micro-usb for android devices and regular usb-a for computers.

Will this work with an i phone ?

Yes in fact it works perfectly

The side zoom buttons are not working. What am i missing?

Have you loaded the software? The cameras zoom features only work when the software is loaded that also lets you take a picture by pushing the button on the microscope.

What is the actual resolution of the ccd in megapixels? .. Actual resolution.

Did not care for this product. Not worth the hassle. Would not recommend

How can i get this to work on windows 10 driver on cd not working?

Plug it in, windows detects it and sets it up as a usb camera (like a webcam). Use the camera app (comes with windows 10). If you have a built in webcam, in the camera app use the icon to switch to the ‘front’ facing camera (which looks like an arrow going around a camera) and it will switch input to the microscope. Great fun and no extra software or drivers required.

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Battery: i have a mac, but the specs say, ‘lithium power battery required.’ do i need one – and which size?

No battery required. For the mac it’s just plug and play.

Does this connect with an iphone?

According to the description of features it does not work with the iphone.

Why won’t this save photos taken with the vendor’s app on my iphone?

We have samsung phone. The vendor app only worked on our laptop with usb. We downloaded apps on google play. Max-see and dm wifi. Both are free apps and worked good with our android, but not sure if they work on iphone. Good luck!

Why do the reviews show different cameras? They even have different brand names.

This product does not come with a monitor. It is just showcasing the different options to connect for viewing with the cord adaptor it comes with.

Anyone have any luck connecting it to an android?

I got it to work with a galaxy s8 active. Scaned the qr code it came with and it was some generic usb camera app from the play store. The disc is worthless. Just go through usb cam apps till you find one.

Can you see the whole coin when scope is in the stand?

No. What i did was set the stand on top of a short pile of books. Move it to the edge and you will be able to see the whole coin that way. You need to adjust the focus of course.

Does it have an ipad app such that the image can be seen full screen ? If it does, can you share an image ?

Yes a publicly available app. The image is shown full screen and is of very good quality.

What is the name of the app used by the wireless model on the app store ?

Wifi check
the icon looks like a portable phone’s camera lens or like the camera lens on the ring door bell

Is there a way to reset the camera itself? Mine went to a blue tone color and the settings will not let me go back to default

I’ve bought 5 different digital microscope cameras, 2 like yours, but each had different software.
Usually there is a factory reset procedure but no instructions available.
It will be a specific series of button pushes/ push and hold.
My first attempt would be…
1.push and keep ‘snap’ held while 2. Pushing and holding
‘zoom’ while hol

Bysameyee 4K 3840x2160P Wireless Digital Microscope, Handheld HD USB Microscope Inspection Camera Endoscope 40x-1000x Magnification, Compatible with iPhone iPad Android Phone Tablet Windows Mac PC AMAZON : Bysameyee 4K 3840x2160P Wireless Digital Microscope, Handheld HD USB Microscope Inspection Camera Endoscope 40x-1000x Magnification, Compatible with iPhone iPad Android Phone Tablet Windows Mac PC : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great camera for the money!

The images attached are the individual led pixels in my computer monitor, beard/facial hair, a ring and a few pcb images. Works for what ill use it for which is pcb work, only conn i would say is that its more like a fixed zoom and the slider adjust the focus on the object your looking at. Would have been nice to have one for physical lens zoom and a separate one for mechanical focus. Second conn is its not usb type c. Overall would recommend it for the price.

5Expert Score
Astoundingly good digital microscope for the price

This is my second bysameyee digital microscope- my first was the earlier model with a native camera resolution of 640×480 but somehow managed to pull off a great picture with its optics – this second unit boasts a native 4k resolution with the same 1000x zoom optic. As an added bonus, the 4k model also has a built-in wi-fi capability and can run wirelessly with an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery. Because of this i’m now able to use my iphone on the fly as a display which ended up being really useful and convenient. The included manual provides a qr code for both ios and android that will take you to a bare-bones microscope viewer app ambiguously called ‘wi-fi-check’ – it gets the job done with minimal fuss by allowing you to point your phone’s wi-fi to the microscope which shows up like a private wi-fi hotspot device or access point. From there you can select your camera resolution up to 4k and go to work – easy! Worked great on my kids geode collection. For my garage lab i’ve got an older dell laptop running linux and was able to install the ‘camorama’ video app from the aur repos without issue. It found the microscope picked up on the supported resolutions up to 4k without any extra configuration and was ready to go pretty quick. I did try this 4k model on my humble raspberry pi 2 but the higher resolution was a bit too much for it, so i’ll be keeping the earlier model microscope for that configuration. I also tried out the 4k model on my elderly macbook pro 2010 but had to scale the resolution down to 2k for the image to display properly- this wasn’t too surprising given the age of the laptop – 2k was actually quite usable. Bottom line the higher resolution camera on this microscope will require somewhat modern computer hardware to display at it’s fullest capability. Usability-wise this 4k unit was fairly straightforward and easy use. The only quirk that took some experimentation to figure out was that because the power button doubles as the snapshot button, to turn the microscope off, you have to press the ‘power’ and ‘zoom +’ buttons simultaneously. Not really an issue once you know that bit. Oh and don’t forget to take the lens cap off prior to use! Given this 4k microscope goes for about as much as the earlier model and is packed with extra features, it’s an absolute bargain and a must-have tool for any hobbyist or repair tech.

5Expert Score
Excellent tool, a great value

The workmanship on this device is excellent. Everything was beyond my expectations given the relatively low price. I would have expected to pay significantly more for this level of quality.

5Expert Score
Morgellons disease must have!!

If anybody is looking for some kind of camera to look at the crap that comes out of our skin from. Morgellons disease then this is it!! You can see every single little detail, just look at the pictures! It takes some getting used to because the hole is so small, but just move slow. Also another important thing is touch the settings button on your phone and make sure you rotate the picture two times that way you’re going in the same direction as the microscope otherwise you’re going backwards and i finally figured that out after 3 days lol! So after you get the hang of it you’ll love it i swear! Takes amazing 4k videos that barely take up any space on your phone i don’t know how but they don’t! Hope this helps someone that is struggling with this horrible disease i feel every bit of your pain and i pray for you all! Don’t ever lose hope turn to god and he will get you through this i promise you that also! I was on the verge of committing suicide because of it but god told me just hold on it’s coming and he showed me. I don’t care if you believe me or not but i would never ever lie to anybody especially about something like this. God bless, jody ann

5Expert Score
In my opinion it is well worth the money and works great

For the price it really works great. I use this for growing cannabis to identify microscopic bugs and other things. The stand it comes with sucks. You can go to their website, give them your amazon order # and address in an email and they will send a better stand for free. I am waiting for mine in the mail. If i don’t receive it for some reason i will update the post.

5Expert Score
For the price, i think this one will be hard to beat.

The attached image is a serrated knife edge after cutting a piece of cheese.
When viewed on my four foot 4k monitor you can really see a lot of detail.
Some other usb microscopes i have used don’t really reach the promised resolution.

5Expert Score
Does what it says it does

Tried a few of these inexpensive usb microscopes and this one is about as god as it gets for the price. To be clear…the side buttons for zoom do not work when using this on a pc with usb.

5Expert Score
Best entry-level microscope available

Got this mainly for crop inspection and when held perfectly still can capture some excellent close up images, no reason not to purchase this microscope for the value it holds, if you only ever use it once to remove a splinter or ingrown nail it has paid for itself several times over. Stop reading this review and place the order.

5Expert Score
Its the perfect microscope i love it

Its awesome i have nothing bad to say except for the stand that comez with it its cheap but ypu offsred me a nice metal new one so no problems thank you very much i appriciate you

5Expert Score
Great affordable investment.i was really surprised at the value for the price.

Great affordable investment.i was really surprised at the value for the price.will add photo/video at a later on the road right now till november 23rd.

4Expert Score
Good for extreme close up soldering, use the xploview software for mac to see the image correctly.

I have now had some more time to work with this 4k microscope, it’s not perfect, but it suits my needs for extreme close up soldering work on an amplifier circuit board. I looked around extensively for an overhead magnifying glass with an led light, i found many listed here on amazon, but nothing seemed to quite fit my need. I just could not visually get in close enough to see clearly if i was soldering each component correctly. I previously had a digital microscope that was similar to this unit i purchased a few years ago to look at coins. The end result was not what i hoped for, the resolution and detail was just not there. It is however with this camera!

The good stuff.

This camera microscope has a resolution of 4k (3820×2160) plus it’s wireless, the instructions say once fully charged it will run about 4 hours. What’s really nice is that it runs on wifi, instead of bluetooth. There’s no lag as you view your image. The led light brightness and the focusing are adjustable. If you have an ipad or iphone, download the app, turn on the camera, select the hd-microscope-8c06 wifi signal, start the app and you should see an image in the software. Bring it close to the area you want to see, adjust the focus and the light and it works. You can even take a picture and record video if you like, nice. On a mac, you connect the camera microscope via the micro usb cord to your computer. You view the image by using the photo booth software included with the operating system on a mac, or as i discovered you can use zoom, just select the hd camera in the video setting. The nice thing about this is if you have a imac or large external monitor, you can see the image produced on a large screen!

Now the bad stuff.

*when i initially looked at the image on a mac or an ipad, the image is backwards in photobooth! It’s really annoying!!! (i had to horizontally flip the circuit board images and the penny coin to see it correctly). They need to fix this somehow. I’ve also found that as you move the camera microscope around to view image you want to see, it’s very counter intuitive. It doesn’t do what you expect. You have to play with it a bit to see what you want to see, again it’s a frustrating.

The u shaped plastic holder piece does not hold the camera microscope very firmly in place, it has two thin plastic snaps that line up with the 2 grooves on the camera microscope unit. When you move the camera around on it’s flimsy base, you tighten the wing nut on the base, unfortunately it still does not stay in place that well. Under the holder is a thin rubber piece that is practically useless. I modified this with a piece of thick foam rubber that i set the unit on, much better! The power button is a bit flimsy as well.

As far as the magnification goes and the clarity and brightness of the image, for what it is it’s pretty good. I looked around and could not find another 4k camera microscope unit in this price range that does what this unit does without spending significantly more. For what i’m using it for, it works. It lets me see what i need to see clearly and check my work as i go.

*i have been in contact with the manufacturer, they told me to download xploview for mac. Once i did this the image appeared correctly and not backwards! The software also allows you to set the video to 4k resolution and also allows you to record hi-res photos and video. This was much better. I did this (i’ve posted some new images) i’m much happier and can see my soldering work more closely. I’m not the best at soldering, but at least i know everything looks correct. I still don’t love their u shaped stand that’s included, but they’ve sent me the metal microscope stand and carrying case to use. After taking it out of it’s soft leather case, it’s made of solid metal, includes a hex key for adjustments and made well. Looking forward to trying it out! I’m upping my rating on this microscope by one star. If they would replace the u shaped stand that comes with this microscope unit, or make it stronger and more durable, then i’d give it a 5 star rating.

4Expert Score
Great for coin collecting

I bought this to look at my coin collection. Does a great job way better than a magnifying glass. Works with my pc and my phone, and it also allows to take snapshots and store them or post them. I am verry happy with it. I just removed one star because of their policy. After i received the scope, they sent me an e-mail stating that if i would give them a 5-star review, they would send an updated better stand and a case for it. I had to leave the 5-star review and did receive the items, then return to change the rating. I did this just because of the feeling pressured into the review. If they had just sent the things all together, i would have left the rating at 5-stars. Good product, bad policies

4Expert Score
Very good scope

Very good scope but it needs to be able to move away from what your looking at for a wider view

4Expert Score
Does not magnify 1000 x

Does not magnify 1000 times as claimed. I magnified one of my hair which, according to my calipers, measures .003′ . Under full power the hair was less than .187 inch . Do the math and you come up with 50-60 x. A .003 dia. Hair should appear 3′ under 1000 x magnification. It is a nice unit but does not live up to its claimed power.

4Expert Score
Focal length determines magnification

I needed a camera that can see a 100 micrometer diameter end mill touch down on a surface, then also see a 50 micrometer diameter end mill touch down on the same surface. This is a very good camera for electronics soldering, but it could not resolve the 100 micrometer end mill shown in the picture. At 500x, a motic stereo zoom microscope can resolve the radius of the cutting edges on a 2 flute flat 100 micrometer end mill (kyocera 1620-0039.006). The motic is a $2500 lab microscope, no comparision! With the first picture of the lincoln penny, you can get a very high quality image showing every scratch from 50+ years of wear. The other images are from the microscope micrometer calibration ruler along with the 100 micrometer end mill. The end mill looks smaller than the 50 and 30 micrometer line widths, but it is not on the same focal plane as the calibrator. My point is that if you want to see an object up close that is 100 micrometer, you are going to need a better microscope or spend more time finding the 500 – 1000 x focal points. For everything else, i love it!

4Expert Score
Good but takes practice

When using it for the skin it takes a little bit to get a good image and keep good image going as you move throughout the face. On the scalp it’s pretty good though. Easy to configure to the phone and has video + photo capture capabilities

4Expert Score
It works well

Tricky to get focused with trying to use this on a live plant. One i rigged it up to a tripod this thing works well. Just patience is required as you try to focus in certain plants readiness for harvest.

4Expert Score
Great product but there are a couple issues

This is a great product but what it really needs is a larger stand you basically have to be right up on the microscope/magnifier not even an inch away from what you are trying to inspect. So i am only giving it a four star rating because you have to be absolutely still to use this

4Expert Score
Awesome product

I love it, i just wish it had its own screen too. I should have bought the other one for that reason. I look at coins on my phone as i’m looking at coins. Using my phone as a screen view takes away from my ability to look up coins online at the same time. I should have bought the other one with the screen.

4Expert Score

Hubby loves it

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