Bysameyee USB Digital Microscope 40X to 1000X, 8 LED Magnification Endoscope Camera with Carrying Case & Metal Stand, Compatible for Android Windows 7 8 10 11 Linux Mac

Bysameyee USB Digital Microscope 40X to 1000X, 8 LED Magnification Endoscope Camera with Carrying Case & Metal Stand, Compatible for Android Windows 7 8 10 11 Linux Mac : Bysameyee USB Digital Microscope 40X to 1000X, 8 LED Magnification Endoscope Camera with Carrying Case & Metal Stand, Compatible for Android Windows 7 8 10 11 Linux Mac : Electronics

What are bysameyee usb digital microscope 40x to 1000x features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Capture, record & measure: connected this handheld microscope to devices, you can capture screenshot image and even record a video with installed software. Please note that the measurement software only works for windows user.
  • Wide range of application: bysameyee usb microscope is a useful & funny tools for kids, students, engineers, inventors, collectors to magnify the micro things like coins, skin, pcb, hairs, etc.
  • Strong compatibility: mac os x 10.5, windows xp/7/8/10/11, linux kernels 2.6.26 and above, android phones with otg function. (how to check otg? Download the free app’usb otg checker’). This microscope doesn’t work with iphone/ipad.
  • Light adjustable: built-in 8 led lights, you can control the light brightness easily with the led dimming wire control knob. Shine through a diffuser, the led light is soft and not dazzling across the object being viewed.
  • Easy to use & carry: install the software, plug in to your device, now you can explore the microscopic world with this microscope camera. Metal stand, otg adapter, ruler, driver & carrying case are provided for multi-purpose application.
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Bysameyee USB Digital Microscope 40X to 1000X, 8 LED Magnification Endoscope Camera with Carrying Case & Metal Stand, Compatible for Android Windows 7 8 10 11 Linux Mac AMAZON : Bysameyee USB Digital Microscope 40X to 1000X, 8 LED Magnification Endoscope Camera with Carrying Case & Metal Stand, Compatible for Android Windows 7 8 10 11 Linux Mac : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

What is the native resolution (not magnification) of the camera? Answer should be in the form of <#pixelsx> x <#pixelsy>.

Hello, the resolution of this microscope camera is 640x480p. Thanks!

How come your main picture for this product has it directly connected to an iphone if it can’t connect to an iphone???

Hello, please check the main picture carefully, it’s not an iphone, it’s an android phone. This usb microscope doesn’t work on iphone, it’s also claimed on the bullet point. Thanks

Does this work with iphone or ipad or macbook pro?

Hello, this one doesn’t work with iphone/ipad, but yes, it works with macbook. If you are looking for a microscope that works with iphone/ipad, you can find this one:

Is there a big delay in video? Tia.

Not at all. The only problem i had was the video being upside down but realized i could fix it through the settings.

What app can i download from google play store?

I downloaded all of the suggested apps, and found that the only one that works on my samsung 9+ is the an98. Works great!

Can i download the software online?

Sure, you can visite our website to download the software needed:

Why wont the zoom or snap buttons work on microscope.

The slider zoom works fine on mine but the snap button does not. I have to use the software program to take pictures. But for the price it’s well worth it.

Does product work with i mac 11.01 big sur version ?

I has a usb connection. I don’t know about the imac, but with a converter it will work with an ipad. You will also have to get software, but that should be available.

Will it work with windows 11?

Yes it will , you might need to download software from site.
I ended up not needing it “but”double check as i can only speak for my situation. Hope this helps

Can you see bacteria with this?

It is amazing what you can see. I was looking for bacteria in the skin and i saw their eggs! You have to zoom in and out to be able to get the maximum zoom.

There is no focus ring, just a 40-1000x? How do you view at 1000x and then focus? How do you turn down the light? Light spots are way overexposed

Mine adjusts the focus by rotating the silver section that is marked 40x to 1000x. I thought that would adjust the magnification, but i have not found a way to do that. The red zoom button on the side will enlarge the onscreen picture photo up to 5 times. The cord that attaches the microscope to the computer has a dial that will adjust the brightness. Is connected to a windows 10 computer with the amcap software.

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Is this compatible with a chromebook?

Yes, that’s what i use.

How to zoom? I have a very good mount so that the unit does not move at all. When i turn the silver wheel all it does is go out of focus.

There is a zoom button on the side and then you just have to refocus after you zoom. I have found moving it up and down after you have zoomed in has also made the picture a lot clearer.

Will this work with a samsung galaxy note 10+? Thx

This unit works with windows 7,8,10,vista,xp,2000,mac os x 10.5 or above, android mobiles (with otg function) linux and chrome os.
As long as you have one of these operating systems according to the instruction booklet you should be good.
Hope this answers your question.

Can you buy a iphone port attachment separately for this?

This product does not work with iphone or ipads.

So can you not zoom on android at all?

Not sure. It was returned as it’s not made for mac’s. Good luck

How do l connect this product to my phone is there a cd

There was a small disc included in the box.

I have a chromebook that does not have a disk drive how do i connect the microscope to my phone and to my chromebook…

You can’t connect it to both of them at the same time just one or the other

Is there a way to see on a tv or a way to cast it onto a tv?

If you are using a mac,, only photo booth will enable the camera. Not sure about others

Can i have more than 1 camera on the same computer working at the same time (windows 7 and or 10)? I have a need for 3 at the same time.

A menage de trois with this level of sophistication in a microscope is unheard of. But then it is exciting to ponder the possibility. Shoul you be burning with desire to attempt such a precarious indevor, you must be certain of the order in which to incert your plug (usb ) these situations can be a bit daunting as you must not create a set of circumstances that allows for a disconnect of mutual harmony. All of the incertions necessitates proper attention timing. To be successful you will be required to be most attentive to each. This will further put demands on the power of the incertion technique applied.

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Bysameyee USB Digital Microscope 40X to 1000X, 8 LED Magnification Endoscope Camera with Carrying Case & Metal Stand, Compatible for Android Windows 7 8 10 11 Linux Mac AMAZON : Bysameyee USB Digital Microscope 40X to 1000X, 8 LED Magnification Endoscope Camera with Carrying Case & Metal Stand, Compatible for Android Windows 7 8 10 11 Linux Mac : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

I recently found myself to have both the time and renewed interest in ‘cherry picking’ pocket change in the hopes of finding that ‘million dollar coin’ i realize my chances of winning the lottery are probably just about as good but at least this way i can still ‘cash in’ all my losers for face value and seem to have more fun playing the ‘game’

when the bug hit me, all i had at my disposal was an old plastic lenses, 2x loupe. Quickly i realized that was woefully inadequate and began searching for something better. First as the 20x loupe. Awesome but very limiting and going back and forth between the two loupes often gave me motion sickness and horrible neck and head pains. I shopped around and bought and returned many items before i started looking into both standard and digital microscopes.

Being on a fixed income, most of what i saw was well out of my price range to try and justify spending for a ‘maybe’ hobby. I just was unable to take such risky leap into the unknown. When i came across the ‘bysameyee’ usb microscope with included case and stand for only $21.95 i eventually came to the decision to just go ahead and order it. This really was just such a great entry level price point and although i did see some unfavorable reviews regarding the stand, i have no regrets.

What i like about ‘bysameyee’ is it is everything they claim it to be. Their software is very easy (and free) to use. Specific uploads for specific devices, i was quickly and easily able to get the scope to hook up to my android phone,(which i can connect wirelessly to my 52′ t.v) my chrome book and win 8.1 laptop, also connectable to the tv. No issues whatsoever. The microscopes cable offers regular usb style with a nice little flip up connector end that fits your phone and an additional 3rd style separate adapter piece that i have not needed but have just in case. Both the ‘amcap’ and the ‘cooling tech’ software’s are easy to use. Mostly i just use the ‘amcap’ photo capture s.w. On the laptop. In the ‘options’ tab of that s.w. , you can go into the ‘video capture filter’ tab where you can enable zoom function or leave that off and select different ‘filter’ options which can be very helpful, especially with newer ‘shiny’ coins.

What i don’t like: not much really, i was expecting it to be less than more and i just don’t think i have any reason to be dissatisfied with my purchase. So where is it’ limitations? First you will read up that the stand ‘sucks’… For what i am doing, i have found it can be difficult to get it focused under higher magnifications just because is so light, just thinking about the focus can cause it to wiggle. What i do is set it where like you see in the pics, the most of the coin i can see at once is probably seen best with the ‘amer’ photo, i put the edge of my laptop so it rests on the base of the scopes stand, then i use a piece of paper to slide the coins around under the lenses.

The led lights are really only on or off, not much of a graduation there but i can elect to turn off the led’s and direct sunlight or other light source when needed. One thing that can be difficult to determine sometimes is doubling due to reflection of shiny, well plated coins. One trick i quickly found was to view the same suspect areas from different angles. Viewed from one direction you might think you see doubling but as you shift the viewing angle you will see the reflections shift. Also, the 20x loupe is another quick way to double check what you thought was going to be the big one. This get’s easier to deal with and recognize with a little practice.

You can see in the pics, especially with well circulated samples, there is more than enough detail and depth to quickly spot any errors or differences. Now this is not a 5mp or better scope, so sometimes it can be difficult to actually get down ‘into’ some of the cracks and crevices, especially with trying to use the light weight stand but i didn’t buy this for the stand and the manufacturer does offer a big discount on a better stand, that if they had included initially, would have driven up the price point beyond what i may have been willing to pay. I wanted an ‘entry level’ digital scope at a reasonable price and am very pleased with what i received.

If you have any interest in digital scopes but are unsure about just how much scope you really need, i highly recommend giving this one a try, and get the one with the case too, i think that was maybe $2 more but it sure comes in handy holding more than just the scope. Now, while this may not be the $500 plus microscope that one day i hope to trade for some penny i find , this is the scope i will find that penny with!

Lastly, customer service: awesome! I only contacted them to inquire about their big discount offer on the better stand. Terrence happened to be on vacation initially but still got back to me in a timely enough fashion that i truly expect would be even quicker for the next person. Also, sometimes it can be difficult with language barriers when trying to read directions or communicate in person, not here. One thing i was particularly impressed with, was the super simple and no nonsense user guide. Nice job guy’s, i use to have redline digital product user guides before…… It took my company 6 pages to describe how to remove a battery door cover and install 3 batteries even though it was shown in raised plastic lettering on the units battery door and compartment???

Sincerely, ‘future millionaire’ andy c 🙂

5Expert Score
Very impressive little camera. Great for coins.

I needed to see some coins up close and the loops i bought were clumsy to use and didn’t magnify nearly enough. I returned them and looked for something better. This camera was just what i needed. It’s so much easier to just hook this up and look at my monitor. It was a breeze to set up on my windows 10 machine. I went to their website and downloaded the software although they do include it on cd. My pc just didnt have a drive for it. I am very happy with this, it’s great.

5Expert Score
Great for coins!

I bought this microscope to look for error coins and i am amazed at it. You can’t go wrong with this price point the quality of the video is great for my needs, there’s no lag really. The led lights definitely help, brightness is adjustable. It checked all my boxes i’m happy with it!

5Expert Score
Excellent microscope

Excellent microscope. Easy to install and use. Drivers and software are easy install and update. I use this microscope to get data and information from chips on mother boards and other boards. I get excellent pictures of the components that i need the information. Iam very satisfy. I recommend this microscope. See attached picture of a tiny chip on a laptop system board

5Expert Score
An ideal solution

I don’t have it set up for picture right now but i will edit my review and add some layer. Microscopes are big. And expensive. Microscope cameras are bulky and expensive. This little dude is inexpensive and has excellent picture quality. The first time i used this, i immediately saw the crack in a chip on pokémon sapphire and was able to fix that after a long time trying. This little camera paid for itself in about 5 minutes. If you have a home set up, or a shop set up on a budget, this is the best option for you.

5Expert Score
Great usb microscope

I installed the driver and software off the included cd on my laptop. It worked as soon as i connected it. In the picture you can see my assistant helping identify deflective solder connections on surface mount components on an electronic circuit board. This little tool will prove invaluable for many tasks that require up close viewing.

5Expert Score
Clear picture

Overall a very good product. It is top heavy when mounting in the supplied plastic stand. A portion of the plastic stand wraps around the barrel of the camera and makes the zoom and snap buttons difficult to use.
It gives a clear picture of knife edges and coins.

5Expert Score
Amazing microscope with an amazing price tag

I bought this microscope for scalp analyzing and when i say i could not have asked for a better device. The zoom works wonderfully with no problems. I also experimented and placed the device on my keys, coins, wood etc and it works well for all objects that you may need a up close view of. I would definitely recommend this microscope for anyone need a close look at any object!!!

Helpful info:

*i downloaded the app via the link that was provided for my mac desktop (late 2015 model) and it works wonderfully and was easy as pie to download. I also bought a ’10 ft usb connector cord’ from another company on amazon so that i could extend the microscope from my computer to my patient.

5Expert Score
Nice product

I bought this product to look for small defects on printed circuit boards. It works really well.
We have a similar microscope at work that is slightly better however it costed close to $450.
The one thing wish is the zoom would go down to 10x

5Expert Score
The. Quality of images is incredible

I got the digital microscope to investigate the origin of white and brown spots affecting the leaves and flowers of our garden.
It was clear after using the scope that we had the proliferation of fungi and then the treatment with antimycotic substances was done.
We did not use zooming since my computer is a mac and it is not possible on such o.s.
The aluminum stand will help to maintain the microscope in focus. Very good value!

4Expert Score
Buy the stand, wont send it too you unless you give good review, so its not free

Don’t buy it without the stand. I did and got an email from them offering a free stand ($21) if you go to their website, you sign up for it. I waited a week. The stand that comes with the camera is junk. I waited a 10 days and bought the stand on amazon. Figured when i got the free one i would get another camera for a gift. I bought this scope for coins, the stand that came with it would not give me a full view of coin, so i paid for the one on amazon. Still didn’t get the full view of coin, so i got another stand , 10 inches. Still can’t get full view of coin, now i have just bought a second camera that goes from 10 x to 1000x, that should do it. New to these things, should have done my home work. Oh you can buy the same one cheaper from a differtant company

4Expert Score
Less cost than others, higher quality.

I wasted a lot of time before receiving this handy, easy to use microscope. I tried more expensive and they did not work as easy, nor the quality was there like this guy. So glad i purchased and they will automatically send you a free heavy stand if you send an email with your order number. Where was this years ago? Best thing is you can easily see errors that can’t be seen by a jewelry magnifier.

4Expert Score
It works

Better than a jewelers loop

4Expert Score
It's fun!

It’s a fun little gadget to play around with. If you read everything carefully it works as advertised.

4Expert Score
Good pic

Great pic

4Expert Score
Very useful microscope

I’m still learning how to use this usb microscope, it is much better than other more expensive ones i have used in the past. Tried it on a galaxy note20 ultra (android 12) using an98 as well as a win 7 pc using the amcap program. Both worked well, however the zoom button did not work in either case. Will try this on a win 11 laptop next. Very good quality for the price.

4Expert Score
Good quality for the price

Was very surprised when i received the microscope. Wasn’t expecting that good of quality for the price. Would recommend for other buyers

4Expert Score
Easy to set up and use

I originally bought this device to clean my fossil, but i have found the zoom to be too powerful for this. Focusing can be difficult so i have been using this to examine the fossil that i have. This product is easy to set up on any device and it is very easy to use

4Expert Score

It works

4Expert Score
Works great

I really liked the zoom and the pictures were absolutely wonderful, only thing is the connection cable was loose for my phone.

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