Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x Power LED Lighted Pocket Microscope

Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x Power LED Lighted Pocket Microscope : Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope : Electronics

What are carson microbrite plus 60x-120x power led lighted pocket microscope features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Pocket microscope with a powerful 60x-120x magnification range
  • Precision molded aspheric lenses provide superior optics
  • Designed to be compact, lightweight and portable.remove the battery before storing the microscope for an extended period
  • Bright led light is powered by 1 aa battery (not included)
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Carson microbrite plus 60x-120x power led lighted pocket microscope details:

Item package dimensions l x w x h

‎3.9 x 2.6 x 1.42 inches

Package weight

‎0.07 kilograms

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‎3.15 x 0.79 x 1.97 inches

Item weight

‎0.15 pounds

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‎carson optical, inc

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‎single pack

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‎product, manual

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Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x Power LED Lighted Pocket Microscope AMAZON : Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Can it be used to see dust mites and other insects not viewable with your eye?

The four main species of dust mites range in size from .008 inch long to .012 inch long. Therefore, at this microscope’s lowest power (60x), the smallest of these dust mites would appear as if it was nearly 1′ long to the naked eye; and at 120x, the largest species would appear as if it was about 1.4′ long to the naked eye. As you can see, the mm-300 is not just adequate for this purpose, it’s perfect.

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Does this have a light that stays on (one where you don’t have to keep the button pressed down to keep the light on)?

Yes. There is a button that activates the led light that will stay on continuously until you press it again to turn it off.

What exactly makes this item compatable with an iphone or galaxy?

Hi amber,
please note that the microbrite plus pocket microscope (mm-300) is not compatible with any smartphones. The added image is just to show some different related carson products like other pocket microscopes as well as products that can be used for digiscoping purposes. We apologize for any confusion.

Can you see the trichomes on cannibas bud clearly

It takes a little practice and stability, but yes. It has a very narrow field of view, but i can clearly see the trichome structures in very good detail from 60 – 120x. It’s not as flimsy as you would think for being plastic… The zoom is a slidebar that’s snug and stays where you slide it for magnification. I have found it easier to use a jewlers loupe as it has a good field of view, but most are only 10 – 16x and not easy to see trichomes very well as you can with this one. There is/are some loupe-styles on amazon that are 30x that might be actually best of both… But this carson model definately works – but just a tiny pinhole to view through.

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Is the adapter hereâ®-micromax-microscope-adapter-mm-255/dp/b00bhw8j62/ for this model to use on my samsung duos gt-18552?

Hi christa,
no. The carson micromax plus 2 led microscope with iphone 5 adapter (mm-255) is a totally separate product. Unfortunately, the microbrite plus 60x-120x led pocket microscope (mm-300) is not compatible with any smartphones.

How do you change the batteries?

The mm-300 uses one aa battery. The battery access cover on the side slides off (downward), giving you easy access to the battery. I estimate that because the battery is so powerful with respect to the energy demands of the led light, it might take years before the battery needs replacing.

What is the difference between the the mm-300 and mm-200 versions?

The mm-300 has a higher magnification range (60x – 120x) than the mm-200 (60x – 75x), as well as an aspheric lens system. The mm-200 is a bit smaller than the mm-300 and runs on 3 included button cell batteries, where the mm-300 takes 1 aa battery (not included).

Can you use this for horse worming -egg detection?

I would guess, yes but i’m not sure. At 120x a period at the end of a sentence ‘.’ is 1/3 the size of the view field and you can easily see details at 1/10 or 1/20 of that so depending on the size of the eggs, i would think so. I’ve never done anything like that; perhaps you would need a slide and dyes to facilitate that. This lights from above and to the side as apposed to a traditional ‘slide’ microscope where you light from under the slide. Obviously one could make a little setup to do that. If a this smear was made, i think this would work fine. If the eggs are fairly large you may find this a bit too powerful.

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Can you use this with the prepared slide sets that they make for kids?

Thank you for your inquiry. The microbrite plus can be used on prepared slides. To best do this, the microscope should be placed flat against the slide at the lowest power until you have found the specimen, and then you can increase the magnification and focus in.

Can i use the universal smartphone adapter clip that comes with the carson microflip 100x-250x?

I didn’t see one in the box or on the device. I have a difficult time seeing anything with this microscope unfortunately! Once i think i got it it goes out of focus and i’ve lost my temper a lot! Maybe you’ll have a better experience than i did.

Can this be used to verify collectable coins. I seen where a customer said no! Is this good for coin collectors?

I think you should be fine. I’d recommend using this against a flat surface more than anything so coins shouldn’t be an issue. You can get little details up to 120x, idk about coin collecting but i think that’s strong enough for what you need.

Will it be able to see oe protozoa on a monarch testing strip?

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we’ve researched, ophryocystis elektroscirrha is usually magnified at 100x – 200x. With this in mind, the microbrite plus should be able to see these protozoa at the highest magnification (120x).

Would this help visually impaired read?

Thank you for your inquiry. The magnification used by this microscope would be way too powerful to help the visually impaired. What we would recommend is our ezread (dr-300) digital magnifier, which is designed specifically for this purpose, or any of our magnifiers.

Can i use it to view film negatives?

We would not recommend the microbrite plus 60x-120x led pocket microscope for viewing film negatives because the magnification is too powerful for this purpose. Instead, we would recommend a less powerful 10x loupe like the carson lumiloupe 10x pre-focused stand magnifier (ll-10) for viewing film negatives. Please contact carson’s customer service department at 631-963-5000 or by email at and we will be glad to assist you further.

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Can you find out if a gemstone is glass filled with this microscope

You can, it would take more adjusting since the magnification is much stronger than a loupe which is normally 10-30x.

Can you use slides with this? If so what type of slides?

Yes, but only with some imagination and manipulation. Microscopes designed for specimen slides must provide light shining upward from below the slide, whereas the mm-300 provides light shining downward from above the slide. If you have a ‘light table,’ you can place a slide on the lighted table and place the mm-300 over it. That should work, unless light from the table is not bright enough. But carson also sells a great carry-along microscope (model mm-200), which is similar in price to the mm-300, and provides 60x to 100x zoom. That is probably the better choice for most people.

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Thinking of getting this for a 5 year old boy…..good idea ??? Nancy

It’s not a bad idea. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be a good idea. It’s science and 5 years old should be old enough to not try to break the thing just to eat (and choke on) parts of it. This scope works great.

Anyone inspect turntable stylus with this scope?

I hadn’t, but then you mentioned it, so i did. I looked at a stanton and a numark. Not much difference in quality. Thanks for the idea.

Does it pick up microplastics?

Microplastics are any plastics that are less than 5mm in diameter. The microbrite plus 60x-120x pocket microscoope (mm-300) can definitely see this, but it would only be able to see larger microplastics. If you needed to view even smaller microplastics, carson also offers a more powerful pocket microscope (carson microflip 100x-250x led & uv lighted pocket microscope with flip down slide base and smartphone digiscoping clip mp-250) which may also be a good option. Please contact carson’s customer service department at 631-963-5000 or by email at and we will be glad to assist you further.

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Description says ‘not recommended for use with eyeglasses.’ why not? Can you use with eyeglasses?

Technically, you do not need eyeglasses when looking through the scope’s eye chamber–you adjust the focus wheel (which has two magnifications, 60x and 120x) to obtain your focus–the lenses going in or out (telescoping) act like or does the job of eyeglasses. The one thing you should note is, viewing at 60x or 120x magnification requires different focus adjustment–you cannot flip between the different magnifications without readjusting the focus wheel. Like all magnification devices, it is best to look down the lens barrel without eyeglasses. I know this answer is almost a year after your ask, but it still might be useful for new buyers. I am enjoying mine; it is small, powerful, mobile, light weight, inexpensive, durable–best buy for the price–don’t waste time buying any other in the same class. I’ll be buying several more to give as gifts for both adults and kids. I hope its quality has not changed since my two years ago purchase. Please note, you have to move in the opposite direction to locate your object: i.e., if you located part of your target on the left side of the view finder, you would naturally move the scope to the left to expand the object–nope, because of internal lens refraction you need to move in the opposite direction, or right in this example, to fully expand the object. This is counter intuitive to our live viewing inclination. After several uses, you’ll pick up on the idea.

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Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x Power LED Lighted Pocket Microscope AMAZON : Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
A really nifty pocket microscope

To those who are considering a purchase (and to those individuals who left negative reviews), it’s important to realize that this is not a magnifying glass. For viewing at this magnification, it is necessary to have a steady surface and the proper magnification settings. For those who are unfamiliar with using a regular microscope, there will be a learning curve. The directions which are included are good, just take the time to read them and learn how to use it.
Having said all that, this is a really excellent little pocket piece. Magnification is good, image is clear at all settings, the built in light is effective, and the quality is remarkably good. The quality for price is remarkable. For those who are familiar with regular microscope use and for those who learn to use it properly, this is a solid excellent.

5Expert Score
An indispensable tool for just $15

The zoom function, focus control, and light all work very well. However, if this is your 1st microscope of this kind, plan on a slight learning curve. This isn’t the product’s fault, just the nature of such a device. Using it on a flat surface is super easy but not always possible. Holding it steady against a movable object like a flower petal or leaf is a little tricky and took me a week or so of practice before getting good enough at it. Once you get used to it, this truly is an indispensable tool when needing to see things the eye can’t see.

Both my more experienced friend and i cannot believe $15 buys a microscope this effective. He immediately requested i send him a link to the product.

5Expert Score
Good little microscope!

I bought this at the advise of a website i was on for looking at trichomes to see when it’s time to harvest. It’s really a good little microscope but kind of hard to use unless you have a really steady hand. With this kind of magnification a little movement of your hand is a huge movement at the lens. That said you really can see the trichomes in unbelievable detail. You’ve never seen them before until you see them through this. My suggestion would be to get this jeweler’s loop set ( that amazon sells, which work very well for looking at trichomes and use this for a really closeup look. It would also be really great for showing your kids what every day things look through a microscope. They sure didn’t have anything like this when i was a kid!

5Expert Score
It’s a mighty mite

It’s a mighty mite. How about the little brother to this a few years ago and my wife made fun of it until she had a piece of glass in her foot and i was able to use it to remove the glass. I saw this one a few months ago and after an incident with a tick that had left its pincer in my arm i decided to buy the bigger version this one is quite a bit easier to use the light is very bright and the magnification is good. The optical clarity is remarkably well suited for this price range. It does a very good job for the cost of the product. Would highly recommend this to anybody who likes to go out and look at things under a microscope. I believe it would be very helpful for small children as well to introduced them to the world around us.

5Expert Score
My grandson loves it

Gave this to my 4 year old grandson and he loves it. He’s always looking for things to look at and i feel good to know he can use it very easily and had no problem understanding how it works

5Expert Score
Works great

Just snip a small piece of a very frosty leave and this thing shows in great detail every crystal mushroom
less is more with this guy i tried a whole bud and it was a mess

5Expert Score
Much more powerful than expected.

My kid wanted a microscope to play with, and i decided to give this one a try. It is great. We can take it with us on walks, and when we don’t need it, it goes in a drawer. Definitely worth it.

5Expert Score
Fantastic little microscope

I bought this microscope to use with my toddler as a learning experience and she absolutely loves it. It’s super easy to use, but unfortunately certain “taller” things can’t be observed because the light comes from the side instead of underneath. For the price, it’s absolutely worth it.

5Expert Score
Perfect for checking monarchs for oe

Spectacular little magnifier, just powerful enough to accurately check monarchs for oe. Very well worth the price!

5Expert Score
This is a microscope, not a magnifier

A fun little gadget to expand your close-up view. You can focus it clearly and the magnification is excellent.

4Expert Score
I couldn’t give this 5 stars because i couldn’t open the cover to put in batteries

Bought this for my grandsons… It takes batteries … Had to go buy those, didn’t have a screw driver to open the battery door… It’s a tiny screw. After many attempts to get it open with what i have, we put it up and haven’t ever used it. If you buy this be sure you have a small screwdriver.

4Expert Score
Get what ya pay for

This is worth the money that you pay for it. I love it and keep it in the car at all times, but it is inexpensive. Still recommend, depending on what your use for it is.

4Expert Score
Its ok.. Not good for inspecting coins

I bought this thinking it would be perfect for inspecting coins. There is not enough room in the looking glass to view the hole coin. You will struggle trying i promise. Besides that, great little microscope!

4Expert Score
Difficult to use

Works well stable on a table. One has to have steady hands if your trying to hold it while using

4Expert Score
Very nice

I’m very satisfied with this little microscope. You can see in vivid detail anything tiny you want to observe. I used it to see mites. There is a learning curve and it takes time to figure out how to find the tiny object you want to see and hold the microscope sturdy once you find it. But really after about 15 minutes or so you well have it figured out pretty good. If you have shacky hands get a different microscope.
The object you want to observe has to be on a table then place the microscope on the table over the object.
There is no way you can just hold the microscope in your hand and see for example a mite on a leaf or a vain in the leaf on a limb without putting it on a solid surface.

4Expert Score
Not as quick & easy as i expected it to be.

Not as quick & easy to use as i was expecting it to be. But once you get everything all lined up & in order, it’s a very clear view. It’ll take some practice for me to get quicker. Great gadget for the price.

4Expert Score
Flesh and blood collectors

I purchased this to identify counterfeit flesh and blood cards. If you are looking for a product for the same purpose, this is the one you want. Do not buy the jarlink loupes, this is it!

What you should know:
takes a single aa battery which was not included. Picture quality is perfect for the use i have purchased it for. Displays image upside down so i found it easier to turn the card upside down.

Could it be better?
It could have included a battery and for the purpose i purchased it for i would have also preferred a lower range magnification; in my opinion 60x magnification is already strong enough so going from 0x to 60x would, i believe, make it a bit easier to find the identifiers i am looking for.

4Expert Score
Fun little gadget

Fun and inexpensive way to look closely at common objects… I recommend you take a look at some cigarette tobacco and see how disgusting and chemical-laden it is, and maybe some insects. Cool toy.

4Expert Score
Not for younger people

Pretty nifty scope, but younger kids get frustrated trying to focus because it needs to sit directly on the item being magnified. Plus no plug included in this one.

4Expert Score
Infinity exists all around us, we are just too big to see it.

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