Castrol 03084C Edge 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart

Castrol 03084C Edge 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart

Buy Castrol 03084C Edge 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart: Motor Oils – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Castrol 03084C Edge 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil: Castrol edge is castrol’s most advanced engine oil. It is a premium full synthetic oil that is designed for consumers who demand the best performance from their cars. Castrol edge is recommended by leading car manufacturers. Castrol edge is engineered with fluid titanium technology that physically changes the way the oil behaves under pressure. Castrol edge is 3x stronger against viscosity breakdown than the leading full synthetic and conventional motor oils. As a result of increased demand for performance and fuel economy, pressures in today’s engines have almost doubled over the last three decades. Greater pressure means more stress for the oil and the potential for more friction. As metal to metal contact increases, it causes wear and reduces performance. Underneath the hood, the pressure can reach 10 tons per square centimeter. That’s like five cars resting on a high heel relying only on a micro thin layer of oil for protection. So you need a strong oil to reduce friction, and to help increase horsepower and fuel economy. To combat the increased pressures faced in today’s engines, castrol edge is engineered with fluid titanium technology that physically changes the way the oil behaves under pressure. Castrol’s patented titanium technology provides documented performance in friction reduction, anti-wear and deposit control protection. The titanium-based technology ensures performance and strength. Castrol edge is 3x stronger against viscosity breakdown than the leading premium full synthetic and conventional oils.tested in the astm d6278 test in the 5w-30 viscosity grade

What are castrol 03084c edge 5w-30 advanced full synthetic motor oil features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Advanced premium full synthetic motor oil to offer strength under extreme pressure
  • Titanium strong for maximum engine performance
  • Reduces metal-to-metal contact across a range of different driving speeds
  • Protects the engine for the entire drain interval even under extreme pressure
  • Decreases engine deposit formation to help maximize engine response
  • Best full synthetic money can buy
  • Api sn, ilsac gf-5, acea a1/b1, a5/b5, gm dexos1, meets ford wss-m2c929-a, ford wss-m2c946-a, honda hto-06, meets engine test requirements of chrysler ms-6395
  • Castrol edge is 3x stronger than mobil 1 against viscosity breakdown* *tested in the astm d6278 test in the 5w-30 viscosity grade.
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Castrol 03084C Edge 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart AMAZON

Buy Castrol 03084C Edge 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart: Motor Oils – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Does the castro 5w-50 spt meet the ford spec wss-m2c931-b for the gt 500?

Castol says it meets the spec, and ford svt has approved castrol 5w50 for use in the gt500. I use this oil in my 2013 gt500.

Is current product dexos 1 approved. I see it on the quart, but not on the 5 quart and wondering if it is an old picture

‘approved – gmdexos1tm supersedes gm-ll-a-025, gm6094m and gm4718m’ this is indicated on the 5w-30 castrol edge high mileage data sheet, dated 09nov15. On their latest data sheet dated 20sep17, this approved statement is no longer indicated. 1 quart size or 5 quart size makes no difference. If the product was made after 20sep17 then it is not likely to be approved for engines requiring dexos1. I would safely assume the bottle labeling will reflect whether or not using this as a suitable substitute over dexos1 type oil is acceptable. The picture is old and will, or should, be changed so their is no confusion.

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Does this oil suitable for 1999 chevy silverado 2500 186000 miles?

I have been using full synthetic oil in my 98 silverado 5.7. I now have 364k miles with no engine issues at all. I’d recommend it for anything that takes 5w30

I ordered this and it came with the letters sae in front of the 5w-30, does it matter?

Sae refers to the grading system. There are actually thicker euro 5w-30 oils, but this is a thin 5w-30 for american and asian cars. This particular blend is the latest additive formulation for gdi / turbo engines, it should be one of the best products on the market.

Can i use it in place of my conventional oil and without any harm to my engine?

Absolutely, actually synthetic oil generally provides better protection for engines.

Is this the new api sn plus

Castrol edge extended performance 5w-30 does not meet api sn plus requirements at this time. Api sn plus has recently been defined within lubricants industry as a supplement to the api sn category for gasoline engine oil performance. Designed to bridge the gap between the current ilsac gf-5 and future ilsac gf-6 specifications. Api sn plus adds a requirement for low-speed pre-ignition (lspi) protection. Lspi is a premature combustion event occurring prior to spark ignition in turbocharged, downsized gasoline engines such as those with gasoline direct injection (gdi). This leads to excessive pressure build-up in the engine cylinders that can manifest itself in engine noise, or in extreme circumstances, engine damage.

There are a number of factors that can cause lspi including engine design, fuel composition, and lubricant formulation. For the lubricant, detergent chemistry plays a key role in lspi protection. In order to address concern, a re-balancing of detergency system in the lubricant formula becomes necessary along with ensuring the proper levels of engine cleanliness and deposit-control protection remain intact.

Any product approved to gm dexos 1 gen 2 would meet api sn plus requirements today. You can tell which products are approved by the packaging where the gm dexos logo will be prominently placed on the product label. Approved products can also be found on the gm dexos website by clicking on “licensees” and searching on castrol.

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Does this meet the bmw requirement oil ll-01

It says on the container that is is bmw long life which is what the ll-01 is short for. Just fyi, i use it on a 2013 mini cooper s.

Is it good for bmw x6 2011 ?

This is great oil and will protect turbocharged motors from high heat. I use this oil in a 2006 bmw 750li v-8 and a 2011 bmw 128i 6 cyl . Bmw ll-01 stands for long life for longer oil change intervals. Castrol edge extended is the same as bmw ll-01 if.i use this to my 2013 infiniti g37x?

Yes, i am currently using this oil in my 2012 infiniti g37x and it works great.

5-30 or 10-30 what’s the difference?

5-30 lighter oil,,,,,, 10-30 heavier oil…
But essentially the same…..
Don’t depend on my assessment of motor oils… I’m an optometrist.

Es recomendado para gmc yukon 08 motor 5.3 v8 y cada cuantas millas hay que cambiarlo?

Claro que si puedes usarlo.y puedes cambiarlo cada 3,000 millas segun el uso que le des,asta las 5,000 porque es sintético y es muy efectivo.

The description indicates dexos 2, but the label on the picture indicates dexos 1??

The picture is not accurate. It is not even the ‘edge black’ piture. The product is dexos 2 with blue coloring (dexos 1 has green coloring).

What is the difference between 06242 and 06243?

The main difference is the viscosity. Castrol 06242 has a 5w-20 viscosity and 06243 has a 5w-30 viscosity.

Is is compatible with mercedes r350 2008?

No. You must use an oil that meets mercedes spec 299.5. This does not.

Is this good for bmw 328i 2013? The owner manual states bmw long life 01 or 01fe and 5w30 api sl but i read that a lot of people use castrol for bmw’s

I know nothing about bmw, however, i do know castrol titanium full synthetic is an excellent long life oil.
The api classification sl is your answer. Any sl oil should be okay.

Would this be good for a westinghouse 9500 generator, been using 10w30 synthetic for breakin, i am in south texas

My opinion it is okay. The 10 is that it will flow like a 10w oil on startup for colder climates but perform like a 30w at there operating temperature temperature. I also perfer a full synthetic for all new equipment. Straight 30w oil is sometimes harder to fine these days. Also castrol is my preferred brand.

Why doesn’t this come in 5 qt as prime?

It’s come with 5qt .

Can i use it on my 2004 ford escape v6?

Check your oil requirements to find out weight of required oil other than that oil is good to go!

Will the c3 version work okay with my subaru wrx

The 5w-30 c3 formulation meets the bmw, m-b, vw, porsche, audi, renault, standards for turbo-charged engines working at higher pressures. So, it should be ok for the subaru.

So what is difference between this and the exact same one that doesn’t say high miles. Everything else is same

Castrol® edge® high mileagetm is boosted with extra fluid titanium technology to increase its film strength and reduce oil film breakdown and friction. The difference is the additive package and added level of fluid titanium to provide added protection for vehicles with 75k+ miles.

Castrol 03084C Edge 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart AMAZON

Buy Castrol 03084C Edge 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart: Motor Oils – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Acea a3 / b4 has the hths of a 5w-40…. Very robust!!!

If your car calls for 5w-30 but it’s got more than 100k miles on it, this is your oil. If your car consumes more oil than it should, this is your oil. If you own a subaru that calls for 5w-30 but you need to use an oil change shop (where they demand to use ‘what’s on the oil filler cap’), this is your oil. If you own any dit vehicle that calls for 5w-30, this is your oil.

With an hths (high temperature, high shear) of 3.5, this is an incredibly robust 5w-30. Great for hot and cold climates, it’s really the successor to the famous green-colored ‘german castrol’. Oils in-grade have been getting thinner every year as oil formulators bow to pressure for greater fuel mileage and certain green goals. Sl to sm to sn and more sn plus… Thinner (lower hths) with every single revision. Sure they bolster/tweak additive packages to try and compensate for the thinner formulation…. But those tweaked/improved additive packages get used across the line and end up in these thicker oils as well. But, these concessions to short term fuel economy shorten the overall life of your engine. In fact, in the us, your vehicle manufacturer likely demands that you use a thinner oil grade than in nearly every other country. Just google your vehicle’s manual in uae, india, mexico, eu, japan, indonesia, africa, etc etc etc. Those manuals are written by engineer’s and left alone…. Reading as all manuals used to; they provide a range of oil weights based on ambient temperature and use case. Just getting groceries and picking the kids up from school in calgary, alberta (canada) or vermont? 0w-20 is probably just fine for you. Stuck in traffic in houston, mexico city, atlanta, or uae? Towing through the mountains of phoenix or nevada? Running errands in traffic in miami? Towing a trailer in southern turkey? Then 0w-20 is absolutely, empirically not the best oil for you to use. According to the engineers.


1) my 2011 subaru outback 3.6r calls for 5w-30 better in the us, but the subaru manual for most other counties (from northern european to african continent) recommends the use of 0w30 all the way up to 5w-40. In texas, i see average summer temperatures that aren’t far off the middle east and are right in line with most of equatorial africa and india. Hot. 112f daytime highs, etc etc. There’s no one size fits all oil for every climate and the engineers who wrote the manual for nearly every other country were obviously overwritten by the bean counters for an extra .25mpg (when new) to bolster their corporate average furl economy scores (cafe). They don’t really care about taking a car that could last beyond 300k miles with relatively little maintenance and turning it into a car that only lasts 100-120k. Because that’s out of warranty. Car runs noticeably smoother on this than on the thin-for-grade sn-plus api rated 5w-30 oils. Especially in 108f+ heart, stuck in traffic. It’s even quieter at idle. Next example…

3) my 2017 lexus gx460 calls for 0w-20 here in the us. No option for any other oil weight even if you live in texas or death valley and tow a trailer. But, in nearly every other country (regardless of geography), the official lexus/toyota manual permits the use of engine oils as heavy 20w-50 for very hot climates. Yikes… That’s a huge difference. Even at 115k miles, moving to this oil showed a huge, obvious increase in engine smoothness at all rpms and loads, with no measurable effect on mpg. The engine is obviously happier in 108f+ heat with the heavier oil and this comports with the manual for most other countries. The engineers at toyota/lexus, when the bean counters actually let them do their jobs, obviously know what they are doing.

5Expert Score
For small turbo diesel

I use it in my 2018 gmc terrain 1.6l turbo diesel. It calls for 5w30 dexos 2 motor oil. Its not readily available where i live so i order it online. You have to be careful of oil because dexos 1 gen 2 is readily available and easily confused but it is not good with dpf. I like castrol oil just because i have used it a lot. I realize it is probably all marketing but what the heck it makes me feel good.

5Expert Score
Oil consumption up, not down

2011 terrain with 2.4 engine (105k) suv loves oil! Bought in early 2020. Didn’t do enough research. That’s on me. Selling dealer says it’s between vin numbers for recall. So i’ve tried various brands/flavors.
Ac delco went about 700 miles /qt. (dealer oil change). Brand v syn went 1000 miles. A couple flavors of m1 went 1200 miles.
Then i tried castrol edge 5w-30 in black 5qt jug- i couldn’t believe oil could make this big a difference! No clatter at startup; very little valve train noise running. (other reviewers commented on this too). And 2000 mi/ qt!! And no more ‘brown grunge’ under filler lid.

Switching two other cars to edge……..

with such good success with edge advanced full synthetic, i thought i’d try the high mileage version. Just like another reviewer, my oil consumption went up. Now only getting 1000 mi/quart…..just like brands m1 and v synthetics…….not like 2000 mi/qt i got with standard edge. (going back to it)

5Expert Score
All i ever use!

Castrol synthetic is all i have ever used in my
2008 malibu and i have 268,500 mi on her. Oil change on average 3700 mi i get 27 mpg @ 68 mph no loss in performance .

5Expert Score
Recommended brand from vehicle manuel

I like that it’s good for high mileage vehicles plus it’s the recommended brand in my vehicle manuel. It’s sometimes more expensive when i’m searching for it, but was a good price when i got it from amazon this time.

5Expert Score
Clean after a year

It’s been a year since i put this in my 2003 vw passat w8 and i looked at last week and it’s just as clean as the day i put it in, (very very close). It’s actually clearer now than other oils are brand new. It was a bargain last year. I guess it was on sale. I don’t know how to predict those. I will say that if you bring your own oil and filter, the cost to change your oil is very pleasant. You’ve paid in advance, so it’s still expensive to have a car. It’s just great that you can know the quality of what’s going in your car. The clarity may have been partly due to the bosch oil filter. It’s specs are much better than other brands. Install and you know the filter is the best. Bosch cabin filters are awesome too. I’d recommend buying oil filters and cabin filters in quantity so you don’t have to go to the trouble of buying them. Just get the oil. (does oil store well? I began to doubt that. So i’m not recommending that.) i am here to buy it again, so i’d recommend doing these things too. If you take your car to an oil change place, be sure you pick out quality oil, oil filter and cabin filter beforehand, and bring them when you go. It’s your assurance that your doing the best you can for your car, and not just leaving it up to the quicky change place’s choices for their benefit. And yes, of course it’s great to see that the oil change will be so cheap by comparison to buying their oil at the same time. It may be me tricking myself by spreading out the costs, call it what you will. It’s still nice to know everything is my choosing and the oil change charge will be cheap, since you’re bringing your own stuff. It’s like a reward for taking the time and trouble to shop for what you think is best. You might change your mind later. Who knows? I liked this oil and i liked the bosch filters i bought too. This oil seems like it’s smoother at high rpm, over 6,000. That’s where i noticed the engine sounding like it’s ‘taking it easy’. Before, i really avoided driving in that range, but it feels more comfortable. That’s got to be a good sign for the oil. In fact, when you stomp on the gas, the car overreacts and downshifts twice, which lowers the power to the wheels. Best to just ease it up quickly, no stomp. But i was testing the car and noticed that it no longer slows the car when doing this. It’s just the beginning of a more normal acceleration. That’s better oil. Anyway, your performance may vary but i don’t think you can go wrong with this oil. It’s the best stuff i’ve ever had in any of the cars i’ve owned. That says a lot.

5Expert Score
Good price on amazon for full synthetic oil

I use full synthetic on the 2011 hyundai since the manufacturer put a new engine in the car. Therefore, since it gets very cold up north, i use this oil for better flow on start up. I change the oil every 3500-5000 miles as well as the filter. I have used castrol over 40 years in motor cycles, sport cars and my f150 as well and no issues on engines using this oil.

5Expert Score
The best full synthetic oil ever for japanese car. Increase in mpg right away.

My 07 toyota prius is 270k. I usually use pennzoil full synthetic from auto zone for $33+ for 5 quarts. Now i am paying $27.xx. I brought 5. Very happy i save able to save this much from amazon! Thank you and will buy again from amazon. Also, fast shipping!

5Expert Score
300,000 miles and still going strong

I have had this oil the whole time i have owned my 2004 expedition and it has lasted amazingly. I have amazon deliver it on subscribe an save every 3 months along with a fram filter. I know it’s time for an oil change when it shows up. I highly recommend this oil.

5Expert Score
Buen aceite

Muy buen aceite siempre he usado esta marca y mus autos se han mantenido muy bien y duraderos

4Expert Score
Work very good in a honda civic si 2008

What does oil in my 2008 honda civic si drive to the grand canyon and back to euston hundred plus degrees fahrenheit and no problems.

4Expert Score
Affordable price

Affordable price for the money. Quility oil

4Expert Score

So far so good trying it for the first time

4Expert Score
Priced right.

Right peice

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Poor packaging and the 5qt container arrived broken and leaking

The oil is great, the price was fine, but the horrendous job of packaging they did sticking the gallons loose in a box with a small amount of brown paper in there, obviously they slide around in the box, get tumbled and dropped and one of the 5 qt containers was leaking oil by the handle where it cracked and another at the cap area where it too was cracked. Packaging job was a joke! Not sure i would buy from amazon again!

4Expert Score
Great oil, but leaked into box

I use this oil and only this oil for my 2018 focus rs and it does great against fuel dilution and it is specifically designed for lspi. The only problem is that i lost about half a quart from shipping i assume, and it made one hell of a mess at home.

4Expert Score
Check your automobile on a regular basis. For fluids

Nothing, been using this product ten plus years..

4Expert Score
Fair price for a good product

Fair price for a good product. At the time i ordered it, it was a good price. Shortly after it arrived, walmart lowered their price to $1.50 less. Not a big deal and i’m still satisfied.

The only knock i will give on this order is that i ordered 3 jugs and they arrived loose in a large box. The box arrived barely holding together. It was torn and had holes punctured in the side. One jug was barely in the box. I was quite surprised none of the jugs sprung a leak. I’m satisfied and when it’s time to reorder, i will certainly consider amazon again.

As a side note, i see some discussions about how long an oil is good for; or extended oil changes; or better protection. Take anything you read on the internet with a big grain of salt because if your engine fails, those comments mean nothing to the repair shop. Having said that, my truck oil change interval is 6 months/5,000 miles. That recommendation is with regular motor oil. Now that my vehicle is out of warranty, my choice when using synthetic is to go at least 8,000 but no more than 10,000 miles. I have friends that go 12k to 15k miles on their oil. We all stay on top of our maintenance, do periodic oil sample analysis, and log a lot of freeway miles. We feel we get the best bang for the dollar this way and reduce oil use/waste too.

4Expert Score
5.3 vortex ticking

This oil works great in my land rover with ecoboost engine, but my 5.3 vortex doesn’t like it. I hear a loud lifter ticking when the engine is cold. Going to try another oil.

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