Celestron – Cometron 7×50 Bincoulars – Beginner Astronomy Binoculars – Large 50mm Objective Lenses – Wide Field of View 7x Magnification

Celestron – Cometron 7×50 Bincoulars – Beginner Astronomy Binoculars – Large 50mm Objective Lenses – Wide Field of View 7x Magnification

Yakibest.com : Celestron – Cometron 7×50 Bincoulars – Beginner Astronomy Binoculars – Large 50mm Objective Lenses – Wide Field of View 7x Magnification : Electronics

What are celestron – cometron 7×50 bincoulars – beginner astronomy binoculars – large 50mm objective lenses – wide field of view 7x magnification features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Wide field of view reveals a larger portion of the night sky, allowing you to view more of the comet’s impressive tail
  • Large 50 mm objective lenses have tremendous light gathering ability, ideal for astronomical use
  • Multi coated optics dramatically increase light transmission for brighter images with increased contrast and resolution
  • Large exit pupil provides maximum light during nighttime and low light viewing sessions
  • Strong and durable alumnium housing
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Celestron – Cometron 7×50 Bincoulars – Beginner Astronomy Binoculars – Large 50mm Objective Lenses – Wide Field of View 7x Magnification AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Celestron – Cometron 7×50 Bincoulars – Beginner Astronomy Binoculars – Large 50mm Objective Lenses – Wide Field of View 7x Magnification : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Will these be good for hunting

They will work, but in my opinion you’d be better served with a more compact 8×42 model.
Even 7×35 is plenty for most hunting uses, large and small game.
If you need a large binocular, and large areas to scan, i’d recommend the standard 10×50.
Exit pupil is still adequate, plus more magnification always helps.
For what it’s worth, i hunt for natural meat, being opposed to cage raised, chemical injected creatures, with no existence except to wallow in their own feces waiting on a slaughter, while helping to maintain healthy game species population, through proper season limits.
If you follow this mantra, i salute you and hope you find a binocular that suits your individual needs.
Any chicken nugget babies who cry shame to hunters at the drive-through, will choke on the cholesterol pumping from their soft man boobs, wondering where hamburger trees are, long before i stop hunting.

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What are the farthest objects in the night sky that one could see with this specific pair of binoculars? Can you see any planets?

Well technically one can see the great andromeda galaxy (m31) with relative ease and good resolution in the night sky. The galaxy is about 2.5 million light years from earth (15 million-trillion miles), which is pretty far away other objects that can be well studied with these binoculars include the orion nebula (1600 light years away), the craters on the moon, the pleadies star cluster (425 light years away), and much more. One can study planets using these binoculars too. With these, one can make out the 4 largest moons of jupiter, and the elliptical shape of saturn and its rings. I’ve also used these to locate the distant planets neptune and uranus i’m the sky. Ultimately the quality of viewing will depend on dark-sky conditions (light pollution, etc)these are good binoculars for their price.

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Can the focus be adjusted for near-sightedness?

Yes, it can be adjusted on the right eye piece to compensate for near sightedness. Helps me a lot since i have astigmatism in my right eye.

How would i go about using a tripod with these? What items would i need to get?

These are only 7x binoculars. You won’t need a tripod until you get into higher magnifications. 7×50 used to be good standard binoculars for decades, because it offered enough magnification while still being able to easily hand-hold them steadily. At 10x it starts to get more difficult to keep them steady. 50mm lenses in them are just large enough to make images bright & sharp enough to see clear even in shady areas, shadows, & star gazing.

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Does it include neck strap?


Is this suitable for stargazing (moon ، andromeda galaxy)?

Yes. 7×50 is a good combination of magnification, aperture, and field of view, for general night sky viewing, with handholding. I bought it, and quality-to-price ratio is unbeatable.

La imagen se ve doble, como se puede solucionar?

El binocular se puede abrir o cerrar, tenes que ajustar mejor, probablemente este muy abierto. Te recomiendo mientras observas, acomodor la imagen hasta que sea una sola. Los binoculares son bastantes buenos! No deberia tener ningun problema para utlizarlos.

How big of a smarthphone can i attach to the basic smartphone adapter?

My iphone 7 in a protective skin fits easily. I also fit an iphone xr in it. Don’t know about other brands.

Just received my binoculars and noticed a cancer and reproductive harm warning label on the box. What is that all about??

It’s required under california law. It’s meaningless. Binoculars cannot cause cancer or reproductive harm. They are just binoculars.

A weird question, i am planning to buy this, but does it really take 1-3 months to ship?

If you are a prime member you should get them in the lower 48 states in less than a week most of the time. If you are a non-prime member they will make yo wait 10-13 days before they even bother to ship it out.

Will these work for a 5 year old? Or would they be too big for his face?

They’re way to heavy for a 5 year old. Kids shouldn’t be playing with big heavy objects, they may hurt themselves, siblings, a pet, or break things with it. It also has glass lenses. Banged around, there is the potential for dangerous broken glass. Get them a kid’s set until they’re older, bigger, & wiser.

My camera tripod would not fit the binoculars adapter. Can anyone suggest one?

These are only 7×50. 7-power binoculars don’t need a tripod to hold them steady.

Chicago tribune says these are great for nfl games, what do you think? Also, can each eye be adjusted separately?

First of all i have not taken them to any nfl game, but i don’t see why they wouldn’t be good…..no only the one eye piece can be adjusted…..but most of them are like that…

Can i see stars that aren’t visible in light-polluted areas?

I doubt that any binocular will help you see stars in that case.

Please advise what the magnification and exit pupil range are for these binoculars? Thank you

The magnification is 7x and the exit pupil is 7.1 mm.

Are they small enough for youths

It weighs 2 pounds per product description on this page. Translation into words you might understand: they are small enough for youths that can lift 2 pounds.

Are these binoculars designed only to look at the night sky?

They have all of the specifications for those who want to look at planets, stars. I have not purchased them, but plan to. The eyepiece distance seems to be acceptable to both people who wear eyeglasses and those who don’t. Their specs show that the focus is to narrow down for specific objects, which is what you want to do if you are looking at a celestial body. If you are trying to see broad ranges of comets, probably not. Nebulae – well, go to an observatory. Although rei gives advise for binoculars for wildlife (daytime viewing), i think their explanation of what the features mean and how to get specific viewing specs is simplistic, but great advice. Https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/binoculars.html

Do the binoculars allow a standard tripod mount, e.g. The barska binocular tripod adaptor?

No. The 7 x 50 models does not include a tripod mount. The larger 12 x 70 cometron includes a ‘tripod adapter’ similar but not identical to the barska model.

Since the eye-relief is only 13 mm, how would a person with glasses be able to view properly? Does screwing down the eyecups increase the eye-relief?

I wear glasses to correct myopia. And while i can uses these binoculars with my glasses in place, i usually sight the target with the glasses on, then take them off to view them through the binoculars. Again, you can use these binoculars with your glasses on… I find it more comfortable to take them off though.

Will i be able to view the milky way like the picture shows?

The cometron 7×50 is ideal for viewing the milky way; however, the darker your sky is away from city light pollution, the brighter and more detailed the view will be. Sincerely, garrett at celestron

Celestron – Cometron 7×50 Bincoulars – Beginner Astronomy Binoculars – Large 50mm Objective Lenses – Wide Field of View 7x Magnification AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Celestron – Cometron 7×50 Bincoulars – Beginner Astronomy Binoculars – Large 50mm Objective Lenses – Wide Field of View 7x Magnification : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Love it

Arrived early in great condition

5Expert Score
Possibly the best beginner stargazing tool out there

I bought these to supplement my stargazing. I am new to the hobby and have been using a bigger brother of these little guys (the 15×70), but while having to order another pair of the giants due to an accident, i decided to toss in a pair of these as well. They are so cheap! And so highly rated! I figured for the price it would be hard to go wrong. And this was the case – things went extremely right.

I went to an event our local astronomy club gave for a scout group and set up my 15×70 on its tripod, and hung these around my neck. A little more background: we are in florida, and the event happened in mid-june, and it had stormed all afternoon and was still dripping when we arrived at the site. The skies partially cleared as we waited, but the humidity could have filled up a filter jug. About 1/4 of the way into our various demonstrations, my large binoculars got fogged up on their tripod. The sides of the big binos – which are not coated with rubber – were literally dripping with dew by the end of the demonstration. The lenses fogged up completely, rendered useless by florida’s humidity. I could see more with my naked eye. So much for my brand-new pair of 15×70 giant binocs.

It was a much happier story for our little troopers here. They have rubber on almost all of the exposed parts, and i don’t know if that was the reason, but never once did i notice fogging on the lenses, nor any dew on the binos. Thus it was that i was able to impress the scouts with how a light, inexpensive pair of binoculars can help open up the sky. I’ve heard stories of collimation problems, but i’m happy to say my pair was aligned perfectly and performed wonderfully, and one excited scout is almost certain to get a pair of them for christmas this year as a result of the event…

Of course, these would in theory be outstripped in functionality by much more expensive and/or larger binoculars. They don’t image-stabilize, they aren’t waterproof, and they are probably more subject to quality-control issues than if you bought something for $300 or more. But… Price. You could buy ten of these for the price of the really good binocs, and have spares for parties.
They won’t open up the sky like the larger binoculars or a telescope, but… They still bring out details the naked eye cannot see, and are the first thing i’d grab if i only had limited stargazing availability because they are zero-to-viewing in just a few seconds. And apparently they are somewhat resistant to the effects of extreme humidity, which is a massive plus here in the semi-tropics. Also, as a bonus, their smaller size makes them useful for daytime viewing as well (nature hikes, concerts, etc), something that i cannot say about the heavy, bulky 15x70s. These will start accompanying me on my park walks, and i’ve already used them to observe deer in my yard.

I therefore highly recommend these not only as starter binocs for newbies to the night sky world, but as a permanent supplement for those who have a larger telescope. And they’d be great for daytime users as well. Their portability, usable quality, ease-of-use, and humidity resistance really makes them stand out when you consider how little they cost. And as i found out last night, they are just light enough that many children can manage them for several minutes at a time (though if the kid is small enough you might want to invest in a light-weight tripod – something that costs less than $30 should be fine for this particular pair). Yes, the really expensive brands are no doubt better, but at less than $30usd per pair, it’s easy to justify starting out with these or just adding a pair to one’s scope collection.

5Expert Score
Good quality, low price, excellent value for stargazing or terrestrial viewing.

7×50 is the sweet spot for binoculars intended mainly for stargazing. 7x magnification is enough to resolve a lot of double stars, give you easy views of jupiter’s 4 largest moons, to see the major features of our own moon, and (with solar filters) to see sunspots. Anything less and you might not see enough detail to feel satisfied, anything more and you’re going to have a hard time holding the binoculars steady enough to enjoy the detail being provided by the magnification. 50mm objective lenses bring in enough light to allow you to get truly grand views of the milky way (if you can get to a dark sky location) and clear resolution of images; of course larger is better but also a lot more expensive and often manufacturers pair the larger objectives with higher magnification which is not helpful. The specific optics of these celestron ‘cometron’ binoculars have a good field of view so they’re great on nights with peak meteor activity or for looking at wide swaths of sky at one time for other reasons. The quality of the optics is quite good with little aberration, decently dark backgrounds, and the two elements are well collimated – very important and not always the case for inexpensive binoculars.

For the price these are hard to beat. I bought a pair of meade binoculars also and while they were pretty good the two optical paths were not collimated at all; which means it was almost impossible to ‘merge’ the two images because the two optical arrays weren’t parallel to each other and therefore weren’t pointing in exactly the same direction. They’re ok for casual terrestrial viewing or as toys for kids but otherwise worthless. These celestron models, only slightly more expensive, are not only a fantastic value they are among the best low-end hand-held binoculars available, you’d have to pay a hundred dollars more for a significant increase in quality. This isn’t a knock on meade in general, they make great scopes, but the low-end binoculars i’ve bought from them have some quality-control issues and aren’t in any special way better than these celestron binoculars.

These binoculars are easily adjusted for people with different pupillary distance (spacing between the eyes) by just squeezing the scopes together or pulling them apart around the central hinge. Focus is done with a center adjuster and is smooth in both directions. There is a diopter adjustment on one eyepiece (allowing the user to fine-tune the focus should their eyes require different correction). The eyepieces have foldable eyecups so they’re easy to use with or without eyeglasses – note that unless you have significant astigmatism it is better to use a telescope or binoculars without your glasses.

5Expert Score
Pretty awesome

Great binocular

5Expert Score
Honest review.

I am giving 5 stars so there is no need to write too much about these binos. I also bought 15*70 but these are best and easy to use. If get fully aligned and collimated item then it is worth to buy it again. Very good for beginners. In the last i would say just order it in this price it will not make you sad.

5Expert Score
Easy to use, great for the price

So, i am just getting intro stargazing and basic astronomy, i inquired online a lot to find the best starting binoculars, to get a taste of this new intriguing world, and to determine whether i like it or not, and in the case, i did not like it, then it would not have been a huge waste of money.

The product arrived at the estimated time, in perfect condition.

Well… Just a few hours in, and i can tell you, i love it, binoculars feel great, i have used other binoculars before for bird sighting, and these are really easy to use and practical to carry, with the included bag and strap.

It is a no-brainer if you are curious about getting into astronomy and stargazing and you don’t want to spend much money, get them.

5Expert Score
Awesome price and equal quality

K got these for my dad for christmas and he is extremely happy. He had a very old pair of bushnell (like 40 years old) that he would use on occasion to look at deer or an eagle since we live in the country. His bushnell still worked but he wanted a pair to keep out in his shop, well these now stay beside his recliner in the living room 🙂 i seen these and figured they would be just ok for what he wanted and the price was great since i couldn’t afford a new pair of bushnells. I thought they would be of cheaper quality, but i hoped was wrong and i was. These are much sturdier and sound then i expected, they feel very solid. They are lighter in weight so your arms don’t tire, which is nice. Things are crisp and clear when viewing them even at a distance (about 3 or 4 telephone polls, here in the country thats about 600 to 1000 feet) very easy to focus also. Another awesome thing is the clarity in lower light. Deer like to come out at dusk and we can see them pretty good (i don’t mean these work in the dark, but when the sun has about set and the worlds light is a yellowish gray, these work well). We just had a super moon and seeing it through these binoculars was absolutely breathtaking. I could really make out the markings on the moon. My dad was even wowed! I plan on grabbing another pair of these since he has forgotten his old pair and only uses these. I really do recommend these to anyone who wants a nice binocular. These are not cheaply made and i have no doubt you will be happy with this purchase. I gave it 5 stars because my dad and i are really truly impressed with celestrons. I don’t have anything negative to say! For once i got much much more then what i paid for, in a very good way! Thank you so much!

5Expert Score
Good deal for the price.

I bought these celestron 7 x 50mm binoculars and a sky genius 10 x 50mm about the same time off amazon. Both had a lot of great reviews, but i prefer to use the celestron over the sky genius. Definitely recommend these for beginning or casual astronomer.

5Expert Score
Gave as gift

Gave as a gift and he loves it.

5Expert Score
Best binoculars i had yet.

I love this company and it item, a little heavy but light at the same time. I can see the moon with this 7×50 binoculars. Delivery was so quick, came in good condition except the box, which is besides the point. Comes with cover for the lens, a cloth wipe and string to hold it on your neck!.

4Expert Score
Advertised with what i considered to be vital, but…

The are wonderful binoculars. According to amateur astronomers, they have all the desirable features for viewing craters on the moon, and magnifying some stars, the space station and some planets when they are in closest position to earth. They are advertised, or they were when i bought them, to have a female receptacle to attach to a tripod. Tripods are stable. Human hands are not while you are trying to find the planetary body and then focus.

So, i must say that they are excellent for the price, but due to the lack of attachment to a tripod, i rarely use them. Wasted finances.

4Expert Score
Excellent choice for an astronomer on a budget.

These are average star binoculars for the price. They are good stepping stone from regular daytime binoculars. I recommend these specialty star binoculars to beginners with a little experience to immediate use. These star binoculars are light and comfortable to hold and friendly to a rather shaky hand. Within in a few minutes after my eyes got adjusted to the dark surrounds via urban city, i was able to see the moon with ease. Viewing the moon was phenomenal at 7x magnification. I was able to locate several star constellations and our neighbor galaxy — faint/distant andromeda with ease during my first use (early february.)

to a novice, 7x may not sound much. To someone with vague knowledge of the the night sky, will be able to locate celestial objects much more clearly with 7x magnification when compared to no aid at all/normal eyesight. These binoculars pick up a incredible amount of cosmic light, which caught me off guard during first use. With use, nighttime objects in the sky will appear that normal eyesight can’t register at simple 7x magnification. I have not tested these in daytime, for they are made for nighttime use.

When compared to normal daytime binoculars in use at night, celestron absorbs in more light due to the higher mm lens size, lens coating, and premium prism used within the binocular.

I would give five stars but the neck support that is included, is uncomfortable and a bit on the thin side. A good wrist or neck support is highly recommend to avoid drops, slips, or collisions with others while in use to explore the night sky.

Ignore the negative reviews from inexperienced people that expect hubble telescope quality with these entry level star binoculars. These are great for beginner to immediate use. A excellent purchase for a astronomer on a budget.

cheap, affordable
light weight & comfortable
absorbs cosmic light very well
crisp images even in cloudy, light fog, and city light environment.
Water resistant
storage tote included
best budget star binoculars for price range.
Easy to use, set up, and store.

some knowledge of the night sky is needed for maximum enjoyment of product.
7x may not be enough for some.
Star binoculars 7x vs. A beginner telescope of 50-60mm purchase for a few dollars more (for the inexperienced).
Slightly bulky
tripod mount adapter not included
neck support is uncomfortable and is too thin.

4Expert Score
Feels a little on the cheaper side

So first of all the delivery was great. Product didn’t come damaged and it’s easy to use. I think i like it so far, it is light which it’s easy to carry around. What i noticed didn’t come with the strap everyone has in their review photos. It came with a thin price of trash strap. Contacted celestron and they were very nice and said they would send one out. The bad it comes with has a thin but still impact absorption case. The only thing i don’t like are the eye price optics are a little cheap. It flex’s. Overall 8/10.

4Expert Score
Good starter binocs

I found this binocular a good value for starting out in astronomy and nature studies. Crisp focus, good color correction and quite a reasonable price make it a good choice for the beginner. I keep my pair in my car for fast viewing at all times. A winner!

4Expert Score
Good binoculars

Not great but pretty good .. Reasonable price …

4Expert Score
Pretty good binoculars at a very good price

I bought these for both terrestrial and sky use. I would say that the quality is pretty good overall and great for the price. Optics is something that has a very steep price to quality curve and these seems to be good enough for the amateur (no noticeable chromatic aberration that causes small bright white objects to smear into a rainbow of colors as in poor quality binoculars).

In reading the reviews, i noticed some people are unfamiliar with using binoculars. Binoculars are hinged in the middle to allow you to adjust the span between the two lenses to merge the two images into one image. At night look at the moon or a distant street lamp which is a single object (as opposed to a star field) and adjust the hinge as you look to merge the images to create one distinct image. Each person will have a slightly different adjustment for this. Then once you have set this you can look at the stars. The other adjustment is to close your right eye and focus on some distant object using the main focus adjustment in the center. Then open your right eye and adjust the individual diopter adjustment to focus the right eye’s image. Each person will have a different setting for this that depends on their eyes. Also note that hand held binoculars are not a replacement for a telescope on a tripod. It is impossible to hold the binoculars by hand steady enough to prevent shaking of the image even at relatively low magnifications, though if you can rest your elbows on something firm that helps. On the other hand, binoculars like these are far easier to carry with you than a telescope.

The good:
the optical quality is pretty good and i would say very good for the price point.
They are reasonably light while still giving a good image.
Great for looking at the moon and terrestrial use.

Could use improvement:
if as the result of lasik or cataract surgery you have ‘mono vision’ where one eye is focused on distance and one eye is focused for reading and close-up, the range of the individual eye diopter adjustment on the binoculars is right up against the limit the diopter adjustment on the binoculars will go. It would be better if there were more range of the binocular diopter adjustment.

4Expert Score
Great wide field of view for hand held star gazing, good general purpose binocs as well

These binoculars are great for hand held night sky viewing, the 50mm objective lenses allow plenty of light to be collected and combined with the 7x provide a wide field of view. The magnification may seem a bit underwhelming, but i’ve found that while my 10×50 produce a lot of hand held jitter when trying to view the night sky, these 7×50 provide reasonable magnification while making it much easier to obtain a stable image. If you want to use a more powerful pair of binoculars for astronomy, you really would want a tripod mounted setup.

The moon doesn’t fill much more than a quarter of the view, but the details are nice and sharp. You certainly see a lot more stars than you can see with the naked eye. The wider field of view makes it much easier to find the stars that make up a particular constellation with out getting lost, which make these perfect for getting to know the night sky. I also find this to be excellent for satellite viewing. Combined with an smart
phone app like heavens above, you can spot a number of satellites scheduled to pass over your location post dusk and pre dawn. I found it much easier to track satellites using these 7×50 binoculars vs. My 10×50 pair. Whether shifting from naked eye viewing of brighter satellites, or using the binoculars to spot satellites your naked eye would miss, it’s just much easier to find your target with the wider field of view these binoculars offer.

The specs don’t suggest many bells and whistles, which had me a bit worried about fogging issues on a cold night, but as long as i let these adjust to the ambient temps first, i have experienced zero issues with fogging.

Overall, i think these are a great value for the dollar for night sky viewers. Any greater magnification and you’d want to go with a unit paired with a tripod, which is a bit limiting if much of your viewing is nearer the zenith than the horizon. Or, probably much better, just buy a telescope. If you are just going to sit or lay out at night and do some stargazing, these are perfect. I can also see my self using these as an adjunct to a proper telescope.

Edit: i just noticed tonight that without my glasses, i can’t focus these sufficiently to correct for my vision. I am very near sighted, but these are the only binoculars i have ever used that i couldn’t focus for my vision. -1 star for that limitation.

4Expert Score
Good quality, but could use better focusing

The binoculars work great. However, they could use a slightly easier way to focus the lenses, as the current control on it feels somewhat finicky to my inexperienced hands.

4Expert Score
Very niceee

Let’s start off with… The packaging was neat and i didn’t know it came with a bag so that was a nice surprise. It comes with a manual and that helps you set it up to your liking and view. I’m nearsighted and it works perfectly without having to put my glasses on, but there is an option to do that by peeling the rubber in so that your glasses are basically on the lens. I can see the details of the moon perfectly which i loved.

Things to know when you buy it:
do not use the microfiber cloth they provide as it does more harm than good so use your own.
If your arms get tired easily, it’s probably better to mount it onto a tripod, i just use my camera tripod for it. You would also need to buy the binocular tripod adapter as well since it does not come with the 7×50 ones. I didn’t realize i have to buy an adapter so now i have to order those as it’ll be so much more convenient.

A con would be that there is a bit of a glare when something near is really bright. Like the moon on a very bright night or lamp posts or anything that can cause glares. It’s not too bad of a problem though.

But overall, they’re really good as beginner binoculars for the night sky and etc. However, that is the only reason i’ll be using them so that’s going to be great. It’s pretty decent for the price, i wish i could afford something more extravagant for a hobby, but this will have to do.

4Expert Score
Very good but not the best

They are very good binoculars but without a stabilizer or a stand they are kinda useless to see stars without shaking! No matter how stable your hand small movements will make small stars blurry 🙁
they are very good at gazing at far away cities i can see very far away like 45 km away
they are very high quality and feel expensive
so overall you need a stand and to be honest you better buy something better like celestron 21024 firstscope if you are looking at something cheap and easy to carry and more stable
to be honest if you want to buy astronomy binoculars you need atleast 20×80 not 7×50 binoculars

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