Cell Phone External Battery Packs TG90 10000mAh Power Bank with Built in Lightning Cable Portable Charger Battery Backup Compatible with iPhone Android Phone Power Packs

Cell Phone External Battery Packs TG90 10000mAh Power Bank with Built in Lightning Cable Portable Charger Battery Backup Compatible with iPhone Android Phone Power Packs

Buy Cell Phone External Battery Packs TG90 10000mAh Power Bank with Built in Lightning Cable Portable Charger Battery Backup Compatible with iPhone Android Phone Power Packs: Batteries – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are cell phone external battery packs tg90 10000mah power bank with built in lightning cable portable charger battery backup compatible with iphone android phone power packs features?

  • 【portable charger with built in cables】 multifunctional power bank with built-in lightning cable, usb-c and micro-usb cable, the portable battery charger built-in three cords supports charge almost all your smart devices, do not need to carry any extra charging cords.
  • 【apple mfi certified power bank】 apple mfi certified slim battery pack with built in lightning cable, perfect portable phone charger compatible with iphone 13 pro, 13, 12 pro, 12, 12 mini, 11 pro max, 11 pro, 11, xs max, xs, x, 8 plus, 8. Also equipped with type-c cord for android phones compatible with samsung s21, s20, s10, etc.
  • 【high speed charging】 high speed 5v 2.1a max output, the built in three cables with one usb port allows for charging your compatible iphone and android phone devices at the same time.
  • 【compact design with powerful capacity】 cover with uv oil body design for dirty-resistance and wear-resisting, the 10000mah rechargeable capacity can provide about 2-3 charges for your phones, enjoy your trip without worry about the power.
  • 【intelligent safety protection】 high quality li-polymer cell with multi-protect system microchips. Supports over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection; supports 500+ recharge cycles over the life of the battery.
  • 【what’s you get】 1 * 10000mah portable charger, 1 * usb charging cable, worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.
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Cell Phone External Battery Packs TG90 10000mAh Power Bank with Built in Lightning Cable Portable Charger Battery Backup Compatible with iPhone Android Phone Power Packs AMAZON

Buy Cell Phone External Battery Packs TG90 10000mAh Power Bank with Built in Lightning Cable Portable Charger Battery Backup Compatible with iPhone Android Phone Power Packs: Batteries – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

How is it recharged recharge ?

If you didn’t get the cord to recharge the bank, i would contact the seller and/or amazon to see if either the seller can send you one or return it for another if they allow it

Does this work with i phone 8

Yes sure, it can work with iphone 8 with your own lightning cable, thanks.

Will this charger work with my samsung galaxy note 10

Yes sure, the built-in type-c cable can directly charge your samsung note 10, hope you like it, thanks

Will this support to charge a fire tablet?

Yes sure, the built-in micro usb& usb-c charge cord will fit for your fire tablet.

Once fully charged, how long does the pack hold a charge? If i dont use but then need it a week later will i be able to charge my phone?

The battery pack shows 4 green lights when fully charged. How much charge is left after sitting for awhile is easily ascertained by pressing the on button and looking at how many green lights are lit. 4 = 100% 3= 75% 2= 50% 1=25%. 2 green lights remaining were not enough power remaining to fully charge my samsung s-20. Hope this helps.

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How do you know when the item is fully charged?

When all the blue lights are on

Can i return now since cable for iphone is no longer working?

Hi, sorry for this problem, there is a one-year warranty for all of our products, may suggest directly send an amazon message to our support team to resolve this issue, thanks.

This charger takes a long time to charge my iphone 8+

It’s probably your phone- iphone8 is old and they lose their charge after a few years. Time to upgrade

Does the battery pack get warm when in use?

No not at all. There’s a leather case that covers the battery. Great battery pack

Will this charge my samsung galaxy s8?


Can i use this to plug in my heated vest to run the vest? The vest has to be plugged in to heat up so i need a good power source that can go in pocket

I believe you can as long as it fits inside the vest. The power bank is very light for its size so i think it should be ok. Power wise i couldn’t tell because i don’t know how much power that vest draws but i can tell you that i use mine on my iphone 12 pro max and i get 2 full charges out of it.

Does this battery pack work for a moto g7?

Yes, the built-in usb type c charging cord will work for a moto g7.

Will it work for a samsung a11?

It comes with multiple adapters it should work fine.it has a great battery life between charges

Yes where do i make a claim for my 12 month warranty since the cable snapped off?

Hi, we may suggest you directly send an amazon message for product issues, thanks.

Does it support for a nintendo switch?

You may be able to find one with that option. The one i purchased was for iphone and galaxy

Will this work for an ipad pro 12.9in ?

It should

Is it compatible with my iphone 8 plus?

Yes it is

Trying to charge the power bank and it will not charge past two lights. Where can i send for a replacement?

I had the same issue and used another cord that i had which worked perfectly. Not sure why the other did not power up the charger. Sorry

Can it be recharged with 210-220 volts outlet?

Yes, you can use an adapter to connect the power bank for charging with 210-220 volts outlet.

What’s the charger’s total watts? Watts per cable?

Hi, the total watts is 37wh for this battery bank, hope you like it, thanks.

Cell Phone External Battery Packs TG90 10000mAh Power Bank with Built in Lightning Cable Portable Charger Battery Backup Compatible with iPhone Android Phone Power Packs AMAZON

Buy Cell Phone External Battery Packs TG90 10000mAh Power Bank with Built in Lightning Cable Portable Charger Battery Backup Compatible with iPhone Android Phone Power Packs: Batteries – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Only electronic or electrical product purchased from amazon that works and lasts

I absolutely loved this thing. I’ve learned to never buy anything that turns on, or uses electricity from amazon. It doesn’t matter what the problem is – there’s little hope of seeing it replaced or refunded if it’s been more than 30 days. I used this everyday and it worked amazingly. I have a half dozen charging cords (mostly from amazon) that don’t work with my phone nor my tablet or only function if held a certain way, and require removal of phone from protective case.
This thing works well. I must be getting old because i gripe about how products used to function for longer than a few weeks and nowadays, they often don’t. The bar is really low = i’m so excited that i purchased something that functioned without issue for a few months. That’s so amazing to me (because i got it from unamazing amazon) that i simply must tell everyone

5Expert Score
Iphone se 2020 works great

The battery pack took 4 hours to charge out of the box. It appeared to be almost charged when i plugged it in with all lights lit up except for one. That amount of time to fully charge seems acceptable to me.
My iphone was charged at 43% when i began charging it from this battery pack, and it took 2 hours to charge my iphone to 100%, which also was acceptable to me.
I charged my iphone two more times during the night. Both overnight charges my iphone was between 30-40%. The iphone was fully charged in the morning and the battery pack remained at 100% charge.
The battery pack did not overheat, meltdown nor catch fire.
My iphone was not hacked from using this charger.

5Expert Score
Light and compact

I really like the tg90 10,000 mah battery pack. It has built-in cables for our family of devices, iphones, androids, and bluetooth devices that rely on micro-usb. It is so convenient not having to deal with carrying extra cables.

I was initially hoping for something i can carry in my wallet but those form factors don’t hold much charge. Ultimately, i wanted the power bank for travel and so it only makes sense to get one with enough capacity to charge three of our phones. The tg90 fits the bill and is the same size and weight as an iphone 13 pro (non-max), so it’s easy to throw in a bag or carry in my pocket while out for the day.

5Expert Score
A good item to have . . .

I really like this portable charger. Holds a charge when not in use and has the right plugs for the devices i use. Great for travel or if you are out and about and need a quick charge for your phone or tablet. I also use it to charge my wireless camera on my vehicle, so i do not have to remove the camera. Just hook it up and charge away. Works great. Easy to store in purse, backpack or vehicle. Does not take up much room at all.

5Expert Score
Must have!

The tg90 works…period. I bought one for my wife 5 months ago and because it has the cord adapter options built in, that was the deciding factor for me replacing my (another brand, which worked great), highly recommended!

5Expert Score
Awesome charger for any phone!

I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he loves it! This charger is universal so i can charge my iphone and he can charge his samsung galaxy. That was a huge selling point for me…the ability to charge different devices with different plugs. I am going to buy another one for me and one for my daughter!

5Expert Score
An absolute must for traveling

I love this battery pack! This is my third purchase of one. The first one i ordered was for myself and then i ordered one for my son and for my bff. It’s a game changer to have three different charging cord types already attached to the battery pack. It makes a huge difference to just have to carry the battery pack and know that you will have the right cord already available without having to carry separate cords. I can easily carry the extra power with me and can charge my iphone, my tablet, my earbuds, or most other electronic devices. The fact that this carries a big charge is what really makes it a must for traveling. I highly recommend it!

5Expert Score
What i needed!

Was tired of ‘back up batteries’ that don’t want to last! This is the max! Charged my phone multiple times without recharges! Get it! You won’t be sorry!q

5Expert Score
Lots of capacity and aesthetically pleasing

This is very convenient and it goes everywhere with me. I love that is has both for usb-c and for apple.

5Expert Score
Simply amazing

As a parent of two travel baseball boys i need my phone battery to last for hours and with this has seriously saved me!

4Expert Score
Fantastic charger, only minor issues

This thing is awesome. Super convenient and easy to pack, i love the cables tucked into the sides. Took it on a weeklong vacation and used it a lot, used it more at home over two more weeks before it ran out of juice. The only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is the charge indicator lights only worked first charge, so i nearly sent it back thinking it was defective and wasn’t charging. Turns out i’m defective and it charged just fine, the charge indicator lights just stopped working after the first charge. Not a big deal to me, especially given how long it lasts and how packable it is (same size as a phone, no need to pack cables).

4Expert Score
Great if it works

I bought one of these a couple of years ago when it first came out. I liked it very much–not too heavy or bulky to carry around, plenty of power, recharged fairly quickly, and the built-in cable was very handy. However, after 8-9 months, the lightning cable stopped working. I could still use it with a cable and i did that for a while, but then that stopped working too. I just bought another because i really did like it, and i figured this time if it breaks within the one-year guarantee i’m covered.

4Expert Score
*updated review | part 2 of 3* customer service is fantastic!

Part 2 of 3 | 4 stars
within a couple of days of leaving my review (please read original review below) i was contacted by the seller who is also the manufacturer (always try to buy direct from manufacturer whenever possible).
They apologized for the inconvenience and asked if i would be willing to give them another shot. I was shocked they reached out to me in the first place so i was more than willing to work with them to find a resolution. I figured we’d run through some troubleshooting and that would be it since my device was out of warranty, they had no obligation to do anything at all. Then they ask permission to send out a new device. This all took place literally within one week of submitting my review. They’re were a couple emails exchanged and then a new device was on my front door step.
I did take notice immediately that the charging port on this new one is a usb-c instead of the micro usb the first one had. Too soon to tell what other changes have been made if any, but i’m hopeful this new device lasts longer than the first because i really want to like this device. I need this device.
The result of my experience with tg90 and their product is i would most definitely purchase another device from them and their customer service is phenomenal! They chose to reach out to me and offered a replacement device when they had absolutely no obligation to do so. I didn’t contact them and complain, i simply left an honest review just i like i do on every other product i purchase from amazon. What more can you ask from someone?! They’ve done everything correctly and they’ve done a whole lot more than most any other company would have in the times we currently live in. I will update this and add the final part, part #3 in a few months.

**below is my first ‘headline’ and my product review.**
‘put your money into a different brand. Starts out great but goes downhill quickly.’
1 star
i really had high hopes for this one. Originally it worked great. Charged my samsung s22 perfectly.
I was pleasantly surprised. However, just after the warranty period of 90 days expired (of course) it began charging slower and slower until currently we’re at just over four months, (so probably 150 days i’d say) and i constantly get the error msg on my phone that it’s slow charging. We’re talking like 6-8 hours worth of slow charging. At this point it’s not even worth carrying it around and even attempting to use it.
In my opinion i’d go with a different brand…unless you want to be in the same situation i am in right now in just a few short months from now. 🙁

4Expert Score
Battery capacity is exaggerated

Got it home charged it up full. Used it to charge my phone from 30 percent to 100, then 15 to about 60 and poof.. Dead. Phone battery is 5kmah, so i estimate this bank is actually around 7k. Luckily, i bought it for the form factor more than the capacity. Needed something i could velcro to the back of my phone and charge on the go, and it does that.. So i can’t complain too much. It does work, no cables needed, and it’s slim and fits easy in the pocket.

4Expert Score
Perfect for vacation!!!!

It was great on vacation but only after a month and a half it stopped charging both iphone & android simultaneously. It can only do one at a time. But other than that is was really great while it lasted. I give it 4 stars because it is very travel friendly enough when you’re at home & need an extra battery for a day trip. It’s compact, slim & the cords needed are attached.

4Expert Score
The charger does what it says

Does not charge iphone 12 , unless it has another cord to it.

4Expert Score
Good shelf life

I never write amazon reviews so kudos to those that do i appreciate it. I bought this charger august of 2021 and since then it has traveled with me to europe, dubai, and a couple of caribbean countries. A year later it’s a little slower to fully charge the pack and now i have to hold my phone in a certain way for it to charge. Very good charger though it can fit in many small purses and despite its slight issues i’m not buying a new one until this breaks.

4Expert Score
Nice size, good value

First one 4th charging light did not work. Quick replacement works fine. Good size. Too new to eval battery life. Would prefer numbers to show battery life.

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
One and a half charges thats all you get

It is a nice little device and that it has all its cords attached to it so you don’t have to go looking for the right one. I was disappointed in how long it will run another device. Or charge another device. Don’t expect a lot and you wont be disappointed

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