Certified Refurbished Fire HD 10 tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, 64 GB, latest model (2021 release), Black

Certified Refurbished Fire HD 10 tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, 64 GB, latest model (2021 release), Black

Yakibest.com: Certified Refurbished Fire HD 10 tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, 64 GB, latest model (2021 release), Black : Everything Else

What are certified refurbished fire hd 10 tablet features?

  • A certified refurbished fire hd 10 tablet is refurbished, tested, and certified to look and work like new and comes with the same limited warranty as a new device. Certified refurbished amazon devices may be packaged in generic amazon-branded boxes.
  • Fast and responsive – powerful octa-core processor and 3 gb ram. 50% more ram than previous generation.
  • Long-lasting 12-hour battery and 32 or 64 gb internal storage. Add up to 1 tb with microsd (sold separately).
  • Brighter display – vivid 10.1′ 1080p full hd display is 10% brighter than previous generation, with more than 2 million pixels.
  • Enjoy your favorite apps like netflix, facebook, hulu, instagram, tiktok, and more through amazon’s appstore (google play not supported. Subscription for some apps required).
  • Stay connected – download apps like zoom, or ask alexa to make video calls to friends and family.
  • Get more done – check email, update shopping lists, and set reminders. Use your favorite apps like microsoft office, onenote, and dropbox.
  • Hands-free with alexa, including on/off toggle.
  • Thinner and lighter than previous generation. Screen made with strengthened aluminosilicate glass.
  • Split screen – all-new feature for fire os that shows two compatible apps, like facebook messenger and prime video, open side by side for easy multitasking.
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Certified Refurbished Fire HD 10 tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, 64 GB, latest model (2021 release), Black AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Certified Refurbished Fire HD 10 tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, 64 GB, latest model (2021 release), Black : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Does this have a usb port?

Yes. Actually, it’s a usb-c (2.0) port.

Will this coordinate with your current kindle fire to have same apps, bookmarks, passwords etc with setup??


Can you attach a printer, either via usb or wireless?

Yes both ways are effective

Does it have bluetooth

Fully bluetooth capable

Can i download the square app to this device? I need it for processing payments at a craft fair. Also is there a headphone jack?

I don’t know if square makes an app for the amazon fire, but if it’s out there, this will run it well. Yes, there is a headphone jack.

Will this work with procreate?

Don’t think so but there are quite a few alternatives that are free.

What games can you get like roblox?

Yes, you can download roblox.

Hi, can i set this up for kids? Like fire 10kids tablet?

You sure can. You will set it up just like you did the kids tablet or any amazon device. When it turns on all available profiles will pop up & all info & settings will already be there.

Does this connect to internet?

As long as you have an internet access.

Can this run apps from the playstore?

Yes it can if you side load the google playstore, just do a search for it as there are many articles and videos on how to do it.

Does support the gmail app?

Not directly no but i’ve heard there are ways and there is an app in the appstore called ’email for gmail’ that seems to support it

Does it have gps in it

No it does not have gps. Or at least my refurbished fire 10 (2021) does not

Does the app store aupport art apps like autodesk and infinity painter?

Walker definitely didn’t check the amazon appstore, as neither of those apps are available via it.

You can verify this yourself by changing the ‘all’ selection to left of the search bar at the top of any amazon page to ‘apps & games’ and then searching for the title of the app you are interested in.

Does power cord come with this unit?


Can you get magazine subscriptions on this device?

Please be specific as to what device you are referring to.

Can apps like plex and sling be downloaded and used?

Yes if not you might need to side load the google play store

Can you download audible books?


Can this cast to fire tv stick?

Maybe with an adapter, but then maybe just, one call to amazon, will do the trick.

Can this tablet support running roblox?

Yes. My kids have it on my tablet

Can i use this internationally?

Yes, i got one for my niece who lives offshore, and she was able to use it with her amazon account.

Certified Refurbished Fire HD 10 tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, 64 GB, latest model (2021 release), Black AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Certified Refurbished Fire HD 10 tablet, 10.1′, 1080p Full HD, 64 GB, latest model (2021 release), Black : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
For the money – certified refurbished ((new) ) fire hd 10 tablet, 10.1', 64 gb, (2021 ) awesome!

I’ve only had this amazon certified refurbished fire hd 10 tablet, 10.1′, 1080p full hd, 64 gb, latest model (2021 release) for a couple of days now . I installed google play by an application called ‘fire tool box’. You can do a search on how to do this on youtub. Once google play was installed i put a few of my android go to apps on it and now it is very usable (brave browser, firefox, microsoft edge, microsoft onenote, microsoft onedrive, adobe acrobat, youtube, only office, google drive, google docs, mysword, yahoo mail, etc). For the money you can’t beat it, really. If you are looking for a inexpensive tablet, then this is it. I also bought a screen protector and a cobak case for this fire hd 10 tablet 2021 model the case is a slim, folding stand folio cover for the fire 10 with card pocket. Total purchases with tax on all items was $118.90. This was a ‘new’ tablet they sent me, not refurbished model. At one time these tablets sold for $169.99 new, now they are $85.99, ‘new’. Good deal

what i purchased the tablet for is so i can listen to pdf books with the text to speech option with adobe acrobat. The voice i’m using is the usa voice salli. I tried using my laptop with windows 11 and also use adobe acrobat text to speech to listen to a pdf book but the voice sounded terrible. Tablet text to speech voices sound much better to listen to. You can use the amazon kindle app to listen to books you purchase from amazon as well with the text to speech option.

I did watch a movie on netflix to see how well it would be and it works, something close to you but any distance from you may as well use something with a bigger screen. Picture quality was acceptable.

5Expert Score
Love getting refurbished amazon products!

I have never been disappointed with a refurbished amazon product and this is no exception. I was finding i needed a tablet and i am not an apple fan at all. When i seen this refurbished tablet on prime day i couldn’t resist. I am not disappointed at all. This tablet functions exactly as i would expect a brand new one to function. There were no visible scratches or damage. This appears to be brand new. I am super pleased with this purchase. And the value! That was the cherry on top! Seriously, amazon’s refurbished products are amazing! I find that the descriptions are always accurate and the products work as they should! If you ever need something and at a lower price i recommend buying refurbished. The tablet itself holds its charge and performs beautifully!

5Expert Score
Great inexpensive android tablet

I bought this as a refurb, 10′ with 64gb of memory for $85 before tax, it looked like a good deal, it was in fact a great deal.
The unit looked new, came in a plain brown box with the tablet under a plastic sleeve. The charger and cable looked new also.
Construction is good for the price, a plastic body with a gorilla glass screen. It’s not an ipad but then you’re not paying apple prices either.
The screen is bright and responsive, bright enough to be used outside in the shade.
The camera’s are ok, 2mp front and 5mp rear, again for the price it’s perfectly acceptable.
No gps chip but the wifi is 5g and it does come with a real audio output jack.
Battery life is great, it comes with a usb c cord and a 9 watt charger.

If you go online, you can find instructions on how to turn this into a more standard android tablet using fire tool box which means that you can load apps from the google play store instead of just the amazon’s apps.

I had an ipad for years and when the battery went, i bought a surface pro.

I missed the instant-on experience of the old ipad and now that the unrepairable surface pro is starting to really show its age, i longed for the simpler just pick it up and go experience that the tablet offered.
This was the main reason i bought it, and i haven’t been disappointed.

If most of what you do is checking email, news media, movies, youtube etc, than a tablet is a very convenient option, and this tablet offers great bang for the buck.

5Expert Score
Functions fine

I received this refurbished fire 10 yesterday. I couldn’t tell it from a brand new tablet other than the generic packaging. It also seems to function just as well as a new one. I was disappointed with the very limited apps for the machine and you have the very irritating amazon ads. Not crazy about the silk browser either, but it does function alright. Still for 70 bucks it was not at all a bad deal. Believe in the future though that i would go for a real android tablet.
After using this tablet for few days, i find the battery life is excellent. I have added google play store for a few need apps. It has made a good reader and browser. For value i am raising my rating to 5 stars

5Expert Score
Great budget tablet

I like the screen, it it so vivid and the price is just amazing. It’s really responsive and it’s a nice upgrade from my original fire hd 10 from 5 years ago. Now what i dislike is the fact that the amazon shop app is no longer supported on both of my fire hd tablets i currently own to include this one. Why even have the app on the screen if its useless. Other than that this is a great tablet.

5Expert Score
I should have bought my first one refurbished as well

Came in perfect condition. Based on both cosmetics and performance you would never be able to distinguish it from the one i bought new. I can’t comment on the battery life because i’ve mounted it to the wall and it’s plugged in 24/7 (the screen is on the device manager 24/7 so it’s a perfect smart home hub). No complaints about the touch screen either.

5Expert Score
Good buy at a reduced price!

Having purchased one already, i wanted to upgrade my spouses old tablet and purchased this one. It works perfectly and she loves the larger screen and the touch features are more reactive for her than her old er one. She has it already setup for numerous ‘streaming’ apps and can take it with her from room to room in the house while she works on her hobby or does other things. Money well spent.

5Expert Score
Completely impressive for the price

I bought the tablet so that i could stream shows while running on the treadmill. I decided on the refurbished one to save some money since i literally only wanted it for shows. The crispness of the screen is not quite apple quality, but at $75 i am willing to deal with it. It streams shows quickly and i love that it has alexa built into it. It’s a bit of a learning curve going from an ipad to this, but the functionality of it makes sense once you get used to the different shortcuts and keys. I would buy this again in a heartbeat; you simply cannot beat the quality for the price.

5Expert Score
Amazing battery life and picture quality

I’ve had the 8” tablets for years and have always wanted the 10” hd tablet. During the black friday sale i decided to buy two. We couldn’t be more happy with these tables. The battery life is truly amazing. Having a larger high resolution screen is a huge improvement over the 8” tablets. Good touch screen and easy access to control buttons. I would recommend these tablets for everyone. Highly recommended!!!

5Expert Score
Much improved since 2018.

Quality video, and audio is better than our prior fire. Everything is faster, including bootup and shutdown. If you buy a case/cover, be sure to get one that allows speaker orientation on top.

4Expert Score
Good tablet

Still getting to learn the hd 10 but still a good tablet and hopefully once i get the keyboard that goes with it i’ll see what all the functions with and post another review

4Expert Score
The hd10 is an impressive tablet and the price is unbeatable.

The hd10 has great specs and what is does best is provide entertainment. The video and audio playback quality is exceptional. Audio recording is clear and i don’t worry about background noise like i used to. Beyond audio and video – reading e-books, shopping, , playing games…no complaints.

some negatives:

the kindle is not good for phone calls or texting. That is not an issue for me, it may be for others.

The first time i turned the device on, the screen was dark. It turns out the brightness was turned down to zero, but i thought the screen was damaged. The screen was hardly visible and i was unfamiliar with the interface. It’s probably a fluke, but the first start up is a big deal. There are instructions, forms, tutorials – i had to skip all of it.

Google play is blocked. To be fair, blocking google play is something amazon has to do, but google has more developers and better apps and that shouldn’t as disappointing to kindle users as it is. Seeing some great app that everyone is using and realizing it’s not compatible with a kindle, makes me feel like an outcast.

I know there are ways get google play on kindle, but i think that it’s more trouble than it’s worth – like pounding a square peg in to a round hole.

4Expert Score
They have adds built in

I don’t like the adds other than that they are great

4Expert Score
Super nice tablet!

Nice tablet! Easy to set up! I can use it to prompt alexa for changing music! Battery life not as good as expected! Other than that love it!

4Expert Score
Vietnamese mother approved

I bought this tablet for my mom who loves watching korean dramas on her tablets. She’s the kind of mother who has 3 different devices to watch 3 different shows. It’s hard to show her how to use her old and i mean old lg tablet (they don’t make tablets anymore). This amazon fire tablet was what an older lady needed. If your main reason for a tablet is for entertainment, the quality and sound is amazing. The screen was huge and it went though so fast to get to all her shows she was so happy. She threw away the other 3 devices and kept this one. For a fraction of the price for an ipad (which i have), it’s worth it. I would say but this for your kids or older family members if they want to game and entertain. If you want note taking on the other hand, i still prefer my ipad air.

4Expert Score
It was very easy to find what i wanted on line and even easier to order.

I was upset that when i got my new kindle i was missing the charger.

4Expert Score
Works good with wi-fi.

Does all i need.

4Expert Score
It’s good!

Got this for my grandma’s birthday and she loves it. She said the battery holds pretty good when she plays her games. I hate that on the lock screen it’s nothing but ads but it’s fine! For what she uses it for, its wonderful.

4Expert Score
App store is kinda booboo

I downloaded it to read my comics but they banned the webtoons app. I couldn’t download apps like linked in or indeed. There were some drawing apps but not the popular ones. However if you are reading books, watching movies, video chatting family on messenger, scrolling through tiktok,or playing video games this is awesome. I just didn’t get it for that.

4Expert Score
Refurbished fire 10 11th generation

Pro lighter weight than my 7th generation
con not as easy to hold because of lack of finger space on edges of screen

pro shuts off very quickly
con i have to hold the on/off button until it actually powers on

pro crisp viewing of photos & videos

con i seem to have to double tap icons to open apps
con after closing out of an app, especially games, my app icons are gone from home, for you and library pages until i restart.

Pro seems to process & load apps faster

so far it’s fine.

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