Charm Bracelet Making Kit,Jewelry Making Supplies Beads,Unicorn/Mermaid Crafts Gifts Set for Girls Teens Age 8-12

Charm Bracelet Making Kit,Jewelry Making Supplies Beads,Unicorn/Mermaid Crafts Gifts Set for Girls Teens Age 8-12

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Charm Bracelet Making Kit: Best gifts for teen girls this charm bracelet making kit is a great gifts for 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 years old girls birthday, parties christmas, easy to carry. Good for christmas stockings, goodie bag, stuffers, easter basket fillers. Crafts for girls ages 8-12 this girls jewelry set kit give your children hours fun and endless thought to play with, even you can join and design very beautiful bracelets together. Parents can accompany your children to design a unique bracelet. Diy crafts with family are the most meaningful and valuable in the world. Valuable collection to make your own jewelry advent calendar how exciting to image your kids getting different charms and beads every day from different creative advent calendar which you can make out of cardboard, and when christmas arrives, she makes her unique bracelet and necklace! Also those charm bracelets for girls are made of good quality, also fit for women. You can give these friendship bracelets gifts to friends separately. Package include: 15x european big hole beads 22x charm and pendants 20x colored beads, shamballa, rainbow, crystal beads 3 necklace cords 2x snake chain bracelet

What are charm bracelet making kit features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Perfect unicorn mermaid bracelet making gifts for kids girls, charms craft supplies are great jewelry findings for your clip-on charms, dangle, earrings, bracelet, necklace pendants, keychain,
  • Simple to use – unscrew to remove the end cap, after stringing in the beads, simply screw back the end cap tightly. No tool, no glue, no mess.
  • Great gift idea for girls:making it a great gift item for girls who like diy accessories. Also, it can be an entertaining party craft for girls.
  • Everything you need– nothing left out, no more running around hardware stores trying to find the supplies kit.
  • Package include: 15x european big hole beads, 22x charm and pendants , 20x colored beads, shamballa, rainbow, crystal beads 2x snake chain bracelet and 3 necklace cords
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Charm bracelet making kit details:

Package dimensions

6.3 x 4.76 x 0.67 inches

Item model number


Item weight

5.3 ounces



Charm Bracelet Making Kit,Jewelry Making Supplies Beads,Unicorn/Mermaid Crafts Gifts Set for Girls Teens Age 8-12 AMAZON

Shop Klmars at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

Looking for specific info?

Does it come in a box?

No- just received this. So disappointed. Bought this as a christmas gift for my niece. Didn’t come with any directions. Just 3 little bags- no box, etc.

How do you put beads on the silver bracelet that stretches. It does not open.

I can’t get it open either. What’s the trick?

What color are the bracelets? & how many do you get?

Multi colored & not many. Product is way too expensive for the amount of product received.

The charms and bracelets are nice, but they don’t close well so once she puts it on it detaches and falls apart. How am i suppose to close them?

It must be fault because my granddaughter does not have a problem it stays closed she wears them to school no problem

Question to the seller – does this come in a box or not? Based on reviews some people received in a box and some in a plastic bag. Please clarify!

I received mine in a small, envelope-type, colorful box with the charms and bracelets separated into small plastic bags inside the box.

Wha is the size/length of the braclets ?

Small. Child sized. And they don’t stay closed. We gave up after picking up the same charms five times. Don’t waste the money.

What size are the necklace cords?

I would say 16 inches

What size are the beads,as in mm?

They’re the size of a pandora bead

Delivered to wrong address

I have received pictures of my delivery that was not being delivered to my home ! I don’t know what to tell you! It happens

Hi. Are there more equipment for this set. And it seems to come in baggies not box.?

It came in a small box

Does this set contain lead?


What is the wax for?

It is hot glue my dear, it’s used to hold the clasps on the bracelets once all the charms are in place. So that it wont come off.

We received one bracelet with ends but the other bracelet has nothing to keep the beads from falling off. Did we receive something wrong?

This was a terrible kit and i received the same i would not recommend this kit to anyone

Can you give me a little more information about it or related products?

Bought this for a christmas gift for my 10yr. Old granddaughter. All looked great when she opened the package. Then when she tried to put it together we found that parts were poorly made. Catches would not work, etc. Sadly we had to return product for refund. 🙁

Where is this made?

I don’t remember where it is made. But the price is too much for the amount of the product that you actually receive. Not worth the money!!!

Why do you show in a box, when all reviews state it only comes in baggies?

To deliver our customers parcel in a safe and sound way without any hassle.

Why is this only for girls?

Buy it for who you want to buy it for! There are no rules about who can or can not purchase it for!

How many bracelet’s will this make?

Two bracelets.

When does it arive

I got my order within 10 business days during the busy christmas season.

How many total pieces?

Not worth the money! Amount of product received was much smaller than expected!

Charm Bracelet Making Kit,Jewelry Making Supplies Beads,Unicorn/Mermaid Crafts Gifts Set for Girls Teens Age 8-12 AMAZON

Shop Klmars at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Very cute and giftable

I think this is perfect for any age group who understands the delicacy and use of this item. I bought this for my daughter who is seven years old and she absolutely loves to make jewelry for everybody and sells them to people in the neighborhood has good luck charms. She made so many necklaces and bracelets with these wonderful charms and it gave her an opportunity to understand the delicacy and care for jewelry. I think this is a great gift item for anyone who likes crafts

5Expert Score
Fun for kids

I bought this kit for my 9 year old granddaughter. She enjoyed making a bracelet and there were many options of charms to use. Great value for the price.

5Expert Score

My grand couldn’t be more delighted! She is nine and needed an activity friday during parent teacher conferences. This proved to be the ticket. She keeps revising her creations and has literally has experienced hours of creativity from this small kit.

5Expert Score
Beautiful could be mistaken for a pandora bracelet

Very beautiful people thought it was an actual pandora bracelet. Easy to assemble it was a gift for my 7 year old.

5Expert Score
Great gift for the little crafter in your life!

I bought this for my 8 yr old grand daughter and she just opened it tonight. She loved it and made everyone a little gift!

5Expert Score
Big hit with my preteen granddaughter!

My granddaughter actually picked these out for what she really wanted for her 10th birthday. She is thrilled with it.

5Expert Score

I bought this for my 9 year old grand daughter’s birthday! She absolutely loves it! She designed some really beautiful jewelry!

5Expert Score
Great produxt

I bought this as a gift for my niece. She loved it.

5Expert Score
These made a perfect gift for my granddaughters

These were gifts for my granddaughters.

5Expert Score
Fun and easy to make

Made these to put in christmas boxes for a mission project. They turned out beautifully and were fun to make!

4Expert Score
Don't let the packaging fool you.

I ordered this as a gift for one ofy daughters classmates. Upon arrival it was nothing like pictured. Tiny box. So much so that it came in an envelope. First glance and i ordered something different for her. I gave this to my daughter. When she opened it up we realized that they focused on quality products and not packaging. Good product well worth the money

4Expert Score
What fun!

We sent our grandniece this as a birthday gift. She loved it! Her top she said! Her mom said it went with her everywhere while making bracelets.
Thank you amazon! . Nancybieser

4Expert Score
Smaller than expected

The kids loved making the bracelets but the kit was much smaller than expected (the size of a deck of cards). This was appropriate for 11-12 year olds. They wants to “sell” their creations for $20!

4Expert Score
Necklaces strings not in second kit

I ordered this kit for a very mature six year old. She absolutely loved it and we all agreed that the quality of the beads was quite good. I decided to order another kit for an older friend and the beads were the same but they were no necklace strings. I know the kit is advertised as a bracelet making kit but why would one box have necklace strings and the other not have any? Other than that inconsistency, it’s a great price for what you get.

4Expert Score
Thought it would be a bigger set

While the set was cute, i thought it would be bigger.

4Expert Score

Not outstanding but our 7 year old granddaughter enjoyed making bracelets and necklaces.
Variety of beads was good.
On the small size.

4Expert Score
More for the price would have been better

4 yr old granddaughter loved this item. The price could have included a bigger storage box for collecting more beads.

4Expert Score
Better than i expected.

I want sure since the reviews were mixed. It comes in a small box so at first you think you are not getting a much as the pic shows but it is packed with many decent charms and a couple of bracelets to make.

4Expert Score
Whew…pieces lol

Pieces and pieces and pieces just what the little ones like. Be ready for the fun. Mmy grands played with this and moved on so i guess it depends on each child’s interest.

4Expert Score
Super cute

I gave this 4 out of 5 stars because we just received it today, so i’m not sure how fast it’ll tarnish with time. First let me start by saying that the charms and bracelets are worth the money paid. They are super cute and even have meaningful sayings on some of the charms. They feel sturdy and of good quality. Only time will tell how long they’ll last, but for now it was good. It comes in a small box, so if your looking to gift this, maybe add some other cute things to go along with the this gift. I purchased this as an add on to my nieces bday gift. She turned 8 and into all these girlie things. I would definitely recommend it if you’re little one likes to be creative with her outfits and accessories.

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