Charmast Portable Charger, USB C Battery Pack, 3A Fast Charging 10400mAh Power Bank LED Display, Slim Portable Phone Battery Charger for iPhone 13 12 11 X 8 7 Samsung S21 S20 Google LG OnePlus iPad

Charmast Portable Charger, USB C Battery Pack, 3A Fast Charging 10400mAh Power Bank LED Display, Slim Portable Phone Battery Charger for iPhone 13 12 11 X 8 7 Samsung S21 S20 Google LG OnePlus iPad Charmast Portable Charger, USB C Battery Pack, 3A Fast Charging 10400mAh Power Bank LED Display, Slim Portable Phone Battery Charger for iPhone 13 12 11 X 8 7 Samsung S21 S20 Google LG OnePlus iPad : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are charmast portable charger features?

  • 【fast 5v 3a usb c output input】: portable charger supports fast 5v 3a high speed usb c output, well work for all android (usb c output) cellphones, tablets, and other usb c gadgets. You may use this power bank for android or iphones great with the optimal 5v charging speed. Besides, battery pack type c port can output input both directions, best portable charger for iphone 13, 12, 11, samsung s21, s20 and more cell phones.
  • 【2 inputs 3 outputs】: you can recharge this battery pack smoothly via its usb c (5v 3a) input or its micro input (5v-2a) conveniently. And fully recharged this power bank only needs 4.5 hours via its usb c input. Besides, portable charger totally designed with 3 outputs, that means you can charge 3 devices max simultaneously, share portable battery with your friends or family happily and each output max reach up to 5v 3a output. Total 3 outputs can reach up to 15w max.
  • 【10400mah slim portable charger】portable charger could charge iphone 8 for 3.6 times, a galaxy s8 2.3 times, or an ipad mini 6 1.2 times; it’s also compatible with samsung, lg, google pixel, motorola, xiaomi, huawei, oneplus, oppo too. Only 16mm thickness, easily slide into pockets, purse or bags; minimalist and sleek design offers a great grip; great for all ages or gender to use.
  • 【smart led digital display】 percentage-based readout shows you the accurate battery level. No more guessing the remaining power and when to recharge. A very practical portable charger for android cell phones or iphones on your daily life.
  • 【safe reliable portable charger】ul 2056, ce, rohs, fcc certified manufacturing quality. Built-in intelligent safeguards protect your devices against excessive current flow, overheating and overcharging, more safe to use; 12 month support service. Do not miss this wonderful portable charger.
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Charmast Portable Charger, USB C Battery Pack, 3A Fast Charging 10400mAh Power Bank LED Display, Slim Portable Phone Battery Charger for iPhone 13 12 11 X 8 7 Samsung S21 S20 Google LG OnePlus iPad AMAZON Charmast Portable Charger, USB C Battery Pack, 3A Fast Charging 10400mAh Power Bank LED Display, Slim Portable Phone Battery Charger for iPhone 13 12 11 X 8 7 Samsung S21 S20 Google LG OnePlus iPad : Cell Phones & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

No built-in protection?

Dear friend, of course it has built-in protection. This is a must have feature to protect customers and devices safety. It is essential but very important feature. All of our brand charmast products, they all have this feature. Please trust to purchase it freely. :0

Does start charging when i plug something or do i have to press the button?

The button is more of a restart button if anything cause of overcharging protection it shuts off when your battery is charged so you’d need to push the button to get it to start charging again if you leave the device on the charger to long. It’s also the battery indicator botton

Why does my screen say 188?

It means your power bank is under automatic protection mode.

Please change another cable and output to try it again.

If the portable charger begins malfunctioning after several months, would the compamy replace it?

I do not think so. As my knowledge, the quality of this type of power changer is not good. It cannot be fully charged.

Is it normal for power bank to stay at 70 while 0 flashes upon 1st charge?

I don’t believe that the battery pack is charging correctly. On my first time charging it, it counted up to 100 from a low number. You should check your connections to the power source you’re using and what port you’re charging source is connected to. Good luck.

Will it charge galaxy s21 plus?

It charges my s22 ultra, so i would have to assume yes.

Does this charger will work for my iphone? My second question will be how many times i have to charge my charger?

I have iphone 6s and works with it. I charged the charger two times on a recent 10 day trip when i had iphone plugged in constantly.

Will this charge my blade zte phone without the annoying use original charger message?

Yes ,it can.
This slim thin 10000 mah 5v 3a usb c portable cell phone charger come with micro usb cable,
and with 2 inputs & 3 outputs:
micro usb input: 5v/2.0.a
type-c input: 5v/2.6.a
usb output 1: 5v/3.0a
usb output 2: 5v/3.0a
type-c output: 5v/3.0a
as long as you choose the right cable, it can be charged
thanks your question

Is this battery backup compatible with motorola smart phones?

It has avusb c charging port so if your phone has one it should work

Does this work with a samsung galaxy note 20?

It worked well with my old galaxy 12 and works great with my galaxy 21 plus. I’ve had a few friends by the same device and they love it just as much as i do. Works great.

Does this work with lg x charge m327?

Yes it will

How many times will it charge a samsung s20+ and how long does it take?

I don’t have the phone you have but i looked up the battery size, 4500ma, and this power bank should charge you phone 2x times. In testing the bank to charge my joy tab 2 tablet which has a 4080ma battery the charge on the joy tab was at 9%. After 1 hour the tab was at 67% charge while the power bank was still at 72% charge putting out ~2 amps. After 2 hours the tablet is at 99%. My tab is only able to do qc2 not qc3 so the max current is 2 amps. This power bank is supposed to do up to 3 amps from the usb c port but i don’t have a device that will do qc3 to test this.

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Does it charge a google pixel 6a?

It’s got 2 usb – a ports so i’d say that’s a definite yes

Can i use this with my i phone 11?

Yes, it has the entry for an iphone 11 charger. I use this with my iphone 11 and it works perfectly

Will this charge an ipad 10th generation with usbc?

Yes. Should fully charge it about 1.5 times

Does it work with samsung galaxy note 8?

Yup it sure does i have the note 8

Is there a neoprene sleeve large enough to carry this while having access, covered or uncovered? Thanks.

They even have a newish hardcover hermet shell case i ordered with my most recent reorder of this model and its amazing

Can this be charge and discharge at the same time?

Yes. But when charge power is applied or removed the output power is interrupted momentarily.

Does it have qualcomm quick charge will it fast charge my samsung?

Hi friend, this model is w1056, it supports 5v/3a quick charging, but not qualcomm quick charge.
And if you want to qc 3.0 or pd 3.0 quick charge, you may choose our another model of power banks.

Thank you. :0

Will this charge an i pad?

Aloha christine….this unit will charge an ipad. It will charge every thing i have including ipad.

Charmast Portable Charger, USB C Battery Pack, 3A Fast Charging 10400mAh Power Bank LED Display, Slim Portable Phone Battery Charger for iPhone 13 12 11 X 8 7 Samsung S21 S20 Google LG OnePlus iPad AMAZON Charmast Portable Charger, USB C Battery Pack, 3A Fast Charging 10400mAh Power Bank LED Display, Slim Portable Phone Battery Charger for iPhone 13 12 11 X 8 7 Samsung S21 S20 Google LG OnePlus iPad : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Fast charging, large capacity, heavy material

First thing out of the box i noticed was the weight, which isnt a bad thing its made from qaulity titanium i believe i says so its nice and sturdy for sure. Maybe not ideal if you’re going hiking or something but i really dont think the weight is a deal breaker, definitely heavier than most cheaper made one though! It came 75% charged so of course i topped it off by plugging it in via usb c with a 20w charging brick which it still seemed to take a while to charge up even from that, so i would highly recommend you put this bad boy on the charger at night time because it will take hours to reach 100% from drained. It charges fast! I was shocked at how quickly it charged my iphone 13 taking it from 20%-50% in under 20 minutes, then only an additional 25 minutes to reach 80%. I think after it fully charged the pack was at 68% juice remaining which is nice to know ill get a few charges out of it! I also fell asleep with my toddler before it finished and the battery pack even shut itself off when the phone reached full so its not draining excess battery or no need for any safety issues. Highly recommend to people as long as you aren’t looking for a light weight option, this thing is heavy but quality.

5Expert Score
Look no further

I was a bit apprehensive about buying this charger pack based on several reviews, some good some bad. Let’s just say the good ones outweighed the bad. I only charged it for about 30 mins . It charged my galaxy s22 faster than my car charger. I’m already impressed with it. I only gave it 2 stars because it’s not lightweight it has a pretty decent weight for the price. If you’re looking for a quick reboot on your battery life then this is it. It came neatly packed in the box and comes with a neat carrying case.

5Expert Score
Surprisingly awesome

This charger was cheap so i didn’t expect much but turned out to be a great purchase.

First surprise was how fast it charged my phone, this is like plugging in to a high end plugged in rapid charger.

Next surprise was when i took the wrong cable and learned that the usb-c port isn’t just for loading the charger but can also be used to charge my phone.

Power quantity is great. Loading up my older phone from scratch uses 25% of the capacity and charging my newish phone takes 33%. My kid used it on his switch and drained it all the way but hey, he was happy.

5Expert Score
Beat battery i've ever had

I’ve owned many of these over the years. I use them every day to charge my juul, phone, ipad, ps4 controller, etc. This one is pretty much perfect. The plastic feels like quality and fits together well. The led screen is subtle but very visible and looks nice. It provides 2.5a to my phone, which is the best performance i’ve had yet. The connectors feel solid like it will last. A great product.

5Expert Score

I took it to disneyland and it came in handy! I loved it and it was easy to use just charge it and take it to charge your phone later. It charged about 2 iphones and had a little life left. I would say next time i would get one with the cord attachment because i forgot my cord and had to ask my cousin for hers. 9.5/10 because of the cord not being attached everything else was perfect

5Expert Score
So far, so good!

I have had this portable charger for a brief time, and it is working just fine for me so far. My primary intended use of this product is to power my vox mini go 50 watt guitar amplifier at music venues that have no available electric outlets. I also intend to use it to backup my wife’s and my iphones while traveling. It is taking just over four hours to fully charge, and i am expecting it to power my vox guitar amp for four to five hours when fully charged. The digital charge indicator is easy to read and very useful. I find the charmast portable charger to be an excellent value!

5Expert Score
Great size and great convenience!

The charger is a great size and makes charging on the go very convenient. Being able to charge 3 devices at once is excellent!

5Expert Score

Very fast charging! Comes with a mesh bag for traveling and is super easy to carry around! Has 2 plug ins and a great battery life! The digital display is also awesome so you actually know the exact amount of battery life you have left!

5Expert Score
Love it

The portable charger works amazing i can charge my phone 3 to 4 times and it does take a while to charge but it’s worth it

5Expert Score
A little bulkier than the old version but still good

I got this new version because i gave my bf my old one, but it’s slightly bulkier and possibly heavier. The only upside is i can charge more than one device at once.

4Expert Score

As far as the device goes, so far it doesn’t seem to have any major issues. The only thing i notice is that it takes a long time to charge the battery pack itself when using apple’s white square thing to charge but when i switched to a generic non-apple wall charger thing it charged fast. Also when using the white apple square to charge the charging pack, the square gets really hot in addition to slowly charging. It’s not the end of the world since i can use a non-apple charge block to plug the provided cable into and it charges at a perfectly fine pace and doesn’t overheat. I have (at least as of now) yet to have any issues charging my iphone with the product. It charges at a fairly decent time/pace (sometimes even quicker than i thought it would). It will eventually stop charging at times but only after a while of charging and when that happens, i just hit the power button and it starts charging again. The cable sometimes comes loose/doesn’t hold all the way in but i had that issue before this product and i fixed it by digging pocket lent out of the iphone so i think that is an issue on my iphone and/or iphone cord’s end, not this products.

4Expert Score
Eh, mediocre, but manageable

I have an oneplus 9pro. Now, i didn’t expect this bank to warp charge my phone, but it doesn’t charge my phone quickly at all, and to be honest, i think if you were charging a phone from 0 using this bank, the bank would hit 0 before the phone hit 50+.

Also, it takes about 5hrs to charge this bank from 0 to 100.

Cheap bank, probably good in a pinch, but don’t rely on it.

4Expert Score
Nice power bank

After the first week, this unit has been working well. Usb-c in + out is a plus, as well as the battery life readout (vs a few dots). Size and weight are typical for 10 k mah battery pack.
If performance is consistent after a year, i’ll give the 5th star.

4Expert Score
2 full charges

Used this for international travel and i get two full charges on my samsung out of it. It is the same size as a phone so easy to store. For the price its great.

4Expert Score
Almost perfect.

I down graded this power bank to 4 stars because it won’t charge my 5000ma tablet all the way to 100% no matter how many times i turn the bank back on. It only gets the tablet to 98%. I understand that is close enough but it is somewhat irritating. I like the number read out instead of four leds to show charge left instead of guessing that the bank is some where between 50% and 75%.

4Expert Score
I like this one

Not ideal with it’s large size but your not gonna get smaller and lighter with these specs at the moment. I prefer this over my other batteries.

4Expert Score
Okay charger

It’s lightweight and i like the led screen. It wouldn’t charge my phone pay 87% it’s pretty irritating honestly but still not bad for the price

4Expert Score

Works way better then i thought it would. Fast changing. The only thing is that it takes a while for it to charge its self. But over all 10 out of 10.

4Expert Score
Great device

Great charging device charges your phone fasf as well

4Expert Score
Good for traveling – same size as iphone 6 please read my review below

I was able to charge iphone 6, iphone 12 and a old samsung at the same time. It got a little bit warmer but it did it’s job. I like the fact that i could charge two phones (hubby’s and mine) at once via usb and that it has a special connection for the new fast charging for iphone 12 cable. At times i pretty much gave a full charge to 3 devices at once (air pode and two phones). It’s a little bit heavier but narrower and thinner (same size as the iphone 6 but heavier) than most comparable chargers of its class. I carried in my crossbody purse through out my 17 days trip to greece and it was a blessing. It charges the phones quickly but it charges itself very slowly. So i would use it during the day and let it charge at night. I took one star only because of the slow back charging which i assume it’s normal for most chargers of this size.

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