Chemical Guys CWS20316 Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (Car Carpets, Seats & Floor Mats), 16 fl oz, Citrus Scent

Chemical Guys CWS20316 Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (Car Carpets, Seats & Floor Mats), 16 fl oz, Citrus Scent Chemical Guys CWS20316 Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (Car Carpets, Seats & Floor Mats), 16 fl oz, Citrus Scent : Everything Else
Chemical Guys CWS20316 Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Car Carpets: Foaming citrus fabric clean carpet and upholstery shampoo and odor eliminator is the fastest and strongest spot and stain remover shampoo. Fabric clean will break down and remove stubborn stains from any indoor/outdoor fabric, upholstery or carpet safely and completely. It is formulated with the most advanced cleaners and protectants. Fabric clean combines a superior biodegradable degreaser with an enzymatic odor eliminator for immediate odor control and long lasting deep cleaning benefits of biotechnology. Naturally occurring microbes in fabric clean degrade the organic compounds that cause odor, eradicating them completely leaving behind a fresh scent. There are no chemicals, ammonia, bleach, color damaging detergents or solvents. This biodegradable formula removes oil, grease, dirt, coffee, tea, wine, juice and pet stains from any water-safe indoor or outdoor fabric. Fabric clean removes stains fast and restores fabric, carpet and upholstery to a like-new condition. Fabric clean is highly concentrated and should be diluted one part product to 20 parts water. Fabric clean creates foaming bubbles for professional detailing results. Cleaning foam isn’t just for fun; scrubbing bubbles serve a practical function: the oxygen-infused cleaners of fabric clean lift and separate dirt particles and stains from deep within fabric in carpets and upholstery. Foaming action floats the particles directly to the surface of the material for easy cleanup with just a microfiber towel or hot water extractor. While low-grade cleaners leave carpets feeling wet, promote mildew growth, and finish with a stiff crusty feeling, fabric clean is detergent free, low-moisture, and finishes with the soft feel of clean fabric. Clean set-in stains, dirt, and filth from any color floor mat, carpet, or upholstery in any car, truck, suv, rv, and even around your home or office with chemical guys foaming carpet cleaner.

What are chemical guys cws20316 foaming citrus fabric clean carpet & upholstery cleaner car carpets features?

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  • Fabric cleaner: cleans cloth, carpet, upholstery, and more
  • Application type: spout
  • Breaks down and removes stubborn stains
  • Works on indoor and outdoor fabric, upholstery and carpet
  • Deep cleaning benefits of biotechnology
  • No toxic chemicals, ammonia, bleach, color damaging deterrents or solvents
  • No hard rubbing or scrubbing necessary
Categories: Automotive

Chemical Guys CWS20316 Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (Car Carpets, Seats & Floor Mats), 16 fl oz, Citrus Scent AMAZON Chemical Guys CWS20316 Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (Car Carpets, Seats & Floor Mats), 16 fl oz, Citrus Scent : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Will it remove poop stains?

Hi! Yes that is correct. Chemical guys foaming citrus fabric clean dissolves and removes dirt, odors, and stains from automotive carpets, fabrics, and upholstery.

Can this be used in a steam cleaner?

We recommend diluting fabric clean in a separate sprayer bottle 20:1 for general purpose cleaning and 8:1 for heavy-duty cleaning and then following it up with the steam cleaner.

Can i use it with a carpet shampooer?

We usually recommend diluting fabric clean in a spray bottle and spray directly to the surface. If you do decide to use it in a carpet machine, make sure to flush the machine with clean distilled water so that leftover residue doesn’t build up over time.

Would it remove mildew smell from my car seatbelt?

This product has some citrus oils in, so my guess would be that it does. You might want to look into an anti-bacterial all-purpose cleaner if this cleaner doesn’t work.

Does this take away mold and mildew smell out of car floors seats and upper panels ?

Fabric clean deeply penetrates the pores and fibers of the fabric to deeply cleanse any foul smells with a zesty clean scent.

What does dilute 20:1 mean?

20 parts water, 1 part cleaner — therefore this bottle goes a long way. Btw it worked fantastic !

Will it work on rubber carpet too ? Is it better than meguiars carpet cleaner heavy duty or sonax xtreme fabric cleaner ?


Will this remove spilled milk odor?


Will it remove piss stains?

Yes, that is correct. The oxygen-infused cleaners of fabric clean lift and separate dirt particles and stains from deep within fabric in carpets and upholstery for fast and thorough cleaning.

Sirve para cualquier color de cojineria de carros

Sí, es sólo un jabón más

How much to a gallon of water

2 to 3 gallons of water but just little liquid soap is cool

Cuánto hay que poner de agua en un spray

1 x 3 ,is good

Got this yesterday and used this on my suede chase lounge chair. Did a 16:1 ratio and the spots feel sticky. Is there something i can do about it?

You probably used too much product.i would try going over it with just water. I never had that happen.

I have an upholstered chair from ikea — specifically, the strandmon — will this product damage the material?

It didn’t mess up my suede couch. But i am using a professional car detail gun running off air pressure. So i dont know if that has anything to do with it. But i would trust it.

Has anyone tried this product on black upholstery?

Hey! It works amazingly on all colored upholstery.

Will this remove dried paint on carpet?

It will not( if paint it’s oil base) try other strong chemicals.. Thinner.. Chances are that it will ruin somehow the carpet….. Being said that.. You can try w a drill brush + this item. Good luck

How soft are the scrubber bristles to be used on car seat upholstery?

Hey! Yes, you may use the drill brush on durable upholstery and fabric.

Can this product be used in a tornador type pressurized cleaning gun?

Hey! We recommend using fabric clean in a secondary sprayer bottle only.

Can you use this to clean microfiber, like a microfiber couch?

The spray yes. I’m unsure of the brush because i used the brush on part of the seat in my car and ruined the fabric.

Does this chemical–guys–foaming–citrus–fabric have the experation–date ? ( because it is a chemical–composition ).

Hey! We recommend finishing the bottle 2 years after breaking the seal.

Chemical Guys CWS20316 Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (Car Carpets, Seats & Floor Mats), 16 fl oz, Citrus Scent AMAZON Chemical Guys CWS20316 Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (Car Carpets, Seats & Floor Mats), 16 fl oz, Citrus Scent : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Brought tons of dirt out of my fabric truck seats

This stuff works great. My process was spraying the seats of my truck with this product diluted at about 1:15 with warm water and scrubbing it in with a vinyl bristle brush. It foams up a good deal. I then put hot water in my bissell stain remover machine and rinsed/vacuumed the product out of the seats. My picture shows the dirty rinse water collected on the third pass of this process. I would probably have to do another 3 or more passes until the water runs clean, but at close to an hour per pass, i’m happy to settle for these results. In conclusion: there’s way more dirt in your seats than you think, and this product does a hell of a job removing it. It has a nice smell out of the bottle but completely odorless after applied.

5Expert Score
It works!

It worked well for me. I personally was skeptical about using the brush tool that it came with. I feel that’s too rough for car seats and it’s more for carpet cleaning. I opted out and used microfiber towels instead. I diluted the solution with water and then dumped out the solution and put regular warm/hot water in the bottle to clean it out of my seat and it worked well. I don’t recommend using the brush on the seats based on the other reviews. It seems like it’s too rough. You should probably use a microfiber towel or sponge. The microfiber towel worked for me because i had more surface level stains from when my friend’s dog puked on my seat. There isn’t much of a scent but it definitely took away the odor that the puke left on my seat. Feels like a new!

5Expert Score

Do not use if…
1) you enjoy intense, ‘no pain, no gain’ scrubbing, or
2) you feel that your own dripping sweat needs to mix in with the shampoo in order to effectively clean

otherwise… Enjoy using this amazing cleaner!

The stain begins dissolving away the moment you spray it. Some light, circular scrubbing with a soft bristled brush and it’s gone. Followup with a damp towel to wipe away some of the excess and you’re done! I was able to get rid of stains that were months old.

And what’s more amazing, a little goes a long way. I re-used an empty 23oz glass cleaner spray bottle, adding only 1oz of cleaner and filling it with water.

Get this!

5Expert Score
Good stuff

I used this stuff on a highly stained entrance rug. I mean this sucker was almost black compared to where the rug wasn’t being stepped on. I put about 2-3 ounces of this stuff in a bottle and the rest of water.
I saturated the area, and i scrubbed it with a scrub brush, and wipe it with microfiber cloth and it hotspot rhe black stain out.
I was highly impressed.

5Expert Score
Oh, that’s the original color.

I have tried the auto store cleaners on fabric and carpet on our tan cloth suv that is 10+ years old and kid hauler. This worked significantly better. 3 years ago the upholstery was professional cleaned and this chemical brought back the same “oh, that’s the original color” thoughts on the floor mats. The carpets were cleaned twice, the first time after hosing them down. The seats stains from kids all came up. The bottle will last a while at the dilution on the instructions.

5Expert Score
Great product, removed the stench of old milk

My car upholstery was long over due for a cleaning. I put this product in a little bucket with hot water. Used a small rag to soak some of the water in the seats and floor mats. I was able to remove a good amount of stains mostly caused by spilled milk and who knows what else. I couldn’t spend as much time as i would’ve like so i just vacuumed the area and came back to it another day. The second time i cleaned it the area was spotless.

5Expert Score
What voodoo magic is this?!

An entire bottle of waterproof sunscreen got spilled in my car and i threw everything the internet had at it. Hot water, vinegar, ammonia, dish soap, baking soda, corn starch. Nothing touched it. It just spread it around. I ordered this in desperation and wow?! I just diluted it 1:8 and put it into my spot bot and walked away. I came back and moved the spot bot and just look! It is completely gone!? I will be keeping this little gem for all the stains in the future.

5Expert Score
Chemical guys are magic

The product is straight magic. Using them on fabric seats, i highly recommend using a softer bristle brush (gray). The yellow absolutely cleaned my carpets, and the cleaner got anything and everything out of my seats… Car wasn’t super dirty to begin with, but it definitely is immensely better than before. Figured i saved myself $200 by not paying a detail shop $250 to do something i was very capable of doing myself.

You’ll get out of it what you put into it, take your time. Use the cleaner. Vaccum it out.

5Expert Score

This stuff is amazing. I caught a video on this and didn’t believe it because what was being shown seemed too good to be true.

I decided to try it out for myself because what the videos show feels like trickery.

This stuff is magical.

I used it on a truck that had been sitting for almost three years. The seats were filthy and mold was everywhere. Using the 8:1 strength, the seats came clean effortlessly.

Then, because there were some stubborn spots on a house carpet, i decided to try it out with a professional carpet cleaner. Between this stuff and the professional carpet/upholstery cleaner (i seriously doubted the stubborn spots would come out), the carpet looks incredible.

Now, i’m going to try it on some area rugs that needed to be cleaned for years.

5Expert Score
Great cleaner

I’ve been using this for my car seats and also tested in some of my sofas, this really does clean uo stuff, paired it with some drill accs for tapestry and i’m really amazed on the results, the o only thing i find tricky is the dissolution ratio. Other than that excellent cleaner, has a very lemony smell to it.

4Expert Score
Brush tore up my car's upholstery

Edit: i see now that the brush is marketed as a carpet brush attachment. I have raised my review from 3 to four stars accordingly. I should have seen this. But my advice to the chemical guys: make it even clearer, throw a disclaimer up or something, that the brush should be used on carpet only.

**second photo is of the passenger seat which i did not attempt to even clean after doing the driver’s seat. It is posted to show what the fabric looked like before the brush tore it up.

First off, the product absolutely does work, and it smells fantastic. Second, they do recommend you test the product in a small inconspicuous area first, so in a way this is on me and i understand that. I used the brush attachment with my drill and used it to try to foam up the cleaner after spraying it on my driver’s seat, as per the instructions. What i thought was foamy swirls of cleaning product that came up as soon as i started in with the drill brush, turned out to be the ripped-up upholstery of my seat being brushed around in a swirly pattern. This brush is absolutely way too rough for fabric upholstery, and frankly, i’d be nervous to use it on leather as well.

As i said above, i should have tested it in a more inconspicuous area first, and perhaps i should have been better able to tell the difference between foam and swirled/ripped fabric. I’m also planning on driving this car into the ground, so resale value isn’t a big factor. However, i did reach out to the company directly on their website (as i was directed when trying to contact through amazon) and have not received any response whatsoever. Mostly i just wanted to know if this had happened to anyone else that they knew of and if they had any advice to fix it or at least make it a little better… I’m not pleased that i have not heard back. But i can’t fault the actual cleaning fluid — that works well and smells amazing.

4Expert Score
Test in an inconspicuous area

This brush is way too aggressive for my seats. It definitely scrubs very hard and i’m sure it would get out whatever dirt you managed to get on your seats but unfortunately i can’t use it on my seats. I tested it out and it was destroying the fabric after only 10 seconds. The soap works well once i got another much softer brush

4Expert Score
It works!!

I was sceptical at first because i needed to remove stains a year old from jeep seats. I read the reviews as always and the money back guarantee and to my surprise it worked! I had to use the brush with a little elbow grease. If u got an old stain i would get the brush. Worth the money… Great product that performs!!

4Expert Score
Love chemical guys so much i bought the whole kit. But…

I dinged a star because the bottle leaked in the box. Whe. I opened the wrapper it was sticky, the cap wasn’t screwed on all the way and the safety seal tab was opened. Hence the leaking. Otherwise i love all their products, i have the whole kit. My ultra favote is the butter wet wax, the interior quck detail and the vrp shine for vynal rubber and plastic. This is the secondary purchase of the carpet cleaner and it does a phenomenal job on the interior carpets and seats. The products are sented and pleasant, not over powering. But they need better quality control of their products being sent out through amazon. Keep up the great work chemical guys! I’m hoping to see you release a product that competes with rainx windshield water repellent next!

4Expert Score
Bottle leaks

Pros: the cleaning solution worked as advertised to clean my seats. Very impressed! The citrus scent is not at all overpowering and quite pleasant. If you don’t like citrus scent don’t worry… The scent only lasted about an hour. I regret not taking before and after pics. The seats were stained and dirty and this cleaner brought them back to like new condition! I will definitely be buying more of this solution as i need it.

Cons: i will not buy the 16oz 2nd bottle again. It made a mess and wasted solution as i was trying to spray the seats. I believe the hd trigger was made for the 32oz bottle. I had to cut the plastic stem/tube for it to fit properly in the 16oz bottle. However, the cap did not fit the bottle and even though i was able to tighten it down on the bottle, it still leaked solution from the cap. This why i only gave a 1 star rating for ‘easy to use’.

4Expert Score
So far so good

So changed it from 2 stars to 4
so fat it has worked good on cleaning my tan interior seats and carpet
smells great
only issue was they sent the wrong sprayer for the bottle and i had to cut like 4 inches off to use it!

4Expert Score
Pretty good

This does the job to pull dirt out of fabric. Two things be careful of. The scent is pretty “chemically” you’ll want to heavily dilute and careful not to breathe in as you spray.
Also, the brush the give. I love it in theory, and anything with hard surface it’s perfect for. I tried in on an upholstered chair, even with a slow setting the brush is too course. It will destroy the fibers.

4Expert Score
Must have

I have tried some other cleaners that have done an ok job but this cleaner is something else. In the back of my car one of my friends spilled a cup of coffee. I tried using some other cleaners but the stain was still there. My coworker recommended chemical guys fabric cleaner and it work the stain got out and car smelled better.

4Expert Score
Great minus one thing

This product is great! Has a nice fragrant smell, and works well. The only issue i had was that the straw portion of the bottle was much longer than the bottle. I ended up having to cut it at the point that it was bending. Also, when i spray onto my seats, it leaks. I may bet my own spray nozzle, but other than that this is a great product!

4Expert Score
Works beyond expectations

Stained seats from 2 teens sharing a car. This product took care of every stain. I had tried other cleaners nothing worked like this.

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