ChoiceRefill Compatible with Diaper Genie Pails, 4-Pack, 1080 count

ChoiceRefill Compatible with Diaper Genie Pails, 4-Pack, 1080 count

Buy ChoiceRefill Compatible with Diaper Genie Pails, 4-Pack, 1080 count on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are choicerefill compatible with diaper genie pails features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Compatible with all diaper genie pail system: diaper genie expression, diaper genie complete, diaper genie ii elite, diaper genie ii, diaper genie essentials and mini
  • Guarantee odor control: we understand that the odor control is the first consideration when you choose a diaper pail refill. Our enhanced 7-layer smell-bloc technology helps blocking the smell to keep your home fresh.
  • Choicerefill is the most affordable refill in the market. No one can beat the price.
  • No risk to try: we are so confident on the quality of our product that we extend the free return time to 90 days. If you are not absolutely satisfied with our product for any reason in the 90 days, we will refund 100% your money. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
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ChoiceRefill Compatible with Diaper Genie Pails, 4-Pack, 1080 count AMAZON

Buy ChoiceRefill Compatible with Diaper Genie Pails, 4-Pack, 1080 count on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

Does this work with the pet genie?

No, it does not fit pet genie.

Can someone please share the measurements of the round cartridge? Not the length of the bags.

Doesn’t matter, these bags suck. Buy original. The stench was awful.

Can you use this for cat litter too? My main concern is the litter genie may have more durable bags since diapers don’t way as much.

Full diapers can weigh a lot! The bags are pretty durable. I haven’t had one bust open or anything. It could work if you are just putting the scooped part in there. If you were to empty out the whole litter box in it i would tie off and take it out afterwards. But like i said i haven’t done this but i don’t see why not!!! Great idea!

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Cada caja trae una sola bolsa?

Cada royo trae una bolsa pero es bien larga o sea le amarra el fondo tira los diaper sucios cuando se llena la corta y vuelve a cerrar el fondo…

Does this work with dekor plus diaper pail

It mentions only about diaper genie models

Is the weight 1.2 per pack or for all 4?

I would think the 4 pack cause these are light. I can’t imagine each refill weighing 1.2 lbs

I have questions about diaper genie what the difference between diaper pail refil and genie refil

I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to ask. But, this item is supposed to be compatible to the diaper genie. Basically it’s a genie refill but it is a generic/off brand refill that works in the genies. The only difference is that these are made to be universal (for multiple brands) and the genie refill only works with genie.

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Will these fit te dekar mini pail?

I am not sure. I used it with the playtex diaper genie pail.

Will these fit in a litter champ?


Is this compatible with platted diaper genie complete?

I’m not sure. I’ve never heard of that particular type of diaper genie.

Will it work with dekor mini?

Don’t know what that is. It fits the diaper genie.

About how long is the bag?

I’m not really sure. I am still in the first refill & it’s been in there for over a month. We’ve emptied out our diaper genie 3 times already.

Is this compatible only with diaper genie ? Is there any other brand than diaper genie to use this product with ?

Its compatible with diaper genie as stated in product description

Where is my refund ???? I ordered this and it got sent back because it was undeliverable ?? And a refund would be issued in 3-5 days? It’s now been 8

Its possible address got put in wrong but if thats not the case i would call amazon and ask them whats going on

What are the length and width of each bag and number of bags in a box??

It’s a baby refill for diapers

Want to buy best playtex genie. Witch one?

Up to you but i have the largest one. Super convenient!

Can amazon orders be canceled?


Is it compatible with up n up diaper pail?

I used it with a diaper genie brand disposal system. Check the specifications to see if it is the right diameter for your diaper pail. I use it to dispose of pet waste bags until trash day.

Do it fits a playtex brand diaper genie?

Yes! That’s what i use them for!

Does this work with ubbi diaper pail?

I’m not sure about that brand but it does fit both of my diaper genie one is playtex and the other i can’t remember what that is however these appear to be just like the ones i’ve bought at walmart and other stores if that helps.

ChoiceRefill Compatible with Diaper Genie Pails, 4-Pack, 1080 count AMAZON

Buy ChoiceRefill Compatible with Diaper Genie Pails, 4-Pack, 1080 count on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Rare generic product with brand name quality.

After reading the reviews i was expecting this product to be inferior in some way. However, my first impression as i pulled out the first bag was that it seemed like it might be even higher quality than the diaper genie bags. While i won’t say these are superior, i can’t find any reason to call them inferior.

After getting it set up in our diaper genie complete, i went back to read more reviews so i could find some way i was sacrificing quality by going with a generic product.

Odor was the most common complaint so i spent the next day randomly sniffing a trash can designed for diapers thinking it would stink. It didn’t.

Once the bag was full i pulled it out and sniffed it up and down. Even outside the diaper genie and right up against my nose i could not smell anything. My aunt is helping with the baby and staying in that room and she hasn’t said anything about smell either. I can’t imagine how it’s a problem for anyone.

The one thing i can say is our baby is young and only drinking breast milk and formula. Maybe solid food will make it stink more but i can’t imagine i will ever have an issue with smell using these bags. Will update if that ever changes.

The other common complaint is about these bags not fitting the diaper genie. These fit perfectly in our dg complete.

The other complaints did not seem legitimate to me even before i got the product. One person complained these bags were too difficult to cut compared to diaper genie bags. Having already cut off the first bag i can confidently say i did not need to upgrade my scissors or grab a chainsaw for the job.

Moving forward i will be saving my money and buying these. You get more for less and i can’t find anything that suggests a sacrifice in quality. If only all generic products were this good.

5Expert Score
Works great, cheap, and no smell or excess pulling of bag problem

Others complained of the bag being pulled in excess, causing waste. I have not experienced it. My diaper genie is the type you step on a foot pedal that then opens the lid ( item: b085jhpqdx ), and i can then simply drop the diaper in, without using force. I know there are designs where you need to use a lot of force to push the diaper in. I suspect people having this problem have that type of pail. If you do, the problem isn’t this product. It’s your pail. Get a different type of pail like mine.

Having said that, you can see compared between diaper genie bag refill (left) and this one (right), this one is clearly thinner. However, both my wife and i have not noticed any more smell coming from this product’s use as some others have complained. In fact, when we put peepee (not poopoo diapers, but peepee) into regular good quality trash bags, we can still smell the peepee a little through the tied up trash bags. But, no smells from this product.

This costs (in theory) like 1/4th less than the official diaper genie version because in theory it gives you more usable length per dollar cost. My only regret is i didn’t buy this sooner. I only started looking to cut costs after inflation started destroying the economy.

I recommend this to anyone who has a type of diaper pail that doesn’t require force to push nasty diapers down. I also recommend anyone who has the push type to get rid of their pails and get a step-to-open type like mine to save on these refills long term. Thank me later.

5Expert Score
Great for diaper genie

These were a great cheaper option for our diaper genie. Only think i don’t believe these have any scent which means when you open to put dirty diapers in you kinda get a smell of it all. Not a biggie but i believe the originals have a scent. I would buy again in order to save.

5Expert Score
Beautiful fit genie pail

Omg we were suffering with this genie pail because refills are a little expensive but i found this refill bag that fit perfect in our genie pail and we are in love if you want to save money buy this you won’t regret it

5Expert Score
Works great

I am so glad i gave these a try. We go through so many diaper pail refills and the cost really adds up. These are the least expensive ones we have tried and they work just as well as the munchkin brand and the target store brand, but at a lower cost. We’ve had no issues with odor or the ring not fitting. There is a little sticker that says pull here. And voila. Ready to go.

5Expert Score
These do not fit the diaper genie

We purchased these to have refills for our diaper genie and they will work, barely, but they do not fit the diaper genie brand container. I am going on line now to find the correct brand refills now. I will use what came in this package but i am very disappointed with the fit. They are also not scented. As a side note, we use this system for disposal of our little dogs waste. He is potty trained to go on a rubber matt (30 inches by 48 inches) and it works very well. I highly recommend training your small dog this way.

5Expert Score
Great substitute!

Great product for diaper genie at a good price! Fit is good and bag thickness is still good.

5Expert Score
Perfect dupe for diaper genie at a fraction of the price

No one is trying to spend more money than necessary after having a child. If you bought the diaper genie, these refills work perfectly and are easy to use. The genie and these bags work together to mask odors – if you’re shopping around after having filled your registry with all the name-brand things. This is the product you need.

5Expert Score
Just as good as the name brand!

These work just as well, if not better than diaper genie! They are much thicker and seem like higher quality

5Expert Score
Thin, but good

Bags fit our diaper genie perfectly. They are thinner than the diaper genie brand bags, but i like them better.

4Expert Score
Works great for good price

Shipped very quickly and great shape when it arrived. I wanted to try something new that was cheaper than the name brand and these were a perfect option for a fraction of the cost. They are durable and eliminate odor. The only reason i scored it lower on scent is because it didn’t have any, but that makes total sense because i didn’t order the scented ones. Overall, great option to replace the expensive ones. Would buy again.

4Expert Score
Fits the munchkin step diaper pail

Fits the munchkin step diaper pail. Does the job.

4Expert Score
Was disappointed that they aren’t scented like the diaper genie orange ones.

Wish they were scented like the diaper genie orange kind.

4Expert Score
Get what you pay for

It’s fantastic for the price but the scent of diapers seeps through

4Expert Score
Oder issue

They fit perfectly fine in my diaper genie but the bags are thin, so even if the lid is closed it smells. I didn’t have this problem with other brand of bags so i will be switching back.

4Expert Score
Who needs brand name?

Good quality refills without the brand name prices. They don’t rip and the odor control is decent.

4Expert Score
It works

Doesn’t do much for the smell, but it works just as well as the diaper genie brand.

4Expert Score
Cheap and best quality

Good quality, sturdy.

4Expert Score

These bags are very durable. I’ve been using them for a few years now and have not had any issues with them

4Expert Score
Good value

These are a great value compared to the name brand and get the job done!

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