Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy, Medium (2.5 Inch) 2 Pack

Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy, Medium (2.5 Inch) 2 Pack

Find Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy, Medium (2.5 Inch) 2 Pack and more at
Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy: The chuckit! Ultra dog toy ball is the ultimate fetch ball, designed to bounce higher, float better, last longer, and stand out from the rest. Made from natural, high-bounce rubber, the ultra ball encourages dogs to leap and jump for more stimulating games of fetch. Featuring an extra-thick rubber core, these dog fetch toys are durable for long-term use, yet lightweight and buoyant as water toys for dogs. Chuckit! Ultra balls are strong dog toys that hold up to dirt and slobber and are easy to wipe clean. The bright orange and blue design grabs dogs’ attention in the air and can be easily spotted in tall grass or on water. Available in five sizes ranging from small to xx-large, dogs of all sizes can enjoy fetch with the chuckit! Ultra ball. Two-packs are available in select sizes for pet parents to keep an extra ultra ball on hand. The chuckit! Ultra ball is compatible with the chuckit! Ball launcher for dogs, enhancing fetch with slobber-less pickup and long-distance throws.

What are chuckit! ultra ball dog toy features?

  • Ultra bounce ball: this ball toy for dogs entices play withhigh impact bouncing! Play fetch at the lake or pool thanks to the lightweight, buoyant design. Compatible with chuckit! Ball launcher
  • Tough & durable: rubber ball for dogs has a textured surface & a thick rubber core for aggressive chewers yet is soft on dog’s mouths
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Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy, Medium (2.5 Inch) 2 Pack AMAZON

Find Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy, Medium (2.5 Inch) 2 Pack and more at

Looking for specific info?

How big is this compared to a tennis ball?

The med. Ball is close enough to the same size as a tennis ball depending how much fuzz is around tennis ball? But the medium 2.5” ball is perfect for even a big dog doberman or german shepard size in regards to choking hazard but any larger dog i would do the large 3”. The medium is perfect for most regular ball launchers & even tennis balls for catch play.

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Will these wear down a dog’s teeth like regular tennis balls? What about felt being chewed off?

I spend at least an hour at the park everyday with my dog. I use the chuck it to give her a good workout. Her teeth have ground down considerably even though most people say that the ball is better than tennis balls. She has also experienced fractures. I don’t know, but the ball is very hard and may dog’s mouth is a mess.

Is there a non destructible guarantee?

I have a schutzhund bred german shepherd that can shatter cow femurs with her jaws. Nothing is truly indestructible, however the 3
inch version of this ball has lasted over a dozen trips to the dog park, that’s easily worth 6 or 7 bucks to me. It’s the best, safest (for the dog) ball i’ve found. For what it’s worth, fluff n tuff plushies are best i’ve found in that arena, but they eventually get shredded whenever she feels like it, at least they tend to last a month or two. Again, nothing is really indestructible when you have a strong dog that’s also an aggressive chewer, but these balls seem to be as good as it gets.

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Do these float? We are looking for a ball to play fetch at the lake.

Yes, now that we have a pool, we’ve found they float! Our goldens really love to drop them in the water and watch them pop back up. Repeat. And repeat. Too funny. Now as with anything…. If there is a slight tear in the ball, it sinks. One ball is like that. So… That’s solely a yard ball until it’s garbage.

So, i see this says large on the package. But, it says nothing ion the ad. Which size is this one? Thank you.

It’s large. You can choose the different size by clicking what size you want. I normally get the medium ones for my 50 lb malinois. But the $5.99 on is large.

What size is the ‘one size’? And what size launcher is needed for it?

Not sure about “one size”. I got the medium and it’s about tennis ball sized. I also got large and it’s more of a softball size.

Do these balls squeak?

They do not squeak. The smaller kong felted balls squeak well, but the squeaker part invariably falls out after a short period, leaving a squeak-less ball that is not as long-lived as these chuck-it balls.

Can you wash these in the dishwasher?

No – the water along with the detergent will get inside the ball and would seep back into the dogs mouth when they bite it which would cause severe burns to their mouth and throat and possibly fatal. I rinse with plain warm water under the facet and dry with a clean cloth or papertowel.

I just want to double check, i am looking for a smooth ball, not a ball with fur like a tennis ball. Is this the product i’m looking for?

There is no fur on this ball. It is smooth (well, a little bumpy). It’s also very tough. My dog has not been able to break it, chew it into pieces or damage it in any way. She shreds regular tennis balls in minutes.

What is the actual size of the ball in inches?

According to the listing it says the small is 2′ in diameter. I purchased the medium which are 2.5′ in diameter. At first i really liked these balls, until the weather got cold in minnesota and the ball cracked all over, so now i only have 1 of the 2 purchased. I guess these balls don’t like cold weather.

Anyone know where they are made? Thanks!

Don’t know where they,re made but boy does our lab love them. They,re almost indestructible, he,s a real chewer and they last and last.

Este producto proviene de republica dominicana?

No, this is made in vietnam.

Which launcher goes with the xxl chuckit?

The xxl launcher!

Is the product the same as the picture?

Yes i am it is the same as the picture my dog is still chewing on it and it’s still in great condition and you know i have a pitbull sold and he’s seven months so he likes to chew on everything so it’s really a wonderful ball

Does anyone know if this 2.5in chuck it ball is about the same size as a regular tennis ball ? Or the large version is the same size as a tennis ball?

This ball is smaller then a regular size tennis ball.

Why did i not get my order

I have no ide – call them!!

Would these be good for a pug puppy, 3 months old?

It may be to big for a 3 month old pug puppy. But i’m sure they will still enjoy to chew on them.

My dog is an aggressive chewer, is this ball going to last him?

All i can tell you is that my dog weighs 30 pounds and chews aggressively, and he does not destroy this ball. Ran over it with lawnmower and it was unharmed. Love this ball!

Cat can play this ?

I don’t know as i don’t own a cat. I play fetch with the dogs with this. Seems too big for a cat.

What size would you recommend for a full size dachshund?

Yes! They are just the right size for small and medium dogs.

Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy, Medium (2.5 Inch) 2 Pack AMAZON

Find Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy, Medium (2.5 Inch) 2 Pack and more at

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
My dog is now a chuckit! Maniac …

My 82 lb bernedoodle (mom is a bernese mountain dog, dad is a standard poodle) is absolutely obsessed with the chuckit! Balls and tosser. She actually jumps up and down like a kangaroo everytime i bring it out!. She has lots of energy to get out and i have bad shoulders, so this is a dream come true. I can easily throw the ball (with the tosser) in any direction for quite a distance, repeatedly, without pain. She is a very aggressive chewer and has ripped apart any toy we’ve ever given her. We have two balls that we use at the same time now because sometimes she thinks it’s more fun to tease me with the ball , pretend she’s going to give it to me, and then run away just as i’m about to grab it. Two balls make it easier to keep her going and tire out faster. They also help me to get more excercise, by repeatedly retrieving balls while going up and down and all around finding them. Lol! Recently she snuck one of the balls inside and spent most of the night happily chomping on it. I was very impressed that she didn’t rip it apart in two seconds and instead played with it inside (it’s quite comical when your dog plays catch with herself!) update, it took her 2 months to tear a hole in one of the balls, but it’s still her favorite. As long as she spits out the pieces, i’m happy. Will have to keep looking for ‘truly tough dog toys’ to switch out with the chuckit! Ball.

5Expert Score
All around a great toy

We have a half lab half bernese who adores “ball ball.” with the chuckit system i can actually exhaust him. These balls have lasted over a year (until mommy throws them into a blackberry bush). We just bought replacements for our originals and i’m so glad they’re the same. We love their visibility since we often lose them. They do not glow in the dark and will definitely disappear on a dark night but we have located these in lush landscapes thanks to their bright colors.
Our dog loves to carry them back home like a security blanket.
And in case you were wondering, they float!

5Expert Score
For tough chewers

These are the best dog toys that i have come across so far in my brief 4 month adventure as a gsd mom of two outrageous puppies. They truly have destroyed every single toy that we have gotten for them, and tennis balls will barely last a half hour. They are obsessed with these balls, and will even play with two at a time. From their razor sharp puppy teeth to growing into their adult chompers, they have yet to do any damage to the chuckit balls. For the two boys we now have 4 md and 2 lg, but only because they mess with them so often we were sick of crawling under the couch for them. I love these dog balls!!

5Expert Score
Chuckit! Ultra ball

This ball is the greatest toy out there. Our 50# doberman mix is very, very agressive toward his toys. Cloth squeaky toys last less than 5 minutes. Tennis balls are no match for this guy, covers are first peeled and after a few minutes of playing fetch they are cracked and broken down in small chunks. Have had this ball for 11 days and it still looks like new, this dog loves it and we now can play ball till he he gets tired. I highly recommend, and if, he tears it up i will buy again.

5Expert Score
Tougher and bouncier than tennis balls

My dog likes to chew through tennis balls, but she hasn’t been able to chew through these. And she loves them. She will ditch any tennis balls in favor of a chuck-it ball. When i throw them with the chuck-it, they bounce incredibly high. Which is more exciting for the dog. But i also have to be careful that they don’t bounce completely out of the yard. I also like that the orange color is easier to see in the grass.
All around superior to our old tennis balls.

5Expert Score
There is no substitute for chuckit dog toys!

Anyone with a dog who loves to fetch knows that there is no substitute for the chuckit brand ball. They are tough as nails, visible, and become my dog’s favorite toy with every purchase. Have thrown these things from the ‘chucker’ thousands and thousands of times, and they always fit perfect and are always ready to go.

The only reason you have to buy more and more of these, is that they *do* occasionally get lost in the weeds or down a drain, but a tennis ball just won’t do as a replacement!

5Expert Score
Just got them and he’s going crazy for them!

We just got these dropped off in the wee hours of the morning. And guess what, our dog mayor is-going-ballistic over these chuckit! Ultra balls. He was tearing through every other tennis style ball the in the very first throw and return! The worst he’s been able to do to these is puncture one of them with his tooth. There’s no tearing or ripping these ultra balls apart! I think our wallet loves them just as much as he does! I think it’ll be a while until we have to buy more.

5Expert Score
Nice ball

My boy is a fetch monster and these balls are way better than tennis balls. They’re extremely bouncy on hard surfaces but tend to fall a bit flat on grass. Plus, there’s no felt for him to remove – win win. I bought these when my baby was still a young puppy – around 3-4 months old and his mouth was still pretty small. (i limited his play on hard surfaces to preserve his joints) now that he’s a bit older and is about 15 months, i find that they’re a bit small for his mouth and he has lost some interest in them but he’d still fetch when he needs to release energy. I did get the chuckit! Glow ball as well but in a size medium and he prefers that one.

Not a bad ball at all but if i had the correct size, he’d enjoy it more i’m sure.

5Expert Score

I absolutely love these things!!! My pitbulls love them and they are the only balls they don’t bust in 30 seconds they still have the first one i ever bought a year ago even just got some more to add to the collection! Kong brand gets destroyed in 30 seconds but not chuckit brand! And gor the price you just can’t get a better deal for the quality product they provide. Chuckit will always be the go to for my ‘s !!!

5Expert Score
Great ball

My dog is an aggressive chewer! He is a 7 month old german shepherd. This ball lasts!! We have purchased 2. The first one he was able to cause a crack in the ball but was still able to play with it just fine. It was at the seem of the ball where the crack occurred. We only bought a second one because we lost the first one.

4Expert Score
My dog won't play with these

Not sure if this rating is fair or not. I bought the ultra chuckit! Instead of the regular ones. They are too stiff/hard for my dog, and she just won’t play with them. She’s a shepadoodle (half german shephard and half standard poodle) so not tiny, but not huge. She loves her other chuckit! Balls, just not these. I’ll take them to the dog park and donate them for others to play with.

4Expert Score
Durable ball

I have a lab. He likes to fetch and chew. The ball holds up well. Don’t buy the tennis balls. They won’t last a day if you have an aggressive chewer.

4Expert Score
Doggo’s fave

Bought 2 of these two-packs. The dog loves them. Have had for about a year and a half and they are still going strong. She did manage to poop a couple of them, but they still work great. She is a super chewer who can destroy cheap toys in the blink of an eye. She can’t tear these up. Apart from the small slit from popping a couple they still look brand new. One got left outside and it faded a little in the sun, but the ones we remembered to bring in are perfect even after all this time.

4Expert Score
Very dureiable ball. I have a heeler and she can't destroy them

Mainly i really like these balls because regular fuzzy tennis balls actually wear down your dog’s teeth like sandpaper and can cause a lot of problems. Amazing alternative and combined with the chuck it thrower its my dogs favorite toy

4Expert Score
Great for bigger dogs

Holds up to chewers at dog park. A favorite there for durability.

4Expert Score
Great dog toy

My dogs love them they can withstand a aggressive chewer

4Expert Score
Great product my dog loves them

Great toy for dogs of all sizes.

4Expert Score
Toy balls

Our dogs love chuck-it balls! I have two very old balls same as new balls. Dogs keep holding new and old balls.

4Expert Score
Toy ball

She loves that ball.

4Expert Score
Long lasting toys!

We love chuck it, especially these tennis balls; they are super durable and light weight

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