Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin That Self Levels, This is a 1 Gallon High Gloss (0.5 Gallon Resin + 0.5 Gallon Hardener) Kit That’s UV Resistant – It’s DIYER & Pro Preferred with Minimal Bubbles

Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin That Self Levels, This is a 1 Gallon High Gloss (0.5 Gallon Resin + 0.5 Gallon Hardener) Kit That’s UV Resistant – It’s DIYER & Pro Preferred with Minimal Bubbles

Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin That Self Levels, This is a 1 Gallon High Gloss (0.5 Gallon Resin + 0.5 Gallon Hardener) Kit That’s UV Resistant – It’s DIYER & Pro Preferred with Minimal Bubbles: Industrial & Scientific

What are clear table top epoxy resin that self levels features?

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  • premium crystal clear epoxy- designed for table tops, bars, wood finishes, see-through encapsulations, art work, only limited by your imagination. Our custom epoxy formulation allows for minimal bubbles, goes on smooth, helps eliminate fish eyes, craters and various other imperfections. We only offer the best because that is what we use!
  • usa manufactured- it is safe once fully and properly cured, low odor because we proudly manufacture here so you can rest assured you are getting the very best product produced!
  • easy 1:1 mixture: imagine spending hours gathering your materials and spending your money just to have it all wasted because of epoxy resin that doesn’t level, is full of bubbles or starts turning yellow. Rest assured we’ve already done all the guess work for you. It’s high gloss, u.v. Resistant, self leveling, the world is your canvas!
  • rock hard versatility – we only produce a tough, high gloss, water resistant coating so you know when it counts, we have your back!
  • test of time – so many options, hard to decide, we have very knowledgeable customer support staff standing by to support you on your journey! Let us earn your business. So that you know if you’re stuck, we are right here to help coach you along. If this is your first time or a pro we can help with bar tops, tabletops, river tables, jewelry, coffee tables, countertops, serving trays…the list goes on we have pretty much seen it all.

Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin That Self Levels, This is a 1 Gallon High Gloss (0.5 Gallon Resin + 0.5 Gallon Hardener) Kit That’s UV Resistant – It’s DIYER & Pro Preferred with Minimal Bubbles AMAZON

Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin That Self Levels, This is a 1 Gallon High Gloss (0.5 Gallon Resin + 0.5 Gallon Hardener) Kit That’s UV Resistant – It’s DIYER & Pro Preferred with Minimal Bubbles: Industrial & Scientific

Looking for specific info?

Will this work over minwax polyurethane (oil based). I see it wont react well with oil based stain so i applied poly over the stain. Thoughts?

Epoxy can go over them in about 24 hours. Oil based paints take a long time to fully dry. If an oil-based paint is used, you must apply 3 coats of oil-based polyurethane to seal the surface before applying a seal coat of our ultraclear epoxy. If you go directly over the oil-based paint and it is not completely dry, you run the risk of the epoxy not sticking to the surface and peeling off months later.

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How many square feet does it cover

It depends on how thick you put it. First time i used it, 1 gallon for 80 square feet. Second time i used 5 oz thinner to 1/2 gallon and covered 80 square feet.
It all depends how thick you spread it.

Will sealing bare wood surface prevent bubbles forming?

The product should be applied in two stages. The first stage is referred to as the seal coat. The seal coat is a small batch of epoxy that is brushed on in a thin layer to seal any pores in the surface and prevent air bubbles from forming in the following flood coat. Our epoxy is used for both your seal coat and your flood coat.

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I want to make a coffee table that the epoxy goes to the edge of. What materials can be used to make a mold that the cured epoxy would release from?

I use plastic scotch tape all the time, and i think it works the best. However, if you dam the edges, you will wind up with a thick layer of epoxy around the edge of your table. You can also tape the bottom edge of the table, pour and let it run off, smooth the edges and then all you have to do is peel the tape off the underside and you’ll have protected, smooth edges. Good luck!

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Would this be suitable for a coffee shop counter. Would it scratch easily etc ?

It is durable but not great with resisting scratches. They can be easily resurfaced but it would end up being a regular thing. If it’s just small minor scratches you probably won’t have an issue. Sharp corners or objects dragged across the finish will leave marks.

Is it a slow hardener or fast?

It starts setting up in about 45 min but to really harden depending on the temperature of your area i would say 4 hours if it really warm but leave it alone for atleast 12 hours

Can i put this over stained wood?

I stained a table first and then did a seal coat and it came out fine

Will this affect the color of acrylic paint? I’ve painted a table and i’d like to use this product to cover it.

It will not affect the color. While cured epoxy is tough, it is ‘soft’ enough that it can be scratched and marred by regular use on a table–just be forewarned–ultimately requiring maintenance–a sanding and another coat of epoxy to refinish

Ceramic coaster? Product cured well and sat for over a month. The 1st time a hot mug was placed on it, the mug stuck & now the resin has dents. Help?

Thank you so much for reaching out to us. There are some factors we need to consider as to why the resin did not cure. For example, we need to take into account or was it worked at the correct temperature? Was it properly measured? Was it mixed thoroughly? What was used to stir or mix? Were the mixing cups dry? Also, did you mix any mediums with the resin before pouring on the coaster? Sometimes, if the wrong ratio is used, it can affect the proper cure of the epoxy. Also, keep in mind the peak resistance after 100% cure is about 135°f. You can fix this by simply pouring another coat of clear epoxy on top of the coasters.

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What’s the working time on this? I’m planning on doing some resin-acrylic paint pouring on a bar top and will be manipulating the resin. Thanks!

Depends on the temp of the area, i have noticed in my home around 71-72 degrees i have about 30 -45 mins work time making tumblers. If it seems to tighten up keep a heat gun close by to slightly warm. I use the heat gun to swirl pigment in resin.

Would it be safe to coat a water bottle or a coffee mug with this?

Coat on the outside, yes.
Coat on the inside, i wouldn’t chance it.
Remember, heat and abrasives will have an effect on resins. Dishwashers use hot water and abrasive soaps!

Can i use it on rotten wood on my boat

This stuff will find every crack to leak through any spot u have to fill must be renforced. Wood must be very dry may want to use glass fiber to reinforce

Underestimated how much i needed. Pouring a second layer. Rough up the first or just pour on first w/o sanding?

I needed two ‘layers’ for my countertops. I poured the first thin, then after several days (4 to be exact) i lightly sanded with 400 grit sandpaper, cleaned well, and then re-poured second coat. Came out great. Just take your time. I made sure that any air bubbles that might have developed were dealt with immediately. Just a very hot hair dryer did the trick. Time consuming, yes, but the results are well worth it.

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Need to coat bar top in basement. What’s recommended to cure under cool basement conditions?

I would use it in anything i see 65 degrees fahrenheit. At 65 it would probably be tacky in 3-4 hours, but not fully cured for 24-36. That’s at about 1/2 thick

What is the temperature rating of this set product?

The product and the room must be kept at least 75° f before using the epoxy and during the entire curing process of 72 hours. If the epoxy arrives at your door and the weather outside is colder than 75 degrees, you must bring the epoxy inside and allow the product to acclimate to the correct temperature before mixing. If you want to heat your room quickly, we recommend small space heaters with thermostats. Some thermostats may not be 100% accurate so it is best to set the temperature to a few degrees warmer to ensure the correct temperature is met.

Maximum temperature: it’s recommended that you keep the temperature as close to 75 degrees as possible but, if you are having issues maintaining a consent temperature, it is ok to go over 75 degrees (up to 90 degrees). Never go under 75 degrees. If the temperature is warmer the epoxy will react quicker which results in shorter mixing times and faster cure times. The epoxy can also burn if the temperatures are too hot during the mixing process.

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Can you pour another layer on top of another?

A flood coat is simply poured on the surface and it self-levels to 1/8′. Flood coats are applied in 1/8′ layers at a time, as many as desired can be applied.

How much should i use for my seal coat? My project is 55 inches by 24 inches

I did 2 coats on my countertops which were 88′ x 32′. I used the whole gallon. In your case i would mix 1/2 gallon of each and use a 1/4 trowel to spread, making sure you coat whole project. Epoxy is self leveling, so make sure your project is level before you begin to pour. Also once you spread with trowel, use a propane torch or heat gun over whole project to pop the bubbles that will appear. Plenty of videos on youtube, so you see what im talking about with the bubbles.

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Can this be used on a pine floor in an 1870’s house ?

Yes, it will work well and is a beautiful finish. Work with it fast, after mixing. Great stuff.

Is this resin safe to use for jewelry making? Ex: ear gauge plugs that would go into ear

If it’s food safe i don’t see why it wouldn’t be eat safe – it’s used for casting all kinds of things including jewelry

Any issues with the table top epoxy part, prior to mixing, being too thick to pour and stir effectively?

No… Make sure the epoxy is at room temperature (70°-75°). If the epoxy is below that temperature it may be too hard to stir.

Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin That Self Levels, This is a 1 Gallon High Gloss (0.5 Gallon Resin + 0.5 Gallon Hardener) Kit That’s UV Resistant – It’s DIYER & Pro Preferred with Minimal Bubbles AMAZON

Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin That Self Levels, This is a 1 Gallon High Gloss (0.5 Gallon Resin + 0.5 Gallon Hardener) Kit That’s UV Resistant – It’s DIYER & Pro Preferred with Minimal Bubbles: Industrial & Scientific

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Take it from a pro: use this resin.

By ‘pro’ i mean that i’ve been using resin for about a year and i have a housepainting background. I’m not sure that qualifies as ‘pro’ but let’s just say it does lol. So i’ve used 3 different brands of resin and pro marine wins hands down. There’s one much hyped brand aimed at artists called extreme resin at roughly the same cost. Thumbs down. Although it seems to have some advantages, such as air bubbles that dissipate easily, i’ve had problems with the resin pulling away from the surface and large sized craters that open up on the painting while drying. This is after the surface has been completely cleaned and sealed so the culprit is not silicone oil or something in the painting itself, it’s obviously in the resin. Then there is also another much hyped brand called art resin, also aimed at artists, which is the first one i used. As far as i can tell this resin is perfectly fine and i like it. But it’s about twice the price of pro marine and the cheaper brands and i don’t see any difference between them at all other than the price.
So i’ve seen many reviewers here who have made mistakes after failing to follow the rather simple instructions of using resin. It’s not difficult. You absolutely need rubber gloves and large flat stirring sticks. Plastic cups with measurements on them are helpful. So, for example, measure the harder out first, then the resin. Don’t get creative for no reason just follow the instructions. Having said that, i do deviate from their instructions of resin pouring in two passes. I do one pass, mix the full amount, bring the resin carefully to all edges and then pour on the remainder. It’s excellent at leveling. I have an enclosed space for paintings to dry because one thing that you’ll find yourself doing is picking debris out of the resin, debris that floats around in the air and is invisible until it lands in the resin. And yes you need to mix it really really well. And torch it. And don’t get resin anywhere where it shouldn’t go, especially on your skin. It solidifies fast and turns hard as glass. It’s a chemical be mindful around it use caution and rubber gloves.

5Expert Score
Diy friendly brand!

First and foremost, as with any epoxy resin, following directions to the letter is paramount. My countertop is custom but it’s very old and it was super beat up. Replacing it would have cost upwards of 2k after installation and sawing new holes for the fit etc. I watched some of stone coat countertop’s videos and went for it. This is the result! I’ve done a resin pour before one or two times, but this one laid out the smoothest and gave me the least amount of troubleshooting required. If i could stress anything, mix. I mixed my components for five minutes! But yeah, i’d recommend this brand. Very appreciated.

5Expert Score
This product is absolutely, positively fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, for those who want a quick review… This product is fantastic. Cures hard and crystal clear. Definitely would buy again. No regrets.

For those who want an in depth… I bought the one gallon quantity of resin. I had enough to finish my 2-tier domino table and had some left over. My first pour was perfect. The second, not so much. It was totally my fault, so here are some tips.

First, make sure whatever you pour over is sealed. I had a poster of the puerto rican flag for the top layer of my table. I glued the poster to the table with 3m spray glue. When the glue dried, i then covered the entire poster in modge podge glue…twice. Modge podge glue dries perfectly clear without affecting the color of the ink in the poster. After the modge podge was dry, i gathered my supplies. You will need a propane torch, level, paint brush, clean mixing container, clean spoon to mix with, and acetone (for clean-up). Also, my work had holes in it that i had to ‘dam’ up so the resin would not all leak out. I used duct tape on the bottom of the table as i did not care if it was embedded in the resin because you will not be able to see it.

Make sure your work is level. The resin is very runny and will flow downhill if not even. In a clean bowl, mix 50/50, resin and hardener. Make absolutely sure it is 50/50. I eyeballed it from the container. I poured in the resin first. It is the thicker of the two components. I set the bottle down and mixed in the hardener until the level of the hardener matched the resin. However, i did not wait for all the thick resin to flow down from the sides. When everything settled, there was a one inch difference. I did not notice until i had finished pouring on my table. The result was resin the did not harden. It was very tacky and stayed that way. If this happens to you, do not worry. After it dried as much as it will, wipe it perfectly clean and pour a fresh (properly measured) batch on top.

After you have 50% resin and 50% hardener in your container, mix well. This is also a very important step. The first time, i mixed with an old slotted spoon. The second time, i got creative. I had a brand new paint can opener that was straight at one end, but had a ‘circle’ at the other. I stuck the straight end into my cordless drill and used it as a mixer. It worked fantastic.

After your compound is thoroughly mixed (about 6-7 minutes by hand), paint a thin coat on every square inch of your art work. It will look wet. If any spot appears to be dry, apply resin there. Once everything is covered in a thin layer of resin, make your pour. Do not allow the resin to pool deeper than 1/8′. If you want it thicker than 1/8′, use multiple coats. Spread the resin out evenly. It will look very cloudy, especially if you used the mixer to combine your resin and hardener. I could barely see the artwork through the cloudiness. Do not worry.

Make sure the compound is spread out evenly, covering every inch. Since i had a table, i painted the sides with the resin and let it drip off the sides onto a large piece of plastic protecting my floor. That way, the table was covered on all sides. Once the mixture is spread evenly, fire up your blow torch. Quickly run the flame across the surface of the resin. Do not let is set in one spot for too long as it will burn. You will see all the cloudiness start to vanish. (the cloudiness are tiny air bubbles trapped in the resin.). I went over the entire table four times. It took about two minutes as i moved the flame rather quickly. This will get out all of the bubbles and make the resin 100% clear. Anything that lands on the table (dirt, bugs, nerf darts) will be there forever so it is important to protect your work at this point. It will take 72 hours to fully cure, but the table will be hard to the touch in 24 hours. It will be beautiful when you are finished.

5Expert Score
Great product and cures very well

I love the product, since i was a beginner and didn’t know much about resin i took the chance and it worked out very well for me, it did turn yellow, but as long as you mix it with colors, works well, ive used it on and off for about 3 years and it’s still good, cures well and even, i’ve used it on regular canvas, thick wood canvas, used it to make coasters and etc..i will definitely buy it again and i do recommend it.

5Expert Score
Best epoxy yet

Poured out like honey. Great consistency, didn’t spread away from the board, leveled out very well and didn’t run off of the edges like a waterfall. I’ll definitely buy this again.

5Expert Score
I'm very pleased!!!!

Great product, great price, very easy to follow directions. Love it i’d buy again. Only negative thing i can say is i wish it came in gallon sizes.

5Expert Score
Easy to mix. Dries nicely.

Love this resin! Works like dream – not a drying issue like with so many others.

5Expert Score
Works great

I have used this to encapsulate flowers. I have used this to build a stich and glue kayak when mixed with wood flour. I have used this on tables. Cures nice every time. No problems so far

5Expert Score
The best option excellent resin

Resin of excellent quality, it is recommended to apply with pigments te strong tone since over time it is pne a little yellow but that is not a problem, you use dark pigments and everything solved for my interior design company has been the best i could have found.

5Expert Score
Easy to work with. We have been using this product for three years on our epoxy woodwork

4Expert Score
1:1 ratio???

If equal amounts are mixed per serving something is not right here

4Expert Score
Not shelf stable

Used about half then left it to sit for about two years. Went to use it for another project and it had turned yellow. Still hardens just not clear anymore. So only buy what you need for your project.

4Expert Score
Epoxy don’t have the same amount i’m the bottles

Why a bottle doesn’t have the same amount as b bottle? This is the third time i done order this epoxy and it’s been like this the other brands isn’t like this.

4Expert Score
Take more time………. With this resin.

Went to hobby lobby to pick up resin for the back of my project. That resign set up slowly and was hard within 5 hours. Looked great. Did not need a second coat. This product was a lot different. I stirred the mixture quicker for recommended time and may have been a problem. Product claims to have less bubbles. This was giving off tiny bubbles in the air! This product flashes quicker but is taking much longer to set hard. I will need to do a flood coat to even this wavy seal coat. Crossing my fingers. Photo is of the seal coat on the other product. Second photo is the wavy top coat. Milk look is lighting the product is clear.

4Expert Score
So far my top choice

This would be the second or third time i have bought this resin, it is very easy to work with, does not have a lot of issues like the other resins that i’ve tried. Overall very satisfied with this resin this is what i will continue to use!

4Expert Score
It's low priced but as good as the expensive ones

4Expert Score
Very thick

Looks great. I measured the epoxy and hardener in fluid ounces but found that i had about 1/3rd epoxy then hardener. I had to buy twice as much as i originally thought. After mixing 1:1 ratio it was very thick and didn’t seem to self level as well when i flooded the entire table top compares to the colored center. This was my first experience with epoxy in this large of scale. Overall i’m extremely happy with the product. I wish i could buy my hardener as i have so much epoxy left over.

4Expert Score
Used it for sink make over

First time using expoxy and it came out really nice. I used it to give my 1990s sink a make over and the results were impressive.

Unfortunately we discovered mold in the house and had to leave, so i don’t have any pictures. The mixing was easy with mixing cups, i also used a mixing wand attached to my cordless drill.

Since it was my first time, like majority of newbies my calculations were off and i had to make a second batch. So i suggest you check your calculations more than once, nothing worse than running out of product.

Other then that for my first epoxy it exceeded expectations

4Expert Score
Not bad

No problems with packaging, easy to use, follow directions. Not my all time favorite but i would definitely purchase again. Hardens really well but does have a short work time. Again, i would definitely purchase it again.

4Expert Score
Not too bad

Not bad. It does get flimsy/bendable with small tho pieces. But large items get rock hard. Not sure why the difference. I will use other resin for small pieces in the future. It has low fumes but always be sure to wear a mask/ respirator when pouring. Those fumes are there even if you don’t see them. Recommended for large projects.

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